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Shonen Road brings you all things anime – One Piece, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Black Cover, Boruto, and so much more! Jump into the character-driven stories and world of anime that is waiting for you.

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Anime Deep Dive & Review

Tanjiro Kamado Action Figures That Will Blow Your Mind
Anime Figures

Tanjiro Kamado – Action Figures That Will Blow Your Mind!

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps. They joined to find a cure to turn his sister, Nezuko Kamado, back into a human and to hunt down and kill demons and later swore to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji, the King of Demons, to save others from the same fate as him.

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Top 3 Gohan Anime Figures
Dragon Ball Z

Top 3 Gohan Anime Figures To Collect!

Gohan, unlike his father, is not a fighter by nature (though he does have a powerful inner force), and he only engages in combat when the safety of his loved ones is in danger. But for most of his existence, Gohan fights alongside the Dragon Team to protect Earth.

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Nami One Piece
One Piece Series

One Piece Character Figures Fans Want To Buy More Of – Nami

Nami from One Piece had a painful past but has evolved into a true shonen heroine. People love her because she is fiercely independent and skillfully uses her weapons and powers to fight beyond physical limitations. She is also supposed to be extremely attractive and the show’s main girl. But the main reason to like her is that, in all honesty, she runs the show!

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Anime Figures: Guides, Styles, and More...

Community of Anime

A Guide To The Anime Figure Community!

Do you recall your childhood action figures? Maybe you used to play with G.I. Joes, the massively muscled figures known as “America’s movable fighting man.” Or perhaps you posed your Barbie dolls in a variety of sassy poses, such as with her hands on her hips or a handbag in the crook of her elbow.

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Anime Figures

Discover The Art & Science Behind The Making of Anime Figures

We are in the midst of an anime toy and figure renaissance. More and more shows are obtaining more and more diverse figures than ever before. Furthermore, many of those figures are meant to work together, allowing you to stage practically any crossover you can imagine, complete with the necessary accessories.

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Zoro Anime Figure

Bootleg Anime Figures: Spot Real from Fake

Although not every anime figure produced by a company other than Hasbro, TakaraTomy, Bandai, or one of the other big toy manufacturers is considered a knockoff, toys that totally or partially mimic pre-existing designs are good candidates for this label.

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How to Repair Anime Figures

Why Are Anime Figures So Pricey?

If you’re new to the world of anime collectibles, you might be surprised to learn that while figurines are among the coolest items to acquire, they’re also among the most expensive. If you are an anime fan who wants to acquire miniatures of characters from your favorite anime or manga, there is a harsh reality that you have definitely faced or will have to face at some point.

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Anime Figures

Give Your Anime Figures That New Look – Repair, Repaint & Restore!

Have you ever had an anime figurine break a limb after one too many swan dives from a shelf? Have you ever attempted to release a jammed joint only to have the internal peg shear in half? Whatever the reason, having a peg on an action figure break is a disappointment, especially if it’s a figure that’s too expensive to repair.

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Types of Anime Figures

Explore the Many Different Types of Anime Figures

Anime is a very diversified media that utilizes its own unique production techniques, which have evolved over time in reaction to newly developed technologies. Graphic art, character development, cinematography, and various other forms of inventive and individualistic style are brought together in this work.

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Tips on how to take care of your anime figure

Tips on How to Care for Your Anime Figures Like a Pro

After you’ve decided what kind of anime figures you want to collect, the next step is to understand how to keep them free of dust, grime, oil, sunshine, heat, and moisture. Consider how you’ll present and market your collection in a professional manner. Not only anime figures, but all figures require a great deal of attention and upkeep.

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All Time Anime Fan FAVORITES!

Get the latest information on all the popular anime in town. Demon Slayer, One Piece, Naruto, Black Clover, Boruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and so much more – it’s an endless stream of anime here!

About Image

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro a young boy who trains to become a demon slayer. Yes, that’s right. A kid aspiring to be a killer of demonic forces might just be the show you’ve been searching for a binge-watch. Want a plot twist? His own sister, Nejiro, is a demon but one who doesn’t attack humans. So, he carries her around in a box during every adventure.

One Piece Blog Image

One Piece

One Piece is a swashbuckling, action-adventure set in Japan and the plot is all about pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his gang who are off to find the greatest treasure One Piece. Each episode is filled to the brim with action and adventure. You are taken on a journey of vast proportions as the heroes work to recover the hidden treasure.

Naruto Blog Image


Naruto is all about the titular character, Naruto Uzumaki, and his quest to become the highest-ranking ninja in his village, also known as the Hokage. In his early adventures, he is joined by Sasuke and Sakura and their trainer Kakashi. In their missions to better the environment, they are faced with dangerous enemies who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

DragonBall Z

Dragon Ball Z

Imagine you’re the only person who doesn’t have magic powers in a world full of magical beings. That’s just how the protagonist of Black Clover, Asta, feels every day. But that still doesn’t stop the young lad from joining a magical group known as the Black Bulls to fulfill his long-term dream of becoming the Wizard King. 

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia, a manga adaptation by Khei Horikoshi, presents superheroes with some of the most fascinating and absurdly inventive powers. Despite having a straightforward good vs. evil plot, the film’s appeal is due to its vivid color scheme, well-animated action sequences, and coming-of-age drama.



The successor series to Naruto. Boruto follows Naruto’s son of the same name as he differs from his father in every aspect other than his looks. Naruto’s dream was to become Hokage and he does manage to become one in Boruto but the latter doesn’t want anything to do with becoming Hokage.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

This series is not for the faint-hearted. It is a multi-genre work with an emphasis on horror. So, get ready to get the frights when you turn this show on. The narrative follows Yuji who joins Jujutsu sorcerers to combat the curse known as Ryomen Sukuna whose soul Yuji is the host. 

Who we are

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What started out as a passion project turned into a platform with more than 50,000 readers a month! Shonen Road was founded in 2015 by Dave Kambiani, he and his group of friends were obsessed with anime, Japanese culture, and the overall world of anime. They went to endless conventions, dressed up as their favorite characters and role played at parks and events as well.

Mr. Kambiani was truly fascinated by the world of anime, how each character had his / her own story, own world, and own journey through life. Even the art, music, and storylines of anime shows such as Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z intrigued him. That’s when the founder decided to start a blog based on reviews of various anime, comments on the storylines, fan articles, critiques, and other styles of writing for the anime-related niche. Fast forward a few years and numerous speed bumps later and VOILA we have Shonen Road – the go-to option for all your anime-related news, trends, information, and more.