Tips to Make Sure That You Are Collecting The Best Anime Figures

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Difference Between Real & Fake

Cheap knockoffs have long plagued the collectibles business, and the anime figure industry is no exception. Bootlegs are a rising source of concern for collectors worldwide since these counterfeit figures appear to be penetrating the market at an increasing rate.

Real and Fake

As bootleggers improve their game and create more legitimate-looking fake figures, detecting these counterfeit figures has grown more challenging, so we wanted to offer some of our techniques for spotting a bootleg figure. 

We’ll even make a quick comparison of a real and a bootleg figure so you can have a better sense of how to detect a fake.

A bootleg figure is one that has not been legally licensed or certified. In general, bootlegs are low-quality copies of legitimately licensed figures that are offered to collectors or merchants under the pretext of the real figure. 

It’s frequently easier said than done to spot a bootleg. However, there are situations when it is simple. Check out our recommendations on how to recognize a bootleg if you have any worries about the authenticity of a figure you own or want to own. 

When it comes to checking statistics, there are a few telltale indicators that we’ve come to recognize; if you observe any of these, be on the lookout for more than one red flag! 

The difficult issue about real and bootleg figures is that legitimate figures can have production problems. There may be some paint bleed or poor workmanship in general, and some of the figure’s parts may degrade severely with age. 

However, if you realize that your figure has a few of these defects, you might want to search up recognized bootlegs online to see if yours looks more like them than the real thing.


Figure Logo

The company logo is a common giveaway. Despite the fact that bootlegging is typically unlawful, bootleggers frequently do not include a logo because doing so is a clear trademark violation. In some cases, bootleggers will include a logo, but it will be misspelled in an attempt to fool you – take care.


Smell of Anime

Bootlegs are frequently of poor quality and contain inferior components. As a result, bootlegs can occasionally have a strong chemical odor. You might have a bootleg in your hands if the heavy odor of what can only be described as cancer-laden plastic hits you right out of the box. 

Keep in mind that if your figure is older or has been exposed to sunlight or heat (has the box been sun-bleached? ), the paint can degrade and begin to smell, so keep an eye out for potential warning signals!

Sticker of Authentication

FIgure Logo

This is a common giveaway! If a figure comes with a manufacturer’s sticker of authenticity, you can count on it being present. It’s worth noting, though, that a manufacturer’s seals may not always be constant. Keep in mind that one release may or may not include a seal, so keep that in mind!

How to Ensure You Get the Best Quality at the Best Price

When the price tag enters the picture, the anime figure collecting scene tends to turn a few heads. The price of a premium figure for a popular series or character might start at $10,000 and go up from there. 

if some lower-end models aren’t quite this pricey, seeing price tags like these online or on the shelf of a physical store like Animate can make it difficult to blame someone for being uninterested in the hobby.

Collecting anime figures becomes a viable hobby if you go for the secondhand route, which provides a very affordable way to get started in the hobby. 

This tip may sound obvious to professionals or even heretical to some. However, any prospective collector, whether casual or serious, should be aware that there are three distinct strategies to change your browsing habits when looking for figurines in Japan. 

While none of these are secrets, remembering these three points can help you strike a balance between your wants and your budget.

Look for Stores That Sell at a Discount

To begin, you must understand where to look. In Japan, there are a number of well-known chains that specialize in or are well-known for their variety of used figures. 

Lashinbang has always been a go-to store for many, although Mandarake, Sofmap, and Surugaya are among the many huge stores that specialize in otaku goods at moderate costs. 

While Akihabara in Tokyo and Den Den Town in Osaka are particularly well-known for both these types of chains and smaller mom-and-pop shops, Lashinbang may be found throughout Japan. All of these shops carry a wide range of anime-related merchandise.

There are many huge secondhand chains in Japan that sell products other than collectibles. Two such examples are Book Off and Hard Off. 

For those willing to search a little further, less-specialized boutiques like these, which sell a little bit of everything, can occasionally contain the best, albeit most hidden, gems.

Determine The Level of Quality You Require

Collectible Pins Anime

It goes without saying that once you know where to look, you must also know what to look for. Anime figure collectors, like many other hobbyists, are naturally more concerned with finer details. 

These particulars pertain not just to the figure’s manufacture but also to its preservation. Is the original box missing? Is there any scuffing on it? Is it completely broken, and is it in need of repair? 

Each of these flaws can have a significant impact on the final sale price. While some may believe that paying a premium for a figure in mint condition is worthwhile, you must evaluate how important these features are to you.

Several moderate collectors are mainly interested in displaying their collectibles rather than conserving or reselling them. Nevertheless, if purchasing an anime figurine without packaging allows us to save money, I would gladly do it.

When Looking for Characters, Keep an Open Mind

Setting expectations for what anime characters to look for is the final and possibly most subjective phase. Though the expense of an anime’s licensing and premium manufacturers’ high-quality production standards may result in a high retail price, the popularity of a character dictates its eventual market worth, especially in the used-figure sector.

High pricing as a result of this phenomenon might take two forms:

  • Well-known businesses sell popular anime characters at a premium 
  • Fewer goods are manufactured for a less popular anime, resulting in higher proportional demand.

Top Brands to Get Your Figures From

At least one anime figure should be in every anime fan’s collection. Figurines look fantastic on a shelf and will remind you of your favorite characters for a long time. You must first learn about the greatest brands before you begin purchasing figurines. Otherwise, you risk getting a knockoff or a model of poor quality.

Good Smile Company

Smile Company

The Good Smile Company is a well-known manufacturer of anime figurines. Since its inception in 2001, the company has been producing replicas of characters from anime, manga, movies, and video games. 

It makes scale figurines, chibi-style Nendoroids, and Figma P.V.C. action figures in collaboration with MegaHouse. You can’t go wrong with any of Good Smile’s figurines because they’re all extremely detailed and faithfully represent each character. 

Furthermore, the Figma and Nendoroid series figures have accessories that can be used to customize your figurine’s appearance.

Bandai Namco

You may be familiar with Bandai Namco as a major video game publisher, but did you know they also offer anime figurines? 

MegaHouse’s G.E.M. figurines, which represent your favorite characters in a lovely, unmoving pose, are distributed by the company. S.H. Figuarts is Bandai’s own line of figurines. 

Figuarts. Characters from superhero anime and shounen shows are popularly depicted in this type of figure. Each model comes with a variety of accessories to personalize your figurine.


Aniplex Logo

Not only is Aniplex responsible for some of the most popular anime, but it also produces a number of high-quality figures. Characters from the Aniplex-produced series are sculpted into highly accurate scale miniatures by the firm. 

That means miniatures from Demon Slayer, FullMetal Alchemist, Devilman Crybaby, Black Butler, Your Lie in April, and more will be available.


Alter Company

Alter offers a lot of fanservice figurines—the main Alter line concentrates on female anime characters, while the Altair collection focuses on male characters. 

Alter also offers the Almecha line, which specializes in mech and robot figurines on the other end of the spectrum. You can always expect a genuine portrayal of any character, no matter which figurine you choose.


Kotobukiya Figure Company

Kotobukiya has been around since 1947, which is somewhat surprising. It began as a tiny toy store owned by a single individual and evolved into a well-known manufacturer of figurines and model kits. You can always anticipate your Kotobukiya figurine to be stunning. 

Models from video games, anime, and Marvel and D.C. comics are created by the firm. There are two sorts of figurines available: ARTFX J, which is a collection of magnificent scale models, and Cu-Poche, which is a series of charming chibi figurines.


Kaiyodo Company

The Kaiyodo firm started off as a modest shop in 1964. It is now known for producing iconic miniatures and model kits based on characters from anime, manga, video games, and films. The Revoltech line of figures gets its name by combining the words “revolver” and “technology.” 

As you may expect, the name alludes to each figurine’s capacity to move. You may bend a Revoltech figurine into dramatic poses when you display it. Revolmini figurines, a miniature version of Kaiyodo’s Revoltech gems, are also available.

Get Your Anime Figures Today!

Finally, anime figure collecting is not the frightening pastime that some people portray it to be. However, you’re almost surely dealing with a bootleg if a figure is labeled as a China version, International version, or Unlicensed version. 

Nevertheless, Anime Figures can provide some of the most memorable AND least expensive mementos on your next Japan vacation if you know where to search! Of course, whether you have certain figures in mind for your collection or want to support your favorite series or artist, there is something to be said for the emerging anime figure-collecting market. 

We would never deliberately discourage somebody who knows what they’re getting into from going “new” for these reasons. Secondhand figures, on the other hand, can be a terrific compromise for getting into an otherwise inaccessible hobby.

Don’t click on the first seller you see on Amazon the next time you’re looking for figurines. Instead, be sure the figure you choose is made by a trustworthy company. Any lesser-known brand may not meet your expectations in terms of quality. Remember to shop used, know where to shop, know what quality you’re looking for, and maintain an open mind. Good luck with your search!

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