Let’s Dive into the World of My Hero Academia (Season-by-Season)

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Here is everything we know about our beloved anime- My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia stands out despite being a conventional shonen production by adding its unique twists to the well-known superhero sub-genre.

My Hero Academia, a manga adaptation by Khei Horikoshi, presents superheroes with some of the most fascinating and absurdly inventive powers. Despite having a straightforward good vs. evil plot, the film’s appeal is due to its vivid color scheme, well-animated action sequences, and coming-of-age drama.

In a world where 80% of people have superpowers known as “quirks,” the protagonist of the television series My Hero Academia is a young kid named Izuku “Deku” Midoriya who lacks a quirk.

My Hero Academia quirks

While he spends his days admiring the strong heroes around him, a stroke of luck allows him to pick up a potent quirk from his favorite hero, All Might. Izuku then enrolls in a school that develops future heroes like him and battles against all odds to uphold the honor of All Might.

Deku and his friends fight Class 1-B students in My Hero Academia season 5 to demonstrate why they should be regarded as stronger heroes. Because most of the story arcs in My Hero Academia season 5 are fillers for the overall plot of the program, it has gotten fewer positive reviews than its predecessors.

My Hero Academia season 6 is poised to make up for its predecessor’s perceived faults by including a ferocious fight, as its most recent trailers imply. Here is all the information about My Hero Academia season 6’s premiere date and prior seasons’ storylines.

Season 1

Midoriya, a young child, grows up in a society where people with special abilities are common. These skills are referred to as oddities. Midoriya, regrettably, does not, for unknown reasons, develop a quirk like others his age.

Despite how heartbreaking this is, he persists in his efforts to get accepted into the U.A. High (the most prestigious school to train and become a hero). His childhood friend Bakugo, who is already aggressive, is enraged by this (if you can call him that at this stage). The bond between Midoriya and his Bakugo has always been peculiar.

He was an inspiration to Midoriya, who was thrilled when he discovered his exploding quirk. Bakugo lacked Midoriya’s ability to analyze his adversary and come up with strategies for defeating them. I think this quality is quite excellent.

When Bakugo learns that Midoriya is invited to the U.A Highs tryout despite being quirkless, he treats Midoriya worse than before. They become bitter rivals as a result. On a positive note, Midorya meets All Might, his favorite superhero, in the city one day.

Midoriya asks for assistance in pursuing his goal of being a superhero without a quirk during their talk. All Might was dealing with a chronic injury at the time of this chat, one that makes him turn gaunt when he utilizes too much force. Before talking to Midoriya, All Might was engaged in a conflict, and his energy was depleted.

He was forced to shut down, as a result, telling Midoriya his secret. All Might explained to Midoriya that without a quirk, he would not be able to be the kind of hero he desired to be. He was eventually shown to be mistaken when Bakugo was taken prisoner by the adversary All Might had earlier that day.

All Might watched from his haggard position as the heroes failed to save Bakugo because of the terrain. But Midoriya immediately took action! He tried to save his friend but went straight into the goop and flames. Even though he knew it was futile, he had to take action.

This is brilliant. Power up with all your Might to save the day! After that, All Might finally catch up with Midoriya and offers him a hair strand to chew so that he may teach him the “One For All” quirk. Additionally, he offers to coach him for his U.A. High tryout and assist him in developing his physical capabilities.

Midoriya is in danger of failing the physical exam but succeeds after displaying bravery and concern for others while fighting. He did almost permanently harm himself, yet he still displayed courage! In the following seasons, he gradually gains control of his powers after spending the duration of season 1 struggling to do so.

At one point in the season, Midoriya and Bakugo square off at U.A High during a group training session. Bakugo concentrated on destroying Midoriya, but Midoriya was planning how to finish the practice.

Bakugo is even more enraged when Midoriya’s squad succeeds, but he also recognizes that he will have to put in a lot of effort if he wants to be the best. In addition to other exciting events at U.A. High, All Might became a teacher, which attracted villains. Tomura is the leader of the bad guys.

My Hero Academia Season 1

To provoke All Might into a fight, he sends his multi-quirk monster, Nomu, to attack students at U.A. High. Despite the fact that he is weak and in danger of showing his haggard body, all might come to the rescue. Deku and a few other senior school personnel are aware of this shape and its origins at this time. All Might successfully eliminates Nomu.

All Might, however, is deteriorating quickly to the point that his skin is getting hot. In order to preserve the Symbol of Peace, All Might manages to hang on just long enough for Deku and a few other classmates to show up.

They divert the bad guys, giving other professors and heroes (such as Eraser Head, Present Mic, Cementoss, Midnight, Vlad King, and a few more) time to show up and drive the bad guys away. They indeed saved the day, but the violation of U., The start of fear about the school, the heroes, and their ability to protect the city and its residents, is sparked by a high.

Season 2

My Hero Academia Class 1-A

Deku initially had difficulty living up to All Might standards because of how outmatched they were in their battle with Tomura Shigaraki, Nomu, and his villains at the beginning of the season. Fortunately, the Almighty was able to repel the group until the arrival of the other pro-heroes.

Eraser Head notifies Class 1-A that they will be participating in the Sports Festival. All Might warns Young Midorya that his power is fading and that he can only remain in hero form for 50 minutes as the students get ready. He assigns Midoriya the duty of assuming the role of the next Symbol of Peace by participating in the Sports Festival.

As the festival begins, other students, whom Bakugou refers to as “Extras,” intend to take advantage of the occasion and enter the hero track. They have grudges against them because Class 1-A encountered a true evil and is now in the spotlight as a result.

Class A-1 begins preparing to excel at the competition. By the end of the festival, Midoriya, Bokugou, and Todoroki want to be in the lead. Students are paired up to engage in combat after a series of obstacle courses to sort out the best from the others. Class 1-A is the highest class.

Eraser Head hypotheses that this is so because they have experienced genuine danger and are aware of what it takes to overcome fear and continue to succeed. After experiencing Midoriya’s abilities, Todoroki believes he is the love child of All Might. Todoroki claims that Endeavor is his father.

My Hero Academia Class 1-A (1)

In second place to All Might is him. Todoroki swears to surpass Midoriya in the same way his father could never surpass All Might now that he has learned of the relationship between Midorya and All Might. There are still many games left in the competition, and Hitoshi Shinso (a student that wants to win the tournament and join the hero track).

Midoriya is surprised by his ability to make Midoriya submit to his insulting approaches. Midoriya will be forced to leave the ring while under Shinso’s control. Midoriya won his battle and advanced to the following round to face Todoroki thanks to the One For All users of the past, who shocked Midoriya’s body, shattering his fingers and freeing Shinso from his clutches.

In spite of the fact that the audience believes Bakugou is a bully, Uraraka and Bokugou have fantastic combat. Because of her peculiarity, Uraraka loses because she passes out. When the final battles begin, Midoriya and Todoroki face off in a fight that reveals flaws in both of them.

Deku has yet to discover how to concentrate his power without severely hurting himself. And because Todoroki does not want to use his fire quirk, he overuses his cold quirk to the point where he almost becomes hypothermic. After using his fire quirk to force Midoriya out of bounds, Todoroki ultimately prevails.

Todoroki had a realization after the conflict with Midoriya. Todoroki hesitates in his battle with Bokugou. But when Midoriya cheers from the audience, he starts to fight but suddenly backs off, allowing Bokugou to win the game and the competition. Later in the season, for closure, he travels to see his mother.

When a villain injures Tenya Lida’s brother, he must leave the competition early. The pupils choose the names of their heroes. Initially, Bakugo called him Deku as a slur to imply that he was powerless. After much deliberation, Midoriya chose the name Deku in honor of his crush because Uraraka thought it was motivating.

My Hero Academia Todoroki

Class 1-A players accept internships to gain experience and polish their talents during the second half of the season. Midoriya visits Gran Torino, a former instructor of All Might, for training. As he progresses in his training, he starts to comprehend his One For All peculiarity.

A new bad guy is wreaking havoc in the city. Stain is his name. He is being approached by Shigaraki, who attacked the U.A. in season one, to join the League of Villains. Hero Killer: Stain, on the other hand, is a purist and refuses to join since he only wants to murder heroes who are in it for glory.

Gran Torino and Midoriya rush to the aid of the city as New Nomu’s begin their assault. Midoriya discovers that Tenya’s brother was injured in the same city where the attacks are taking place. To prevent Tenya from succumbing to his rage and attacking Stain, he seeks out Tenya.

However, Tenya and Stain are already engaged in battle when Stain tastes Tenya’s blood and paralyzes him. Midoriya is able to delay Stain until Todoroki shows up when he comes (who is now using both of his quirks). Stain is defeated and captured by Midoriya, Todoroki, and Lida working together. Afterward, the professional heroes show up.

Midoriya is grabbed by a Nomu who tries to flee, but Stain kills it and captures Midoriya. Every neighboring hero remained passive and had no strategy. When Stain saw Endeavor, he grew furious and said that he was a bogus hero and that All Might could do nothing but kill him. Until a broken rib entered his lung and killed him, Stain stood tall.

Midoriya learns about All For One and the quirk’s capacity to take and transfer quirks at will from All Might. All For One, the hero, ruled the globe, founded the League of Villains and started giving other people his powers; when they were unable to control them, they turned into mindless Nomu. When All For One was combined with other idiosyncrasies, new ones emerged.

My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya

In this manner, One For All was developed. His younger (thought to be quirkless) brother can now be made to bend to his will, thanks to One For All. The younger brother could transfer powers, nevertheless, because of a passive flaw. Because it was such a horrible period in history, the U.A. studies do not address it.

All Might eventually takes over All For One and conquers One For All. But as the League of Villains’ leader and a stronger character, Midoriya must now defeat All For One. Midoriya agrees to take up this duty. All Might does not inform Midoriya that he is dying. Final exams for the school year begin with Class 1-A.

They compete against their classroom heroes. Many students look to Midoriya as motivation to keep working hard and succeed in their examinations. Things get off to a very rocky start when Midoriya and Bakugou are placed together for the final exam. They are able to formulate a strategy to attempt to ace the test.

However, All Might points out that their mutual rivalry, jealousy, and envy will prevent them from cooperating efficiently. When Midoriya sustains a back injury, Bakugou assumes control of the fight against All Might. By using All Might, Bakugou is humiliated. Midoriya uses a smash to knock All Might out, saves Bakugou, and dashes to the gate to ace the test.

The League of Villains continues to be formed as the villains get ready to rule the world.

Season 3

My Hero Academia Kota and deku

Eraser tells the children in Class 1-A that they will be practicing during the summer holiday. Class 1-B is also undergoing training. They visit an outdoor camp. They enjoy themselves while honing their abilities and pushing themselves to the edge to become more powerful heroes with the help of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Eraser, and Vlad King.

Even in the camp, Kota, a boy, and Deku became friends. Because his parents were heroes and villains murdered them, he despises heroes. He feels betrayed by their removal because of their line of employment. Shigaraki sends an elite villain group led by Dabi to disrupt the training, steal blood, and otherwise cause trouble just as training camp starts to pick up speed.

Even though many of our Class 1-A’s rising heroes appeared to be outmatched, they nevertheless prevailed. Muscular losses against Midoriya. Kendo and Tetsutetsu triumph over Mustard. Moonfish loses against Tokoyami. Uraraka and Asui just barely avoid Toga. Bakugo and Tokoyami are ultimately kidnapped by Mr. Compress. Lida, Shoji, Todoroki, and Midoriya are able to rescue Tokoyami. Despite Deku’s best efforts to save Bakugo, Mr. Compress and Dabi manage to abduct him by dragging him through Kurogiri’s portal.

Due to the incidents during camp, society and the media criticize the UA staff and professional heroes for failing to safeguard the students’ safety. Citizens’ confidence begins to decline.

But the cops start looking into Bakugo’s kidnapping and ask All Might and other pro-heroes for assistance.

Midoriya awakens from the camp fight with wounds. Due to information they learned from Momo when she notified All Might that she had placed a tracker on one of the Nomu, he, Todoroki, and Kirishima resolve to go save Bakugo. Midoriya learns that he may have permanently damaged his arms as a result of using his insane power on Muscular. But when his doctor informs him that he saved Kota, it gives him newfound energy, and he decides to go rescue Bakugo. Lida vehemently disputes this. After some argument, Momo, Lida, Midoriya, Kirishima, and Todoroki finally join the group.

My Hero Academia Bakugo

Due to his aggression, the League of Villains try to get Bakugo to join them, but he refuses to join the evil side. The heroes address the media while addressing their flaws, Bakugou’s honesty, and the police inquiry. Best Jeanist, Grand Torino, Mt Lady, Gang Orca, Edgeshot, Endeavor, and All Might appear to rescue Bokugo, and they nearly succeed. At the same time, Shigaraki and the other bad guys enjoy their win.

They launch their assault the same evening as the news presentation, with All Might leading the charge. All for One uses a novel transfer quirk to steal Bokugo and the villains out of the Pro-heroes’ hands and bring them to his location with Bokugo standing by his side and victory assured. When All Might shows up, a battle breaks out between All Might and All For One. We learn that All For One assassinated All Might’s predecessor, Nana Shimura, and installed Shigaraki as the new leader of the League of Villains in his place.

The League of Villains is still hunting for Bakugo. A strategy is developed by Midoriya that enables him, Todoroki, Lida, Momo, and Kirishima to save Bakugo and enable All Might to employ all of his strength to defeat All for One.

Until All Might’s final spark of One For All is expended, All Might and All for One engage in combat. All Might utilizes his final surge of strength to knock All for One out for long enough for the authorities to arrest him. Then he uses a news program to inform Midoriya that Deku should now take on the role of the peace symbol.

The UA staff spends some time getting ready for the upcoming academic year. Nezu directs All Might and Eraser to visit each family (the principle of UA). To better train them and keep them safe, it is intended to bring all of the students onto the UA campus.

After a few days of acclimating, Eraser makes the announcement that Class 1-A will be attending their provisional hero exam. All of the pupils have been granted permission to board by their parents. Class 1-A competes with other schools that have outstanding hero programs. The other participants have anticipated the UA students’ idiosyncrasies and are aware of them.

My Hero Academia Kirishima and Kamanari

Todoroki goes his own way. While Bakugou breaks away from the gang, Kirishima and Kamanari stay behind. Uraraka, Sero, and Midoriya form a group. Work is done by Shoki, Jiro, Asui, and Momo. Everyone else is gathered by Lida, who ensures their success on the first exam round. At one point, Midoriya faces up to Camie, a Shiketsu High School student. She steals Midoriya’s blood, though, as she is Toga.

In the second phase, the groups participate in a simulation of an emergency rescue where a Gang Orca attacks its minions to see how they would react under pressure. It is a parody of the assault on the city by All for One during Bakugo’s captivity. Both students fail as a result of Inasa Yoarashi’s (Shiketsu High School) animosity towards Todoroki. Due to his language used toward the rescue victims, Bakugou also fails. To obtain their provisional licenses, a specific course is provided to all 3 pupils.

After everyone has returned to the UA dorms, Bakugo calls Midoriya to meet with him later. Bakugo asks Midoriya about his “stolen” abilities. A battle breaks out between the two despite Midoriya never telling him the complete tale. Bakugo’s annoyance is made clear. He regrets that All Might expended all of his strength in an effort to bring him back. They fought, and tempers rose. Midoriya demonstrates how much his strength and power have increased. But it also demonstrates Bakugo’s growth. Bakugo prevails in their fight.

At the conclusion of their meeting, All Might appears and informs Bakugo of the entire scenario. Due to the immense strength he possesses, Bakugo challenges Midoriya never to lose again and makes a commitment to keep this information a secret. They make a commitment to push each other and develop into true rivals.

My Hero Academia Bakugo challenges Midoriya

Due to their altercation, Eraser suspends Bakugo for four days and Midoriya for three. Midoriya returns to class, and Eraser announces a work-study opportunity. He asks The Big 3 (Togata, Hada, and Amajiki) to discuss the chance with Class 1-A.

They ultimately engage Mirio Togata in a sparring contest. He dismisses the entire class. He challenged the class to earn power via experience by explaining how his personal quirk of permeation functions and how he customized it to operate for him. Togata informs the other Big 3 members that Sir, his mentor, would be intrigued by Midoriya. Who will be qualified for work-study will be decided by Eraser and the other faculty members.

Midoriya tries to get a jump start by calling Grand Torino, but Torino advises him to contact All Might instead. The League of Villians is also getting stronger in the meantime. They are presented as the bad guy who Sir is looking into. The bad guy’s name is Overhaul.

Season 4

The student’s UA Class 1-A has undergone a great deal. The pupils couldn’t take much more after repeatedly coming up against the League of Villains and being stretched to their breaking point.

My Hero Academia Season 4 had a lot to live up to after Season 3 ended with emotional growth between Bakugo and Deku and the debut of the Big Three. This season, which spans chapters 125 to 184 of the manga, is about development.

My Hero Academia Season 4

This season’s 24-episode run delivers characters other than our protagonist’s dramatic growth and episodes in a way I’ve rarely seen in shonen anime.

My Hero Academia Season 4 seems to have highlighted everything we loved about the characters and brought their true talents to the fore, even if this is nothing new for the program. Three storylines make up this season, and they are all noticeably distinct in the mood.

The Overhaul arc is the first arc. A new enemy emerges as the students start their internships. Overhaul, a leader of the Yakuza, has discovered a method to instantly eliminate a hero’s quirk. Deku and Mirio join the effort to bring him down once and for all after a fortuitous encounter with him and the young Eri.

While it takes some time for this arc to pick up steam as Deku settles into his internship under Sir Nighteye, once it does, it solidifies as one of the series’ greatest plotlines. Tamaki (Suneater) and Mirio, two of our Big Three, have both triumphant and tragic moments (Lamillion).

Additionally, Kirishima receives a full episode of attention when he and his mentor Fat Gum, are forced to battle two of Overhaul’s goons for their lives. Then, of course, there was Deku’s first use of his Full Cowl at 100% during the season’s climactic battle with the main antagonist.

Every single episode of My Hero Academia is intense and moving, and evidence that the program isn’t afraid to give other heroes beyond its main character the ability to save the day. While Deku’s moment is truly earth-shattering, it isn’t accurate to state that he is the only star of this show, and that is its core.

My Hero Academia Deku's Power

Following the slow period, we get the provisional license exam arc, which features the Class 1-A members Todoroki and Bakugo, who weren’t highlighted at the start of the season. Even though this short story is merely filler, it succeeds in demonstrating how two of the class’s coldest students have transformed into supportive and nurturing teachers in their own particular ways.

The pupils must take care of a group of disturbed students in order to get their licences; they are not required to vanquish a fictitious villain. At first, it seems like a lost cause because none of the heroes can understand how to meet the children where they are.

But once they understand what they must do, we witness the softening and development that Todoroki and Bakugo have undergone throughout the course of the seasons. These episodes serve as more than a filler arc because of Bakugo’s advice, “If you keep looking down on everyone, then you won’t recognize your own faults,” which also shows how he, one of the most powerful students, has learned to adapt.

The School Festival storyline also demonstrated the relationships between the various classes at UA and how they view the students in Class 1-A, providing viewers with the lighter relief they needed after a challenging season. The other pupils don’t view them as peers; rather, they are blamed for any difficulties the school has had.

They see 1-A as annoyances rather than heroes, and Bakugo quickly realizes this. Additionally, this arc uses typical high school anime situations to demonstrate what daily life at UA may be like. As a supporter, it’s comforting to witness the students’ enjoyment at this moment. Additionally, Gentle and La, two new characters, are added.

My Hero Academia Class 1-A (2)

Finally, the season’s final episodes take us outside of UA as we witness the selection of the new top 10 heroes for the Hero Billboard Chart, with Endeavor succeeding Symbol of Peace as the undisputed top hero.

Even though these episodes seem a little disjointed from the prior storylines, they eventually return to the central concern that the students have had since Kamino: who would succeed All Might? Yes, Endeavor is capable of being the best hero. But he couldn’t possibly be the new icon because he was a violent father, a terrifying presence, and the fourth-ranked hero in terms of public support.

The season finale of My Hero Academia made me want Endeavor to succeed, even though I dislike the redemption narrative that Endeavor started this season during Todoroki’s provisional licensing exam. Every feeling I had was drained from me by the gravity of his moments battling an almost invincible foe and the way the crowd responded to it.

Even though I still dislike redemption arcs, I can support the way that this one is going so far. In general, My Hero Academia is filled with enormously dynamic character development moments that culminate in highly effective action scenes.

Beyond that, this season excels by offering viewers an emotional core in both the minor moments in episodes that some might consider filler as well as in the major moments of death, sorrow, or triumph. I finally started reading the manga after seeing My Hero Academia Season 4 because it made me cry, laugh, and get so happy.

Season 5

Three arcs—Joint Training, Meta Liberation Army, and Endeavor Agency—made up the previous season of the anime. In an activity in the U.A., Class A and Class B competed against one another. Midoriya’s new quirk came to life during the competition, putting him and his fellow classmates at risk.

Midoriya was able to control his new power, Blackwhip, with the assistance of Shinso, a Class C student with a mind control quirk. The University of Arizona students turned their focus to the Work Studies program, an internship course for potential heroes, days following the Joint Training Arc.

After All Might retired, Midoriya and Bakugo joined Todoroki at Endeavor’s hero agency, where all three heroes developed under the guidance of the top-ranked hero. Endeavor receives a covert transmission from Hawks, a League of Villains insider, as he instructs the trio. Endeavor discovers the Meta Liberation Army intends to invade Japan in order to undermine the hero society after deciphering Hawks’ warning.

The season’s final arc opens with a flashback that describes the main antagonist Tomura Shigaraki’s plans to enhance his quirk. Doctor Ujiko, All For One’s aide, consented to assist him, but she insisted that he first take down the formidable Gigantomachia. The League of Villains engages the Meta Liberation Army, led by Re-Destro, as Tomura fights Gigantomachia.

My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki

When Shigaraki was able to fully utilize his Decay quirk, reducing Dekai City into a massive crater, the conflict came to a conclusion. Re-Destro vowed that he and the Meta Liberation Army would follow Shigaraki after the battle. Gigantomachia recognized Shigaraki as All For One’s successor at the same time.

The League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army teamed up to form the Paranormal Liberation Front shortly after the war in Dekai City.

My Hero Academia: What to Expect From Season 6

Here are some things that viewers of My Hero Academia may anticipate from the upcoming sixth season. My Hero Academia’s fifth season came to a close in September 2021. Even though there were a lot of exciting things happening throughout the season, Midoriya and the other students were able to approach the third term with a positive outlook.

But it’s obvious that the Paranormal Liberation Front, a growing menace, is festering in the background. The sixth season of My Hero Academia will premiere in 2022, Studio Bones announced right at the conclusion of the final episode.

What kind of lunacy, then, could possibly follow all the wild events that occurred in the previous season? Thank goodness the manga has already moved past this. So, based on the manga, these are some of the thing’s fans may anticipate from Season 6. SPOILER ALERT, of course!

Paranormal Liberation War

My Hero Academia Paranormal Liberation War

The kids and every other hero gathered for a covert mission in the season 5 finale. It turns out that there won’t be a mission but a full-fledged battle. Yes, the sixth season will put a lot of emphasis on the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, one of the most important plotlines in the entire series.

The heroes are able to locate two of the Front’s most important sites thanks to the information provided by Hawks, who infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front. The Paranormal Liberation Front’s current meeting place is the hospital where various Nomus are created as well as their underground lair.

Hawks learn not just the date and place of the conference but also the approximate 100,000-strong number of criminals who will attend. The series basically left off in season 5 with the pro heroes needing assistance from the other U.A. students in order to equalize the number.

All-out Battle Between Heroes and Villains

Continuing on the previous point, the Paranormal Liberation War will feature a full-scale battle between essentially every hero and every villain because it is the biggest war between the two opposing sides.

The majority of them have appeared on the show before in some capacity, but this arc will also introduce some new characters, particularly on the villainous side. Although this conflict is substantial by My Hero Academia standards, it is by no means comparable to the series-ending Ninja War Arc in Naruto.

However, it is similar to the frantic conflict between the Navy and Pirates in One Piece’s Marineford Arc.

Shocking Deaths

My Hero Academia Shocking Deaths

Speaking of the Marineford Arc, some of One Piece’s most recognizable and adored characters perished there. In the next Paranormal Liberation War Arc, sadly, it will still be the case.

Heroes and villains alike will perish on both sides. Several big characters will also pass away in this arc, not only minor ones. Fans will be shocked by the deaths of certain villains as well as saddened by the loss of some of these adored heroes.

As if it weren’t enough, several heroes will sustain serious injuries throughout this fight. While some injuries may force them to permanently leave the front lines, others will seriously impair their ability to perform their duties. Naturally, the bad guys are equally accountable for the same thing.

Both sides are devastated by the Paranormal Liberation War, which also permanently alters the balance of power in the series.

The True Power of One For All

The previous season of My Hero Academia made clear that Deku’s One For All had a few peculiarities. The only quirk that has so far manifested is a quirk called Blackwhip, which is different from All Might’s super strength in that it is not one of One For All’s arsenal.

A peculiarity from the fifth One For All user is Blackwhip. It appears as black whip-like energy that can be utilized as a grappling hook to either drag the person up or forward or to catch a far-off object. Even opponents can be restrained using it. In many ways, it resembles Spider-web. Man’s

Deku is finally able to wield the power of the other One For All users during the Paranormal Liberation War. That said, he won’t initially be able to manage them effectively, much like with Blackwhip. But over time, each of these abilities will prove to be a valuable tool for Deku as well as the hero association in their fight against All For One and Shigaraki.

A Shocking Revelation About Dabi

My Hero Academia A Shocking Revelation About Dabi

Last but not least, there is a revelation regarding Dabi, the infamous fire user and one of the series’ most recognizable villains.

In the midst of the tumultuous conflict between the heroes and villains in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Dabi makes a devastating video in which he opens up to the public about his background. A huge scandal that will bring one of the top heroes through the mud will be revealed in this video. It will have significant and pervasive effects that undermine public confidence in heroes.

These are some of the most anticipated developments for My Hero Academia fans in season six. The sixth season of the anime will have the largest and most significant storyline, according to the manga’s depiction of the events. Keep an eye out for the Paranormal Liberation War Arc because it will change the My Hero Academia universe forever.

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Here’s to Our Favourite Anime- My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia season 6 will likely be the darkest episode of the series because it is adapting the manga’s “Paranormal Liberation War” storyline.

The “Paranormal Liberation War” arc starts with Superspy Hawks and the Safety Commission learning of a forthcoming villain attack through covert means. In reaction, UA High students team up with the heroes, and Hawk keeps skating on thin ice to find out more about the bad guys.

In the end, the heroes are able to organize a successful assault, but Shigaraki changes the course of events by manifesting in his ultimate form. Given the depressing nature of this arc, season 6 of My Hero Academia will see a number of character fatalities, which will further inspire Deku to strengthen his One For All and put an end to Shigaraki’s reign.