Robin’s Story Arcs

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Robin in Arabasta Saga

Whisky Peak Arc

Whisky Peak Arc

Robin debuted as “Miss All Sunday” at the end of the Whisky Peak Arc. Igaram survived, as she intended, but she blew up the decoy ship.

She offered the Straw Hat Pirates an Eternal Pose to Nanimonai Island after playing cryptically with them. Luffy shattered it by saying she couldn’t choose where they went. Princess Vivi says Miss All Sunday helped her learn Crocodile’s identity.

Arabasta Arc

Miss All Sunday arranged a meeting with Crocodile’s boss for the remaining Officer Agents. Miss All Sunday and Crocodile met Baroque Works Officer Agents in the casino’s basement.

The Baroque Works’ goal, mission, and roles in toppling Arabasta were explained. Mr. 3 told them the Straw Hats and Vivi escaped him in Little Garden. Although he begged the crocodile for pardon, he was fed to his pet bananawani. Officer Agents were told to hunt out Vivi and the Straw Hat crew (excluding Sanji) with Bon Kurei’s talents (excluding Chopper, whom Crocodile thought was their pet).

Pell, a king’s guard, saved Vivi from Billions later. After Miss All-Sunday defeated Pell, Vivi was taken to Rain Dinners’ cellar. The crocodile told her he’d overthrow Arabasta there. At Rain Dinners, Crocodile caged Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Zoro, and Smoker.

During a battle with Luffy in the desert, Crocodile sent a sandstorm to Toto in Yuba. Crocodile stabbed Luffy and left him to die in quicksand despite his begging. Miss All-Sunday saved Luffy when Crocodile left and delivered him to Pell, telling him Luffy saved Vivi.

Arabasta Arc

Straw Hat Pirates destroyed Baroque Works’ Officer Agents before Vivi arrived. War started. Crocodile stopped Vivi from bombing the palace for attention. Miss All-Sunday stopped the troops when they noticed.

Crocodile planned to bomb the future battleground palace plaza. He said he wanted to find Pluton, an ancient weapon in Arabasta.

Koza’s warning would induce panic, so Vivi stopped him. A double agent fired Koza’s white flag for the Royal Army, encouraging the rebels. Vivi observed the palace plaza battle in fear. Luffy rescues Vivi from Crocodile’s palace wall. Vivi and Pell hunted for the bomb with the Straw Hats.

Luffy again challenged Crocodile, knowing water was his weakness. Miss All Sunday ripped Cobra’s nails and handcuffed him to force the King to Pluton. Furious, the Crocodile told his partner to leave.

Tashigi’s Marines confronted Miss All-Sunday. She had a vendetta against the Marines and yelled at them to move. Miss All Sunday didn’t follow Tashigi’s World Government orders. Miss All-Sunday was originally known as “Nico Robin” and got a 70,000,000 prize for sinking six warships. Miss All Sunday dispatched the Marine grunts and defeated Tashigi with Devil Fruit.

Miss All-Sunday and King Cobra discovered the Poneglyph. Crocodile arrived soon, but the stone didn’t help him. Nico Robin was attacked while attempting suicide. Robin gave Cobra the antidote for Luffy’s poisoned golden hook. Luffy woke up long enough to grab Robin and Cobra before the grave collapsed after Cobra used it to save him.

Robin reappeared from hiding after the Straw Hats fled Arabasta. She stated she wanted to join the crew because Luffy gave her hope. Luffy joined, but the others (except Sanji) were suspicious. Everyone liked her except Zoro.

Sky Island Saga

Jaya Arc

Jaya Arc

Nami’s Log Pose pointed to the sky, and a 200-year-old ship fell carrying a map of Skypiea.

Masira’s monkey-like salvage squad battled for clues. The Straw Hats traveled to Jaya to learn about Skypiea, while Robin went alone. She used her powers to end a confrontation while gathering information. In Jaya, the Straw Hats met Mont Blanc Cricket. Cricket is a descendant of Mont Blanc Noland, who claimed Jaya had a gold city. Possibly he knew how to get to Skypiea.

Cricket said to take the Knock-Up Stream to Skypiea. First, they had to catch a South Bird to find the ocean stream. Robin defeated a South Bird with Devil Fruit powers. Bellamy and his men robbed Cricket’s wealth as the Straw Hats searched for a South Bird. Luffy visited Mock Town after the Straw Hats returned. The Straw Hats rode the Knock-Up Stream to Skypiea when Masira and Shoujou made the Going Merry flyable.

Skypiea Arc

Sky-island adventure

Heaven’s Gate opened.

They didn’t pay their extrol when an old woman asked them to. A sky shrimp took them somewhere cloudy. Skypiean Conis joined them. They were termed illegal immigrants by White Berets. Zoro, Nami, Chopper, and Robin boarded the ship on a shrimp. Zoro, Nami, and Robin learned the land was in Jaya. They met Luffy’s group on the Going Merry. Then they feasted with local wolves and discussed their plan.

Taking Down a God


The next morning, Luffy’s group investigated.

When a giant snake attacked them, Robin, Luffy, Zoro, and Chopper were separated and proceeded to the mythical city to find each other. Only Robin was on the right path. Robin defeated Yama, Enel’s enforcer leader since he damaged ruins while attacking her. She told him to cherish history more. Enel led Giant Jack’s combatants to the city while searching for the Poneglyph.

Only Nami (who was hiding) and Zoro survived (Luffy was consumed by the big snake). Gan Fall denied being God, therefore Enel killed him. Robin was hit by lightning after trying to trick Enel into destroying Upper Yard. He thought she’d find it and use it against him.

Robin read the Poneglyph on the Golden Bell after Luffy defeated Enel to learn about Poseidon and Gol D. Roger. She found the Rio Poneglyph on Laugh Tale. Robin believed Luffy would be important in the changing world.

Water 7 Saga

Long Ring Long Land Arc

Robin and company found a pirate ship after escaping a wave.

They quickly approached an animal-inhabited island. Foxy Pirates kidnapped Merry Going. Captain Foxy and his troops attacked Tonjit and his horse and challenged Luffy to a crew-members-at-stake Davy Back Fight.

She watched Sanji and Zoro play ball despite Foxy’s cheating and the crooked referee. They won despite cheating. Foxy’s ship was the site of Luffy’s final combat. Straw Hat watched Luffy fight Foxy on Foxy’s ship. Luffy defeated Foxy with his own skills. After rescuing their soldiers, Straw Hats found a shipwright.

Aokiji confronted her after Long Ring Long Land. Aokiji scared Robin by informing the squad about her terrible past and being the only survivor of every organization she joined. Hie no Mi’s intangibility prevented her from harming him. The Admiral froze Robin and tried to smash her frozen form, but her crew saved her. Her crewmates thawed her ice, and she survived. Even though her captain was spared, she felt like a disgrace to her friends.

Water 7 Arc

Water 7 Arc

Going Merry encountered Kokoro and Chimney after avoiding a Sea Train. Kokoro gave Luffy Water 7’s map. The crew went to Water 7 to repair the ship with Skypiea’s wealth, but it was beyond repair. Robin went shopping with Chopper but disappeared after hearing “CP9.”

Iceberg, Water 7 mayor and Galley-La president, was killed. He thought Nico Robin and her disguised companion were assassins. Everyone was told to find the Straw Hat suspects. Sanji and Chopper discovered Robin, who confirmed their fears: she’s responsible and wants to go.

The Straw Hats (without Sanji) hurried to Galley-La Company headquarters where Robin and CP9 were raiding. Robin and the mysterious man Iceberg saw earlier told him they blamed the pirates. They wanted Tom’s Pluton plans. Assassins Blueno, Kalifa, Kaku, and Rob Lucci were revealed to be Iceberg’s allies.

Paulie and the Straw Hat Pirates broke into Iceburg’s room. Luffy and his gang demanded Robin’s return. She rejected them, saying she couldn’t fulfill her “dream” with them. CP9 sought to stop Robin and the pirates. Robin escaped, and Lucci exhibited his Devil Fruit power.

She boarded a guarded Sea Train. Sogeking arrived after it left. Sogeking told Robin the team knew why she left. Sanji and Franky were in the room with CP9. Sogeking threw smoke. The four jumped into another car and escaped. Blueno pulls back quickly. Franky knocked down a wall to flee but landed on the enemy vehicle. Sogeking and Sanji were left alone while Robin followed Blueno through his home. Blueno explained Robin’s backstory involving the Buster Call. Franky and Robin disembarked at Enies Lobby.

Enies Lobby Arc

Enies Lobby Arc

After her group invaded Enies Lobby, Spandam breached their deal.

Spandam kicked Robin. When she watched Luffy enter the Tower of Justice, Robin begged him not to save her. When Robin feared being abandoned, Luffy ordered Sogeking to destroy the World Government flag. Luffy wanted to demonstrate to Robin he wouldn’t abandon her if the World Government was her enemy. Luffy persuaded Robin to say she wants to live, so she shouted across Enies Lobby that she wanted to sail again. They charged in to rescue her, fighting CP9.

Spandam tortured Robin, gloating that CP9 would crush the Straw Hats and unintentionally calling the Buster Call. Robin couldn’t withstand Spandam’s beating with Seastone shackles on (and once through his sword Funkfreed). He made her relive the awful memories of her house being destroyed and her suffering over the past 20 years while disclosing that Spandam’s father delivered the Buster Call to Ohara and started Robin’s 20-year hunt.

As Spandam laughed at Robin, she cried, recalling her rage and sorrow on the Bridge of Hesitation. Sogeking injured Spandam before he could pass the arc on the bridge, sealing her fate as she passed the Gates of Justice. Sogeking shot gunpowder balls toward the Marines, but they couldn’t shoot back.

Franky returned with the CP9 keys and rescued Robin. Sogeking told Robin she’s Luffy’s friend via Franky’s Den Den Mushi. Robin, finally free, slapped Spandam unconscious. Straw Hats escaped Buster Call’s attempts. Robin overcame her past by fighting Buster Call.

After Rob Lucci paralyzed Luffy, she dropped him on the Going Merry. After Luffy came, she used her powers to cover his mouth and thanked the crew for helping her. Robin utilized her Clutch technique to kill Spandam.

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Post-Enies Lobby Arc
Onjk Hu

Robin and others who helped her escape Enies Lobby rested in Water 7.

Vice Admiral Garp is Luffy’s grandfather, which surprised Robin. Robin discovered Luffy’s connection to Shanks when Garp mentioned the Four Emperors. Robin briefed Luffy about the revolutionary Dragon after Garp told him. Robin commented on Garp’s ties after he left. Later, a party was held in Galley-La. As she stood alone and smiled, a familiar voice greeted her.

Aokiji hid behind a wall. He said he let her go 20 years ago because Saul was his friend, but after viewing her as a criminal, he killed her. He called her a time bomb. Aokiji asked if she was happy with the Straw Hats. Aokiji requested her to prove Saul’s claim that Ohara should be destroyed. When she said she would, he advised her to be strong and that Ohara’s memory and mission lived on in her. Robin paused for a moment, then ran away, leaving an ice X.

A few days later, the Franky Family and Galley-La shipwrights were removed. Robin suspected Aokiji but remained silent. Robin’s reward rose to 80,000,000 bellies, a little increase compared to others. After the Straw Hats lured Franky to the Thousand Sunny, Robin requested if she could ‘persuade’ him to join the crew by squeezing his testicles until he agreed, despite everyone’s horror and Luffy instructing her to stop since he wanted Franky to “still be a man” when he joined. She reminded them they’re pirates and to never let go of “treasure”

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