Top Sasuke Uchiha Figures That Every Naruto Fan Needs in Their Resin Figures Collection

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Don’t we all treasure our anime figures collection a little too much? Each time a new figure comes out we just want to get our hands on it and display it in our collection. Well, guess what?! Shonen Road anime heads have just discovered that Rejinato has dropped three new Sasuke Uchiha resin anime figures and their designs are super top-notch and something that should not be missed! 

Some of us just ordered ours a few days ago and just received that and all we have to say is DAMNNNNN!!! The detailing on these premium quality resin figures is almost like you are looking at the real animated version of Sasuke. Not to mention that Rejinato is an authentic resin figure design studio that is unveiling new and unique designs every single month! 

Without further ado, let’s get into the piping hot Sasuke Uchiha anime figures, what they stand for, why they are a must have in your collection and so much more!

Japan Anime NRO GK Surge Sasuke 1:6 action figure for collection - The Figure That Represents Sasuke’s Abilities

With a purple hue base, we can see Sasuke Uchiha standing tall ready to take on his enemies. This premium quality resin figure depicts the abilities and personality type of Sasuke as he stands tall in his own space. 

This intricately designed piece features Sasuke’s natural spikey hairstyle that all his anime fans known him for. The hair falls and covers his blood red eyes, thristy for the blood of his enemies. Sasuke is the type of character who shows no remorse therefore this figure represents exactly that. Furthermore in the GK Surge Sasuke 1:6 anime statue he is holding his favourite weapon f choice which has been seen in Sasuke’s hands through season 1-6 of the popular series many times. 

This high quality resin figure is 37 cm tall and is an original Rejinato design. The team members at Shonen Road cannot wait to get their hands on this figure so that we can add it to our Naruto series anime figures collection.

Japan Anime NRO GK Surge Sasuke 1:4 action figure for collection

When looking at the extremely detailed action figure of Sasuke, we can see a glimpse of his personality, the way he grew up and a sense of Sasuke’s history. 

Sasuke was a cheerful youngster who strived to please others and live up to his clan name. One of Sasuke’s most important relationships is with his older brother, Itachi, whose name alone may cause Sasuke to lose his normally cool demeanor. When he was younger, Sasuke admired Itachi and preferred his company to that of everyone else. 

The NRO GK Surge Sasuke 1:4 action figure features a 100% premium quality resin base carefully carved to fit the design of Sasuke’s outlook. What is so special about this piece is the fact that it is limited edition and comes in a compact yet decent size. The design itself is authentic as well considering that it is a Rejinato original piece. While looking at this figure, you can see into Sasuke’s eyes and understand his personality type, that’s just how great the detailing and paint job on this figure is. 

Speaking of paint, did you know that the quality of this figure is so impeccable, that the paint does not fade or wither away either. This NRO GK Surge Sasuke 1:4 action figure is a hot seller which every Naruto fan wants to add in his/her anime figures collection!

Japan Anime GK Surge Uchiha Sasuke Wcf Action Figure for Collection

GK Surge Uchiha Sasuke wcf

Sasuke Uchiha is the last of his clan in Konohagakure, the design of this figure is inspired by the circumstances which Sasuke grew up in. This premium quality light up resin figure shows Sasuke with blood red eyes running towards something. You must be wondering what exactly that “something” is – right? Well here’s the story behind it! 

In order to strengthen himself sufficiently to take his retribution, he deserted from Konoha, despite his dissatisfaction with his development. His activities and demands for revenge throughout the years have made him demanding, erratic, and socially alienated to the point that he is now considered a global criminal with powers of bolts, which can be seen in bright blue, coming out of his right hand in this extremely detailed resin statue of Sasuke. 

After discovering the truth about his brother’s sacrifice, Sasuke returns to Konoha and dedicates his life to helping safeguard the village and its residents, eventually playing a pivotal role in ending the Fourth Shinobi World War and being joyfully forgiven by Naruto. This is well reflected in this Sasuke action figure made of a deep purple resin. Did you know that this signature piece lights up as well! Yes, that’s right! You can illuminate your space with a purple light that is reflected through the base of this resin figure! 

Getting your hands on such a detailed statue, that too made out of 100% with an authentication stamp comes at a hefty price, however, if you are a true anime head and a fan of Naruto then head on over to the Rejinato website because they have this hotshot figure in stock right now!

Key Takeaways!

Getting your hands on premium quality resin figures is not easy, however it is not impossible either. If you know the right websites which are credible sources who deal in authentic resin figures, then you can easily add new figures into your collection and make your display case stand out! 

Get your hands on the latest Sasuke anime figures now!

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