All You Need to Know About Shoto Todoroki – The Protagonist of the Famous Manga Series My Hero Academia

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One of the main protagonists of the My Hero Academia manga and anime is Shoto Todoroki, known as Shoto. He attends U.A. High School in Class 1-A and is pursuing his dream of being a professional hero. He was admitted to the school by official recommendations.

He is the eldest child of Pro Hero Endeavor, the previous No. 2 and current No. 1. Shoto is a young man of average height who is fairly muscular and well-built for his age. His hair is pretty long, but it doesn’t reach his neck, and he wears bangs that are divided in half, so they don’t get in the way of his eyesight.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki

 During school hours, he wears the male U.A. uniform with pale cyan and gray lace-up sneakers. In his first costume, he wears an off-white shirt, slacks, and boots with gold shoulder straps. He wears a removable ice-like material on his left side and head to reject his Quirk’s fire element.

His revised hero costume has a dark blue jacket with elbow-length sleeves, a gray neckpiece, dark blue loose pants, a metal-plated combat vest, and white boots with gray bottoms and a line down the center. He wears a brown utility belt with metal medical capsules.

Love Interest of the Never Friendly Classmate

When it comes to his female classmates, Shoto never gets too close. The majority of his interactions are with Tenya, Bakugo, and Izuku. Momo Yaoyorozu, however, is unquestionably an exception.

Most of their interactions have been brief, but they are noteworthy nonetheless. When they were paired up against Mr. Aizawa for the practical exam during their final exams in the second season, it was their first significant interaction. Mr. Aizawa decided it would be better to couple the two of them as all pupils had to overcome their teachers in pairs.

It took place immediately following the U.A. Sports Festival, a crucial turning point in both Shoto’s and Momo’s lives. Shoto had to deal with his complex family problems, but Momo was sad because she had lost her fight with Tokoyami. She was one of the students who, like Shoto, gained admission to the U.A. through recommendations.

However, Tokoyami easily outclassed her in the conflict. Even though they were paired together, Momo kept contrasting herself with Shoto, the top student in the class. Unaware of Momo’s internal struggle, Shoto came up with a strategy to take down Mr. Aizawa. Momo had a plan of her own, but because of her lack of confidence, she felt that it would be worse than Shoto’s.

Shoto understood Momo wanted to tell him her plan but halted because of him when his plan went awry, and the two were on the verge of failure. Momo declined to discuss her plan with him because she thought that if Shoto couldn’t do it, she couldn’t either.

He was able to persuade her, however, that he had always trusted her judgment and had cast his vote for her in the class representative election. Shoto’s encouraging words were sufficient to raise her self-assurance by a significant amount.  Following that, Momo’s strategy backfired on Mr. Aizawa, and she was able to regain her confidence.

Shoto was planning her strategy for the Joint Training Arc, where classes 1-A and 1-B competed against one another. He rarely sings someone’s praises because he is a man of few words. He complimented Momo frequently, nevertheless, as she and her team battled class 1-B. Even after she lost, he worried that the results would make her sad.

Powers of the Half Cold- Half Hot Character

Shoto is quite tough and was able to resist many hits from Izuku, including a One for All-enhanced 5% gut punch, without severe injuries. He can fight injured. In his struggle with Stain, he continued fighting and aiding his teammates despite bleeding on his arm and face and was able to drag the villain’s unconscious body thereafter.

Shoto is agile and speedy. His athleticism helped him win the Obstacle Race at the Sports Festival. He produced ice walls in a single second during his matches with Izuku and Katsuki. He is smart, as he scored 5th in the midterms despite his training. Moreover, he is undaunted by intimidation and pushes through difficulties.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Power

Shoto can generate and control ice and fire using the right and left sides of his body, respectively, thanks to a combination of his mother’s ice and Endeavor’s fire quirks. This ability is known as Half-Cold, Half-Hot. He can create icy conditions with his right side, freezing anything he touches.

He can also freeze the ground to trip opponents or move more quickly, as well as build ice walls for defense. He can dramatically raise his body temperature to produce scorching flames and heat by using his left side. He hasn’t used his flames in a battle for many years, so they are less under control than his cold.

Furthermore, he can prevent frostbite by using his right side excessively by releasing heat from his body without igniting it, or he can melt ice to release people he has frozen. The only named move used by Shoto is Heaven Piercing Ice Wall. He uses his ice power to build a huge wall of ice that either completely freezes the opponent or completely blocks them.

He was able to quickly freeze a significant portion of a stadium with this attack. However, he must use his fire to warm himself back up because it also causes his body temperature to drop dangerously low. He is also capable of using a smaller version of this move, called the “Smaller Ice Wall.”

The smaller variation of the Heaven Piercing Ice Wall can be used to stop someone’s momentum, as demonstrated when he slowed down Kishirama. At the same time, the larger version is just more for creating a very large barrier to thwart enemy attacks. He demonstrated how to use it by preventing pillars from striking Deku/All.

To avoid being knocked out of the ring during his match against Bakugou, he invented a variation of the Ice Wall called an Ice Track, which could also be used as a movement technique. His super move, Wall of Flames, makes use of his mastery of the fire element. He creates a burst of flames on his left side that can cover a sizable area and serves as both a defensive and offensive attack.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki (1)

It can also be used to surround his target and attack multiple adversaries. He can conjure a smaller wall of flames to stop enemies from fleeing, as evidenced by the motorcycle he stopped while attempting to flee.

Another one of his super moves is flash freeze heatwave. Using this technique, he must first use his ice abilities to cool the air around him to use it. He then quickly heats and expands the air around him by switching to his fire. He can produce a superheated blast because of this.

While using his Jet Kindling technique, Shoto punches his opponent while focusing his flames into a white-hot point on his fist. His arm violently erupted in flames upon contact, severely burning his opponent.

Well-Grounded Personality of the Protagonist

Shoto’s traumatic upbringing and unstable family background shaped his icy, aloof personality. Focused and unemotional, he avoided socializing. He became more friendly and kind after the U.A. Sports Festival, gaining a sense of humor and occasionally laughing, although retaining some of his earlier distance.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki (2)

After the Provisional Hero License Course, he opened up to his classmates and loosened up. He was normally quiet and reserved, but he had a mild level of hubris that, along with his solitary nature, made him take the initiative without considering others’ opinions, showing confidence that he could overcome any barriers on his own.

He used to be impolite, and Inasa Yoarashi resented him without him knowing. He seems to enjoy acting alone, if only so he may unleash his full power without worrying about friendly fire. He is calm and cool but cruel in combat. He just wants to conquer his frozen opponents, not kill them by prolonging the freezing.

He hated his fire talents, which he inherited from Endeavor because they reflected his father’s depravity and what he was born to be: an instrument to overcome All Might. He opted to depend completely on his freezing power and never use the other half of his Quirk in battle, covering his left torso and arm in ice in his first Hero Costume to represent his disobedience against his father.

He was upset by Endeavor’s presence and could barely hold his fury when talking to him, especially when the Pro Hero mentioned his son’s birth purpose. His hatred for his father made him more like Endeavor, uncaring and indifferent to others while obsessively rejecting his father. He possessed the same hate-filled stare as Endeavor, a result of his animosity.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki vs Izuku Midoriya

He unleashed his firepower in a fight for the first time since boyhood during his U.A. Sports Festival match with Izuku Midoriya. He had mixed thoughts about using his left side after the battle, but after reconciling with his mother, he felt willing to develop it further, realizing it was his Quirk and not his father’s.

He visits his mother often after the Sports Festival, despite being scarred by her as a child. His heroic values come from All Might, a feature he shares with Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo. He remembers witnessing the Symbol of Peace with Rei.

His bitterness against Endeavor hasn’t gone away, even if he respects his father’s heroism. He admits he was wrong to attempt to bury it. His father deprived him of a normal childhood so he could train him for his own selfish aims, leaving him with psychological scars that resurface compared to Endeavor. He now wants to be a Hero, but not like his father.

He is cold to Endeavor and has said that forgiving him for mistreating him and his mother is tough, but he worries about his father’s safety. He is cautiously optimistic about Endeavor’s efforts to restore his family bond.

Enemies, Fights & Conflicts of the Brutal in Combat Shoto Todoroki

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki vs Katsuki Bakugo

Everyone was anticipating the clash between Shoto and the explosive Katsuki Bakugo in the final match of the sporting event, but Bakugo in particular. Bakugo specifically requested that Shoto employ both of his Quirks to present the greatest challenge, but Shoto failed to do so.

Shoto, on the other hand, exclusively employed ice, and when Bakugo continued to press him with explosive techniques, he slowly but fell behind. Shoto eventually lost, and Bakugo pleaded with him to fight fiercely so that his win would mean something.

Shortly after the sporting event concluded, Tenya Iida left to exact revenge on his professional hero brother, Tensei. The latter had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Stain, the hero murderer. Izuku and Shoto both arrived quickly to support their classmate, and the three of them fought Stain valiantly.

Stain’s horrific Bloodcurdle Quirk defeated Shoto, but he persisted in battling. He and Izuku managed to eke out a slim but well-earned victory before the flame hero Endeavor came to the rescue to settle the score and drag Stain away.

Shoto first made an appearance in the I-Island-set Two Heroes before making appearances in all three My Hero Academia films. All Might and other hostages had been taken prisoner when several villains raided the location. It was up to class 1-A’s top students to end the hostage situation.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki vs Katsuki Bakugo

Shoto fought against Nobu, who could neutralize his ice, while Bakugo battled Daigo and Nobu. Then, Shoto and Bakugo reversed the situation by planning their attacks together, and Shoto used his fire to ignite Bakugo’s sweat fuel to injure Nobu. After that, Shoto used his opportunity to defeat Nobu by trapping him in ice.

Izuku, Shoto, and Bakugo played the three main heroes that stood up to the evil Flect Turn and his Humarise organization in the third full-length film, World Heroes’ Mission. Shoto faced the formidable antagonist Leviathan as Bakugo engaged Serpenters and Izuku pursued Flect.

Leviathan possessed a potent water-based quirk that gave him a significant early advantage over Shoto. Shoto used raw force to narrowly but tenaciously defeat Leviathan in a seemingly hopeless battle by going to Plus Ultra and destroying it from the inside.

Shoto, who mainly relies on his Quirk, was paired up with the smart Momo Yaoyorozu when the kids of class 1-A were forced to form pairs and battle against their own professors at one point. They initially battled with Shota Aizawa, the homeroom instructor. After all, Shoto can’t accomplish much without his Quirk.

Momo received some words of inspiration from Shoto, which enabled Momo to overcome her self-doubt and devise a successful strategy. Shoto then supported Momo with his ice and fire abilities, and together, they were able to catch Aizawa before he could once more remove their Quirks. It makes sense why so many fans favor Shoto and Momo.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki and momo

During the provisional hero license exam was Shoto’s second significant battle, and he was forced to fight by himself this time. He had become isolated from the majority of class 1-A when a few ninja-like Seijin school student heroes encircled him and began throwing Quirks at him.

Shoto was initially on the defensive, but he soon exploited both aspects of his Quirk to set up a smokescreen and surprise his adversaries. In the end, Shoto won by blasting some enemies into the air and freezing others to a crisp. All by himself, Shoto has the firepower of a small team.

 In the joint training story arc, class 1-A and class 1-B engaged in team-based combat. In the third round, Shoto Todoroki faced up against Juzo Honenuki’s own team of Mashirao Ojiro, Tenya Iid, and the six-armed Mezo Shoji. Even though Juzo caught everyone off guard by turning Shoto’s ice into a type of squishy tar hole, Shoto fought valiantly throughout the conflict.

Shoto also used Plus Ultra to overcome Tetsutetsu’s formidable defenses, and he assisted in bringing down a water tower to take out another student. However, the conflict ended in a draw.

Not simply because Shoto won the fight but because it represented the turning point in both Shoto’s character development and the U.A. sports festival. It doesn’t matter if Shoto succeeded or failed; what matters is that Izuku’s emotional appeal enabled Shoto to overcome his mental obstacles.

When Izuku spoke to Shoto, he ultimately used both parts of his Quirk after initially refusing to use his fire. He and Endeavor, who was present, both experienced a turning point at that moment. Cementoss had to step in to break up the enormous last clash of this fight in order to stop any deaths.

Family & Friends of the Ace Student

Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia Deku

Former rivals Shoto Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya become trustworthy allies. Since Shoto and Izuku are two of the best students to graduate from Class 1-A, they are destined to compete against one another from the start.

Midoriya’s attachment to All Might, who has a negative history with Endeavor, Shoto’s father, only serves to worsen this. In the end, this competitive dynamic results in sincere trust and comprehension.

Shoto offers that Midoriya joins him at Endeavor’s Hero Agency, which causes Midoriya to grow even closer to Shoto and his family. The two work together to hone their quirks.

Katsuki Bakugo

My Hero Academia Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki Bakugo is an intriguing target for Shoto because he has one of the more irrational tempers in My Hero Academia. Though there is an instant recognition of each other’s strength, the two initially engage in combat.

The Remedial Hero Course forces Katsuki and Shoto to work together, making them seem strange partners. Once Katsuki joins Shoto at the Endeavor Hero Agency, the two become allies as a result of this crucial training exercise, which also changes their relationship.

The two become true friends in My Hero Academia’s fifth season, which is further explored in the film World Heroes’ Mission.


My Hero Academia Fuyumi

Due to the lingering trauma that the family patriarch induced, every member of the Todoroki family is now in a vulnerable position. The family’s daughter and Shoto’s sister, Fuyumi, particularly struggle with the division between the family and the condition of their mother.

Shoto is naturally drawn to defend Fuyumi, but he also feels the same way about her and becomes devoted to doing so. One of Shoto’s most genuine relationships exists because of their painful, unfiltered connection. They are dedicated to each other’s stability because there is no one else they can turn to for family support but each other.


Their shared suffering connects Shoto and his brother Natsuo. Shoto Todoroki has a traumatic past that frequently has an impact on him in some way. The persistent divide between the rest of Enji “Endeavor” Todoroki’s family as a result of his tough love methods allows some of the Todoroki siblings to unite through their suffering.

However, because of Endeavor’s activities, Natsuo and Shoto spent a lot of their childhood apart. Despite this, there is a genuine attachment between the two, and when Ending attacks Natsuo, Shoto generously risks his life to save his brother.

Tenya Lida

Tenya Iida and Shoto Todoroki connect through their shared internal trauma. It is instantly apparent to one another that Tenya Iida and Shoto Todoroki are both natural leaders. Although Tenya and Shoto are skilled at cooperating, their bond really grows as a result of the harm that Hero Killer, Stain, causes.

After his brother suffers a serious injury, Tenya enters a dark place. Shoto, who has also experienced family pain, was able to help Tenya regulate and manage these emotions. The same act of empathy joins these two, and they will support one another going ahead.

Momo Yaoyorozu

My Hero Academia Momo Yaoyorozu

Mutual respect between Momo Yaoyorzu and Shoto develops into a close friendship. There are many hero prodigies in Class 1-A at U.A. High, which can lead to some competitive rivalry but also to effective alliances.

Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu get along well and agree that they are both at the top of their class. When it comes to choosing a class representative, Shoto supports Momo, and both display outstanding teamwork when they engage in a simulated battle with Shota Aizawa. Respectful intimidation between Shoto and Momo is initially a hindrance but develops into a strength.

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui is valued by Shoto Todoroki, who strives to keep her calm during combat. Although Shoto Todoroki and Tsuyu Asui don’t spend a lot of time alone together, they do have a friendship and a mutual understanding.

Shoto and Tsuyu frequently sit together during lunch, which suggests some kind of closeness, as seen in My Hero Academia.

It’s crucial that Shoto directly asks Asui how she is doing when Class 1-A is rescuing Bakugo from the League of Villains. Tsuyu is particularly anxious about how hasty the plan is, but Todoroki goes out of his way to address her concerns and put her mind at ease.

Eijiro Kirishima

My Hero Academia Eijiro Kirishima

Through sharing similar ethical principles, Shoto and Eijiro Kirishima grow to respect one another. In My Hero Academia, certain connections quickly come into focus, but others take longer to form and frequently have a greater impact. Before the events of the Sports Festival, Shoto and Eijiro Kirishima didn’t interact much and weren’t originally very close.

However, the rescue effort to save Bakugo brings Todoroki and Kirishima together and demonstrates their philosophical parity. This activity strengthens the bond between Kirishima and Todoroki. Following the Provisional Hero License Exam, when Todoroki apologizes for disappointing Class 1-A, Kirishima defends him, giving the audience a peek at their friendship.

Nejire Hado

Extreme trial by fire helps Nejire Hado and Shoto Todoroki form a bond. Nejire Hado is one-third of the prestigious Big Three. Hado usually spends most of her time with Tamaki Amajiki and Mirio Togata, the other two Big Three members.

Still, during the Paranormal Liberation War, she and Shoto became very close. In a battle against Tomura Shigaraki, Shoto and Nejire rise to the occasion as this war brings many heroes together for the first time. As soon as they start working together, the two show off some remarkable shorthand, and Shoto shows genuine care for Nejire after Dabi seriously hurts her.

The Backstory of the Beloved Character Shoto Todoroki

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki as a child

Despite having a stellar track record of solving crimes, Shoto’s father, Enji Todoroki, also known as the Flame Hero: Endeavor, was always dominated by All Might and regarded as the No. 2 Pro Hero.

In order to have a child that would be strong enough to be able to overcome All Might, Enji became so obsessed with doing so that he set up a Quirk Marriage with the Himura family’s daughter Rei for her potent ice Quirk. Despite Enji’s best efforts, none of Shoto’s older siblings succeeded in inheriting both his fire and Rei’s ice abilities.

His oldest brother Toya inherited an even more potent fire Quirk. Still, his mother’s genes rendered his body insufficiently resilient to his own flames, and his older siblings, Natsuo and Fuyumi, only inherited their mother’s ice Quirk.

When Shoto was born, Enji was happy to have his dual Quirk child at last and hoped that Toya would stop trying to develop his Quirk to become the No. 1 Hero as a result. Toya, however, persisted in her training since she was fixated on getting the attention of Endeavor.

Toya became enraged and raced towards a newborn Shoto, trying to attack him with his Quirk but was soon stopped by Enji. Toya was motivated by jealousy and animosity against Shoto for replacing him. Following this occurrence, Shoto was separated from the rest of his siblings.

My Hero Academia Shoto and Toya

Shoto was known as his father’s “masterpiece” because none of his siblings were able to live up to this standard. Due to his Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk, Shoto began receiving instruction from his father when he was five years old. But unlike Toya’s instruction, Endeavor’s techniques were too strict, driving Shoto to the point where he fell ill.

In front of Shoto, Rei would attempt to defend him, but Endeavor would dismiss her objections and beat his wife for interfering. Shoto’s siblings were allowed to play and were not subject to training, but Endeavor kept Shoto from socializing with them. Shoto enjoyed seeing them have fun and desired to join them but was not allowed.

He eventually grew to hate his training and hate Endeavor for mistreating his mother and him. Rei was always there to assist him during those difficult times. She supported Shoto’s desire to become a hero despite the trauma she and her kid endured.

They were watching an All Might-themed TV special one evening. Even if they inherited their parents’ talents, he advised kids to make their strengths their own. Rei informed Shoto that, despite Endeavor being his father, he was not bound by his bloodline and could use his abilities to become anyone he chose, in accordance with All Might’s advice.

Even though Shoto was chosen to succeed Endeavor, Toya continued to develop his Quirk secretly in an effort to have his father notice him and be pleased that he was born. Endeavor scolded Rei for not performing the one thing he had instructed her to do after learning that Toya was still in training.

My Hero Academia Endeavor

Though his father advised him to stay out of it, Shoto would intervene and order Endeavor to leave Rei alone. Rei started to grow increasingly resentful of Enji as Endeavor’s treatment of his family and son deteriorated, which further strained the family’s connection.

As a result of the domestic violence, Rei gradually lost it and found it upsetting to even look at Shoto’s left side because it made her think of Endeavor. Shoto overheard her one day talking to her mother on the phone after realizing she was no longer mentally stable enough to handle her son.

She was startled by his abrupt arrival and enraged at his red hair, so she lost her cool and threw a pot over his head, severely burning the left side of his face. When Rei realized what she had done, she hurriedly apologized to her son and attempted to repair the damage using her ice Quirk.

When Shoto inquired about his mother’s whereabouts some months after this incident, Endeavor replied wearily that he had sent her to the hospital for injuring him. Shoto claimed that Endeavor was to blame for all that had happened. After that, Shoto started to disregard his mother’s encouraging words, which led him to consider rejecting his father.

Around this time, Toya also appeared to have passed away, which caused Endeavor to fully commit to his rigorous training because he felt he couldn’t go back after having “killed” Toya.

My Hero Academia Endeavor

Shoto’s gloomy background made him solely focused on disliking his father. He developed a cold and aloof demeanor toward others. Shoto took part in the University of Arizona recommendation entrance exam, where he met Inasa Yoarashi. When Inasa attempted to inquire about his father, Shoto completely ignored him.

Inasa narrowly edged out Shoto to win the same segment of the practical exam in which they both raced. Once more, Inasa made an effort to get along with Shoto, but the latter insulted him and told him to move aside.

Fan Theories About the Resilient Protagonist

Fans of My Hero Academia know the Todoroki family is a mess. None other will do. The fandom has created countless ideas about the family over the years, and many of them have come true in recent months. Netizens are guessing how Shoto’s new ultimate move may lead to Dabi’s defeat.

My Hero Academia’s new chapter revealed everything. Fans watched as Shoto prepared to meet his bigger brother. Shoto requested he face Dabi while Endeavor battles All For One, and the villain has shown how intense his flames can get. As expected, Shoto has prepared a counter to Dabi.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki (3)

Shoto’s original Flashfire Fist isn’t merely offensive, says a new theory. Chapter 351 introduces Shoto’s Phosphor version, which uses both sides of his power. Chapter 351’s final page depicts the youngster brandishing fire across his body, but the flames may do more than burn.

Fans believe Shoto’s technique will allow him to survive Dabi’s flames if it works like real-life phosphor. The older man is currently shooting flames that are too hot to touch. Shoto can battle Dabi at close range by covering himself with phosphor. The layer would also help him control his quirk temperature.

Fans of My Hero Academia must wait to see how Shoto uses his new move, but the name reveals a lot. The younger Todoroki has embraced both sides of his quirk. He’s the only one who can battle the monster his father created.

Creator and Inspirations of the Fan Favorite

Prince Zuko served as some inspiration for “My Hero Academia” character Shoto Todoroki.

Many viewers of both series have noted the striking parallels between Shoto Todoroki and Zuko:

My Hero Academia Deku

  • Both of them hate their controlling father; Despite not being a villain in this instance, Ozai/Endeavor
  • Both individuals have a scar on their left eye, although Shoto’s scar was created by his mother and Zuko’s by his father.
  • For many years, neither one saw their mothers
  • Both possess firepower. Firebending/the left side of Shoto
  • Both had a rival they wanted to outdo: Izuku/Aang Midoriya

Last but not least, if it is accurate that Shoto Todoroki is truly modeled like Zuko, this might support a theory from the series that they both have prodigy brothers with the ability to channel Blue Flames: Azula/”Dabi”

The fact that Khei Horikoshi, the show’s creator, enjoys American media like Marvel and Star Wars is another positive sign that suggests the Avatar series has influenced “My Hero Academia.”

Being as well-known as it is, it should come as no surprise that Avatar has had an influence. This is especially true in 2018, when several of the manga’s villains and storylines have a “Protagonist searches balance with the adversary” vibe to them.

Trivia of the Hero Aspirant

My Hero Academia Class 1-A (1)

Shoto’s last name is written in the kanji for “to roar, a roaring fire,” and his first name is written in the kanji for “burning” and “freezing,” respectively. The surname “Todoroki” is rather typical in Japan. Shoto’s profile in Volume 2 states that his favorite dish is Zaru (cold) Soba.

He might have been the first Class 1-A character created after Izuku, Katsuki, and Ochaco, who had been in development for much longer than the choice of school was made.

The following academic information is available for Shoto:

  • In the U.A. Recommendation Entrance Exam, Shoto came in second place.
  • Shoto is the fifteenth student in Class 1-A.
  • Shoto’s midterm grades placed him fifth in Class 1-A.
  • During Shota’s Quirk Apprehension Test, Shoto came in second place.
  • Shoto finished second on the first-year stage of the U.A. Sports Festival.
  • Shoto was the most nominated Class 1-A student with a total of 4.123 nominations from Pro Heroes for his U.A. Sports Festival performance.
  • He received a score below 50 because he failed the Provisional Hero License Exam.

My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki as a child

Following are Shoto’s positions in the popularity polls:

  • In the First and Fourth Popularity Polls, Shoto placed second.
  • In the second, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh popularity polls, Shoto came in third place.

Shoto and Izuku share the same costume designer, and Shoto may have the genetic aberration known as chimera because of the physical separation in his eyes and hair where his Quirk splits in two.

Shoto is the only student thus far to have drastically altered his or her appearance, leaving just the boots from the original costume. Ironically, Shoto’s suit and support equipment began to resemble those of his father after he accepted the fire component of his Quirk.

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Key Takeaways!

Shoto Todoroki, one of the most beloved characters of the anime series My Hero Academia, has a fantastic style and personality. His half-cold, half-hot abilities distinguish him from other characters.

Born with the power to surpass All Might, Shoto is known to be one of the most powerful Hero aspirants in the entire series.