Spriggan Season 2: What to Expect & Status of Renewal

Regarding anime releases, Netflix has been a juggernaut, and the streaming service never ceases to astound. Castlevania, Yasuke, and Pacific Rim: The Black are just a few outstanding titles that have been released thus far.
July 21, 2022

Another amazing anime that viewers may enjoy is Spriggan, and many viewers may already be eager to learn as much as they can about a potential Spriggan season 2.

Regarding anime releases, Netflix has been a juggernaut, and the streaming service never ceases to astound. Castlevania, Yasuke, and Pacific Rim: The Black are just a few outstanding titles that have been released thus far.

Spriggan is based on the renowned manga created by Ryji Minagawa and Hiroshi Takashige. After 30 years, the iconic action manga has been revived for television, and Spriggan, the best-selling comic with ten million copies sold, is now another outstanding addition to Netflix’s collection. There was an abundance of suspenseful plotlines and action-packed thrills, demonstrating the series’ value to both longtime and new viewers.

Fans were entertained by the first season from beginning to end, so, understandably, they would be curious about what would happen with Spriggan season 2 as the opening chapter’s credits rolled.


Those who enjoy classic anime films may remember the adaptation created in 1998 by Studio 4°C. It had a lot of slick action and a lot of weaponry that was well portrayed. This kind of classic anime is remembered more for its breathtaking aesthetics than for its compelling narrative. The reception that the film has had from critics and audiences across a wide range of film aggregates, including MyAnimeList, has been quite mixed.

Nevertheless, despite the movie being more of a cult picture than anything else and having a dedicated fanbase, the new series release has the potential to rekindle interest. This comes roughly the same time as Seven Seas Entertainment is in the process of acquiring a license to publish the original manga in the west under its original name.

Netflix's Spriggan Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix has not yet decided whether to renew Spriggan for a second season as of the time of writing, but there is still sufficient evidence to believe that decision will be made at some point soon.

These days, obtaining a renewal from the streaming behemoth is not an easy task at all. There is no assurance of anything, and the process for brand-new series on Netflix to receive a continuation order has never been more challenging. The anime series Spriggan has not been renewed yet, and the current situation of the show’s second season is uncertain.


It is not unusual for a renewal notice to take some time to come out if it is intended to happen, and there is probably still plenty of time for the individuals that make those decisions to assess whether or not another batch of episodes is in the cards for Spriggan. What Netflix Season 2 has in store for us in the future will be interesting to watch.

First of all, despite the manga having 11 released tankobon/volumes, the anime has not yet covered all of its source material. Second, the post-credits scene introduces Yu to the second season’s adversary.

Regarding the show’s popularity among Netflix users, Spriggan appeared on a few top ten lists in the first week. Notably, Spriggan achieved the position of number one in Japan for a total of four days, indicating that it performed better than other works such as The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things as well as a variety of well-known anime shows.

What is The Storyline of The TV Series Spriggan?

Spriggan 2nd season

As a result of the irresponsible use of the advances it had made in technology, civilization collapsed a very long time ago. However, in order to prevent the same thing from happening to their descendants in the future, they left a message warning others about it. Powerful forces are currently making the search for and utilization of those technologies. However, the combatants known as Spriggan are tasked with stopping them.

The first season of the Hiroshi Kobayashi-directed Netflix series Spriggan features 45-minute episodes that explore various plots and villains.

Each episode is a distinct encounter that will leave you with an entirely different feeling. In an episode like Flame Serpent, where the antagonists are highly skilled Soldiers with advanced technology, it was the ideal bulk action episode. In another episode, where the antagonist has psychokinetic powers, the series veers off course and explores otherworldly phenomena. And in the adventure episode of Cursed Forest, where the antagonists are ghosts and evil spirits, it felt like the only things that tied the episodes together were the artifact and hormones.

Each episode of All Over Spriggan flows into the next with a little more ease thanks to its entertaining components, superb animation, and action. Anime fans are likely to pick this one up and enjoy it for good enjoyment if they want to experience a lot of anime.

In the Upcoming Second Season of Spriggan, What Can You Expect?

Spriggan 2nd Season

Sho Kanaya was introduced as the subsequent antagonist in the scene that played out after the end credits of the first season. In the manga, Yu has several adversaries and competitors, but one of the most deadly of them is named Sho, who has not yet been given a name in the anime series.

Sho is tasked with carrying out an operation to eliminate Yu, a former COSMOS soldier, and has been placed in the same school as Yu. Sho is a formidable opponent because she possesses the same abilities as the ARCAM warriors. This makes her a threat that cannot be ignored.

We won’t be able to go into much more detail about Sho Kanaya because doing so would involve spoilers, but fans will most likely adore him.

Is Spriggan Canceled?

The good news for any follow-up iteration is that if a show hasn’t been officially canceled, it still signifies that there is a chance that additional entries could come about.

This is good news for any follow-up iteration that may occur in the future. There is currently no official news regarding the continuation of the show’s current season, yet, there are also no headlines indicating that it has been canceled.

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