Sanji’s Story Arcs – The Tragic Journey of The “Black Leg”

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Sanji in East Blue Saga

Baratie Arc

Baratie Cuisine

Sanji served Marine Lieutenant Fullbody and his girlfriend, Moodie, as a server at the Baratie when the others jumped ship.

Sanji did a good job of serving them, but the Marine felt humiliated in front of his date and the other patrons because of his disrespect for Fullbody. Fullbody, angry, fought Sanji. Sanji beat Fullbody for wasting the food prepared for him. As Patty arrived, Sanji was approached by Zeff, who was in difficulty. Zeff joined Luffy’s quarrel after watching Sanji’s.

As usual in Baratie, something new happened. Gin, the prisoner Fullbody and his men captured, escaped and demanded food. The starving pirate was kicked out of the restaurant despite being dangerous. Sanji fed the famished pirate while his colleagues’ chefs refused. Luffy saw Sanji’s nice behavior and invited him to join his crew.

Sanji refused Luffy’s offer since he owed Zeff. Sanji returned to work after seeing Gin off and saw Luffy’s crew member Nami. Seeing her beauty, he said he’d become a pirate for her. Zeff’s intervention intensified the scenario, despite the romance. After a brief argument, Sanji resumed flirting with Nami, which made Usopp uncomfortable.

Sanji and the rest of Baratie saw a frightening sight two days after Gin’s event. The Dreadnaught Sabre approached, wrecked. Gin’s captain, Don Krieg, owned the ship. Knowing Baratie was a floating restaurant, Gin took Don Krieg and his crew to Sanji and the other chefs. As before, all but Sanji refused to feed a dangerous man. Krieg displayed his true colors after eating Sanji’s food and regaining strength. Sanji gave Krieg the food his troops requested. Sanji’s efforts were hampered since Krieg also wanted Baratie. Zeff handed Krieg’s soldiers food when Sanji’s efforts failed.

Arlong Park Arc

Arlong Park Arc

Sanji, Luffy, and Yosaku went to meet Johnny, Usopp, and Zoro.

Yosaku explained fish-people to Luffy and Sanji. Luffy drew fish people and Nami as a mermaid to Sanji’s pleasure (though all he did was draw hair on his horrendous sketch, causing Sanji to demand Luffy to destroy it). After that, Sanji prepared lunch for the crew. 

Johnny discovered them soon after, saying he saw Nami kill Usopp. Before he and Yosaku left, Nami arrived and Sanji greeted her excitedly, prompting Zoro to mock him. Sanji said that his “Love is a Hurricane”. Nami confirmed Usopp’s “death,” causing Zoro to attack and Sanji to defend her. 

Nojiko emerged, and when Sanji stated she must be Nami’s sister because they’re both so gorgeous, she told the crew about Nami’s background to make sure they don’t make things worse for her. Only Sanji and Usopp agreed to listen.

Sanji and the pirates weren’t impressed because they’d fought Momoo.  Sanji kicked a boulder thrown at Luffy by fishmen to defend him. Straw Hat Pirates fought Arlong’s officers. Sanji was watching Zoro fight Hachi when he took a tremendous punch from Kuroobi and was blown through a wall. After Zoro’s bout, Sanji said Kuroobi’s strength didn’t compare to Zeff’s kicks. Sanji jumped into the pool to save Luffy. Kuroobi followed Sanji into the sea to show that his movement is impeded underwater while fish people are unchanged, if not stronger, by beating him and preventing him from surfacing.  Sanji did so and escaped.

Sanji challenged Kuroobi to a ground battle after reassuring Zoro about Luffy. Sanji’s kicks immediately defeated Kuroobi. He and Zoro fought Arlong but were both defeated; only Luffy could win. Sanji liberated Luffy’s body while Zoro and Hatchan distracted Arlong.

Loguetown Arc

logue town

Sanji and his crewmates headed to the Grand Line after retrieving Nami.

They stopped in Loguetown for supplies. [68] Sanji bought Elephant Tuna for his fellow pirates. Something unexpected happened during the shopping excursion. 

Sanji’s captain was captured by Buggy on their tour of Loguetown. Luffy was scheduled to be executed by Buggy on the same platform as Gol D. Roger. Sanji and Zoro instantly sought to save Luffy. Luffy was saved by lightning when they couldn’t reach him in time. Sanji and his crewmates escaped Buggy and the Loguetown Marines. 

Captain Smoker intercepted Sanji and his two companions as they fled. Despite a small road bump and a mystery storm, Sanji and the others regrouped on the Going Merry to enter the Grand Line. Sanji took out a barrel for a ceremony as the Straw Hats sailed through the storm.

Sanji in Arabasta Saga

Reverse Mountain Arc

Sanji and the Straw Hats climbed Reverse Mountain to enter the Grand Line after a storm and detour. Though they climbed the mountain, a massive whale blocked the Grand Line entrance. Sanji and the crew stopped the ship in time, but Luffy’s special seat was broken. In revenge for Sanji’s captain’s outburst, the whale swallowed Sanji and his crew, except Luffy. 

Sanji and his fellow pirates found Crocus living in the whale’s stomach. From him, they learned how to escape the whale and its story. Laboon was pounding his head against the Red Line in hopes of finding the pirates who left him 50 years ago. While Sanji and the others couldn’t help, Sanji’s captain gave the whale hope. Sanji and the rest of the crew were soon joined by Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 after the Laboon incident.

Whisky Peak Arc

Whisky Peak Arc

Sanji shoveled snow on the Going Merry due to Grand Line weather. 

Sanji and the crew stabilized the ship but were exhausted. The crew reached Whisky Peak, where he warned they might encounter monsters in the Grand Line. Sanji was astonished when others cheered pirates. Sanji, Luffy, and Usopp agreed to tell tales of their travels when promised this was a pleasant town.

Sanji flirted with 20 ladies that night, to the spectators’ amazement. After drinking heavily and feeling this was a great place, he passed asleep.

After Baroque Works put the Straw Hats on a hit list, Luffy woke Sanji and Usopp and hauled them aboard their ship. Sanji asked why the Straw Hats and Vivi were leaving such a wonderful town, but Nami punched him to shut him up. 

Nico Robin emerged on the ship as Miss All-Sunday, and Sanji and Usopp attacked her. Robin threw them away with her powers, and Sanji saw her face and realized she was gorgeous. Sanji promised to protect Vivi when Vivi described the situation.

Little Garden Arc

Sanji and the team sailed to Little Garden. Sanji hoped they might replace their supplies on this jungle island after not doing so in Whisky Peak.

little garden

Sanji requested Zoro to get meat while the crew explored. The basic request evolved into a heated argument when Zoro claimed he could retrieve more than Sanji. Sanji challenged Zoro to see who could catch the biggest prey. With that, they went jungle hunting. 

Sanji saw a dinosaur in the jungle. He returned to the Going Merry with his prize. Sanji waited at the ship and discovered that nobody had returned to save him. Sanji re-entered the woods and found a wax house, where he drank tea. Den Den Mushi rang as he left. When he answered, he realized he was talking to Baroque Works’ commander, Crocodile. 

Realizing that the residence he was in was the base of one Baroque Works’ operatives, Sanji pretended to be Mr. 3 for whom Crocodile misunderstood him. Talking to Crocodile in this guise, Sanji tried to convince the Shichibukai that he had achieved his mission of eliminating Vivi and the Straw Hat pirates. Mr. 13 and Miss Friday, the Unluckies, appeared as Sanji was talking. Sanji brought the Eternal Pose to Arabasta after defeating these two and completing his bogus report to Crocodile. Sanji searched for the rest of the team after discovering Baroque Works agents on the island.

Sanji rejoined the team and befriended the giants. Sanji found out that Vivi and Nami were safe and saw Nami without her shirt after the struggle with Mr. 3 and his troops. Sanji showed the rest of the crew his Eternal Pose after explaining his conversation with Crocodile. Sanji and the crew set sail after a brief quarrel about who won the hunting competition. With a little aid from the giants in killing a big goldfish, they were able to finally depart Little Garden.

Drum Island Arc

Drum Island Arc

Sanji was heartbroken to learn that Nami’s illness may be fatal.

He told the group he did everything he could nutritionally, but Nami needed a doctor. Once he and the rest of the Straw Hats landed on Drum Island in search of a doctor, he opted to leave with Luffy and Nami on their journey to find the witch residing in the abandoned castle who could maybe save Nami’s life. 

Along the way, he and Luffy encountered an infant Lapahn, and easily dispatched it. However, this invoked the fury of a whole herd of giant adult Lapahn, who attempted to assassinate them. Sanji protected Luffy and Nami during the conflict but was seriously hurt.

Sanji tried to capture Chopper after regaining consciousness to create a stew for Nami to make her feel better. When he saw Chopper’s change, he and Luffy were shocked that the reindeer had become a “monster”. When Luffy sought to recruit Chopper, Sanji seemed to agree.

Sanji helped Luffy fight Wapol, Chess, and Kuromarimo. Sanji and Chopper were left alone as Luffy went inside to grab Nami’s jacket. Sanji clung to Kuromarimo’s body while his hair fell. After Luffy and Chopper began their counter-attack, Dr. Kureha pinned Sanji to the ground so he wouldn’t irritate his damaged body.

Chopper told Luffy he declined his offer to become a pirate after he defeated Wapol and the rest of the crew joined him and Sanji. Luffy told Chopper to stop up and join, and he did. After recruiting Chopper, Sanji and the crew began their mission.

Arabasta Arc

Arabasta Arc

When the crew rescued Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, Sanji was below deck.

Sanji was instructed to obtain desert attire for the crew when they landed, so he bought Vivi and Nami dancers’ dresses.  Sanji was irritated by Luffy’s food loss in the desert (first with the Kung-Fu Dugongs, then with the Warusagi Birds). 

The crew fled the Marines at Rainbase. Crocodile only captured him and Chopper. Sanji pretended to be arrested after they destroyed the Baroque Works Millions to lure Crocodiles outside with a Baby Den Den Mushi. Sanji destroyed the Rain Dinners bridge using Chopper as a decoy and discovered Vivi, who went to get help. Sanji fought Bananawani to gain access to the crew’s cage. Sanji kicked one of them, Mr. 3’s wax-wax ball, then ‘persuaded’ him to produce a replica key.

Sanji fought Bon Kurei to save Vivi. Bon Kurei’s Okama Kenpo and Mane Mane no Mi were no match for him. Sanji’s weakness was Nami, who Bon Kurei evolved into. Sanji couldn’t attack Bon Kurei as Nami. Sanji realized Bon Kurei couldn’t utilize Okama Kenpo in Nami’s form. Sanji defeated Bon Kurei after he used his swan slippers, ending the duel. He asked Sanji to kill Bon Kurei since he couldn’t move. Sanji claimed they had a nice fight and didn’t need to kill him, which pleased Bon Kurei. 

After meeting Vivi and the rest of the group, he started looking for the city-destroying explosive. The crew helped Vivi ascend the tower after he located it. Vivi attacked Mr. 7 and Miss Father’s Day when she reached the tower’s top. She defused the cannon’s bomb. The bomb was a time bomb, therefore it still threatened the city. 

The rebels and the king’s soldiers continued fighting after the bomb went off. Sanji and the crew tried to stop the battle. Sanji and his men found Luffy being carried by the King as the combat unfolded. After leaving Luffy, the king walked to the battlefield. Sanji and the team were exhausted.

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