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Vegeta, often known as Prince Vegeta or alternatively styled as Vegeta IV, is a fictional character that was developed by Akira Toriyama for the Dragon Ball franchise. Vegeta also goes by the name Vegeta IV. Vegeta makes his debut in the story “Sayonara, Son Goku,” chapter 204, which was first printed in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on November 7, 1988.

Vegeta is one of the most famous characters from Dragon Ball Z. There are always going to be fan discussions about everything and everything in a series that is as popular as Dragon Ball Super. “Goku vs. Vegeta” is by far the most prevalent topic of discussion in Super these days. 

A recent poll by Viz Media shows that Vegeta has overtaken Goku as the most popular character in the series amongst the fans. In the poll held by Manga Entertainment UK to determine the best Dragon Ball Z character for 2018, Vegeta was chosen as the character with the most votes.

The Backstory of Vegeta

dbz vegeta

One of the most important characters in the DragonBall series is Vegeta, or more specifically Vegeta IV, also known as Prince Vegeta. He is the husband of Bulma, the father of Trunks and Bulla, and the eldest son of King Vegeta. Vegeta is also known as Prince Vegeta.

Regal, pompous, and full of pride, Vegeta was once a cruel, cold-blooded warrior and outright killer but subsequently abandoned his duty in the Frieza Force, instead deciding to remain and dwell on Earth. Later on, he would frequently engage in battle alongside some of the most powerful warriors in Universe 7 in order to protect Earth and his family, as well as to gain a greater level of strength than Goku.

The most praised and one of the most significant developments in Vegeta’s character occurs throughout the course of the series. After beginning his role in Dragon Ball Z as the primary antagonist of the Saiyan Saga, he went on to play the role of an anti-heroic tritagonist throughout the rest of the series. Following the events of the Majin Buu Saga, he would undergo a transformation into a heroic figure and become the primary deuteragonist and secondary protagonist of the sequel series Dragon Ball Super.

vegeta dbs

Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z, had initially planned for Vegeta to be a secondary antagonist who would not have a significant impact on the overall narrative of Dragon Ball. Toriyama portrayed Vegeta as such during his first few appearances in the series. Still, the character ended up being more well-liked than he had anticipated when he first created him. 

Because of this, Toriyama made the decision to retain Vegeta in the tale for a longer period of time. Toriyama had a strong aversion to Vegeta at first due to the fact that he was intended to be a vile character. 

However, as time went on, Toriyama came to appreciate Vegeta since he found the character’s demeanor to be uncomplicated and, as a result, simpler to compose. In addition to that, he felt the character to be an incredible asset to have around. He also claimed that despite receiving a significant amount of fan mail pleading with him not to kill Vegeta, he went ahead and did so anyway. 

Toriyama stated his interest in having Vegeta be the lead character in the case that there was another animated feature after the release of Battle of Gods. However, he insisted that this was merely his intent and that no decision had been taken on this matter. As is customary for members of the Saiyan species to have names that are puns on vegetables, Vegeta’s name is a play on the word “vegetable” itself.

Vegeta's Physical Characteristics and Personality Traits

What is His Outlook?

Vegeta is a man of below-average stature, standing at 164 centimeters (5’5″) tall. Despite his small build, he has a highly strong physique. His hair is styled into upward spikes and is either black or a dark reddish-brown, depending on the source. Vegeta has a widow’s peak that is quite obvious.

Like the majority of Saiyans, he has clearly defined eyes that maintain a serious expression at all times. He had a prehensile tail with brown fur when he was born, just like all of the other Saiyans in Universe 7, but Yajirobe severed it so it couldn’t grow back.Vegeta undergoes a transformation in both his outward and inward appearances throughout the course of the series.

After having an initial appearance of being somewhat tiny and slender, particularly when contrasted with his huge mate, Nappa, he eventually gives the impression of being somewhat taller with noticeably more musculature. As the series progresses, his hair and forehead appear to be shorter, and his facial features, which are always in a frown, also look more distinct and sharply defined. 

As a result, he appears to be a great deal older in later sagas in comparison to what he looked like when he first appeared in the series. One of the most notable aspects of Vegeta’s persona is the fact that he is one of the few Saiyans who has maintained the practice of donning the classic Saiyan armor while engaging in battle. His standard getup consists of a dark blue jumpsuit that covers his entire body, white gloves and boots, and the aforementioned armor on top of all of that. He has also been seen wearing many kinds of armor, which he has customized so that it is more in line with his character.

dbz vegeta saiyan

When he arrived at Earth for the first time, he was outfitted in a white suit of armor with yellow shoulder pads, as well as padding at his hips and crotch. In addition to it, he had a scooter with a red lens that he wore on his left eye. During the events of the Frieza Saga, he had his severely damaged armor replaced with a comparable one, but this new one did not have the padding around his midsection. 

In addition, he wore an additional scouter for a short period of time before deciding it was superfluous and destroying it. After suffering damage to his armor during the fight against Recoome, he switched to a previous form of his clothing, which consisted of a black bodysuit, white gloves and boots, and nearly all-white armor that lacked shoulder pads. He wore this new outfit until his armor was repaired. 

In the Trunks Saga, he wore a pink short-sleeved loose button shirt with the sign “Bad Man” at the back, a white sleeveless undershirt, yellow slacks, and green shoes with brown trim. In addition, he wore a pair of green shoes with brown trim. During the events of the Androids Saga, he wore an improved version of the armor that he had originally created, but without the shoulder pads. 

During the Buu Saga, in order for Vegeta to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament, he wore a blue sleeveless tank top that was tucked into a pair of trousers that matched the color of the tank top. He also wore white gloves and boots. Because the hue of his bodysuit is a blue-gray or navy blue, he subsequently wore an outfit that was very similar to it in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Personality Traits

Due to the mistreatment his people received at the hands of Frieza, Vegeta develops a haughty attitude during the course of the series and becomes increasingly resentful. His animosity towards Frieza deepens after the destruction of his homeworld, Planet Vegeta, which he was responsible for. 

It would appear that his royal lineage has endowed him with an inflated sense of superiority, as he places himself above practically everyone he comes into contact with. He has a tremendous amount of pride in his Saiyan heritage and is certain that his people are the most powerful in the entire cosmos. Despite this, even in his role as an antagonist, he did not behave like a typical Saiyan.

Thanks to Frieza’s influence, he was even more ruthless and proud than he would have been otherwise. Vegeta is initially presented as an unrepentant villain when he is introduced. He is the prince of Planet Vegeta, which has been destroyed. Vegeta has been continuously described as being highly arrogant, vindictive, and at times sadistic. This is based on the fact that his wicked intentions before joining the Z Fighters led to him becoming a member of the team.

Even though he eventually makes Earth his home and starts a family with Bulma, many of Vegeta’s early heroic deeds are motivated by self-interest or vengeance. However, he eventually settles down and becomes more laid-back over the course of the series. Vegeta, who was brought up in the highest echelons of Saiyan society, had his sights set on attaining the fabled position of Super Saiyan and becoming the most powerful warrior in all of existence. 

Vegeta isn’t so much a brawler as he is a tactician, and he tends to go right into the action without any hesitation. However, either his fury or his hubris causes him to underestimate his opponent, which in turn almost always results in him losing the match and occasionally even taking his own life.

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His royal blood and aggressive fighting skills have served him well in many conflicts, but they have also occasionally worked against him. In addition to this, it has been established that Vegeta is not only one of the most intelligent characters in the series but also one of the most solemn, as he almost never displays any signs of humor. 

When he does this, his sense of humor is frequently exceedingly arid and a great deal more gloomy than that of the other Z Fighters. On the other hand, he takes great pleasure in making fun of his adversaries, as evidenced by the fact that he has offered to reconstruct Android 18 into either a “toaster” or a “washing machine”.

When he was going to compete against Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament, he also showed Goku his dark sense of humor. Goku was about to be his opponent. In addition to his more gloomy sense of humor, he has on occasion displayed a more sardonic sense of humor while gloating about something. One very significant instance of this was during the war against Semi-Perfect Cell. Vegeta responded flippantly to Cell’s demand to know how he got to be as strong as he was by saying that he got that strong by “doing lots of push-ups and sit-ups, and [drinking] plenty of juice.

vegeta super saiyan 1

” Vegeta also called Kid Buu a “gifted speaker” despite the fact that Kid Buu barely responded at all just before Kid Buu destroyed the Earth. In most situations, his enormous ego and arrogance overpower the good characteristics he possesses. Despite the fact that he has some character defects, Vegeta is capable of demonstrating respect for other people, even though he rarely verbalizes his regard for others and usually does so via his actions. 

After the events of The Majin Buu Saga, it is strongly hinted that he and Piccolo were on friendly terms with one another and appeared to have mutual regard for one another. In addition to this, he voiced his sorrow over the fact that Buu was the one who ultimately killed Gohan. Aside from these two incidents, it appeared that his relationship with the other members of the Dragon Team was, at best, chilly.

Unparalleled Powers & Abilities

Even by the standards of the Saiyan race, Vegeta’s abilities are unparalleled in their scope. Even though he was still a youngster, he was much more powerful than his grandfather Nappa and had already exceeded his father, King Vegeta. Because of this, Freeza, the one who was responsible for exterminating the entire Saiyan species, decided that he was worthy of being spared.

vegeta power

Throughout the course of the series, he was able to prove himself superior against the universe’s most powerful mortal combatants, including Captain Ginyu, Freeza, Cell, and finally, B. As soon as Whis realized his potential, he began to train him, and throughout the course of their time together, he eventually surpassed the power of a Super Saiyan God. 

Even in his lair, Vegeta now possesses more than enough power to destroy even Super Saiyan 3-level warriors like Gotenks without incurring any harm. This is the case even if Vegeta is not yet a Super Saiyan. Vegeta was able to defeat three of the strongest fighters in the Sixth Universe all by himself during the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Hakaishin Selection Martial Arts Competition.

These fighters were Frost, Cabba, and Otta Magetta. The only one Vegeta was unable to defeat was Hit. After Vegeta attained the level of Super Saiyan Blue, Beerus speculated that Vegeta could one day evolve into a Hakaishin in another timeline. Vegeta showed himself to be one of the most powerful competitors during the Tournament of Power, and he survived until the very end. 

He earned Jiren’s respect and acknowledgment on two separate occasions: the first was when he defeated Jiren with a Final Flash, and the second was when he defeated Toppo after the latter had become a Hakaishin, demonstrating that his power had begun to exceed that of even Gods of Destruction.

Was He The Gareth Bale of The Dragon World?

vegeta vs beeruz

Vegeta, like all Saiyans, possesses enormous strength and speed that is superior to that of the majority of Namecians. He was able to land a few blows on Beerus in addition to outright blitzing him at one point, making him faster than the less than 1 percent power Beerus had been doing at the time.

This also demonstrated that Vegeta had surpassed the speed of light by a massive amount due to Beerus’ speed being capable of crossing interstellar distances with ease. The greatest extent of his speed was shown when he fought Beerus. He was able to land a few blows on Inadvertently destroying mountains, punching through clouds to the point where they disappear entirely, and punching from the surface of the ocean all the way down to its depths are all within the capabilities of the shock waves generated by his punches. In addition, he is able to withstand 150 times the regular gravity during his training, reaching a point when he is unable to even sense an increase of 10 times the normal gravity.

Power! Power! POWERRR!

Vegeta has, ever since he was first introduced in Part II, served as a prime illustration of what it means to be a Saiyan elite. This has been the case right up until the present day. Even though it happened in the anime, one of the earliest examples of his immense might was when he used a single beam of energy shot from his fingertips to wipe out an entire planet. 

vegetas training

During the battle against the Dragon Team, which Nappa, Vegeta’s attendant, and mighty elite Saiyan, was tasked with destroying, Vegeta demonstrated his power by eliminating Nappa with a simple energy attack, which caused the mighty elite Saiyan attendant to explode. This was Vegeta’s opportunity to show off his strength. After that, he went ahead and got into a fight with Son Goku on an individual basis. In the middle of this battle, his actual power level was estimated to be 18,000. 

Despite the fact that it enabled him to dominate Gok in the initial phases of the fight, he was no match for Gok’s Kaiken times-3 method and, later on, the might of the use of Kaiken times-4. As a result of him transforming into the Great Monkey, his power increased to around ten times what it was before, thanks to the multiplier that was associated with the Great Ape form. This enabled him to defeat Gok with relative ease.

Vegeta's Love Interest – Relationship with Bulma

Both Vegeta and Bulma first encountered each other on the planet Namek, but neither spoke to the other at that time; Vegeta was unfazed by Bulma’s fear of him, while Bulma was unfazed by his lack of concern, especially given that his primary objective was to locate the Dragon Balls. 

vegeta and bulma

However, the first time they met was before his rematch with Zarbon, and in response to that, Vegeta threatened to murder both Bulma and Krillin. This occurred during their first meeting with each other. The first time that any affection is shown between them is in the episode “Immortality Denied.” In this episode, Vegeta refers to Bulma as a “Gorgeous Girl” in the Ocean Group dubs. This is the first time that any affection is shown between them. 

The first time we get a glimpse of Bulma’s feelings for Vegeta is soon after Goku’s fight with Frieza and the devastation of Planet Namek. During this time, Bulma tells Vegeta that she thinks he’s cute and that he should lighten up a little bit, which leaves Vegeta completely bewildered.

Despite the rough start they got off to, Bulma was more than eager to put up with Vegeta, even if it meant she had to face her fears around him. Vegeta is invited to dwell at the Capsule Corporation by Bulma upon his resurrection after being killed by Frieza and then sent to Earth. The one stipulation is that he is not allowed to contact Bulma. Vegeta grudgingly agrees to take her up on her offer, but he immediately departs Earth in search of Goku as he learns that Goku does not intend to return to Porunga from Earth. 

After having a dream about the Saiyan Prince while he is away from Earth, Bulma begins to slowly but surely show signs of affection towards him; she also demonstrates a deep concern for him after being informed that his ship is about to run out of fuel soon. This all takes place while he is away from Earth. Yamcha, who was Bulma’s lover at the time, not only starts to feel envious of Vegeta but also exhibits hatred toward him because Vegeta is unaware of how Yamcha feels about Bulma’s feelings for him. 

When Vegeta returns to Earth, he becomes upset at her for her dominant attitude and criticism of his disrespectful behavior. However, he frequently ends up yielding to her requests, much to the shock of everyone regarding the degree to which Bulma can keep Vegeta under control.

bulma with baby

Everyone was perplexed by Vegeta and Bulma’s behavior towards each other throughout the Androids and Cell Games Saga because the couple had a kid together. Yet, they treated each other with complete disregard. Goku is told by Future Trunks that in his timeline, even though Bulma fell in love with Vegeta, the couple did not remain together for very long because their attraction was solely based on passion and loneliness and because Vegeta’s goals and priorities did not concern Bulma, they had no reason to continue the relationship. 

In other words, even though Bulma fell in love with Vegeta, they did not stay together for very long. Because Future Vegeta was eliminated by the Androids not long after Trunks was born in the timeline with the alternative events, his relationship with Bulma did not have the opportunity to develop in that version of events.

However, the seven years of peace that came after the conclusion of the Cell Games would seem to suggest that the two settled their differences and began to have a much better relationship than they had in the past, as they were already married by the time the conflict with Majin Buu took place. This is because the Cell Games came to an end. 

By the time of the Majin Buu Saga, it was clear that Vegeta had fallen deeply in love with Bulma, but he was ashamed of himself for doing so and for sacrificing his warrior lifestyle for the sake of his family, wanting to be the cold-hearted prince he once was. Vegeta had initially chosen to remain on Earth and marry Bulma because he wanted to be there for Trunks, but he eventually became fond of his family, and it became apparent that he had fallen deeply in love.

Vegeta's Roles in The DragonBall Series

Dragon Ball Z

saiyan race

It is revealed that Vegeta is a member of the Saiyan race. He and his companion Nappa make the journey to Earth so that he can make his wish to become immortal via the Dragon Balls. Nappa defeats the heroes of Earth with relative ease and, in the process, claims the lives of Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Yamcha, and Piccolo. 

Goku eventually shows up after finishing his training with Kai-sama at this point. Nappa is easily defeated by Goku, and then Vegeta kills him for the disgrace of losing to a low-class Saiyan like Goku. Goku’s death brings Vegeta’s death full circle. Vegeta engages in combat with Goku, but he is defeated by Goku’s Kaioken technique, which compels Vegeta to transform into his Ozaru form in order to prevail over Goku. 

However, as a result of the damage Goku, Gohan, Krillin, and Yajirobe inflicted on him, he is unable to prevail against the other heroes. He narrowly escapes with his life despite being exhausted and being tormented on a constant basis, and he is embarrassed by the fact that Goku begged Krillin to let him live despite the fact that Krillin was trying to kill him.

Off we go to planet Namek

planet namek

Vegeta goes to the planet Namek in an effort to make his wish for immortality using that world’s Dragon Balls. In doing so, he prevents the tyrant Frieza from making his own want for immortality with the Dragon Balls. Vegeta is able to eliminate a significant number of Frieza’s minions upon his arrival, and he also ruthlessly kills a helpless Namekian town in order to obtain their Dragon Balls.

Subsequently on, Vegeta is coerced into joining forces with Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin in order for them to defend themselves against the Ginyu Force and, later, Frieza. After Goku has knocked out most of the members of the Ginyu Force, he goes in and finishes them off. Frieza ultimately triumphs over him and then takes his own life, but not before imploring Goku to exact revenge on his behalf and that of all the other Saiyans, of which he was the prince.

A desire granted by the Dragon Balls on Earth brings Vegeta back to life, although this was not the plan. Vegeta makes the decision to remain on Earth after Frieza is finally defeated, and he and Bulma have a son whom they name Trunks. After another three years, Vegeta achieves his goal of becoming a Super Saiyan and easily dispatches Android 19, who had been dispatched by Dr. Gero to eliminate Goku.

vegeta saiyan

However, even when he is at his Super Saiyan best, Android 18 can easily take him down. After that, Vegeta achieves a level of power beyond that of a Super Saiyan while he is training in the Room of Spirit and Time with a version of his son from an alternate timeline named Future Trunks. Afterward, Vegeta defeats the artificial life form Cell after he has absorbed Android 17, and he does this by pummeling Cell. 

Because of Vegeta’s arrogance, he enables Cell to transform into his third and supposedly “perfect” form by allowing Android 18 to be absorbed by Cell. After Vegeta is unable to defeat Perfect Cell, he is coerced into competing in the Cell Games, which are a sort of martial arts competition hosted by Cell. During these games, Vegeta plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Gohan is able to overcome Cell in his Super Perfect form and win the match.

Vegeta gives in to Babidi's evil power

Seven years later, Vegeta gives in to Babidi’s evil power and allows it to consume him in order to fulfill his ambition of becoming strong enough to challenge and ultimately vanquish Goku. After that, he starts killing people without regard for their lives in order to force Goku into a fight with him.


However, when the monster Majin Buu is brought back to life as a result of the energy unleashed during their battle, Vegeta knocks out Goku from behind after fooling Goku by pretending to call a truce in their fight. After that, Vegeta goes up against Majin Buu by himself and ultimately gives his life up in an effort to destroy Buu. 

He gives his life up for Bulma, Trunks, and even Goku in dedication to his sacrifice. Vegeta is granted permission to reclaim his body and travels back to Earth to assist Goku in his struggle against the threat posed by Buu. This is because all of the other warriors have either been absorbed or have perished in battle.

By utilizing the Potara earrings, he grudgingly fuses his body with Goku’s to produce the powerful warrior Vegito, who easily dispatches Buu due to the combined might of their combined bodies. In the end, Vegito agrees to be absorbed into Buu’s body so that he might release the other heroes who have been taken over by Buu; nevertheless, this results in the separation of the fusion. 

Goku and Vegeta are successful in freeing their companions from Buu’s absorption, which forces Buu to go through his last metamorphosis and returns him to his previous form as Kid Boo. After getting revived once more owing to the Namekian Dragon Balls, Vegeta fights Buu once more on the planet of the Kai-shin to buy time for Goku to gather energy for the Genki Dama which he uses to destroy Majin Buu for good. 

This allows Goku to utilize the Genki Dama to beat Majin Buu for good. It is during this battle that Vegeta recognizes Goku for the first time as not just his superior but also his friend.

Dragon Ball Super

dbs goku and vegeta

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Vegeta tries to appease Beerus so that he will not destroy the Earth and briefly surpasses Goku because of a power boost induced by Beerus’s rage at Bulma getting slapped by Beerus; he then later participates in a ritual to transform Goku into a Super Saiyan God and watches him fight the god of destruction; and in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F, Ve

After the events of the last two films and the anime adaptation that takes place in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta competes in a tournament and is victorious over Frost, Magetta, and Cabba. Still, he is ultimately destroyed by the assassin Hit. In order to rescue Goten and Trunks, he goes to Planet Potaufeu, where he engages in combat with a replica of himself that Commeson has made. After that, he and Future Trunks are reunited, and he immediately begins training to combat the villain Goku Black while also preparing Future Trunks for the battle.

Unsuccessful mission to the future

goku black

Vegeta goes to the future in an attempt to stop Goku Black, but he is ultimately unsuccessful and is sent back to the past. After regaining his health, Vegeta travels back in time for a rematch. Failure to overcome Goku Black before traveling to the present, where he trains, allows him to prevail over Goku Black in their subsequent fight.

Afterward, Vegeta and Goku come up against the merged form of Zamasu, which compels them to recombine into Vegito and ultimately causes the latter to defuse due to excessive use of his power. Vegeta subsequently aids Trunks in fighting Zamasu. Vegeta suffers a defeat at the hands of Arale, and later on, he decides not to practice with Goku because Bulma is expecting. Vegeta forms a profound relationship with his daughter Bulla once she is born, and he becomes too concerned with ensuring that she leads a healthy and happy life.

What will Vegeta do to save his family?

He wants to keep his family safe, Vegeta makes the decision to compete in the Tournament of Power. Throughout the course of the competition, Vegeta is victorious in defeating a number of his opponents. He defeats Toppo, who had attained the strength of a God of Destruction and then assists Goku in his battle against Jiren, who is the only other member of Universe 11 still alive.

vegeta vs toppo

It is during his battle with Jiren and Toppo that Vegeta decides to push himself beyond his boundaries on his own accord. Jiren knocks Vegeta out of the contest with two minutes left on the clock. Vegeta then sends the rest of his power to Goku in a sorrowful gesture as he exits the competition. 

In the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Vegeta, and Goku go off against the Saiyan Broly, who is Frieza’s newest recruit, but neither of them can defeat him due to his incredible strength. Because he has no other choice, Vegeta studies the fusion dance in order to combine with Goku and become Gogeta, which allows them to put an end to Broly’s rampage.

Following the occurrence of these events, Vegeta and Goku were recruited by the Galactic Patrol to put an end to the evil warlock Moro, who had evaded capture along with his allies. They engage him in combat but are ultimately unsuccessful and end up getting hurt in the process. 

Vegeta has made up his mind to travel to Yardrat in order to better himself and find a way to stop Moro. After having utilized Shunkan Ido, Vegeta comes back and, in an act of redemption, uses a new technique to bring the people who were killed on Namek back to life. He does this by retrieving the life energy that Moro had stolen from the others.

He continues to have the upper hand, viciously beating the warlock until the tide swings against him when Moro absorbs one of his allies to boost his power. At this point, he beats Vegeta into unconsciousness and regains the upper hand. Vegeta, now fully recovered, arrives just in time to assist Goku when Moro begins absorbing the Earth’s energy after having merged with it. 

Not only does he fission the energy out of him to prevent him from hiding his weak point, but he also personally gathers the necessary energy from the other members of the Dragon Team and Oob and sends it to Goku so that he can channel his Ultra Instinct form one more time and kill Moro (while saving the planet) for good Later on, the extraterrestrial beings known as the Heeters enlisted the assistance of Vegeta and Goku in their mission to vanquish Granolah, a formidable Cerealean sharpshooter. 

vegeta block punch

After defeating Goku in his Ultra Instinct state, he fights Granolah and gains the upper hand using the power of Destroyer Gods in a new form he labels “Ultra Ego,” which he achieved while training with Beerus. However, he is defeated in turn after Granolah unleashes the full extent of his power. Goku is able to use Ultra Ego to defeat Granolah. Following the intervention of the Namekian Monaito, Goku receives confirmation from Monaito regarding the identity of his father, Bardock. Vegeta, in a gesture of stubborn pride, gives Granolah a senzu bean so that he might battle Gas after Gas, a Heeter shows up in order to settle a grudge on the Cerealean. Gas has a vendetta against the Cerealean.

Vegeta - A Truly Inspiring Ideal

Vegeta isn’t just a fictional character but a truly inspiring ideal for us all to follow. He teaches us many important life lessons, including how hard work always pays off, being emotional is not a weakness, and how important adaptability is among many. If you haven’t already begun watching the show, you should do so now because Vegeta is an amazing character who has a lot to teach his viewers.

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