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Gear Fourth Luffy Skills and Abilities

Gear Fourth Luffy had some of the most iconic transformations to date when compared to the second or the third transformation in the manga ‘One Piece.’ Many would like to believe that Gear Four is only a continuation of Gear Three transformation, and Gear Three should also be considered one of the most iconic transformation categories. 


Especially since Gear Three is when Monkey D. Luffy’s bones began to inflate in the first place; however, gear four is when most of the major transformations can be seen. Gear Fourth Luffy went through three stages: Bounce Man, Tank Man and Snake Man. What is the difference? Here are some obvious differences in all three stages:

Bounce Man

The bounce man stage is the stage at which Luffy would transform his body into a bouncy ball-like form, and due to this, he is able to retract his arms and legs into his body. This provides incredible defensive powers as most of the attacks simply bounce off of him, and along with this, Luffy has another huge benefit. As he can retract his arms and legs, he can launch his body devastatingly fast toward the enemy, intensifying the attack’s strength. 

Tank Man

Tank Man is the stage at which he gains more defensive powers, and his stuffed version lets him recoil any weapon that is being directed toward him. These two stages only granted Luffy the ability of defense and help in protecting himself. 

Snake Man

The last and most recent stage of gear fourth Luffy in One Piece would be the Snake Man one. This stage is the one that upgrades Luffy’s attacking abilities; unlike the previous transformations, Snake Man’s transformation of Luffy actually provided him with the ability of insane speed hence an increase in the attack power. 

This does not stop there, though, as it does not just increase the attack and speed powers but also enables him to change the direction of his attacks at any given point, which simply means that he is able to attack from all directions.

Where to Buy Luffy Action Figures From?

As for any collector, especially a “One Piece “fan, the most important question could be where to buy one-piece figures, especially one-piece GameStop Luffy action figures. The answer is quite simple as you can buy one-piece figures easily. Rijinato is where you can get your hands on premium quality resin figures for all your favourite characters! 

Quality of the Monkey D. Luffy Action Figures

Now the second thought you may have is about the quality and material used to make the Luffy figurine, so here is everything you need to know regarding the quality. Some of the most important things that come to mind when someone is buying an action figure are:

  •  How true to the picture the actual product is?
  • · Size of the action figure?
  • · Quality of the materials used?
  • · Will it be worth the money charged?

That is where we come in place, as we are here to tell you everything you may want about the action figures. The new one-piece Luffy action figures are true to the image, and many reviews are available on the given links containing attachments of the products they received. 

Quality Monkey D Luffy Figure

Luffy Gear Fourth action figure is 31 cm tall and 16 cm wide, whilst the Luffy fourth gear transformation, also known as Snake Man transformation, is 15 cm in height. These action figures are made of Resin, so this tells us that they will be able to stand the wear and tear very well. 

They are also known to last longer than PVC action figures, and they may not be important to some buyers, but the good news to most of the buyers would be that it is more environmentally friendly whilst being UV sensitive. 

Now that we know that the quality is not being compromised and the products are also true to the image, there is no question about the overall worthiness of the product. However, it may be subjective to individuals as people who can not afford it easily may consider it expensive and not worth it. The saying “Beauty is in the eyes of its beholder” fits perfectly here, as any collector and anime fan would definitely find it worth it.

Get Your Monkey D Luffy Resin Action Figures Now!

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece Manga is one of the most loved characters, and as a collector and fan, you should definitely look into buying one of these action figures or maybe even all of these. There is nothing better than getting a parcel of action figures at your door from your favorite manga!

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