Three Hot Selling Minato Namikaze Resin Figures To Check Out

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When Masashi Kishimoto first started writing the Naruto manga series, he had no idea that it would become such a huge success all around the world. Even an anime adaptation was produced, which contributed to Naruto’s rise to fame as a household name.

Any person who is a fan of Naruto would do whatever in their power to have the collectibles and products associated with Naruto, especially the favorite character of all, drum roll, please!!! Minato Namikaze!

If you are head over heels for this character then keep on reading because we are about to explore and review the 3 new best sellers’ resin figures for Minato Namikaze which we all know are a must-add to our Naruto anime figures collection!

Japan Anime NRO GK Surge Namikaze Minato Action Figure for Pre Order

The Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze

Hold up!!! Are we seeing Minato Namikaze defy gravity in this uniquely designed resin figure? This is an original and one-of-a-kind design made by Rejinato and it is one that is a must-add to your Naruto anime figures collectibles collection. Just look at how intricate and different the design is, we have Minato Namikaze standing upside down on top of a bright blue flaming sphere, ready to take on the world with his powers and abilities. 

This fine-quality resin figure is one that will stay in your collection for years because it does not break easily, lose its color, or wither away! Not only that, but the people here at Shonen Road got one for their office, and accidentally knocked it over, and guess what?! Not a single scratch came on the Minato Namikaze anime figure statue. We were all very surprised, as resin figures normally crack super easily! 

Don’t even get us started on the detailing for the Minato Namikaze anime figure, check out how intricately the cape of Minato Namikaze is designed. The patterns, the flames, the color combo – all of this combined is for sure a spitting image of Minato Namikaze in the show when he is fighting his rivals, knocking them down one by one, and achieving victory, match after match!

Japan Anime NRO GK G5 Namikaze Minato Action Figure

Colour, color, and more color!!! This premium-quality Namikaze Minato anime statue features a burst of color accompanied by three core elements in the design. 

Upon close observation of the anime figures, we can see that the design features Namikaze Minto standing on top of a ferocious fox and above there is a horrific-looking grim reaper with a dagger in its hands. The design for this signature piece was inspired by a scene from the popular series Naruto in which Namikaze Minto has to battle the reaper while riding on top of the majestic fox. 

This elaborate figure has numerous design elements which make it a catchy must-have piece! The gold chains have exceptional detailing and may I just add the fact that their vibrant orange color brings this whole piece to life. Almost seems as if it was taken directly from the series and put in front of you. Owning this fabulous resin anime figure is a real treat considering how cool it would look in the collection! Rejinato truly has outdone itself when it comes to the design and detailing of this specific figure, every time you look at it you find a new element featured within this piece.

Japan Anime GK CS Namikaze Minato 1:7 Action Figure

You’ve found the figure you’ve been hunting for – the Namikaze Minato Statue, which is 7 inches tall. Namikaze is dressed in a recognizable Blue and Green outfit along with his grey headband from the Naruto Shippuden television show. He has been painstakingly sculpted utilizing show assets, bringing out every detail in the process. He is displayed on the base that is included in the package.

This Reaper Seal figure delves into the depths of an age-old tale and brings it to life in the shape of an anime figure—the kind of thing that dreams are made of for collectors of anime figures. The figure of the reaper Jutsu utilizes a variety of colors and places emphasis on the appearance of the shinigami reaper death seal. Moreover, more depth is added to the design when we can see Namikaze Minto capturing the mysterious fox with bright gold chains and shackles. Don’t even get me started on the facial expressions and detailing of Namikaze Minto’s face!!! It’s almost as if I can feel the emotions that Namikaze Minto felt in the scene from which the figure is inspired! 

This high-quality resin figure is made with scratch-free resin and paints ensuring that the Namikaze Minto anime statue figures remain in your collection for years! This is the figure that all Naruto fans are looking for to round out their collection and make it complete. Your friends will definitely be gushing over this piece when they see it!

Key Takeaways!

Anime figures collection isn’t just a hobby, it is a passionate experience that we all live for. Enhance your Naruto anime figures collection with the latest Minato Namikaze resin figures that Rejinato has designed! 

If you want to get your hands on any of the amazing resin pieces mentioned above, then I would suggest that you head on over to the Rejinato website. That is where I got mine from and I could not be happier with their services! The packaging was 10/10, the design was 10/10, the resin figures were of great quality and the best part was that it was an authentic piece, no dupes, nothing!

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