The Creator of Bleach Gives Major Update on Return of Anime

Tite Kubo personally provided the update after reaching out to supporters on his blog. Kubo frequently updates his blog with sketches and letters, and his most recent post featured a fuzzy image of a script for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.
July 20, 2022
Bleach Season

Although Bleach hasn’t been shown on television in ten years, fans have stuck with the anime throughout that time. 

Their perseverance will finally be rewarded this fall when Ichigo brings the show back with a special resurrection. Of course, this means that fans eagerly await news about the return, and the show’s creator has now released a significant update for fortunate followers abroad.

Tite Kubo personally provided the update after reaching out to supporters on his blog. Kubo frequently updates his blog with sketches and letters, and his most recent post featured a fuzzy image of a script for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.


Kubo claims that Bleach’s dubbing is now in progress. Fans are undoubtedly encouraged by this news, even though the recording’s creator has not provided an update on its progress. Since their recording sessions are over once the main animation is finished, voice actors are often the last individuals to work on an anime. Bleach must have completed a portion of its episode order if the cast is already recording their lines abroad.

Fans are already anticipating more information as the return date for Bleach gets closer every day. The return is scheduled in October, but fans have only seen a brief teaser for the Thousand-Year Blood War arc thus far. Internet users have been pleading for a full trailer for months, and if Kubo’s dubbing update is any indication, they might receive one soon!

The Dragon Ball Creator Explains The Significance of Gohan's New Form

In the most recent Dragon Ball Super movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan made his appearance with a brand-new power-up transformation. 


Fans in Japan may finally view Gohan’s most recent form and the incredible amount of game-changing power it carries, thanks to the release of Dragon Ball Super Hero. Throughout Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta gained exponentially more strength, culminating in their current abilities of Ultra Instinct (for Goku) and Ultra Ego (for Vegeta). However, Gohan has returned to the top of the Dragon Ball power rankings thanks to his new “Son Gohan Beast” form.

Dragon Ball’s focus on Saiyan development has abruptly shifted to a new level of curiosity, and Toriyama explained why he chose the design for Gohan’s Beast form: “I tried to sketch him with a spooky visage and pale complexion for the design, but this didn’t feel like Gohan. Instead, I gave him my regular large upturned hairstyle, which surprised everyone by getting a lot of positive feedback like, “it looks really great!”  

Once more, having long, spiky hair in the Super Saiyan 2 style (like Young Gohan from Dragon Ball Z’s Cell Games arc), Gohan transforms into his Beast form with silver hair similar to Goku’s Ultra Instinct form. Gohan’s bizarre crimson irises in Beast form are another indication that he still possesses part of the Saiyan Great Ape savagery.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Trailer Released

Ragnarok In netflix

Numerous anime series have featured epic battles for the survival of humanity, with episodes of Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, and other series featuring ferocious combat. 

With the second season of Record of Ragnarok, which is currently airing on Netflix, one of the biggest anime tournaments is now set to return the following year. The franchise recently released a new trailer for its upcoming episodes, which will continue the tale of humanity versus the gods.

The appeal of Record of Ragnarok lies not only in the fact that humanity must battle well-known deities like Hermes, Ares, and Thor, to name a few, but also in the fact that the series allows humanity to select any member of civilization to take part in the struggle for survival over time. As a result, characters like Jack the Ripper, Adam from the Garden of Eden, Lu Bu, and Hercules, to name a few, serve as representations of humanity.

The first season two trailer for Record of Ragnarok has been released, giving us a better idea of what humans and gods will be fighting over this time around as humanity fights for its existence because the gods have determined that humanity’s time has passed:

Record of Ragnarok’s first season was marred by controversy, not only because the anime version of Aphrodite made an appearance but also because many anime fans thought the show’s animation style didn’t live up to its source material. Let’s hope the show’s production company, Graphinica, can sometimes turn things around.

Although a precise release date has not yet been made public, the second season is expected to air in 2023, the following year. 

Director of Attack on Titan Unveils Special Eren Sketch at Anime Expo

Eren Attack on Titan

It’s difficult to imagine an anime character that has evolved more throughout the series than Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan, with the Attack Titan becoming a menace to the entire planet during the events of the fourth season of the anime adaptation. 

Manabu Akita, the anime series’ director, used this year’s Anime Expo to present a new sketch of Eren in anticipation of Studio MAPPA’s return for the final episodes, which will resolve the struggle between the Eldians and the country of Marley and air next year.

When we last saw Eren Jaeger, he had entirely accepted the power of the Founding Titan, which had been entrusted to him by the spirit of Ymir, the little girl who had set everything in motion by coming into contact with a puzzling organism that resembled germs. 

Eren has released the Rumbling upon the world, a lengthy line of Colossal Titans that the former protagonist hopes to use to exterminate anyone who exists outside of the island of Paradis, now that Ymir exists in a plane of existence that joins all the Eldians together. 

It goes without saying that his erstwhile Scout Regiment friends are in a delicate predicament due to this new murderous effort.

The artist used the chance to recreate Eren’s shocking new appearance from the last season of the anime adaptation, as published by Attack on Titan Wiki in the latest doodle from MAPPA director Manabu Akita.

The anime version of Attack on Titan ends with Armin, Mikasa, and their allies—both old and new—racing to try to save a world that despises and fears them. Those who have read the manga know what will happen to Eren Jaeger in the final chapters. 

Hajime Isayama, the series’ creator, had planned for this significant change for Eren since the series’ inception, and anime viewers will be able to experience the final chapters the following year in 2023. However, MAPPA has been remiss in providing an accurate date for when the anime adaptation will conclude.

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