The Journey Through 20 Thrilling Seasons of One Piece Anime

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Are you also one of those fantastic humans who are obsessed with anime? If yes, have you ever watched the longest-running anime, or are you currently looking for one because your favorite anime show stopped airing after just one season? In reality, whenever one hears the word ‘Anime,’ the first few shows that come to their mind are Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and, most likely, the ever famous; Pokemon. 

Why? Maybe because these shows have lasted for generations and are eternal as they keep coming up with new themes and characters. Unfortunately, not every Anime Show has the same destiny as them. Some of them only get one or two seasons, after which they disappear. 

Was your favorite show one of them as well? Don’t worry; we know how disappointing and sad it feels when your favorite anime is canceled after only one season. Hence, if you’re seeking an anime show with multiple seasons and a compelling tale, look no further; One Piece, with its impressive 20 seasons, is probably one of the most enjoyable long anime series with unique characters and adventurous plotlines you can watch this summer!  

The show has been running for almost two decades. In fact, many of us were newborns when the first episode aired. It is filled with meaningful moments of high emotional intensity; when characters in the show suffer, you feel it as much as you do when they celebrate. The experience is life-changing!

This article is going to consist of a season-by-season guide. Continue reading to learn more about the fantastic world of One Piece Anime!

Roller Coaster Ride Through to All The Seasons of One Piece Anime

Season 1 - The Quest Begins

onepiece pirates

The show’s first chapter is ‘The East Blue Saga’ and this first season is all about it. The storyline of the One Piece revolves around Gol D. Roger, the deadly pirate king, executed years ago, leaving behind a grand mound of treasure and the renowned “One Piece.”

The new pirate king will be whoever claims that “One Piece.” Now, Monkey D. Luffy, a young child who ate a “Devil’s Fruit,” decides to find it, following the footsteps of his hero, the pirate Shanks. His body is made of rubber and surrounded by a posse of talented fighters and thieves to assist him. Luffy will go to any length to obtain the One Piece and become the Pirate King!

Luffy’s First Step

In an attempt to become the Pirate King, Luffy takes the first step towards his goal. He and Zoro, his first crew member, arrive in Orange Town, where they encounter Nami, a thief who despises pirates. The three forms an odd alliance in their fight to free the town from Buggy the Clown’s control.

The crew arrives in Syrup Village and hunts for a ship to utilize after Nami develops a partnership with the two as their navigator. They run into a serial liar named Usopp there. As the Straw Hat Pirates prepare for a clash with the Black Cat Pirates, Usopp’s courage is tested when a nefarious plot is exposed. As a sniper, Usopp joins the crew.

fantasy world

The Straw Hat Pirates go to the Baratie, a sea restaurant, in quest of a cook for their ship. However, the formidable Don Krieg, who has returned from the Grand Line and wants to use the Baratie as a vessel to bear, attacks the eatery. The Straw Hat Pirates chase Nami to an island controlled by the Fish-Man pirate Arlong, with Sanji from the Baratie joining the crew and Nami seizing the ship. Later the crew proceeds to Loguetown, the last town before the Grand Line’s entry, where Gold Roger was born and executed after Nami formally joins. Now, they’ll have to cope with not only a brutal Marine captain but also old rivals seeking vengeance! Insane?!

Grab Your PopCorn!

One-piece season 1 has you hooked right from the first episode, and you are likely to find yourself watching 25-30 episodes on your first day. The show has one of the best power systems with many anime struggles, good fights, quirky art, and characters that keep increasing the obsession. I mean, the character designs might be a little strange, but in an exemplary manner, as their personalities are spot on!

Season 2 - All Set to Sail!

one piece boat

Sanji, a cook at the Baratie, helps a starving pirate named Gin. Luffy begins his job as a waiter to pay for the damage he did to the Baratie and tries to convince Sanji to join his crew. Meanwhile, Gin returns to the Baratie with his also-starving captain, Don Krieg, to whom Sanji once more gives food, but Don Krieg betrays the cook once he regains his energy.

It is revealed that Chef Zeff was a great pirate known as Red Leg Zeff. Gin explains the catastrophe the fleet met in Grand Line when they encountered Hawk-Eyes Mihawk and Krieg’s attempts to take control of the Baratie. Also, Mihawk has returned to finish the job after Nami stole the Going Merry, but Zoro challenges him to a duel to achieve his goal.

After Mihawk defeats Zoro, Krieg continues his invasion by having Pearl, one of his most potent crew members, assault, and Sanji demonstrates his combat abilities. In the meantime, Johnny and Yosaku depart with Ussop and the injured Zoro to pursue Nami. Sanji has no option but to accept Pearl’s strikes while Zeff is taken captive by Gin, and he mulls over why Zeff is so important to him. 

Gin kills Pearl and declares that he wants to kill Sanji personally. Sanji, still injured, confronts Gin while Luffy fights Don Krieg. After the battle, while still being poisoned, Gin decides to return to the Grand Line with Krieg, and Sanji must choose whether to stay or go with Luffy, just as Yosaku returns with news that he knows where Nami is.

Season 3 - Captain Buggy, Dead or Alive?

captain buggy

The crew pursues Nami, who has stolen their ship, and Yosaku uses the opportunity to educate Luffy and Sanji about Arlong and his Fishmen. Meanwhile, Usopp, Johnny, and Zoro arrive at Nami’s docked island. After Usopp and Johnny abandon Zoro, the fishers capture him, and Nami is shown to have been a member of Arlong’s crew the entire time.

Usopp saves the day when a bunch of Fishmen assault Cocoyashi Village. After escaping with Nami’s assistance, Zoro wants to show her loyalty to the Arlong Pirates by killing Usopp. Luffy’s group, meanwhile, has arrived on the island. Luffy currently has an enormous bounty in East Blue after fighting Arlong. The news immediately spreads to both friends and foes, including Shanks, overjoyed at Luffy’s entrance into the pirate world. 

After his fight with Luffy, Buggy was sent flying to another island, with various body parts missing. As a result, Buggy sets out on a quest to find his crew and body parts, making some unusual companions along the way. With Buggy presumed dead, his crew disputes who will be the new captain, only to be kidnapped by a cannibal tribe.

Season 4 - Beginning Of the End; Logue Town

logue town

In this season, the gang is seen landing in Loguetown, the last significant town before the Grand Line’s entry. It is the place where Gold Roger was born and executed. Luffy approaches this execution platform where Roger was executed but unfortunately gets trapped by Buggy and Alvida.

The crew arrives at Battleship Island, where they are regaled with the island’s genesis myth. Luffy and Nami discover why Apis is being pursued after pursuing her into a cave where a dragon is hidden. Now that the crew knows why Apis was followed, they rush to get off the island so Ryuuji can be spared. While Nami and Api load Ryuuji into a cart, Zoro and Usopp bring the ship onto a ledge. Luffy and Sanji confront Luffy and the Marines. The boat eventually tows the cart away in pursuit of Lost Island.

Season 5 - Welcome at the Grandline by the Giant Whale!

The crew has entered the Grand Line, but they are immediately confronted with an obstacle: a massive whale that consumes the entire ship. The Straw Hats travel to Whisky Peak, led by the mysterious Mr. 9 and Ms. Wednesday, where the townspeople throw a party to welcome them.

However, there is more to this village than meets the eye. Later, the Straw Hats arrive at Little Garden on their journey to escort Princess Vivi to Arabasta, which is a massive island stranded in ancient times.

Season 6 - The Big Shadows Hiding in The Little Garden

little garden

When the group reaches the Little Garden, they discover there are more than just dinosaurs on it when they come across two giants that have been fighting for almost a century and four high-ranking Baroque Works members. Nami and Usopp meet Broggy, Elbaf’s most potent fighter.

Luffy and Vivi meet Dorry, Elbaf’s strongest warrior, locked in a one-hundred-year duel with Broggy. Mr. 3 constructs a large cake-shaped plinth on which Vivi, Nami, and Zoro will be transformed into wax sculptures. Zoro tries to free himself by cutting off his legs, and Karoo, Luffy, and Usopp arrive. Towards the last episode of the season, as the Straw Hat crew continues their journey to Vivi’s homeland, Chopper joins them.

Season 7 - The Lost Brothers Reunite!

Season 7 is full of thrillers. Here Mr. 2 Bon Clay, who demonstrates his devil fruit power, meets Luffy and his crew, and Vivi witnesses a startling sight. After arriving in Alabasta’s port city of Nanohana, Luffy separates from the rest of the crew. There, The Straw Hats run across Smoker and Tashigi.

Also, Portgas D. Ace, a formidable pirate, appears and is revealed to be Luffy’s older brother. The group is forced to stop at Drum Island, a kingless country attempting to build a new government, after Nami contracts a severe sickness. Thanks to the former monarch, Wapol’s actions, only one doctor remains, Kureha, a “witch” who dwells at the top of a mountain.

luffy and ace

The exiled King Wapol returns to regain his land, and Luffy and Sanji must reach the top. Kureha’s assistant Tony Tony Chopper leads the Straw Hats to Arabasta, on the verge of civil war. Vivi must reach out to the rebels and inform them of the valid reason for the battle, but Crocodile, the commander of Baroque Works and one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, will not sit idly. Finally, Baroque Works, marine troops, pirates, royal guards, and the rebel army collide in a fight that would decide the country’s fate.

Season 8 - Who Is the New Addition To The Crew?

The Marines have yet again failed to apprehend the Straw Hats. After eluding the Marines, Nico Robin (Ms. All Sunday) comes from aboard the Straw Hats ship. She persuades the team to let her join them. The End of the season embarks on many encounters among different characters.

For example, Luffy and Lapanui are outside the mist and must re-enter it via the newly constructed bridge. Luffy battles Whetton there, and when it becomes evident that he will not be able to defeat Luffy in person, Whetton detonates the tower, trapping everyone else within. Whetton’s abandoned soldiers join Luffy’s gang. 

They see an exit in the distance and row toward it, but it closes too quickly for them to get there. Lapanui stays behind to destroy the naval ship’s armory, hoping to produce enough wind to blow the Straw Hats’ ship clear of the mist. He is followed by the other youngsters, who promise to see Henzo again. The Straw Hats’ spacecraft is successfully blown out of the fog by the explosion they make.

Season 9 - This Is The Sea Of The Sky!

sea of sky

They travel to the island of Jaya for information about “Sky Island” after a ship mysteriously falls from the sky, and the Log Pose begins pointing up. Bellamy, a pirate announcing a “New Age” in which pirates do not dream, and a man named Mont Blanc Cricket meet them there.

The team arrives in the “White Sea,” an ocean in the sky while riding the Knock Up Stream. The Straw Hats soon discover a fight going on between the Sky People and the people who used to live in the Upper Yard. They also learn about Enel, the cruel God. In the last episode of the season, as the Straw Hats descend to the sea, the Golden Bell rings, signaling that they are welcome and appreciated for their efforts. When the ship finally reaches the water, issues arise since it has landed on a Marine base.

Season 10 - Where to Next?

After the Going Merry smashes into their fortress from above, the Marines fear it is a ghost ship. The team members are dispersed across the facility. However, while Chopper and Nami help an anxious doctor treat injured Marines, Zoro is abducted. After being released, Zoro, along with Luffy, Usopp, and Robin, resumes pursuit of their treasure.

Sanji leads nami to the captain’s chambers, where they are reunited with their gold. Nevertheless, in the last episode, they are seen cruising to an island, where they meet a Marine named Aokiji, whom Robin knows.

Season 11 - Water 7, The City Of Water

city of water

After avoiding Aokiji, the Straw Hats arrive in Water 7, a carpenter’s haven. As the state of their ship, the ‘Going Merry,’ deteriorates, they look for a shipwright to join their crew. In this chapter, CP9 kidnaps Nico Robin from their club. Monkey D Luffy gets a new crew member, Franky, who constructs a brand new ship for their gang, the ‘Thousand Sunny,’ as they prepare to rescue Robin from Enies Lobby.

The Episode Full Of Robin’s Feelings

Season 11 is mainly well remembered by fans since it featured a few of the story’s most famous events. Nico Robin finishes her story and explains to the Straw Hats why she can’t return to the crew, to which Luffy answers by burning down the World Government’s flag, her rivals. Robin then screams for rescue, ultimately following her heart and asking the Straw Hats to save her and take her to sea with them.

Thank You, Merry!


The Going Merry was the Straw Hat Pirates’ first decent ship, gifted to them by Kaya’s servant, Merry. The ship played a significant role in their journey over the Grand Line to various islands. During the Enies Lobby arc, the Going Merry hit its capacity after hauling the Straw Hats for an extended period.

The spacecraft was unable to continue due to its damage during multiple arcs. Following the Straw Hats’ victory over CP-9, the Going Merry was given a thorough funeral, which brought tears to the eyes of the fans.

Season 12 - One Problem After Another, Entering Thriller Bark

The Straw Hats continue their journey into the Florian Triangle, where they discover a weird barrel that releases a flare when it is opened. When the ghost ship leads them to the haunting island of Thriller Bark, where ghosts, zombies, and the Warlord of the Sea Gecko Moria await them, it quickly turns into a nightmare. Soon they realize that Thriller Bark isn’t an island but rather a giant ship!

Brook To The Rescue!

Brook in One Piece

The Straw Hats fight another Warlord of the Sea with the help of a skeleton guy named Brook. Brook becomes another member of Luffy’s crew, revealing the story of the whale Laboon. Luffy is keen on recruiting Brook after finding his Nakama is Laboon, the whale.

Sanji recounts Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Franky’s story of Laboon and the Twin Capes. Later after several fights, Brook expresses his gratitude for being alive and asks if he can join the crew, which Luffy accepts. Except for Zoro, who is sleeping, and Robin, who knew Luffy would take him no matter what, the Straw Hats are stunned by this, but they welcome him to the gang.

Usopp and Franky dig a cemetery for the deceased Rumbar Pirates two days later, and Zoro sets the broken Yubashiri on top of it. Lola gives Nami a Vivre Card that leads her to Lola’s mother, a pirate in the New World. In addition to this, Luffy takes out the piece of paper he received from Ace, a Vivre Card, and discovers that Ace’s life is in jeopardy as it burns and shrinks. Luffy decides not to go to Ace’s rescue since he believes he can get himself out of trouble on his own, and the Straw Hats sail away from Thriller Bark. Three significant and enigmatic figures emerge in the fog, staring over Thriller Bark as Luffy and his crew sail away.

Season 13 - Halfway to the GrandLine; The Redline


The Straw Hats finally reach the Red Line, which signifies that they’ve sailed halfway around the world and are halfway through their journey. They look for a way to go to the renowned Fish-Man Island. A sea monster attacks while the crew reflects and takes a well-deserved rest.

Luffy defeats it effortlessly, forcing it to spit out a talking starfish and an actual Mermaid onto Sunny’s deck. When a mermaid and a talking starfish enter, the Straw Hats are quickly diverted from their hunt, and they find themselves rescuing an old foe from a kidnapping ring. When the Straw Hats are besieged at every turn by a Warlord of the Sea, a Marine admiral, and World Government officials, things go from bad to worse.

Goodbye Ace!

Kuma assigns each Straw Hat Pirates to a different island in the Sabaody Archipelago. This arc follows Luffy when he arrives on an island populated chiefly by women. Luffy quickly learns that Warlord of the Sea Boa Hancock heads the island’s women. Luffy manages to raid the prison of Impel Down.

Hoping to save his brother Ace from execution before the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government have a final clash. He and his team of prisoner escapees follow Ace to Marineford after failing to rescue him before he is moved. With the clock ticking down to Ace’s execution, the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government prepare to meet in a conflict that could change the course of history. The death of Whitebeard has shocked the world, causing unrest to spread over the Grand Line. Luffy, who is still reeling over Ace’s loss, realizes that he has something just as important: his group. The question arises; will the Straw Hat Pirates rejoin in the future?

Episodes Warming The Fans Soul

one piece world

The episode that aired after Luffy woke up after Ace’s death was possibly the most potent One Piece episode before the time skip. Unsurprisingly, Luffy is at his lowest because he refuses to face reality. Jinbe is the one who helps Luffy snap out of it by reminding him that what’s gone is gone forever, but there’s still a lot Luffy can appreciate and defend. Luffy imagines his entire crew being there for him in a touching scenario and understands how much he needs his family at his side.

Season 14 - The Ultimate War Ends At Last

Shanks declare that the pirates should properly bury Ace and Whitebeard’s bodies. Sengoku agrees, and the war comes to an end. At the end of the season, Luffy is seen at Rusukaina, a barren island north of the Amazon Lily, which will be his training ground for the next two years. Hancock, Luffy, and Rayleigh debate the benefits of island training.

One Piece Or A Masterpiece?

One- Piece world

One piece is a Masterpiece. It revolves around the theme of friendship, with the word ‘Nakama’ implying that the characters are friends who are on the same path to achieving their aims. It depicts their unique bond based on the notion of pursuing dreams and enjoying independence.

All seasons cover some essential themes such as self-confidence, physical and mental abuse, rebellion, abuse of power, the importance of having dreams & the commitment to see them through, conspiracy theories, the importance of standing up for yourself and defending your convictions, and selfishness.

Season 15 - A New World

The Straw Hat Pirates have been training for their return for two years, basically, since the incident at Marineford took place. Zoro pays Rayleigh and Shakky a visit in her bar before departing Ruskaina for the Sabaody Archipelago to regroup with his crew. Luffy gathers his crew to journey to the Fish-Man Island as they reach the New World two years after the Paramount battle. Here, he befriends the territory’s king, which leads to a confrontation with Yonkou, Big Mom.

Landing On The Burning Island; Punk Hazard

burning island

Following their arrival in the New World, the crew finds themselves once again on a mysterious island; Punk Hazard. They discover that Caesar Clown abuses the famous Dr. Vegapunk laboratory by doing unlawful experiments on youngsters and making artificial devil fruits.

Luffy forms an alliance with Trafalgar Law to take on Younkou Kaido, but not before defeating Dressrosa’s mastermind of Punk Hazard, Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo. With a captive Caesar, the Straw Hats, Law, Kin’emon, and Momonosuke travel to Dressrosa to strike a deal with Doflamingo, demolish his SMILE Factory, and release the samurai’s buddy Kanjuro. 

They soon learn that both Doflamingo and Dressrosa have a lot of secrets, and Law’s feud with Doflamingo swiftly becomes personal. While Luffy strives to recover his late brother’s Devil Fruit, the other Straw Hats face unrest among Dressrosa’s citizens. The alliance’s efforts are hindered even more by the arrival of a new Marine admiral named Fujitora to deal with them.

Season 16 - Luffy Vs. Now, Who?

The Straw Hats, Law, and samurai travel to Zou to rejoin the Straw Hats and Momonosuke, who had left Dressrosa early. They meet the residents of the Mink Tribe and find that Sanji has vanished after becoming engaged in a conspiracy involving his family and the Big Mom Pirates.

They also learn about the earlier raid on Zou by the Jack of the Beasts Pirates, and the samurai disclose how closely Kaidou is linked to them and their home in Wano, leading to the forging of a new alliance. The Straw Hats then split off once more to save Sanji and travel to Wano. Luffy and his friends sail to Whole Cake Island to save Sanji from a political marriage between the Vinsmoke and Charlotte families.

the monkey

They become entangled in the hidden intentions of the families and ally with Jinbe, Caesar, and the Fire Tank Pirates to take down Big Mom and save the Vinsmokes. As royalty from all over the world gathers at Mary Geoise for the Lively, news of the Straw Hats’ accomplishments in Totto Land is broadcast worldwide. Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Army plans their next move while Big Mom discusses Luffy with Kaidou.

It’s Sanji Vs. Luffy!

This Episode of One Piece is one of the best when it comes to animation and plot. Directed by Takashi Otsuka, it sees Noboru Koizumi, the series’ old character designer, return as an Animation Director, producing immaculate action. However, the episode offers more than just animation, as Sanji engages in sad combat with Luffy.

Sanji pummels his captain after he refuses to fight him, with the aim of driving him away and safeguarding both the crew and Zeff. As “Memories” plays in the background, Mayumi Tanaka pours her heart out in a determined Luffy’s speech as he assures Sanji he’ll be waiting for his return forever.

Season 17 - The Untold Story Of Sabu Vs. Luffy


As the Straw Hats and the others recover, Sabo recalls his unexpected encounter with Luffy at the Colosseum. Meanwhile, Fujitora ponders his next move, and the odds are stacked in Luffy’s favor. As Sabo departs, our attention is drawn to the other Straw Hats, who are engaged in a bloody battle on an unknown island. As evil omens descend from the sky, a new story is set in action?! Major players in the Navy arrive in search of Dressrosa for the Straw Hats as Luffy and the others begin to come to their senses! Rebecca’s past is also whitewashed with a fabricated cover narrative – but why?

Doflamingo & Dressrosa = A lot of Repercussions.

The news of Doflamingo’s departure from the Warlords reaches the rest of the world. Luffy threatens Doflamingo with the Den Den Mushi, to which the latter responds by claiming to have something Luffy desperately wants. During breakfast, Law discusses his plan for the factory’s destruction. Later, the Straw Hats are in full swing. Doflamingo has some dire forecasts regarding the destabilization of the global order. Meanwhile, recent events in Dressrosa have yielded unexpected outcomes!

Season 18 - An Elephant Or Angel?


Luffy and his companions arrive in the mystical land of Zou, where they discover Sunny. However, when they get on board, they find out that the other Straw Hats have already disembarked. As a result, Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and the others take up the gigantic elephant’s challenge.

The Straw Hats continue searching for the other half of their squad after finally ascending the elephant’s back! However, they may be in for more danger than they bargained for when they discover they are not alone on the mysterious “island” on the animal’s back.

‘Goodbye Buds’ - Sanji’s Farewell Note

The mystery surrounding Sanji’s disappearance intensifies when Luffy hears that Bin Mom’s henchmen have tracked him down and brought an invitation from Big Mom that can’t be ignored. Sanji’s dreadful condition has become evident, but rather than uniting against Big Mom’s team; he agrees to join them to put an end to it.

But being apart from one of his crew is too much for Luffy to bear. There’s only one key to figuring out what happened to Sanji, so Luffy and the others set out to learn more about their friend’s absence, but they run into some problems along the way! To avert an all-out conflict with Big Mom, Luffy devises a strategy to assist Sanji, but he’ll have to go it alone. Meanwhile, Kin’emon and Kanjuro make their way to Zou, inadvertently setting the stage for the Minks’ vengeance.

Season 19 - Next Stop: Whole Cake Island; The Emperors Castle

Sanji Returns!

Vinsmoke one piece

As the Straw Hats near the Whole Cake Island, Pedro reveals his shady past in Big Mom’s domain – and devises a scheme to reclaim Sanji and steal something valuable from the Emperor. While pursuing Sanji through the perplexing woods, Nami and the others discover that there’s more to this upside-down area of the Whole Cake Island than meets the eye!

Sanji, on the other hand, confronts his brother. Finally, Luffy catches up to Sanji! However, a new page in the history of the Straw Hats is turning – and Sanji’s voyage with the crew appears to be coming to a close – as a joyful past plays before his eyes in which he, Sanji, and the crew deepened their relationships.

Episodes of Season 19 Elevating Manga To The Next Level

Season 19 marked the end of the most substantial arc in the New World, Whole Cake Island, and is one of the most underrated but impactful seasons. Toshinori Fukusawa directed the episodes and calling it a masterpiece is an understatement. Thanks to smooth transitions and an emotional OST, the show left most fans weeping their eyes out.

The Straw Hat Pirates leave Totland in this episode, and Sanji and Carrot share a heartfelt yet warm moment as they console each other after Pedro’s death. Pudding weeps uncontrollably as she watches her loved man sail away with his crew, as Jinbe fights the Big Mom Pirates to protect his soldiers who were willing to die for him. The season ended on a grand note, with Sanji feeding the team he adores and Zeff feeding thugs once more.

Season 20 - We Love You, Luffy!

luffy and devil fruit

We don’t want to bring in spoilers but just have a question for you after reading this guide now, do you also think Luffy will die at the end of the season? Actually, almost everyone in the One Piece fandom believed that Monkey D. Luffy would die at the end of the story before the final episode aired.

Although the beliefs differed as to when or how it will occur, it appeared that Luffy’s death was unavoidable. Hence, the anime series’s final episode ‘1015’ was released on April 24 to nearly universal acclaim from fans and reviewers alike. The episode includes a lengthy flashback that depicts Yamato and Ace’s friendship and the start of the Battle of Onagashima, which sees Luffy and the rest of the Worst Generation square battle against Kaidou. Do you also want to know about the end? What are you waiting for? Go get your anime ON and Binge-Watch the show now!

Grow Your Anime Game - Start Watching One Piece Today!

Anime series are constantly increasing in popularity. They’ve grown to be a significant element of the entertainment business. This Japanese animation, One Piece, has recently earned a lot of well-deserved attention and appreciation. In fact, we can see a lot of its influence in the media in the West as well.

If you’re considering getting into the world of anime, one of the best ways to start is with One Piece. This show encourages you to be open to new ideas and allow your imagination to run wild. Initially, most people believe that “Devil Fruit Powers” is a myth, except Luffy, who has some sense of reality.

However, the show gradually leads you on a journey that requires more and more of your imagination until, by the time they reach the world’s most important sea, The Grand Line, the anime declares through dialogue, “This is a sea where everything is possible!” a clear invitation to open yourself up to the possibilities, and perhaps to rediscover and reclaim your inner child. The season considers the development of friendships and beautiful relationships. It allows your imagination to run wild at a time when you don’t know your limits, don’t know the difference between myth and reality, and just want to see the world. Nevertheless, the series consists of a rollercoaster of emotions, and with One Piece, oh so many seasons, you are in for a treat!

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