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Nico Robin is a fictitious character and one of the major protagonists of the manga series One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda. The character first appeared in the 114th chapter of the series, which was published in Japan on November 22, 1999, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Robin is portrayed as an adversary in the series, but he later becomes the seventh member of the Straw Hat Pirates crew, led by Monkey D. Luffy. Robin, the group’s archaeologist and historian is a Devil Fruit user with the Flower-Flower Fruit power, which allows her to grow duplicates of her limbs and, subsequently, her complete body from any surface. 

A beautiful day with Nico Robin

Robin is the only known surviving person in the world of One Piece with the capacity to read the ancient stones known as Poneglyphs, which is considered dangerous by the World Government, which outlaws the practice.

Robin has become a breakout figure in the anime and manga fandoms. She has also appeared in many manga adaptations, including an anime television series in which she is voiced by Yuriko Yamaguchi in the original Japanese language and Veronica Taylor and Stephanie Young in the English translations. She has also been a popular cosplay subject, sparking a craze in Japan in which women attempted to recreate her iconic attire.

Nico Robin, popularly known as the “Devil Child” and the “Light of the Revolution,” is the Straw Hat Pirates’ archaeologist. She is the crew’s seventh member and the sixth to join at the end of the Arabasta Arc. She left the team briefly during the Water 7 Arc but returned during the Enies Lobby Arc. 

Robin consumed the Hana Hana no Mi at an early age, endowing her with the ability to duplicate her body and its parts on any surface at will. As the single survivor of the destroyed West Blue island Ohara, she is now the only person in the world known to be able to read and understand Poneglyphs, a banned and dangerous capability to the World Government.

As “Miss All Sunday,” she served as the vice president of Baroque Works, serving and collaborating directly with the organization’s president, the ex-Warlord: Crocodile, who worked under the alias “Mr. 0.” Before joining the Straw Hats, she was a secondary adversary in the Arabasta Saga. Her ambition is to discover the Rio Poneglyph, which reveals the true history of the Earth, particularly the Void Century.

The Outlook & Presence of Nico Robin

Nico Robin became an archaeologist at the age of eight after growing up in Ohara, the site of the world’s oldest and greatest library. She eventually gets the power of the Paramecia-type Flower-Flower Fruit, which allows her to have temporary duplicates of her body, including her eyes and ears, grow up on nearby surfaces. 

Nico Robin

Behind her professors’ backs, she learns the forbidden art of translating the ancient stones known as Poneglyphs, which are found all across the world. She joins them in their quest to uncover the elusive Real Ponegliff, which is claimed to contain the world’s lost history. However, the World Government learns of these plans and dispatches a battlefleet to thwart them. Only Robin survives the terrible attack that kills the whole island’s population, including her mother, Nico Olvia.

Why was Nico Robin called the “Devil Child”?

Robin, dubbed “Devil Child,” is scarred and has a bounty on her head. She lives on the run, unable to trust anybody.  To survive, she joins forces with other pirates and outlaws. She later joins Sir Crocodile’s Baroque Works group, assuming the alias Ms. All-Sunday and rising to the position of vice-president.

nico robin devil child

With nowhere else to go once Baroque Works comes apart, she joins the Straw Hat Pirates and grows so fond of them that she gives herself up to the government to save them. After discovering her true purpose for fleeing, the Straw Hat Pirates wage open war on the government in order to reclaim her. 

She believes she has finally found someone who will never betray her and joins the crew. Two years later, Robin has honed her Flower-Flower Fruit abilities to the point that she can build a full-body replica of herself as well as wings made completely of arms and hands that allow her to fly.

Slim and tall young woman

Nico Robin is a tall and slim young woman with shoulder-length black hair and dark, wide pupils in her eyes. Her nose is also long, narrow, and defined. 

Robin’s skin tone in the anime has a little darker tan, as opposed to the lighter skin tone in manga-colored artworks. Robin looks a lot like her mother, with the exception of her hair color and style, as well as having a slightly darker skin tone. Robin’s limbs, particularly her legs, are extremely long, which contributes significantly to both her fighting abilities and overall height.

nico robin beautiful

She does not have a trademark look like the others, though her all-purple cowgirl style from when she first appeared is generally associated with her. Robin, like Nami, appears to enjoy wearing exposing attire, as she regularly wears clothing that is either dark in color, typically black or purple, or made of leather. She also enjoys wearing high heels, which do not appear to impede her walking style or pace. 

Robin occasionally wears a gold arm bracelet with white fringes and the letter N on it, which represents her family name. She also had one with the initials BW, which stood for Baroque Works, but she no longer wears it because she is no longer associated with the organization. She has also been seen wearing an outback hat on several occasions.

Her outfits were always in the spotlight

She wore a revealing cowgirl attire in the Arabasta Arc, consisting of a purple cleavage-exposing corset and matching mini skirt with white decorations hanging from them, as well as a white fur-lined coat combined with a white cowboy hat and white high-heeled boots. 

When she joined the Straw Hats at the end of the arc, she wore a more modest buttoned-up long-sleeved lavender shirt, purple leggings, and matching boots. Robin modified her wardrobe in the Skypiea Arc, along with Nami, into something more fitting for Angel Beach, wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt and purple leggings reaching to her calves (which would not get wet while she walked on the beach), with a simple belt around her waist. 

She wore her white pendant on her left arm and went barefoot to the beach because she didn’t require footwear. When she needed shoes for touring the rest of Skypiea, she put on her distinctive white cowboy hat, which she still wore for the time being.

nico robin outfit

She donned a purple jacket over a shirt with aquamarine trim, dark blue slacks, and matching boots in the Long Ring Long Land Arc. She changed into more casual clothes to keep warm after being frozen by Kuzan and then thawed out, consisting of a waist-length black sweatshirt with a dark gray hood and black leggings that extended down to the middle of her thighs, and simple white slippers. 

She donned a short, black, cleavage-revealing leather dress with long sleeves over what appeared to be a lighter, white polka-dotted undergarment in Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arc. She also wore thigh-high black boots.

She was observed in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc wearing a tight-fitting pink t-shirt with the Galley-La insignia on the front and a pair of black slacks. She was also wearing high-heeled white shoes. Later, she changed into a tight, pinstriped purple buttoned sweater and dark high-heeled shoes to replace the T-shirt. She wore a short garnet dress with lace embroidered edges, stockings reaching up to her thighs held up by suspenders and black high-heeled boots with two lines of buttons on the front in the Thriller Bark Arc.

nico robin outfits

She wore a black attire consisting of a cowboy hat, a cleavage-revealing sleeveless shirt with a wide, yellow collar decorated in black concentric circle designs, matching leggings reaching down to her calves, and purple high-heeled Mary Janes in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. She was also wearing a necklace of circular and yellow pendants that hung loosely around her waist. Robin wore a single-piece blue prison jumpsuit that was left open to display her enormous bosom while imprisoned on Tequila Wolf.

Her overall outlook said a lot about her personality

Robin’s skin tone appeared to gradually brighten while taking Tequila Wolf. Robin’s black hair (also lightened in hue) has grown longer, reaching her lower back and being pushed back to display more of her forehead and ears since the Return to Sabaody Arc near the end of the Fish-Man Island Arc. 

nico robin personality

Her outfit now consists of a long salmon sarong skirt, a partially-zipped navy-blue leather vest with a V-neck line similar to Boa Hancock’s, and an image of her Devil Fruit or an actual Chrysanthemum morifolium is printed on the left breast near the shoulder, exposing her stomach, pink high heeled pumps, and a pink backpack. She is shown sporting orange sunglasses that she hangs on her brow during the battle with the New Fish-Man Pirates in Gyoncorde Plaza.

Robin’s breasts, like Nami’s, have become considerably larger and rounder, but her appearance hasn’t changed much, except that her hourglass form and body curves have become more evident. Robin’s skin tone appeared to brighten with color, almost to the level of the manga’s skin tone (possibly due to the time spent training indoors). Robin, unlike the other members, did not get taller, remaining at 188 cm. 

Robin donned a teal, long-sleeved V-neck dress after the battle for Fish-Man Island. During the Punk Hazard Arc, while exploring the Burning Lands of Punk Hazard with some of her crew members, Robin removes her dress due to the heat to show a flowery camisole and black shorts; she later ties the dress around her waist. 

She is also wearing really high heels with this attire and her new signature sunglasses over her brow. She subsequently wears a long, spotted winter coat over this while exploring the island’s Ice Lands, which she obtained from a female member of Brownbeard’s Centaur Patrol Unit.

nico robin personality

She wears an extremely short black dress during the events at Dressrosa. Because it is low cut, a big section of her breasts, as well as her legs and lower thighs, are exposed. Her look is completed by sunglasses, black high heel boots, and a white bell-brimmed hat. She also wears her hair in a high ponytail. 

The hat, coupled with her sunglasses, was an extra precaution she employed to obscure her face from her foes on the island, particularly the CP0 agents. She also disguised herself as one of the Donquixote Pirates’ grunts, donning an outfit resembling that of a burglar, complete with a dark long-sleeved turtleneck, dark camouflage pants, boots, gloves, and a distinctive horned cap.

During the Wano Country Arc, she applies lipstick, ties her hair up, and dresses in a traditional black Geisha gown. Her second look was a purple kimono with white and purple squares on it. Her third dress is a primarily white kunoichi with a purple daffodil pattern, a dark purple tsuke obi with a large blue bow in the back, a light-purple obiage, and a red obijime. 

Her hair is tied back with a scarlet ribbon, and she wears a dark flower pattern-covered cloak over her shoulders. She was dressed as a Beast Pirates when Kin’emon used his Devil Fruit skills to conceal them.

The Unbelievable Powers of Nico Robin

nico robin powers

Robin consumed Hana Hana no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that enables her to sprout copies of any of her body parts from any surface within range. She has the ability to sprout replica body parts from her own body, inanimate surfaces, and even other people’s bodies.

She has the ability to sprout duplicate body parts on top of duplicate body parts. She has complete control over her copied limbs and can perceive sights and noises remotely via duplicate eyes and ears. She appears to be able to make an infinite number of duplicates as long as they are within range. When she utilizes her talents, she usually crosses her arms and makes an “X” formation across her chest, but it’s revealed that she doesn’t have to do so to use her skills.

Disabled her opponents in seconds

nico robin fighting hands

She can use her strength to disable her opponents, place them in agonizing submission grips, and even fracture their bones fairly simply by growing several limbs from their bodies. She can also twist and flip her opponents with this application of her strength. Her ability is ideal for dealing with a huge number of foes at once.

Apart from direct combat, she can use her abilities to perform a variety of support roles, such as making a net to catch falling friends or forming a huge number of arms in the style of wings, allowing her to soar for a few seconds. She can also transport her friends by growing feet from their bodies to walk them away or hands to send them along. Robin has the ability to replicate herself and even produce gigantic-sized limbs. Her copied parts are regarded as extensions of her own body, and if they are injured, she feels the anguish in her own body.

Similarly, Devil Fruit skills that need contact with a person’s flesh will work when applied to her extended limbs, as demonstrated by Sugar converting Robin into a toy by touching Robin’s copied arms. She wore a dagger on her belt but never used it in combat because she fought unarmed with only her powers. She only used it once, in self-defense, to try to kill Crocodile. 

When Robin teamed up with CP9 during their raid on Iceburg’s mansion, she also carried six flintlock pistols, which she wielded simultaneously with her Hana Hana no Mi skills. During the last battle in Film Z, Robin used both a rifle and a rapier.

Robin is an expert at strategy

nico robin hands

Because of her bright mind, Robin is a fantastic strategist: she is extremely good at employing smart deception and trickery to obtain a strategic advantage over foes that are stronger than herself. In Thriller Bark, she is able to take advantage of the zombies’ full loyalty to their masters by fooling Hogback into ordering the two zombies carrying Zoro and Sanji’s shadows to jump from the Thriller Bark mansion.

Effectively enticing them away from Hogback without the need of physical force. Robin is tactically careful and has a keen sense of danger due to her years of evading Marines and the World Government. As seen during Operation SOP, Robin is able to completely comprehend Trebol’s combat capabilities based on her intimate observation of a fly Trebol killed and consequently chooses to restrain Leo because it will be too hazardous to approach Sugar while Trebol is protecting her. 

She can also masquerade as a subordinate member of the Donquixote Pirates to entice Trebol away from Sugar far enough for the Tontatta dwarves to ambush Sugar, but they fail to owe to Sugar’s combat abilities.

Does Nico Robin Have Any Love Interests in One Piece?

nico robin love

Many female characters, such as Ochako Uraraka in My Hero Academia, are distinguished by their affection for the main protagonist. With that in mind, Robin avoids this particular trap. She’s not especially interested in relationships right now.

Robin had a single goal throughout the majority of the One-Piece series. She wishes to learn the true history of the globe, particularly what occurred during the Void Century. Remember, she was the sole survivor of Ohara, a scholarly island destroyed by the World Government. Robin only wants to assist the Straw Hats in locating the One Piece and discovering the world’s true mysteries.

It’s great to see female anime characters who don’t care about the concept of love. Robin is quite close to Nami and frequently spends time with her, particularly when they have free time, going shopping and conversing. Nami was initially skeptical about Robin when she first joined the team, but she was persuaded by a sack of gems that Robin took from Crocodile. She sympathizes with Nami’s displeasure about the male crew members’ ridiculous pranks, but she does not become enraged by them. 

Nami was one of the Straw Hat members who was most distressed by Robin’s captivity at the hands of CP9, and she worked relentlessly to get Robin back, crying with Chopper when they did. Soon after Robin joined the group, Nami began to regard Robin as a big sister, despite the fact that both of them have motherly impulses toward Chopper and Momonosuke. 

Nami is a particularly popular character to ship in One Piece due to her interactions with the crew. Her potential love interests include Luffy and Sanji, in particular. The former is an intriguing situation because Nami was taken aback by Luffy’s first kiss on Whole Cake Island.

nico robin love

In contrast to Nami, Robin does not have any romantic moments. She is occasionally played up for pure fan service, but not to the extent of the Cat Burglar. It’s anyone’s guess who she’ll wind up with, if at all. Well-known mangas, such as Naruto and Bleach, frequently end with a time jump into the future. This allows the author to group characters together. It wouldn’t interfere with the main story because it was already completed.

Robin and Zoro share an unusual friendship, as well as the most common of all the Straw Hats. Zoro was the one that held out the longest on trusting Robin, and when they were forced to partner up during the South Bird Hunt, he told her flatly that he didn’t. 

While she employed various techniques to acquire the trust of the other Straw Hats, except for Sanji, who accepted her immediately since she was a lovely woman, she never tried to mislead him into trusting her. She also treated him differently than the other Straw Hats, considering him as an equal, and felt comfortable enough to tell him about her mysterious past.

Nico Robin is The Calmest Member of The Straw Hat Pirates

robin smiling

Robin is normally a very calm and composed individual. She spends a lot of time reading books with the Straw Hats. Unlike Nami, she seemed to find Brook and Sanji’s perverse personalities amusing. She appears to have a very grim sense of judgment, frequently suspecting fellow crew members will die or be killed, much to the terror of Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper.

Robin is also extremely intelligent, having been formally recognized as an archaeologist by the scholars of Ohara. She is one of the few persons known in the One-Piece universe who can read the Poneglyphs and discern their actual meaning. 

Robin is the calmest member of the Straw Hat Pirates and is rarely seen acting hilariously. She respects Luffy more than the rest of the crew, even when he acts rashly, to the point where she laughs at his pranks. She, along with Zoro, is one of the members who wholeheartedly supports Luffy’s decisions. Nico Robin is frequently reading and researching data from the sites they visit while the crew is traveling.

nico robin calm

In everything, she is intelligent and patient. Robin does not have a definite position on the ship, but she can predict what can be found there, which benefits others. Luffy regards her as a very intelligent member. Robin is an archaeologist and historian who desires the comfort and freedom to investigate the world’s mysteries as a result of her background on the island of scholars. 

She is the quieter, more reserved crew member, with seldom emotional outbursts. Even when speaking ominously among her crewmates, she appears calm. Sanji describes her as having an “adult appeal.” Oda refers to her as the “mother,” and she has shown maternal concern for others such as Chopper, Momonosuke, and Toko.

Robin has a morbid side and frequently points out repulsive or gruesome information, much to the chagrin of Nami or Usopp. Robin is frequently the first to predict that a crewmate has met or will meet a terrible fate, often going into graphic detail. In other cases, she’ll profess interest in anything with a horror vibe.

Nico Robin Was Never Afraid to Put up A Fight!

nico robin fighting

Nico In One Piece, Robin, is rarely seen fighting. Her last big battle before the Wano Country arc was with Yama in the Skypiea arc. Robin has had minor fights since then, such as the one with Hammond on Fishman Island.  The Wano Country storyline, however, changed everything when Robin faced Black Maria, a Tobiroppo member.

The fight was dominated by Black Maria, who was extremely skillful. Robin, on the other hand, was able to unleash two new powers, Grande Fleur and Demonio Fleur, to overpower her and crush her. Nico In One Piece, Robin, is rarely seen fighting. Her last big battle before the Wano Country arc was with Yama in the Skypiea arc. Robin has had minor fights since then, such as the one with Hammond on Fishman Island. 

The Wano Country storyline, however, changed everything when Robin faced Black Maria, a Tobiroppo member. The fight was dominated by Black Maria, who was extremely skillful. Robin, on the other hand, was able to unleash two new powers, Grande Fleur and Demonio Fleur, to overpower her and crush her.

Black Maria has been attempting to get under Robin’s skin by using Sanji’s cry for help, but not only does Robin refuse to succumb under such pressure, but it’s made her far more aggressive as his typical cool manner has begun to give way in favor of Robin actually getting serious. 

This is especially true in the most recent chapter of the story, in which Robin unleashes her Devil Fruit power, Gigante Fleur, in its entirety. The series’ Chapter 1020 gives us an update on Robin and Brook’s fight against Black Maria, and it’s revealed that while she tried to utilize illusions of Robin’s past to persuade her to relax her guard, it’s soon shown that neither Robin nor Brook were impacted at all.

nico robin have tears

She is also unaffected by Black Maria’s insults that Sanji had sold her out to save himself. She provokes her by pointing out how much of a target she is for her knowledge and more, but this only fuels Robin’s fire. Robin understands that Sanji’s reliance on her for assistance means more than Black Maria and the other Beasts Pirates can comprehend, and she even defends Sanji by claiming he is deserving of the “wings of the king of pirates.” It is here that she unleashes her new ultimate movie, Gigante Fleur, and summons not only her huge arms but also a giant clone of herself, elevating her to the level of Black Maria.

Nico Robin - Her Family & Friends Admired Her

Robin’s mother was Nico Olvia, and despite the fact that the two had not seen each other in many years, her mother still adored her. She was proud of her kid and thought she was extraordinary for being able to read Poneglyphs at such a young age. Her main regret was that she couldn’t spend more time with her daughter, and all Robin ever wanted was to see and be with her. 

robin team

After Clover revealed the truth to the World Government, Olvia was approached by Robin as she was being taken away, and she finally confirmed her relationship with her after Robin’s pleadings. Spandine ordered that she be taken with them as the Buster Call was about to commence, but she panicked after being almost directly hit by an explosion and bolted away. Nico Olvia was abandoned and was eventually reunited with her daughter. She hugged her and told her how proud she was of her. She then begged Saul to take Robin to safety, telling her to keep living, to pass down the history to others, and to live her life to the utmost.

Gone but never forgotten

Olvia embarked on a six-year expedition to research the Poneglyph with thirty-three other archaeologists after her spouse died. Although she was sorry to have to leave Robin, it was something she felt she had to do: she left Robin in the care of her brother’s wife, Roji. Roji was Robin’s aunt through Olvia’s brother’s marriage. 

robin have bag

She despised Robin and mistreated her from the time she entered her home, treating her like nothing less than a slave. Other: Robin is never shown interacting with her uncle or cousin, despite the fact that they are connected to her. Robin’s uncle was seen defending her against his wife, but he did little else to support her or acknowledge her as a family member. 

Robin has a father as well, but she never met him, and his identity is unknown to her. All family members are thought to have died in Ohara (except Robin’s father, who died many years previously). The children of Ohara regularly pick on Robin, but she scares them away with her Hana Hana no Mi powers, and both the children and their parents call her a monster for it.

Nico Robin did not trust easily

After passing her test, Professor Clover authorized Robin to become an archaeologist; it was his research on Poneglyphs that piqued her interest in True History. Clover let her read books from his library, which piqued her interest in them. The other archaeologists in the Tree of Knowledge backed her up. They were her only pals, and they loved her unconditionally.

Even when they threatened to expel her from the Tree of Knowledge if she continued to spy on efforts to unearth the True History, they did so to keep her from being labeled a criminal. Toko: They initially met at Sanji’s soba noodle stand, and Robin was immediately taken with the little kamuro, even laughing at her joke. The next time they saw each other was at Orochi’s banquet. 

When Toko became the Shogun’s target after laughing at him, Robin abandoned her quest to defend her. Later, in Rasetsu Town, Robin was frightened to see the girl appearing at the execution site and placing herself in danger. Following her escape to Amigasa Village, Robin is frequently seen at her side, cuddling her as she sleeps and accompanying her to her father’s grave.

nami crying

To the best of Robin’s knowledge, the first members of the Revolutionary Army she met were the ones that freed the slaves at Tequila Wolf. She was astonished to find that they referred to her as the “Light of the Revolution” and that they had been looking for her for ten years on the orders of none other than Dragon himself. They offered to transport her to Dragon, but she initially denied it, claiming that she already had a crew. She decided to accompany them to Dragon after reading Luffy’s note in the newspaper. 

She joked that she wished they had come for her sooner, which they mistook for serious and apologized for, but she stated she’s happy with how things worked out. She refused to get into the ship, claiming that she did not want to go someplace where she would be unable to escape. The Revolutionaries made accommodations for her by bringing blankets, drinks, food, a sofa, and a windbreaker. She returned to the Sabaody Archipelago alone after a two-year time jump, evading some people. It is currently unknown what her relationship with Dragon is.

During the time skip, Robin became acquainted with Koala, Sabo, and Hack, introducing them to her fellow crewmate Usopp. Robin demonstrates that she is aware that Sabo is Luffy’s brother and has heard his account of how they were separated. After Sabo questioned the crew, she also promised to keep an eye on Luffy. During the Zou Arc, Dragon asks Koala about Robin because he and the other Revolutionaries were worried about Robin being captured on Sabaody Archipelago and were happy to learn that the rumors were unfounded, demonstrating that Dragon cares about Robin’s well-being.

robin on bikini

Aside from that, Jaguar D. Saul maintained a special place in Robin’s heart for befriending her during her lonely periods, acknowledging her anguish and encouraging her to laugh at difficult times, and sacrificing himself to save her life. Saul was shipwrecked in a storm and then cast adrift in the seas, eventually settling on Ohara. There, he met and accidentally befriended Nico Robin, as well as being reunited with Nico Olvia. Saul was approached by Vice Admiral Kuzan (Aokiji) while destroying the Buster Call ships after assuring Olivia that he would assure Robin’s safety. Saul smiled and chuckled as he was frozen, cryptically recalling the manner in which Gol D. Roger was slain two years before.

Popular Fan Theories about Nico Robin From One Piece

The creator of One Piece is a busy man, but he regularly communicates with his followers. In fact, Eiichiro Oda isn’t hesitant to talk about fan ideas when they come up, and he even confirmed a fairly filthy theory for one reader. During an analysis of a previous Oda Q&A, which inspired him to answer how Robin might use her unique skills in… 

nico robin happy

Well, NSFW ways, fans unearthed one of the oddest fan theories involving Robin. For those who are unaware, Oda frequently addresses fan queries during his SBS specials. The events are held on a regular basis throughout the year, and they allow fans to ask the creator of One Piece their burning questions. Oda had no idea what Ero-Ero Fruit User was going to ask when they submitted their query. The fan, it turns out, wanted to know if Robin’s magic could be utilized on her – well – bosom. The pirate possesses the Flower-Flower Fruit power, which allows her to sprout bits of her own or an opponent’s body. Of course, this fan was curious about how else the Devil Fruit may be used, and Oda obliged.

Of course, fans have made a comedy out of this rediscovered answer. After all, Robin would have no cause to utilize her Fruit-Fruit talent on her breasts, but fans will imagine a scenario in which it is required. And now that Oda has backed up the hypothesis, you can bet there is fan-art of the theory floating around that is definitely rated 18 and up. Fans should not expect this hypothesis to enter the canon for the time being, as Shonen Jump has censors to follow. Oda may not have a problem with fan service, but he understands when it’s enough. For the time being, Robin will continue to use her abilities on the battlefield.

Nico Robin Trivia Time!!!

Robin’s intellect has long been renowned, as she was the youngest archaeologist in Clover at the age of eight. Even by anime standards, that is much above what a regular youngster could manage. She didn’t stop there, either, becoming the youngest scholar as well.

It demonstrates not just her intelligence but also her devotion to history, a fact that is frequently brought up in the present day. She doesn’t understand why people don’t value history as much as she does. In most circumstances, a character’s birthday is merely incidental and unimportant. It’s merely there to provide some trivia for people to speculate about. That is not the case with Robin, as the date has a deeper meaning. Her surname’s first syllable is Ni, while her name’s first syllable is Ro. Because the numbers 2-6 may be derived from Ni-Ro, Oda decided to make that her birthdate. To say the least, it’s an intriguing method of determining when it is.

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