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Tanjiro’s character has a large following. With 6,742 votes in the first Demon Slayer character popularity poll, he was ranked first.  In 2020, AnimeAnime conducted a poll involving Tanjiro’s character. 

The best action performed by the character was voted by the readers to be his first use of the fire technique. Meanwhile, his friendship with Nezuko was voted as having one of the best manga quotes.  Tanjiro won the “Best Boy” category at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in February 2020, and the fight between Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko against Rui won the “Best Fight Scene” category. The critics panned this scene, with IGN naming it one of the best television episode series of all time based on the visuals.

The Thrilling Powers & Abilities of Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado smile

Tanjiro was proved to be a prodigious fighter from the start, with a high natural talent for battle, particularly swordsmanship. Tanjiro was previously known to possess superhuman abilities such as amazing senses, a keen sense of smell, tremendous willpower, and a sharp brain. 

Despite being clouded by overwhelming emotions, his naturally acquired powers allowed him to outsmart and catch Giyu Tomioka, one of the most powerful Demon Slayers, off guard and nearly score a lethal blow on him. Furthermore, Tanjiro was able to slash the Temple Demon’s neck and impress him in his first encounter with a demon, later being able to fend the demon off by a regular hatchet and come up with innovative solutions such as using his durable head to headbutt the Temple Demon then using his hatchet to pin him down and prevent him from moving.

While on Mount Sagiri, Tanjiro impressed Sakonji Urokodaki, the former Water Hashira, by successfully evading dozens of traps hidden throughout the mountain with his keen sense of smell, and was eventually accepted as his student. When Tanjiro was tasked with cutting a massive boulder, he encountered the spirits of Makomo and Sabito, who taught him how to properly use Total Concentration Breathing and hone his swordsmanship skills. 

After a month of intense training, Tanjiro was able to outperform Sabito in a swordsmanship skill, awakening the ability to see the ‘opening thread’ and slicing the boulder in half, a boulder larger and harder than any student before him had cut.

Tanjiro Kamado and sakonji

During the Final Selection, he was able to easily defeat a slew of low-level demons while using the Water Breathing Breathing Style alone. Tanjiro eventually met the Hand Demon, a heavily mutated demon who has eaten 50 humans compared to the average of two to three humans consumed by demons on the mountain, making him the most fearsome demon Tanjiro has encountered thus far, as evidenced by his killing of both Sabito and Makomo. Tanjiro successfully decapitated the demon using his acrobatic abilities, swordsmanship, and sense of smell.

Tanjiro first unlocked this ability after Nezuko Kamado lit his sword on fire with her pyrokinetic Blood Demon Art, giving him an advantage over Hantengu’s clones as every slash he landed drastically slowed their regenerative abilities. Tanjiro gains the ability to dye his Nichirin Sword in a bright red color by himself during his second battle with Muzan. Later, Tanjiro used Giyu’s help to awaken it one last time after the former had pinned him against a wall to prevent him from escaping. 

tanjiro kamado blood demon art

Tanjiro possessed impeccable aim and precision even before he trained to become a Demon Slayer. This was demonstrated when he outwitted Giyu and threw his hatchet into the air at a perfect trajectory so that it struck his head.  Later, as Akaza fled into the forest, Tanjiro flung his katana over a long distance with incredible precision, piercing the Upper Rank’s body. Tanjiro also demonstrated great precision against Muzan, aiming and throwing a barrage of swords at the Demon King with perfect accuracy on two occasions.

Personality and Aspirations of Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is naturally kind, and others have described him as having gentle eyes and a compassionate demeanor. He is very determined and will not give up once he has a goal to achieve; the best example of this is his never-ending quest to find a cure for Nezuko. 

Even though he is relatively strong on his own, Tanjiro isn’t afraid to seek assistance from others when necessary. He is fiercely protective of his friends, but especially of his younger sister. Despite his kind and understanding nature, Tanjiro has a limit to his tolerance and dislikes rudeness and cowardice, as he is easily irritated by Zenitsu Agatsuma’s constant whining.

demon slayer season list

Tanjiro is straightforward and honest, taking everyone’s words seriously. When Tengen Uzui claimed to be a god, he inquired as to which area he was the god of. He has difficulty lying, and doing so causes his face to contort severely as his sincerity clashes with the insincerity of his words. Tanjiro has never lived in a large city because he grew up in Japan’s countryside. During his missions to Asakusa and Yoshiwara, he marveled at the bright lights that encircled the cities. He mistakenly believed the Mugen train was the land’s guardian spirit, and he, like Inosuke, has no idea what a red-light district is.

Tanjiro hides a growing fire of rage and vengeance beneath his seemingly kind and friendly exterior. This side of him emerges when Tanjiro confronts Muzan, ready to draw his sword and attack him. When Muzan flees, Tanjiro expresses his rage and declares that he will be the one to kill Muzan. 

Tanjiro shows noticeable anger on Mount Natagumo when the captured Demon Slayers’ necks are snapped by the Mother Spider Demon’s threads, which Inosuke detects. He erupted in rage when he saw Daki smirking after witnessing her slaughter three people indiscriminately with her sashes. This aspect of Tanjiro is fully realized following Muzan’s speech in which he compares himself to a natural disaster. 


Tanjiro responds by referring to Muzan as “a being that should not exist.” Faced with irrational evil. Tanjiro reveals a more terrifying and cold side of himself, becoming more violent towards his opponents as a result. Tanjiro’s most notable characteristic is his ability to empathize with anyone, including demons, which causes him to pause before delivering the final blow. 

Tanjiro has a unique demon ideology, believing that those who have committed evil should be killed without mercy, but those who regret their actions should not be belittled after their deaths, demonstrating great nuance and maturity in Tanjiro’s thinking, which was most likely influenced by his sister. However, as Tanjiro gains experience through his service, he becomes more calculated and strict in his approach.

His bravery in defending the weak commits him to facing his adversary with respect and dignity, whether he is up against good people or evil demons. Tanjiro is adamant about bringing evil to justice, even declaring that he will cut off the heads of demons who have committed heinous crimes and confronting them about their inhumane mindset and criminal deeds. 

tanjiro demon form

Tanjiro appeared to be mindless as a demon, as most do after their transformation. He behaved like a wild beast, attacking anyone in his path without hesitation. Even his friends and comrades were in danger. The one exception was Nezuko, whom he refused to harm despite tasting her blood; this could indicate that he was resisting his transformation. His hostility toward Demon Slayers could also be attributed to Muzan’s desire to eliminate all Demon Slayers.

The Enemies, Fights & Conflicts of Tanjiro Kamado


When the two first met, Akaza attempted to kill Tanjiro as soon as he saw him on the ground, dismissing him as weak and focusing his attention on Kyojuro. After Kyojuro is killed, Akaza is forced to flee from the rising sun, but he is confronted and speared from behind by Tanjiro, who angrily calls him a coward for fleeing the battle.

tanjiro and akaza

Akaza became enraged, and his rage only grew when Muzan expressed his disappointment in his inability to kill Tanjiro. Akaza tracked him down in the Infinity Castle and engaged in a fierce battle with the Demon Slayer and Giyu. Tanjiro’s actions reminded Akaza of his own painful human past throughout the fight, infuriating him even more. When Akaza realized he truly wanted to kill himself, he smiled slightly, which was noticed by Tanjiro, who also detected a scent of gratitude emanating from his body. Tanjiro eventually sees Akaza’s body crumble to ashes.


Enmu (魘夢) is the main antagonist of the Mugen Train Arc in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. As the Lower Rank One of the Twelve Kizuki, he was a demon serving directly under Muzan Kibutsuji. He was the last of the Lower Ranks to survive and then attacked a train carrying 200 passengers, including Demon Slayers, for whom he was tasked by Muzan Kibutsuji to kill the Hashira.

Enmu uses his hypnotic powers to put those who confront him to sleep and gives them sweet dreams while quietly attempting to kill them without causing them pain.

Muzan Kibutsuji

tanjiro and muzan

Muzan Kibutsuji is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s main antagonist. He is the Demon King, the first of his kind, and the progenitor of all other demons. Muzan is also the leader of the Twelve Kizuki, a group of the twelve most powerful demons in existence who report directly to him. 

Muzan was turned into a demon millennium ago, during the Heian Era, during an experimental treatment attempting to cure his terminal illness, and his goal since then has been to live without fear of death and become truly eternal. He intends to accomplish this in two ways: by locating the Blue Spider Lily or by creating more demons in the hope that one of them will be able to possess the Blue Spider Lily one day.

Muzan, as Demon King, has complete control over all those who have assimilated his blood to become demons, with the exceptions of Nezuko Kamado, Tamayo, Yushiro, and later Chachamaru.  Muzan is of the same bloodline as the Ubuyashiki Family, it is later revealed.

Meet The Family & Friends of Tanjiro Kamado

Nezuko Kamado

Tanjiro’s younger sister, Nezuko, is his only surviving family member after his family was murdered while he was away selling charcoal. As a result, Tanjiro, who is normally polite and calm, will become enraged and attack anyone who harms Nezuko. He is fiercely protective of her, but he does not prevent her from assisting him during battles that he cannot handle alone.

The siblings are very close, trusting, and loving of one another because they are the only surviving members of a poor family. Tanjiro is probably the only one who can actively calm Nezuko down by calling her name or singing their mother’s lullaby to her. Even after Muzan transforms Tanjiro into a Demon and falls under his influence, Nezuko approaches her brother and tries to restrain him, despite the possibility of being harmed by him. Tanjiro, on the other hand, does not attack her even after tasting her blood. This is possible because Muzan has only asked him to destroy the Demon Slayer Corps.

Giyu Tomioka

Tanjiro first meets Giyu after attempting to murder Nezuko, who had just been transformed into a Demon. Giyu instructs Tanjiro to go find the cultivator Sakonji Urokodaki after seeing his determination, putting him on the path to becoming a Demon Slayer. While initially skeptical of Giyu, Tanjiro eventually comes to admire him, especially given that both were Sakonji students and practitioners of the Water Breathing Style.

Giyu develops feelings for Tanjiro and Nezuko to the point where he promises to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) alongside their master if Nezuko resorts to eating humans. Tanjiro is the one who allows Giyu to open up and realize he needs to step up as the Water Hashira’s heir and not let his past losses and feelings of inadequacy keep him from doing so. Tanjiro is his closest friend in some ways (aside from his late friend Sabito and, to some extent, fellow Hashira Shinobu Kocho).

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Giyu Tomioka

Tanjiro is initially annoyed with Zenitsu because their first encounter involved Zenjitsu pestering a girl to marry him when she was clearly opposed, forcing Tanjiro to intervene by pulling Zenitsu away from the girl. Zenitsu was oblivious to the fact that the girl disliked him and immediately blamed Tanjiro for his failed proposal, prompting Tanjiro to look at him with disgust.

Despite this, Tanjiro recognised that Zenitsu had to be strong enough to pass the Final Selection and that the two could rely on each other in battles against powerful Demons. Though Zenitsu’s tantrums and womanizing behavior irritate Tanjiro, he considers Zenitsu a close friend and is very patient with him. Due to Tanjiro’s naivety, Zenitsu is usually the one who informs him about city life and occasionally explains things. Tanjiro is a close friend to him, and he admires his strength and kindness. Zenitsu also tries to persuade Tanjiro to acknowledge the possibility of becoming a future brother-in-law, given Zenitsu’s crush on Nezuko.

Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira

Despite the fact that both are Demon Slayers and are in a tight situation to kill a Demon, Inosuke is initially taken aback by Tanjiro’s strength and attempts to fight him, oblivious to the bigger picture. Inosuke would not stop until the Demon was defeated. Tanjiro is occasionally irritated by his insistence on fighting, but he is also extremely patient with him.

Tanjiro’s naivety and kindness, ironically, allow him to unwittingly manipulate or even annoy Inosuke. Despite this, Tanjiro has a positive influence on Inosuke, convincing him to use his head and think during battle. They are also both naive about city life. They eventually become good friends and close allies. Later in the series, Inosuke and Tanjiro’s friendship was shown to have grown so strong and close that they both admitted that they now see and consider each other as brothers, and both promised that if either of them began to stray from the right path, the other would do their best to correct and help them. 

Inosuke was one of the first demon slayers to try to kill Tanjiro before he could eat someone, thus preventing him from going down a dark path. However, as Inosuke was about to cut him, he remembered all of Tanjiro’s kindness and how he sees him as a brother, causing him to cry and stop his attack in mid-battle because he couldn’t bring himself to kill him.

Sakonji Urokodaki

Sakonji Urokodaki

When they first met, Sakonji was hesitant to train Tanjiro due to his inability and reluctance to kill. He eventually relented and taught Tanjiro Water Breathing for over a year. After his previous 13 students were killed in Final Selection, Sakonji would only allow him to enter if he could cut through a massive boulder.

Tanjiro eventually succeeded in slicing it, entering and surviving Final Selection, and even defeating an old foe of Sakonji. Sakonji wept as he hugged Tanjiro and congratulated him on his return home after witnessing his latest student’s survival after so many failures. Tanjiro was astounded to learn that Sakonji and Giyu had sworn an oath to kill themselves if Nezuko had ever harmed a person.

Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu assists Tanjiro in his rehabilitation, and while she initially does not understand his desire to protect his Demon sister, she grows to care for him. Despite the fact that she trained Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, she appears to be the closest (or, at the very least, the least irritated) with Tanjiro because, unlike Zenitsu and Inosuke, he took his training seriously from the start.

Shinobu also recommends Tanjiro for the Infinity Train mission to Oyakata-Sama, stating that Tanjiro “has a pure soul and is capable of striving hard on a daily basis.” During a conversation with him, she even tells him about her sister’s death at the hands of a powerful Upper Rank.

Tanjiro Kamado’s Love Interests

Some viewers may be unaware that Tanjiro has a love interest if they have only seen the first season of the anime. Most shonen anime make it clear who likes who and which character the protagonist usually has their gaze on right from the start. However, Tanjiro’s main love interest is only briefly introduced in Demon Slayer, and she doesn’t really return until the season’s end, when she is fighting against him.

Tanjiro Kamado’s Love

Kanao Tsuyuri is his love interest who develops as the story progresses, and their romance is quite adorable. Tanjiro’s character has a sizable fan base. In the first Demon Slayer character popularity poll, he came in first with 6,742 votes. AnimeAnime held a poll involving Tanjiro’s character in 2020.The readers chose his first use of the fire technique as the best action performed by the character. Meanwhile, one of the best manga quotes was voted for his friendship with Nezuko. At the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in February 2020, Tanjiro won the “Best Boy” category, and the fight between Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko against Rui won the “Best Fight Scene” category.

This scene was widely panned by critics, with IGN naming it one of the best television episode series of all time based on its visuals. The goal of one of the games is to splash the opponent with a strong-smelling tea, but Tanjiro instead places the cup on Kanao’s head to avoid splashing her.  Why does Kanao need to make decisions by flipping a coin perplexes Tanjiro. He decides to flip her a coin to encourage her to be optimistic and open her heart. He gives her a smile as he bids her farewell. As the story progresses, Kanao begins to display more emotion and decisiveness, particularly when Tanjiro is brought back to the Butterfly Mansion to recover from the battles in the Entertainment District.

Tanjiro Kamado’s Love

When she realizes he’s awake, she bursts into tears and drops the flower vase on the floor, telling him she’s glad he’s awake. When the other residents of the Mansion begin bickering while she is visiting Tanjiro, she attempts to calm them down, but instead ends up yelling at them after he falls asleep. During the battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, Kanao is the only conscious Demon Slayer left, and she tries to will herself to keep fighting. Just as Muzan is about to deliver the final blow, Tanjiro manages to immobilise him, allowing him to carry Kanao to safety. Kanao sobs as she repeatedly calls out his name, realizing that he has awoken, and he apologizes for his actions. 

Kanao weeps when she sees Nezuko trying to calm Tanjiro after he transforms into a Demon. Her concern for the siblings prompts her to use Flower Breathing Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye to create an opening through which she can inject the Demon-to-human cure into Tanjiro, putting her own safety at risk while demonstrating her love for them. She cries tears of joy and is visibly relieved to see Tanjiro safely returned to his human form, the two exchanging tearful smiles as they lie across from each other. Tanjiro and Kanao would eventually marry and start a family, with Kanata Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado as their great-grandchildren.

The Demon Slayer Character of Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro as kid

Tanjiro was born on a mountain as the eldest son of charcoal sellers Kie and Tanjuro Kamado. He adopted the belief that as the oldest child, he should be strong and endure any hardships for his five younger siblings. Although the family did not live in luxury, they were happy and showed a lot of love and care for one another.

Tanjiro jumped in to protect Takeo after he accidentally knocked over a hot kettle, resulting in the burn scar on his forehead. Tanjiro learned coal-burning techniques as a child and was responsible for selling charcoal in the nearby town to support his family. He appeared to visit the town frequently, as the locals recognised him and frequently sought his assistance. Tanjiro’s father was a major influence on him and served as his teacher for the Hinokami Kagura, a ritual dance passed down through the family’s generations alongside a pair of hanafuda earrings, and Tanjiro would frequently watch him perform this dance.

Tanjiro learned from his father that there were specific breathing techniques to continue dancing endlessly when he asked Tanjuro about his stamina despite the cold weather. When Tanjiro was old enough to dance in place of his ailing father, he discovered that the proper techniques allowed him to blank his mind, enter a plant-like state, and gain access to see through worldA night with the threat of a hungry bear prompted Tanjuro to show Tanjiro the state in action before he died.

Tanjiro training

Tanjiro was terrified at the sight of the predator, but his father killed it with his ax as soon as he entered the state. Tanjuro’s abilities astounded him, and Tanjiro made a point of remembering the incident. Tanjuro died soon after, and Tanjiro’s younger siblings began to regard him as their father figure.

Fan Theories About Tanjiro Kamado

According to popular belief, Tanjiro Kamado’s father was a demon slayer. Tanjuro Kamado taught Tanjiro Kamado Sun Breathing and Hinokami Dance. Because of his severe illness, he was unable to fully utilize his abilities, and he died some years before the rest of the family was attacked by demons. 

He has a connection to the world of demon-slaying, but some fans believe it goes even further: so far that he was a powerful demon slayer himself. This could explain Muzan Kibutsuji’s obsession with eliminating anyone with these abilities.

The Creators & Inspiration of Tanjiro Kamado

gotouge koyoharu

Tanjiro Kamado is inspired by Koyoharu Gotouge’s ideas for a one-shot with Japanese motifs. Tatsuhiko Katayama, their editor, was concerned that the one-shot crusade would be too dark for the young demographic and asked Gotouge if they could write a “brighter” main character. 

Gotouge has stated that the character’s creation was complicated by the contrast he has with the dark narrative. Gotouge created a cover depicting Tanjiro wielding his sword while smiling for the manga’s seventh chapter’s release. Due to the manga’s contrasting aesthetics, they discarded the drawing and instead drew a similar design with Tanjiro wearing a serious expression.

Tanjiro did not have a scar or wear earrings in the original design, but they felt these features accentuated the character. Tanjiro had four supporting characters created for the cast who would balance each other out due to their different skills. Tanjiro was mentioned by the editor “[He] is a rare breed of the male main character. He’s so nice. He has Nezuko, so he can’t just say that all demons are completely evil. He’s in the gray area.” Gotouge’s editor also had an impact on Tanjiro’s design: he suggested giving Tanjiro a facial scar in his forehead inspired by Himura Kenshin from Nobuhiro Watsuki’s manga Rurouni Kenshin, as well as earrings to balance his androgynous

cute face

Yuma Takahashi, the producer behind the manga adaptation, stated that Tanjiro’s role in the manga drew him in and kept him reading the series. Ufotable was inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s ukiyo-e style when depicting Tanjiro’s Water Breathing. Tanjiro and Giyu’s first fight scene was also meticulously animated to provide viewers with an appealing choreography.

Tanjiro’s water-based techniques were created using a combination of hand-drawn animation and CGI, and his battle with Rui was one of the most labor-intensive scenes in the production. Takahashi also stated that Tanjiro is his favorite character in the series because his constant hard work inspires him. The anime employs an insert theme song titled “Kamado Tanjiro no Uta,” which expresses the determination of the main character.

Voice Actors of Tanjiro Kamado

Natsuki Hanae provided the Japanese voice for Tanjiro. Hanae observed that several reactions to his career involved him portraying sad characters. However, in the case of Tanjiro, he stated that Tanjiro is on the easy side because he says what he thinks and is not the type who thinks one way and then another.

Voice of Tanjiro

Akari Kit, Nezuko’s actress, said Hanae is like a big brother to her in the studio, supportive, and if there are parts she has trouble recording, Hanae will stay and wait until she finishes even though his part is done. Hanae also described Kit as her younger sister. He also claims that it is easier for him to do his best when he is around people he likes. 

Hanae liked Tanjiro’s fighting style and said he often made Tanjiro’s shouts while playing video games. He appreciated the feedback he received from anime viewers. Because he was a fan of the series, English voice actor Zach Aguilar was overjoyed to be given the role of voicing Tanjiro in the dub, and he was supported by many fans. In other news, Aguilar grew to like the character as well as his companions, and he wishes to find Tanjiro merchandise. Allegra Clark plays Tanjiro as a baby. Clark admitted that she became emotional while filming the series and preferred the younger version of the character.

Top Quotes Of Tanjiro Kamado

the flower of happiness
  • (To Muzan Kibutsuji) “Muzan Kibutsuji! No matter where you go, I promise you won’t escape me! You can run as far as you want! I’ll follow you to the ends of Hell, and my blade will be the last thing you see! I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done!”[80]
  • (To Rui) “The bond between Nezuko and me… cannot be… severed by anyone!”[29]
  • (To Giyu Tomioka) “In order to soothe the spirits of those it killed, and to make sure it claims no further victims… I will swing my blade down and lop off the head of any demon without mercy! But I will not belittle those who regret their actions… and suffer over the things they did as demons. Because demons were once human. Because they were like me.”[81]
  • (To his family) “I wish I could stay here forever. I wish I could turn around and go back. By right, I should’ve been living like this forever. Right here. If none of this had happened… they’d all be alive and well now. And Nezuko would’ve lived in the sunlight, under a blue sky. If none of this had happened… If none of this had happened… I should be here making charcoal every day. I never would’ve laid my hand on a sword. If none of this had happened… If none of this had happened… But I’ve lost them now. […] I can never go back. Sorry! I’m sorry, Rokuta! We can never be together anymore. But I’ll always think of you, okay? I’ll be thinking of you all. There are lots of things to thank you for. Lots of things to be sorry for! But I will never forget you! No matter what, my heart will always be with you!”
  • (To Akaza) “Don’t run away! Don’t run away, you coward! Don’t run away! The Demon Slayer Corps is always fighting you Demons in the dark of the night where you have the advantage! That’s right, us flesh-and-blood humans! Our wounds won’t close up that quickly. And we cannot regenerate a limb once lost! Don’t run away, you bastard! You bastard! You coward! Rengoku is way more amazing than you! He’s stronger! Rengoku didn’t lose! He didn’t let anybody die! He fought to the end! He protected them to the end! You’re the one who lost! It’s Rengoku who won!”
  • “I heard my father was born with a faint mark on his forehead but not me. I’m definitely not a chosen one. But… even if I don’t have the powers of a chosen one… there are times in life when you simply can’t back down! Because there are monsters in this world. Monsters with no souls. Monsters who take life without hesitation, remorse or regret. Their aggression… is something I can’t forgive!.”

Trivia Time!!!

karasuno crows
  • His first name includes the On’yomi readings of the kanji for “charcoal” (tan? ), “to heal” (ji?) and “son, male” (r? ), a common masculine name suffix. Tanjiro’s surname’s first kanji ( kama?) translates to traditional Japanese wood or charcoal-fueled cook stove/furnace, while the second kanji ( do?) means “door,” and both contain the Kun’yomi reading. 

Tanjiro’s popularity poll rankings are as follows: 

  • Tanjiro received 6,742 votes in the first popularity poll. 
  • Tanjiro received 9,045 votes in the second popularity poll, placing him fourth. 
  • Tanjiro’s honest nature causes him to lose his cool when he lies. 
  • Tanjiro got his hard brow from his mother. 
  • Tanjiro is one of the few characters who can change the appearance of their Nichirin Sword. 
  • Tanjiro appears to understand what birds are saying. 
  • Sakonji, Senjuro, the courtesans from the Entertainment District, Giyu (who never writes back), and Tengen are Tanjiro’s penpals. 
  • Tanjiro is the vocalist of the band “Chic-N-Scruffy Democracy” in a Weekly Shonen Jump spoof 4-koma, along with Zenitsu (shamisen), Inosuke (taiko), and Tengen (harmonica). Their debut single, “Melancholy of Explosive Sound Skin and Modern Sense of Smell,” reportedly made everyone who heard it dizzy and nauseous. 
  • Tanjiro, like Inosuke, is tone deaf.

Tanjiro Kamado is Definitely a Demon Slayer Fav!

Tanjiro’s character is extremely popular. With 6,742 votes, he was ranked first in the first Demon Slayer character popularity poll.  

In 2020, AnimeAnime held a poll involving Tanjiro’s character. Readers voted his first use of the fire technique as the character’s best action. Meanwhile, his relationship with Nezuko was voted to have one of the best quotes in the manga. Tanjiro won the “Best Boy” category at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in February 2020, and the fight between Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko against Rui won the “Best Fight Scene” category. This scene drew a lot of attention from critics, with IGN naming it one of the best television episode series of all time based on the visuals.IGN praised Tanjiro’s relationship with Nezuko as “one of the most endearing parts of Demon Slayer, if not arguably its beating heart and soul.” 

Tanjiro’s concern for others was also appreciated by Fandom Post, despite the fact that the other characters he meets are antagonists, with the majority of them being demons. As a result, Fandom Post thought the manga’s writing made him endearing. Similarly, Manga.Tokyo wondered how Tanjiro’s quest would change as a rsult of his desire to become stronger, and whether or not he would be able to achieve the happy ending he desired.

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