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In the last episode of My Hero Academia’s second season, Dabi appears as a League of Villains recruit motivated by “Stain.” In the third season’s “My Hero,” Dabi finally emerges as the pupils of U.A. High School practice in the woods, Dabi and the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains launch an attack. Dabi aids in kidnapping Bakugo and defeats Aizawa.

On their first encounter, Dabi reveals to Shigaraki that his alias is not his true identity. He seems calm, but his anger is boiling over. Dabi’s body is scarred, maybe as a result of the extreme heat generated by his Quirk. Dabi’s body may have felt the same discomfort as Endeavor and Shoto had when they tried to increase their fire Quirks.

Powers & Abilities of The Latest Dabi Cottectable Figure

Dabi Figure

Kyudai Garaki claims that Dabi’s physique and nervous system were severely damaged by his childhood immolation, making it difficult for his body to sense pain. The fact that a Dabi clone hardly flinched when Eraser Head destroyed one of his limbs is evidence of this.

Dabi is in a state where he may utilize his Quirk unrestrictedly and ignore the potentially fatal burns it causes, enabling him to continue existing even as his body begins to burn away. Dabi’s mother bestowed upon him the ability to endure ice or very cold temperature assaults. This gave Dabi the upper hand in his fight against Geten.

Dabi’s extraordinary vision allows him to duplicate any moves that meet his expectations with little to no guidance. Dabi, who had honed his photographic abilities, was able to recall Shoto’s Phosphor and replicate the move in a matter of seconds.

However, Shoto had to put in months of practice to perfect it—having to observe Endeavor for so long allowed Dabi to learn and mimic its most effective Ultimate Moves. In addition, he learned to take better photographs. The “Cremation” Quirk that Dabi carries is connected to fire; however, it creates an extremely powerful burst of flames.

Dabi isn’t the only person in the show with a fire Quirk, but his blue flames are far hotter and more powerful than those of anybody else’s. Though Dabi can set fire to everything he touches, he most often uses his fire to dominate a vast area.

When he makes his first significant appearance, he sets fire to a whole forest by touching a single tree. A similar trick has also helped him get the better of other villains. Dabi is a master of long-range fighting, but he must keep fights short since his heat is so intense.

Love Interest of The Trendy Dabi Anime Figure

Dabi Figure

During the war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, Dabi and Geten meet. The two get into a heated disagreement over Geten’s responsibility to look after Dabi and Dabi’s reaction to Geten’s oddity.

Fans had begun to warm up to TogaDabi owing to the ship that formed when Dabi and Himiko joined the League of Villains and plotted an assault on Shigaraki Tomura simultaneously. However, the couple still needs to become more famous than TogaWice and ShigaDabi.

Some fans, following in the footsteps of TogaWice, have decided to have Dabi play the role of Himiko’s older brother. Given that Dabi is the eldest sibling, several readers speculated that he could see Himiko as a surrogate sister in light of his apparent disinterest in Twice (Chapter 267). Many readers had already formed this expectation before Chapter 290’s disclosure that Toya Todoroki was indeed Dabi.

Most TogaDabi fanart portrays the couple covered in blood droplets or with Dabi letting her bite him and swallow modest quantities of his blood due to Himiko’s odd behavior and Dabi’s willingness to murder without hesitation.

For the same reason that Himiko has blond hair and isn’t afraid to speak her mind like Bakugo and Hawks [7], fans are encouraged to ship TogaDabi with TodoBaku and EndHawks. Though Dabi figure and Toga don’t interact much in the canon, fans have them turning to one other in the fanon. Since they, along with Shigaraki, are two of the most notable villains in the MHA series.

Team, Family, and Friends of Dabi

Dabi Figure

The current conflict arc has led me to assume that a significant shock is on the horizon. If you think figure Dabi is Toya Todoroki, you probably think he hates Endeavor. But what do you think about the rest of his family? Do you think he still cares for them or has moved on?

He probably answered Shouto differently than he did Endeavor. Yes, he used their whole names (and Hawks’) to make a point about how similar they are, but it doesn’t mean he likes them anymore or less.

The reactions are very different. When he met Endeavor, he completely lost it. The same goes for the Hawks. You saw the sociopathic side of him, and it was apparent. He did not answer Shouto in such kind. It was more like how he reacted when Tokoyami tried to rescue the Hawks.

For a few reasons, it was reminiscent of far-off annoyance. The fact that Shouto didn’t anger him as he was by Endeavor and Hawks suggests that he either disapproves of him or his ideals or is ambivalent about them. Even though he reprimanded Shouto, Shoji, and Deku, only the latter two were burnt in the training camp.

Perhaps, but nobody can say for sure. Perhaps Shouto is impervious to flames, or maybe he just reacted too fast to be hit. This, though, has me wondering what drives him.

Specifically, this is a Banpresto. The palette consists of a wide variety of colors. It’s the kind of plastic used to make animated characters. This beautiful intricate plastic sculpture has been painted and sculpted with great attention to detail. In addition, it is an official Banpresto product.

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From the hit anime series My Hero Academia comes this officially licensed action figure of Dabi. He stands around 7 inches tall and is packaged in a printed cardboard box.

You may obtain carded figures written in English, bilingually, or trilingually, depending on what is readily available. Before making an order, please consider this. Warning: Due to tiny components and possible choking hazards, this product is not intended for children under 3.