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Are you also a die-hard fan of One Piece? Well, why wouldn’t you?

People from all over the world love One Piece. They have expressed appreciation for various features of the series, for example, the plot, artwork, character growth, comic elements, and inspiring characters.

Nami from One Piece

For example, Nami from One Piece had a painful past but has evolved into a true shonen heroine. People love her because she is fiercely independent and skillfully uses her weapons and powers to fight beyond physical limitations. She is also supposed to be extremely attractive and the show’s main girl. But the main reason to like her is that, in all honesty, she runs the show! 

Would you like to add this fantastic character to your anime collection? Make your dream come true and buy these three of the best 14+ Nami Custom Figures from Rejin’ato today. This article is all about it; Get ready to become obsessed! 

The Best Three Nami Figures

One piece GK W17 Wanokuni Nami wcf action figure for the collection

Since Nami anime figures are so expensive, how amazing is it to have one for less than $300 – $800?

GK W17 Wanokuni Nami wcf action figure

Yes, it’s true. For only $380 – $620, this 14” anime figure comes in a beautiful color box and is made of pure resin. Because resin doesn’t dissolve in water and has exceptional quality, it’s perfect for casting sculptures because the finished products last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. 

However, at the same time, they also require high maintenance. For example, try to keep the original box in perfect condition for long-term maintenance. This will be a huge help when it comes to valuing your Nami action figure in the future! 

Moreover, this Nami anime figure can be a visual clue. For example, by just simply looking at the figure, one can immediately think of numerous scenes involving Nami. Also, since it is produced in small quantities, who would want to miss Nami holding a sword and wearing adorable clothes? 

Here, Nami is depicted as a young adult with a small size and an athletic, muscular body. She is depicted as brave and fervent, and her face is beaming with enthusiasm. She has long golden hair and forked black brows. The collectible Nami figure wearing a short blue dress with stars printed and adorable Bellarine shoes is a must-have! So simple, minimally aesthetic, and cute.

One piece GK BOX Wanokuni clothes Nami 1:4 action figure for collect

Whether you’re a girl or a boy, if Nami is your favorite character in the show, you’re lucky because there’s a lot of variety in her anime figures! 

This incredibly charming and beautiful action figurine is manufactured of resin, and its dimensions are 45 centimeters in height, 27 centimeters in-depth, and 26 centimeters across. The best part is that it is very colorful, making it even more appealing—a wonderful blend of fashion and quality.

One piece GK BOX Wanokuni clothes Nami 1:4 action figure

Nami from One Piece has worn several incredibly beautiful costumes throughout the show. However, when you look at this outfit, it really defines everything Nani is about. A simple orange satin belt with gems printed and a charming and beautiful blue dress that looks really strong on her. Let’s not forget that the iconic ballerina shoes and accessories she wears in her hands are her all-time favorite.

Also, the details are to die for! For example, it features two small, extremely adorable characters with love in their eyes for Nami; one is a boy with yellow hair, and the other is a snow figure with a hat. They show how Nami is a national crush of One Piece fans.

You already love Nami and her anime figures, don’t you? Buy from Rejin’ato today for $999 – $1999. It may sound expensive but trust us; it’s all worth it! 

One piece GK AL Nami wired cat action figure for the collection

If you love anime and cats, this figure is for you! This Nami Figure is our personal favorite – a wonderful blend of Nami and a Cat.

People from all over the world love Nami for so many reasons. For example, she is one of the most important characters in the Straw Hat crew; she’s their navigator. 

One piece GK AL Nami wired cat action figure

Since the beginning of the show, Nami has captivated viewers with her sharp intellect and a strong sense of self-sacrifice for her companions. In fact, the Straw Hat crew would have died at sea more than once without her.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get our hands on this one-in-a-million action figure. Being extraordinarily unique and elegant, it will look more perfect than ever on your bookshelves, tables, and even on your dashboards in the car. 

Moreover, for just $469 – $750, It stands 40″ tall and is made of high-quality resin. It shows Nami dressed up as a golden and black cat with attractive small ears and a cute long tail. She is shown as strong and upbeat, sporting an exuberant smile and a sword with superpowers in her hands. 

She has courageous eyes, long golden hair with flame-like ends, a brave gaze, and a smile. Also, she’s standing on a lion-like figure, a cherry on top! 

Lastly, quality is your number one priority whenever you buy something, right? Therefore, due to its incredible quality, this one-piece nami gold figure is generally meant to last very long, just like an ornament. In fact, if you treat it carefully, it can last forever. What a perfect gift by Rejin’ato for your 14+ friends and family! 

Get Your Hands On Your Favourite Nami Figures!

Some people may consider these figures pricey; however, remember that hobbies will be pricey, but they are always worth it!

It’s true; collecting anime figures for some people is a hobby, and we think it’s perfect! If you’re smart, you probably have a passion you like, which teaches you something about yourself and the world. You don’t do it to make money or win other people’s favor. So do it for yourself! Buy these rare and custom nami figures today!