Zoro’s Story Arcs – A Member Who Kept Getting Stronger

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Zoro in East Blue Saga

Romance Dawn Arc

Luffy Romance Dawn Arc

Zoro landed in Shells Town, where Helmeppo, the spoilt son of Axe-Hand Morgan, freed his pet wolf.

Zoro killed it to protect Rika. According to Rika’s narrative, Helmeppo told Zoro to agree to be tied to a pole for a month to preserve his reputation with the Marines.

On the ninth day of Zoro’s restriction, Koby and Monkey D. Luffy arrived in town to join the Marines and recruit Zoro. They got where Zoro was being held in time to see Rika try to give him rice balls, which he refused, possibly to avoid catching Rika since a sign forbade anybody to help Zoro. Helmeppo crushed the dish since it was sweet and the rice ball was supposed to be salty.

Luffy requested Zoro to join him, but he declined. Kindly, he begged Luffy to feed him the dirty rice balls and told Rika the dish was great. Rika’s explanation of Zoro’s capture later in town only strengthened Luffy’s decision to have him as a crewman. Luffy punched Helmeppo for breaching his promise to execute Zoro in three days, sending him to his father for revenge.

Luffy assumed Zoro would join his group if he returned his swords. Luffy angered Morgan by smashing his statue and made Helmeppo show him Zoro’s weapons. While untying Zoro, Koby explained the issue. Luffy saved them from a firing squad. 

Zoro accepted Luffy’s invitation and revealed his fighting style. Luffy backed his aim of becoming the world’s best swordsman since the Pirate King should have the best in his crew. Luffy fought Morgan. He knocked out Helmeppo while Zoro defeated the captain.

Orange Town Arc

Orange Town Arc

Zoro and Luffy left the Marine Base without a navigator and began looking for one.

Zoro paddled after Luffy after he got his head hooked in a bird’s beak. Zoro saw three pirates stranded at sea and warned them to hurry since he wasn’t stopping. Three pirates working for Buggy the Clown sought to rob or kill Zoro.

Once they knew Zoro’s identity, they began rowing towards him, but Zoro lost track of Luffy’s location.

Nami tricked Luffy into a cage with a cannon in Orange Town. Zoro saved Luffy and Nami from Buggy’s group. Zoro sliced up Buggy. However, Buggy is impervious to blades due to his Devil Fruit powers. Zoro was stabbed by Buggy from behind. Despite this,  Zoro turned the weapon meant for Luffy toward Buggy and his men. Zoro dragged Luffy for a few blocks after the cannon was discharged.

Zoro slept at Boodle’s residence after being taken in by the mayor. Buggy and the Buggy Balls eventually destroyed the house. Zoro emerged from the debris unharmed.

Cabaji gets angry after being pushed off his unicycle and assaulted with spinning tops and acrobatics. Buggy tried to help Zoro by holding him for Cabaji’s strike, but Luffy wouldn’t let him. Zoro slashed his own side to fight Cabaji evenly when he was hurt. Cabaji saw Zoro’s honor and wanted to kill him.

Zoro said he should give up on being the greatest swordsman if he couldn’t defeat Cabaji and other swordsmen. Zoro’s “Oni Giri” cut Cabaji’s chest open. Zoro fainted after Cabaji fell, saying he wanted a break from the fight. Cabaji was astonished when he and Buggy’s team were vanquished by “ordinary thieves.” Zoro said they’re pirates, not thieves.

Syrup Village Arc

Syrup Village Arc

Duel With Captain Kuro

Zoro and Luffy fought the Black Cat Pirates before they could kill them.

Jango hypnotized the crew to improve their strength but accidentally hypnotized Luffy. Jango was forced to hypnotize Luffy again but accidentally caused the crew to be knocked out by the ship’s stempost. Jango called Buchi and Sham to fight Zoro. 

Zoro fights Buchi and Sham’s teamwork with only one blade. Zoro said he needed all three swords to defeat them. Zoro blocked Usopp from helping by taking a hit from his Lead Star. Kuro was disgusted that children were beating the Black Cat Pirates and gave the Nyaban brothers five minutes before killing everyone.

Nami recovered Zoro’s swords and kicked them back to him, letting him fight the Nyaban brothers. However, Buchi got up and was charmed by Jango, injuring Zoro more. Jango tried to stop Nami with his Chakram, but Nami stepped on Luffy’s face at the last second.

Luffy’s rubbery physique stopped Chakram. Usopp’s crew took Kaya and fled. Kuro sent Jango after the three after they took Kaya into the wilderness. Zoro killed Buchi. He then proceeded off with Usopp as his guide on his back to rescue Kaya and the boys, while Luffy dealt with Kuro’s lightning-fast moves and ten deadly finger-blades.

Baratie Arc

Baratie Arc

The crew met Zoro’s former bounty hunters Johnny and Yosaku and sailed to Baratie to get a cook.

Luffy worked as a waiter to compensate for the Baratie damage he caused for Zeff and tried to recruit Sanji. Gin came to the Baratie with his starving captain, Don Krieg, to whom Sanji offered food, but Krieg betrayed the cook once he regained energy and attacked the Baratie. The Head-Chef, Zeff, was a pirate named Red Leg Zeff who sailed the Grand Line for a year before returning to the East Blue.

Gin described the tragedy. Krieg’s fleet met Dracule Mihawk on the Grand Line, and Krieg tried to take the Baratie. Zoro challenged Mihawk to a duel to realize his aim of defeating Don Krieg’s Pirate Armada. Mihawk easily fended off Zoro’s three swords with his cross dagger. 

Mihawk stabbed Zoro in the heart to stop his Oni Giri. Zoro’s pride sparked Mihawk’s interest. Mihawk said he’d remember Zoro’s name and unsheathed his black blade.

Zoro’s nameless swords were destroyed when he used Three Thousand Worlds against Mihawk. Zoro sheathed Wado Ichimonji and turned to face Mihawk. Mihawk grinned, and cut Zoro from his left shoulder to his right hip, ending the combat. Don Krieg invaded the Baratie after Mihawk defeated Zoro. Johnny, Yosaku, Usopp, and Zoro left to find Nami, who stole their ship

Arlong Park Arc

After Yosaku told Luffy Nami’s destination, Usopp, Zoro, and Johnny arrived.

As they approached the island, they tied up Zoro to keep him from battling 10 times stronger fishmen. As they approached the shore, they saw three fishermen. Usopp and Johnny fled, leaving Zoro unprotected.

Arlong Park Arc
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Zoro was taken to Arlong Park, where he learned Nami’s loyalty. Zoro jumped into the water to test Arlong’s claim. Nami protected Zoro but beat him to prove she was in Arlong’s squad. While Arlong was at Nami’s village, Zoro escaped from his dungeon and killed the fishmen in the park to pass time.   Hachi, the octopus fisherman, was fishing outside the park, unaware of what had happened. Hatchan tows Zoro to Cocoyashi Village thinking he’s a guest.

Luffy, Yosaku, and Sanji were propelled toward the island by Momoo’s chariot. They soon encountered a rebellious Nami, who said she was solely pursuing the treasure. She told them to return to their ship and leave. Nami left in anger after Luffy refused. Johnny and Yosaku fled the fish-men. Zoro never anticipated Nami to murder someone, calling her a small-time criminal. Zoro fell asleep when Luffy went for a walk.

Nami approached Luffy for help after Arlong’s accomplice, the corrupted Marine Captain Nezumi, stole all the money she’d saved for her town. Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp accompanied him on the march to Arlong Park, where Johnny and Yosaku were keeping Cocoyasi’s villagers out while waiting for the Straw Hats.

Zoro told Sanji they couldn’t save Luffy immediately. He reminded them that fishmen are faster and stronger underwater, therefore they must defeat them quickly on land. Zoro’s injuries from Mihawk made fighting Hatchan difficult. Zoro borrowed Johnny and Yosaku’s swords and defeated Hatchan’s six-sword style despite his wound and fever.

Zoro and Sanji fought Arlong when Sanji told him Luffy was alive, but they both lost and agreed only Luffy could win. Sanji freed Luffy’s body while Zoro distracted Arlong and Hatchan interfered. Arlong ripped Zoro’s bandages off on land, stunning everyone. With help from Genzo, Nojiko, and Sanji, Luffy climbed out of the water and threw Zoro into the air. He fell into the sea and fell asleep after pulling himself out. Zoro got up just in time to beat Nezumi after Luffy devastated Arlong Park and defeated Arlong.

Loguetown Arc

logue town

Marines issued Luffy his first bounty after he defeated Buggy, Krieg, and Arlong.

Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji discussed his wanted poster. Meanwhile, Zoro noticed an island. Nami described the island’s major city, Loguetown, where Gold Roger was born and executed. 

Zoro arrived in Loguetown and begged Nami for money to buy things. Zoro saw Tashigi, a Marine swordswoman who resembles Kuina, beat pirates. Zoro sought two swords at the shop. Ipponmatsu sought to persuade Zoro into selling his sword for less than its value, but Tashigi spoiled his ploy. Tashigi showed Zoro the cursed Sandai Kitetsu. Zoro chose to buy Kitetsu’s cursed sword after Ipponmatsu told him about it. He tossed the sword up and held out his arm, but it missed Zoro’s arm. The owner handed Zoro Yubashiri for free after seeing his talent, claiming he passed on his dream.

Zoro rejoined the crew, but Luffy was in trouble. Zoro and Sanji fought Buggy’s gang to save Luffy, but lightning struck the platform and saved him. Tashigi and Smoker stopped Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji from reaching the Going Merry. Smoker and Tashigi fought Luffy and Sanji. Dragon protects Luffy from Smoker after Zoro defeats Tashigi. The Straw Hats left Loguetown on their ship. After making pledges, the Straw Hats sailed to the Grand Line.

Warship Island Arc

Warship Island Arc

The next morning, Luffy is desperate to reach the Grand Line, but Nami assures him they will soon.

Usopp spots Apis’ raft among seagulls. Usopp and Sanji misunderstand and ask Luffy to catch them. Luffy knocks Zoro from the boat to get a confused Apis. Apis awakens in the afternoon to learn she was abducted by pirates, causing her to worry. The crew later convinces Apis they are “decent” pirates. They learn she fled Marine Branch 8 and is after Commodore Nelson. Branch 8 attacks the Straw Hats after they promise to bring her to Warship Island.

The Straw Hats locate enormous sea kings after escaping the Marines in the Calm Belt. They escape the Sea Kings and the Calm Belt before heading to Warship Island. Apis possesses a Devil Fruit skill that allows her to converse with animals, which she utilized to befriend a dying Sennenryu, a sort of dragon thought to be extinct

She wishes to return Sennenryu to Japan, but there are two problems: A Marine fleet wants the dragon to produce a strong medication. Commodore Nelson Royale has hired the mercenary Eric (a Devil Fruit user with razor-sharp claws) to help him retrieve the Sennenryu, but Eric wants to retain it for himself. Sennenryu’s home is unknown.

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