One Piece : Film Red – From Pirate King to Box Office King Real Quick

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The latest addition to the One Piece anime collection is the ever-promising film, called Red, causing major uproar among anime fans; more specifically One Piece fans. This film shows Luffy with a quirky and influential personality. Let’s dive in to know more about the character and the movie.

All You Need To Know About Luffy - The Character From The Infamous Anime Film RED

Luffy FIlm Red
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The 15th installment of the One Piece film franchise, titled Red, was released in theatres on August 6, 2022.

The latest addition to the One Piece anime collection is the ever-promising film, called Red, causing major uproar among anime fans; more specifically One Piece fans. For those of you who are unaware, the action of the story takes place in Elegia, often known as the “Island of Music,” which is where the world’s most famous diva, Uta, does her very first live performance and introduces herself to the general public.

The Straw Hats, pirates, Marines, and fans from all around the world gather together to take in Uta’s voice, which has been characterized as having an “otherworldly” quality. However, the unexpected news that Uta is actually Shanks’ daughter is the first thing that happens as the event starts.

The Protagonist From The Film Red - Luffy!

luffy and uta meet as kids
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Monkey D. Luffy, commonly known as “Straw Hat” Luffy, is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of the One Piece: Red manga film, which was developed by Eiichiro Oda.

Monkey D. Luffy was given the name “Straw Hat” Luffy by his fellow pirates. Luffy first appeared in the original series as a young boy who acquired the properties of rubber after unintentionally consuming one of the devil fruits known as the Gum Gum Fruit, which was formerly known as the Human-Human Fruit. Luffy’s first appearance in the series marked the beginning of his adventures. As far as Luffy is concerned, Red is really a continuation of that and shows a great deal of character growth.

During his travels, he faces up against enemies, helps the locals of numerous islands, and makes friends with some of them. When they are fighting, he changes his demeanor from happy to serious and even hostile.

Luffy is able to execute a wide variety of attacks by concentrating his strength through the use of his elasticity. Gum-Gum Pistol is his hallmark move, in which he uses a slingshot to launch punches at his opponents from a distance.

In addition, as the novel progresses, Luffy becomes more powerful, which is reflected in his “bounty,” which is a metric used by the World Government to determine the level of threat posed by Luffy. He is the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, who is a vice-admiral, the son of Monkey D. Dragon, who is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and the sworn brother of Portgas D. Ace and Sabo. Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

Luffy is without a doubt one of the most well-known characters in the history of manga and anime. In addition to the One Piece franchise, the character has also made appearances in a variety of manga and anime series, as well as in video games that have been developed in collaboration. The majority of critics have a favorable opinion of him.

Luffy's Quirky Personality in Red

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Luffy is portrayed as a carefree, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky character who has great ambition and a huge appetite.

He frequently thinks with his stomach and gorging himself can be quite comical. He is not as dimwitted as many people believe him to be, and he often demonstrates more understanding than the other characters expect him to have.

He is generally good-hearted, and he is optimistic. Luffy is aware of the dangers that lie ahead, but he is prepared to put his life on the line in order to become King of the Pirates and protect his crew. Because he is a competent and trustworthy captain, he never puts his crew or himself in danger due to their or his own incompetence. During the Loguetown story arc, Smoker, who was a navy captain at the time, comments that Luffy “enjoys playing stupid.” In response, Luffy smiles in a way that belies his true intentions.

Major Points to Talk About Luffy From Red

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One of the central characters in the film Red, Uta, was cast aside by Shanks, and because of this, she is determined to build a world in which no one is forced to feel miserable. She then invites everyone to her concert on an island and performs a song that puts everyone in an everlasting dream (similar to how the Infinite Tsukuyomi did this in Naruto Shippuden), with the Straw Hats.

The only way to wake everyone up from this dream is for Uta to give in to sleep on her own; if she doesn’t, everyone will remain sleeping forever. With the assistance of Usopp and Yasopp’s instructions, Shanks from the real world and Luffy from the dream world work together to destroy the monster at the same time. The hopes and dreams of a world free from evil rest entirely on the shoulders of Luffy, and in this movie he is shown to shoulder that responsibility pretty well, which is a strong representation of the bravery that Luffy possesses. This also provides a strong depiction of the bravery that Luffy possesses. The most important thing to note about this movie is that Luffy uses a power-up to overcome evil. For example, he uses Gear 5 in this movie (just like at the end of Wano).

Luffy’s Love Interest

luffy meet uta again at the concert
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Uta and Luffy were childhood friends as well as competitors; they were often engaged in competition, but Uta always managed to come out on top by distracting Luffy. 

She finds amusement in the fact that Luffy always acts as though he has won, despite the reality that he is unsuccessful. When Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates show up for her concert, she is overjoyed to see him again and thinks back on the good times the two of them have shared in the past. However, as Luffy announces that he intends to become Pirate King, Uta demonstrates her disdain for pirates and makes an effort to persuade Luffy to give up his life as a pirate and join her in the New Genesis. 

However, she regains respect for her friend after seeing his determination in rescuing her fans and herself from the Tot Musica. She then tells him that she believes in his desire to become a Pirate King and that she believes he will one day become one.

Top Two Luffy’s Action Figures You Need To Get!

one piece red luffy figurine
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Ichiban - One Piece - Monkey.D.Luffy (Film Red), Bandai Spirits Ichibansho Figure

For all One Piece: Red fans, the most trending searched item currently is the Luffy figurine, made specific to this new installment in the series. 

It is an action figure made of high-quality resin, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, and Polyvinyl Chloride. The character Monkey D. Luffy’s action figure from One Piece is depicted on this statue, which was skillfully made to perfection. This figurine is around 5.1 inches tall and can be seen here striking one of Luffy’s signature poses. 

Be sure to get a hold of this and expand your collection with some of the other fantastic Ichibansho figurines.

RED DXF The Grandline Men vol.1 Monkey D.Luffy Figure
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RED DXF The Grandline Men vol.1 Monkey D.Luffy Figure

The other very popular Luffy figure is a very cute, small figure that you receive and have to assemble by yourself. It is made of resin and is a perfect piece to put on your table. 

This Luffy’s figure can be seen wearing a red shirt and a hat and this action figure is balanced on a base which makes it easier or you to place it anywhere.

Key Takeaways!

Since the release of the 15th installment of the One Piece film franchise, Red, Luffy, and Uta’s characters have been in news. These are one of the most central characters of the movie. 

For this reason, Luffy and Uta’s figures are quite popular now. These amazing action figures are a must to have if you are an anime lover. Luffy’s character was packed with action in the movie so, the figures display the same. These figures are so vibrant that they will add that vibe to your room or personal space.