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There is strong, there is stronger and then there is our mighty man Broly! This character is based from the popular series we all know and love, Dragon Ball Z! Do you love collecting Dragon Ball Z anime figures? Well, if you do then keep on reading as I take you through the latest and most trendy Broly resin anime figures that have just hit the streets. 

These figures have A-grade quality and personally, I believe that by adding them to my anime figure collection, my collection has never looked better! Keep on reading to find out my top picks for the Broly anime figures, where to get them from, and how fabulous and unique the craftsmanship for these limited edition pieces is…

Japan Anime GK LS Broly 1:6 Action Figure for Collection

GK LS Broly

The primary character in the Broly Triple Threat trilogy is the title character himself, Broly. It would indicate that he is the most recent of the Legendary Super Saiyans, who only come into existence once per thousand years. This Rijinato Value for Money Broly figurine would be a fantastic addition to a Dragon Ball Z fan’s collection or a thoughtful present for someone who enjoys the series.

This statue of Broly represents a Saiyan with a pale complexion, dark eyes, and spiky black hair that reaches his mid-back. He also has short bangs that frame his brow. Broly was a powerful warrior in the Dragon Ball series. The Broly action figure depicts a hulking individual with a slender yet musculature-filled physique. His sad disposition is reflected in the expression on his face. He is just wearing white slacks, a red ribbon around his waist, and a yellow belt with a blue gem in the middle of the buckle. He is not wearing a shirt.

When you place the Broly action figure in your collection, it will not topple over, tumble, or shatter because it is supported by a sturdy bowl-shaped base that is covered in exquisite decorations over it. This base not only looks pleasant to the eye but also serves a practical purpose.

When I added this signature piece to my Dragon Ball Z collection, more than 20 anime heads asked me where I got it from, so today I will reveal where exactly I got it from. REJINATO! This authentic design studio and resin anime statue seller is my favorite go-to place for anime collectibles. They have the best designs, the most amazing quality, and the prices are way better than market rates.

Japan Anime GK Blue Sky Broly 1:4 Action Figure for Pre Order

GK Blue Sky Broly

Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, is a fan-favorite Dragon Ball character who has appeared in three Dragon Ball Z movies and countless video games prior to being completely included in the canon in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Broly is also known as “the Legendary Super Saiyan.” The untamed, berserker stage of Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan transformation causes him to bulk up much farther than his already average physique would suggest.

In this premium quality resin figure, we can see Broly in his super Saiyan mode with his neon green hair, anger in his eyes, and surrounded by his go-to weapon of choice. Yes! That’s right! His mighty sword! This intricately designed Broly anime statue is a product of Rejinato’s in which they have crafted a detailed base covered in overlayered grey structures giving the resin figure a rocky outlook and across the base, there are various elements spread about. 

On this detailed base, we can see Broly standing tall in his super Saiyan mode ready to attack. The detailing on this piece is off the charts, just look at Broly’s abs! They look as if they are not resin, but actual human flesh. If you compare this figure to the on-screen look of Broly, I don’t think you could see even the slightest bit of a difference. I personally would give Rejinato a 10/10 for creating this masterpiece, and did you know they ship so fast? 

Head on over to their website now to check out this fabulous Broly resin statue.

Japan Anime DB GK DP9 Fashion Broly Action Figure for Collection

DB GK DP9 Fashion Broly

Fashion figures are basically a must-have in every single anime figure collection no matter how many statues you have. Rejinato has recently released their latest Broly figures and aside from the striking and amazing action-type figures, they have also given me a sneak peek of their extremely detailed Broly DP9 Fashion figure. 

This figure is designed entirely on the bases of the character’s outlook and oh my! The designers have done an exemplary job in making resin look like complete and super realistic art. Every cut, every bruise, every scab that Broly has ever gotten throughout the series is shown in this figure on Broly’s bare chest. It almost looks as if you are looking at a real-life Broly. 

Jacket in hand, and bandana tied to his arm, this Broly statue stands 41 cm tall and 17cm wide. To get your hands on this piece, check out the Rejinato site.

Key Takeaways!

If you are a Broly fan, then like me, I would recommend that you head on over to the Rejinato website and check out these Broly action figures mentioned above, the designs are not only unique but the paint job on them is so authentic and realistic.

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