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Nezuko Kamado is a fictional character in the manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba by Koyoharu Gotouge. 

Nezuko and her elder brother Tanjiro Kamado are the only survivors of an occurrence in which they lost their whole family to demons, with Nezuko transforming into a demon but still displaying human feeling and thought. Tanjiro sets out on a quest to assist his sister in reverting to human form and avenge his family’s death after meeting Giyu Tomioka, a demon slayer. 

Because of her demon identity, Nezuko’s persona was designed to make Tanjiro a more original character. The first critical reaction to Nezuko was positive, owing to how unusual it was for the story to have this kind of character as a demon, as well as how she demonstrates greater fighting abilities over the series. She was also a popular character among Demon Slayer fans, having appeared in a Weekly Playboy magazine edition. 

Mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge designed Nezuko to give the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado a more distinct personality. Because Nezuko is a demon, Tanjiro is unable to detest the demons he encounters and instead finds himself in a gray area of morality. According to the author’s editor and other helpers, this allowed the manga to take on a more original narrative that easily attracted viewers.

The Inspiration Behind The Character of Nezuko Kamado!

Nezuko Kamado

Mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge designed Nezuko to give the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado a more distinct personality. Tanjiro cannot force himself to hate the demons he encounters since Nezuko is a demon and instead finds himself in a gray zone of black and white morality. According to the author’s editor and other helpers, this allowed the manga to take on a more original narrative that easily attracted viewers. 

While Nezuko has been mute since the first episode, the staff was able to portray detailed shifts in the character’s facial expression and personalize her feelings, according to anime producer Yuma Takahashi. They were able to give her more depth because of these advantages. Takahashi stated that he wanted viewers to be excited about Nezuko’s growth and the vast range of emotions she could display. “Kamado Tanjiro no Uta ” is an insert theme tune used in the anime. It reflects Tanjiro’s willpower as he rises above his misery and fights to defend his little sister. 

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko’s Japanese voice actress, Akari Kit, claimed Tanjiro’s voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, is like a big brother to her in the studio since he is encouraging and will stay and wait until she finishes even if he has finished his part. Kit is also a younger sister, according to Hanae. Even when she transforms into a demon, as she frequently assists her brother in conflicts, Abby Trott described Nezuko as “a sweet, compassionate sister to her numerous siblings’ ‘ for the English dub. Trott recognized Nezuko’s kindness and found it relevant.

Nezuko Kamado is A Character Full of Dreams, Aspirations & Personality

Nezuko’s initial human demeanor was that of a gentle and kind girl who, like her older brother Tanjiro, put others before herself. She was also a responsible older sister to her younger siblings, frequently prioritizing their needs over her own. Even after being turned back to a human state, Nezuko is not hesitant to put herself in danger, protecting her friends from demons.

Nezuko Kamado as kid

Following Tanjiro’s apology, Nezuko’s kind, laid-back manner is revealed to support this reality. While Nezuko begins like any other demon, ravenous and eager for human flesh, she undergoes a complete transformation after witnessing her brother’s desire to protect her from being killed by a Demon Slayer, ignoring the fact that she is a demon. Unlike most demons, Nezuko appears to have forgotten a large chunk of her human memories, except for those that related to her family, and so does not retain the precise demeanor she had prior to metamorphosis, instead of acting like a child. 

Although this is mostly due to the influence Sakonji Urokodaki had on her when she was asleep for two years; she is still very kind and protective towards humans who she perceives as members of her family. Nezuko retains some of her human feelings since she has been observed crying when sad and smiling when joyful, although she appears more detached than her human companions, despite being calmer and less malicious than most demons. Nezuko also sees her brothers’ images in other people, such as Rokuta Kamado in Yushiro. 

Since becoming a demon, Nezuko appears to have gotten bolder, and she no longer fears combat; she zealously shields both her brother and her comrades. She has also developed strong willpower, as seen by her refusal to eat human flesh or blood, even when severely damaged or exposed to human blood, as evidenced by her refusal to bite Sanemi Shinazugawa when he tries to seduce her with his Marechi blood. Her bravery is exhibited when she runs in front of Inosuke to protect him from her own brother, who had transformed into a demon and was attempting to murder all in his area. 

nezuko kamado demon form

Despite the possibility of her death, Nezuko chose to defend her brother. Nezuko has been known to stutter a lot when she tries to speak, which could be owing to her bamboo mouthpiece, which is rarely removed, and the fact that she didn’t speak for a long time after her metamorphosis. Her speech has improved as a result of her growing tolerance to sunlight, which allows her to go outside and contact others more regularly. She can now fully pronounce phrases if someone else has recently spoken them or if she hears them repeated frequently enough. 

Tamayo subsequently disclosed that her lost memories and underdeveloped personality were caused by her not being completely conscious, as she placed a higher priority on growing her sun resistance than regaining her consciousness.

The Overall Outlook of Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko is a little young lady with a light pink foundation that ombres to a red-pinkish color at the point, huge, noticeable fangs, and pointed, stiletto nails. Her thick, wavy black hair is wavy. It reaches just below her waist and appears to be crimped into large, straight ridges, worn aggressively to her left side.

Her pale pink eyes are tilted downward toward the sides of her face, framed by unusually long eyelashes with slit pupils as she changes. On occasion, Nezuko appears in the manga wearing a lot of bows. According to Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko was a remarkable beauty in their hometown. Nezuko is dressed in a light pink kimono with an asanoha (hemp leaf) pattern and a paler pink lining, with a red and white hanhaba obi with an orange-threaded obijime and a green obiage. She wears a long, dark-brown hair that reaches her calves, as well as a pair of pink-strapped zari and white tabi socks wrapped in thick black material that resembles kyahan.

Nezuko wears a little pink ribbon on the left side of her head to keep her hair out of her face, in addition to the bamboo muzzle Giyu Tomioka gave her, which is tied around her jaw with a strip of red cloth. During her fight with Daki, Nezuko turns into her awakened form, which has a larger, taller, and voluptuous figure, as well as long hair that reaches her feet. Her bamboo muzzle and boots, as well as the sleeves of her haori and kimono, are all lost. She develops a short white horn with an irregular crack pattern on the right side of her forehead, as well as vein-like patterns in her forehead near her horn.

nezuko and giyuu

Her vein-like pattern shows around her left eye, but the red and green vine-like pattern that covers her skin, swirling around her arms, legs, and chest, is her most noticeable new feature. She had a human-like look, with the exception of her absence of demon-like characteristics, vermilion hair, and pale pink eyes. Nezuko, on the other hand, had totally black hair wrapped back in three low buns with pink ribbons and dark red eyes that only appeared pale pink around the lower irises. She wore the same kimono as her brother, but without the haori and with a white Onbuhimo cloth that was tied around her waist, which she used to carry Rokuta Kamado on her back.

The Special Powers & Abilities of Nezuko Kamado in The Demon Slayer

A demon who battles alongside Demon Slayers is Kimetsu no Yaiba’s largest wild card. After being changed into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji, the Progenitor of Demons, Nezuko throws a wrench in the works by refusing to eat human flesh like her peers. While her brother Tanjiro trains as a Demon Slayer in the hopes of slaying a demon with powerful enough blood to allow for the development of a cure, Nezuko has joined him in battle, using her demonic talents for good rather than evil.

nezuko power

Nezuko is a one-of-a-kind demon who can not only resist the temptation of human flesh but also exist and thrive without it. So far in the story, Nezuko has been a demon for several years and has never once harmed a human. Her strength has grown at the same rate as Tanjiro’s, and she is now capable of fighting the world’s most powerful demons, the Upper-Rank demons. Nezuko, like other demons, possesses a particular skill known as a Blood Demon Art. Pyrokinesis is the name given to her ability to summon dazzling, pink flames. Other demons are vulnerable to Nezuko’s ability because her flames can cancel out other Blood Demon Arts.

She’s used her flames to weaken Lower-Rank Five Rui’s webs, break Tanjiro and Inosuke out of Lower-Rank One Enmu’s dreams, and even heal Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Tengen Uzui from Upper-Rank Six Gyutaro’s lethal poison so far in Demon Slayer. Nezuko fights Daki, a demon who shares the title of Upper-Rank Six with Gyutaro, in the “Entertainment District ” arc. During this fight, Nezuko unlocks a new, more demonic-looking form, which transforms her into an adult and amplifies her power. Daki concedes that Nezuko’s power and regenerating skills are comparable to those of an Upper-Rank in this form.

nezuko vs daki

The only reason Daki survives her fight with Nezuko in this state is that demons are incapable of killing each other. Unfortunately, as a result of this power, everything about Nezuko has turned completely demonic. The aggressiveness of this form prompts her to attack a human, but her brother is able to stop her before she harms anyone. Nezuko shows stronger control over this form in the subsequent “Swordsmith Village ” storyline, enabling it to face Upper-Rank 4 Hantengu without endangering her fellow Demon Slayers. 

The climax of the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga began with the revelation that Nezuko can survive being exposed to sunlight — the power that has escaped Muzan Kibutsuji for 1,000 years has finally manifested itself in the one demon over whom he does not have omniscience and omnipotence. Only Nezuko’s full uniqueness outshines her demon might, as even her Blood Demon Art is harmless to anyone who isn’t a demon. 

In the anime, her big moment is right around the corner, which means she’s about to destroy the internet like she’s about to break her fellow demon. Despite her youth, Nezuko has demonstrated exceptional combat prowess and ability in battle, defeating the Temple Demon and the Swamp Demons. Her rapid development appears to mimic Tanjiro’s since she can take on members of the Twelve Kizuki and match Upper-Rank demons in a matter of months. The fact that she can conquer the sun, however, distinguishes her from all other demons, prompting the Demon King to associate with her as the “chosen demon.”

Nezuko Kamado Managed To Make A Lot of Enemies & Start Numerous Fights in The Demon World

nezuko and muzan

Muzan is the oldest and most powerful demon in Demon Slayer, as well as the progenitor of the majority of the demons. He is a cruel, selfish, and vicious creature who murdered Tanjiro’s family and turned his sister into a demon.

Demon Slayers vs. Tanjiro Kamado

The final fight between humans and demons, Tanjiro Kamado vs. Demon Slayers, takes place outside the ruined Infinity Castle. It centers on the fight between the newly demonized Tanjiro Kamado and the Demon Slayer Corps’ surviving members. Tanjiro recovers from the poison that created the growth on his face and regenerates his lost limb and eye after becoming a Demon.

When Tanjiro fights Giyu Tomioka, he demonstrates resistance to sunlight, just as Muzan foretold. He proceeds to confront Inosuke Hashibira, the hero who saved Giyu, only to be comforted by a distraught Nezuko. Tanjiro manages to temporarily calm himself down after accidentally biting Nezuko’s shoulder, and Nezuko begs her brother to stop so they can return home. 

However, as Inosuke lashes out at Tanjiro, Tanjiro evolves further into his Demon form, gaining bone appendages akin to Muzan’s. Tanjiro continues to urge Nezuko not to surrender himself to Muzan, but Tanjiro starts assaulting the Demon Slayer Corps aimlessly, swinging one of his bone appendages towards Zenitsu.

inosuke and tanjiro

Giyu uses the Water Breathing, Fourth Form: Striking Tide to save Zenitsu and a few Kakushi. Tanjiro summons an energy ball to strike the Demon Slayers, but his attack is deflected by Nezuko, who suffers a significant injury to her arm. Zenitsu, powerless, cries out to Tanjiro, terrified at the prospect of Nezuko dying at her brother’s hands. Kanao Tsuyuri arrives with a vial of the humidification drug as Giyu and an onlooker try to figure out how to stop Tanjiro. Kanao applies Flower Breathing, Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye to her left eye before approaching Tanjiro to inject him with the medicine, only to be struck by one of Tanjiro’s bones appendages in the process.

Muzan tries to persuade Tanjiro to be devoured by the desire to become the ultimate entity in his imagination. Tanjiro flatly rejects Muzan’s offer, and several hands belonging to his loved ones, both dead and alive, rise from the ground and reach out to him through the Wisteria blooms. Tanjiro surrenders to their clutches and is returned to reality, his humanity restored. Muzan is eventually defeated and fades from Tanjiro’s subconscious.

Hantengu against Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Genya Shinazugawa, and Mitsuri Kanroji

The battle between Demon Slayers Tanjiro Kamado and Genya Shinazugawa, Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji, and Demon Nezuko Kamado against Upper-Rank Four, Hantengu, takes place in the Swordsmith Village. Tanjiro and Muichiro take their battle stances towards the demon in the blink of an eye.

Muichiro uses the Mist Breathing, Fourth Form: Shifting Flow Slash to behead the Upper Rank. Hantengu easily avoids the onslaught by leaping to the roof and pleading with the Demon Slayers to stop jumping him. Tanjiro realizes that Hantengu is not completely innocent, as he has swallowed a large number of innocent individuals in order to expand his strength. Tanjiro takes out his temporary Nichirin Blade, which Haganezuka crafted because he had to leave the Swordsmith Village before the ancient blade could be polished. The Hinokami Kagura: Sunflower Thrust is next used by Tanjiro to pin the Upper Rank so Muichiro can behead him, but Hantengu dodges once more.

Tanjiro is perplexed as to why the demon hasn’t retaliated against them. Nezuko then attacks Hantengu with a rising front kick as she transforms into her demonic form, but Tanjiro warns her not to transform because he thinks she’ll assault the swordsmiths herself. Muichiro then quickly and easily beheads Hantengu, shocking the other two. Tanjiro promptly inquires if there is any unique circumstance that necessitates decapitation. He warns Muichiro not to relax his vigilance while Hantengu regenerates his head and body into two separate bodies.

hantengu vs tanjiro

Muichiro attacks one of the new bodies, and they gush him far out on the battlefield with one of his fans, shouting that he’ll take the one in the back. With Tanjiro screaming Muichiro’s name in despair, Nezuko grabs one of the building’s rubble, preventing her and Tanjiro from flying out of the battlefield. The two Demon Slayers then see two demons, one brandishing a Khakkhara/Shakuj and the other wielding a Japanese maple leaf-shaped fan.

Rui vs. Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado

The battle of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado vs Rui took place on Mount Natagumo. The conflict between Demon SlayerTanjiro Kamado and Demon Nezuko Kamado and Lower Rank Five Rui is the focus of the story. Rui pulls Nezuko over to her side with his threads, explaining that now that he has his sister, Tanjiro’s role is to die.

rui vs tanjiro

With his damaged Nichirin Sword, Tanjiro charges right toward Rui. Rui attacks Tanjiro with his threads, while Nezuko claws at Rui’s face in an attempt to free herself. While avoiding Rui’s strike, Tanjiro observes that Rui is no longer carrying Nezuko. A spurt of blood lands on Tanjiro’s sword just then. When he glances up, he sees Nezuko suspended in mid-air by Rui’s threads, the threads piercing into her skin and injuring her horribly. 

Rui claims that because Nezuko is a demon, the threads will not kill her, but she will be taught a lesson. He continues to threaten Nezuko, saying that if she does not behave, he will burn and dissolve her till sunrise. Rui is yelled at by Tanjiro, who demands that he release Nezuko. Rui then uses his threads to trip Tanjiro and knock him unconscious.

Tanjiro is then kicked in the stomach, sending him flying into a thicket. Rui then assaults Tanjiro, and this continues until Tanjiro has the opportunity to sever Rui’s head. His sword, however, does not even scratch Rui’s neck. Rui exclaims that Tanjiro has no chance against him and then kicks him again, causing him to crash into a nearby tree. In her strung-up state, Nezuko yells and tries to release herself from the threads. Rui tells her she’s making too much noise and instructs her to be quiet. The threads tighten and cut deeper into Nezuko’s skin, causing her to scream in agony as her injuries worsen. 

nezuko and tanjiro vs rui

Tanjiro then warns Nezuko telepathically not to get upset; otherwise, she will play straight into Rui’s hands. Nezuko then appears to be in a sleep-like state. Rui observes that Nezuko has a distinct aura that distinguishes her from other demons. Tanjiro tells himself to relax and keep his breathing under control. Meanwhile, Kie Kamado appears in Nezuko’s consciousness and reaches out to her, asking her to help her brother or he will die. 

After that, Nezuko awakens and has the ability to use Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood. Nezuko transforms the blood on Rui’s entangled threads into pink and crimson red flames, incinerating the threads poised to strike Tanjiro and leaving a few drops of Nezuko’s blood on Tanjiro’s Nichirin Sword. 

Rui was astonished when the pink flames scorched the threads. Tanjiro then inserts the range of his blade into the opening thread. Tanjiro then declares that no one can ever break the relationship between him and Nezuko. As he spoke thus, the blood on the broken blade turned to flames, and the heat of the fire was absorbed by the blade, turning the color of the blade from black to crimson red for a brief moment. Tanjiro then uses his blade to cut Rui’s head from his body, which had joined Tanjiro and Nezuko’s abilities as one, similar to how the siblings’ hearts were as one.

Does Nezuko Kamado Have Any Family & Friends in The Demon Slayer?

Tanjiro as kid

Tanjiro’s younger sister, Nezuko, is the daughter of a charcoal trader and has been transformed into a monster. Nezuko is a demon and Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister, as well as one of the Kamado family’s two remaining members. As a human, Muzan Kibutsuji attacked her and turned her into a demon. 

Despite Muzan Kibutsuji’s belief that he has murdered them all in his endeavor to produce a sun-resistant demon, Nezuko survives as a demon with her consciousness mostly gone. She does, however, have enough memories to prevent herself from killing Tanjiro. Nezuko views all humans as her kin and will mercilessly kill any demon that threatens them, thanks to Urokodaki’s two-year hypnotic indoctrination. 

Nezuko obtains her energy from sleeping rather than devouring human flesh, and she frequently falls unconscious after pushing herself too much. She can’t speak at the beginning and has to wear a bamboo gag to keep from biting anyone. The muzzle is removed in later volumes, and she regains her capacity to speak; however, her speech is greatly hindered by her lack of speech for more than two years.

nezuko running

Nezuko has a range of talents, including regeneration, superhuman strength, quick growth and shrinkage, and a blood demon method called Exploding Blood, which causes her blood to burn as it departs her body. Her brother usually transports her in a wooden box (a gift from Urokodaki) until she gains the capacity to withstand sunlight, after which Muzan targets her. During the final battle against Muzan, Nezuko’s mind and humanity are restored, and it’s hinted that she helps Tanjiro recover from his demon metamorphosis by allowing him to drink her blood, which includes antibodies to Muzan’s demonic blood.

Tanjiro Kamado

In her strung-up state, Nezuko yells and tries to release herself from the threads. Rui tells her she’s making too much noise and instructs her to be quiet. The threads tighten and cut deeper into Nezuko’s skin, causing her to scream in agony as her injuries worsen.

Tanjiro then warns Nezuko telepathically not to get upset; otherwise, she will play straight into Rui’s hands. Nezuko then appears to be in a sleep-like state. Rui observes that Nezuko has a distinct aura that distinguishes her from other demons. Tanjiro tells himself to relax and keep his breathing under control.


nezuko and tamayo

Nezuko appears to be at ease around Tamayo, behaving more childishly than usual. She sees Tamayo the same way she sees all humans: as a member of her family, particularly as someone who looks like her mother. This endears her to Tamayo, who is touched by the fact that despite her Demon status and past transgressions, Nezuko sees her as a normal person.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Nezuko meets Mitsuri for the first time in the hidden Swordsmith Village. They enjoy each other’s company and have a bond that is similar to that of sisters. Nezuko also appreciates having Tanjiro style her hair in the Love Hashira manner.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu falls in love with Nezuko at first sight when he sees her for the first time. Zenitsu is said to regard her as a “strange dandelion,” and she did not appear to reciprocate his sentiments at first. Zenitsu treats her with tenderness and care, despite the fact that they rarely interact. 

Despite his cowardice, Zenitsu summons the courage to climb Mount Natagumo after learning that Tanjiro (and, by extension, Nezuko) were in the Spider Family’s territory, aiming to protect Nezuko. Zenitsu would sit beside her box during their recovery training and tell her stories about Tanjiro and their rehabilitation exercise. Nezuko would frequently move and scratch her box in response to Zenitsu’s stories, implying that she loved listening to them. 

As Nezuko returns to humanity, she begins to recall her time as a Demon, including a recollection of Zenitsu giving her flowers, implying that she views him favorably. Although she was originally frightened by his declaration of her as his wife, the two, along with Inosuke and Tanjiro, would eventually live together, marry, and start a family that would produce great-grandchildren in the current day.

Does Nezuko Kamado Have Any Lovers in Her Life?

nezuko lovers

Since the beginning of the show, Nezuko has been a fan favorite. She is sweet, sensitive, super-strong, and adorable. Let’s talk about who Nezuko-Chan is dating in Demon Slayer. Nezuko Kamado is a demon who is Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister and one of the Kamado family’s two remaining members.

When she was a human, Muzan Kibutsuji attacked her and turned her into a demon. Since the beginning of the show, Nezuko has been a fan favorite. She is sweet, sensitive, super-strong, and adorable. After a Demon attack kills virtually her whole family, Muzan Kibutsuji, the attack’s mastermind, transforms Nezuko into a Demon. She acts irrationally at first, even attacking her lone remaining brother, but she soon comes to her senses and defends Taniro from Giyu Tomioka. After that, the siblings travel together. To find a cure for Nezuko and vanquish Muzan, Tanjiro becomes a Demon Slayer. They meet fellow Demon Slayers Zenitsu and Inosuke along the way, and they wind up becoming their comrades. 

Let’s talk about who Nezuko-Chan is dating in Demon Slayer.

Agatsuma Zenitsu Might Just Be Her Special Someone!

Tanjiro begs Zenitsu to protect the box Nezuko is in during the Tsuzumi Mansion storyline without informing him what’s inside. Zenitsu is deathly afraid of demons and also has a keen sense of hearing. He sensed there was a devil in the box, but he safeguarded it regardless, even if it meant significant harm.

Despite his dread of demons, Zenitsu falls in love with Nezuko at first sight when he first sees her. She didn’t seem to share his thoughts at first, and she generally remained unconcerned by his pranks. Despite the fact that the two are rarely seen together, Zenitsu treats her with compassion and care. When Zenitsu finds Tanjiro and Nezuko are in Spider Family territory, he summons the strength to climb Natagumo Mountain, hoping to protect Nezuko. 

Spoilers for the Demon Slayer manga Zenitsu Agatsuma. During their recovery training, Zenitsu would sit alongside her box and tell her stories about Tanjiro and their rehabilitation therapy. Nezuko would frequently shake and scratch her box in response to Zenitsu’s stories, signaling that she appreciated them. As Nezuko adjusts to life as a human, she begins to recollect her time as a Demon, particularly the memory of Zenitsu giving her flowers, hinting that she likes him. Despite her early reservations over Zenitsu’s designation of her as his wife, the two, along with Inosuke and Tanjiro, would eventually live together, marry, and start a family that would eventually produce great-grandchildren.

Quirky & Interesting Fan Theories Regarding Nezuko Kamado!

Why Doesn't Nezuko Speak?

nezuko doesn't speak

There is a deeper reason why Nezuko does not speak in the program, according to a popular fan idea. The fan assumption is based on the fact that Demon Slayer is heavily influenced by Buddhism. While much has been written about the ties between Demon Slayer and Buddhism, this theory links Buddhist monks to Nezuko’s quiet nature.

The Significance of Nezuko's Silence

According to the fan hypothesis, Nezuko’s Buddhist-like fortitude is symbolic of her development in the program. Tanjiro physically prepares his body to overcome the king demon, Muzan, and overpower the demons who prey on innocent humans. On the other hand, Nezuko prepares her mind and spirit to withstand the temptations that come with the demon curse, which is also brought on by Muzan. It is a representation of the two siblings’ strong bond and determination.

It’s Trivia Time!!!

Nezuko Isn't Your Average Demon

Nezuko retains her human consciousness after she transforms into a demon. Other demons she and Tanjiro have encountered have noted that Nezuko is not like them. Instead of surviving on human blood, she recharges her batteries by sleeping. Her abilities have ranged from superhuman strength to size modification. When she battles, she possesses great strength and can adapt to any situation.

nezuko demon form

With her Exploding Blood Demon Art, she continues to evolve after each combat. Her special talents and innocence have helped her grow into one of the series’ most powerful demons.

She Has a Wonderful Friendship with Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji

Nezuko gets to know Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji in the manga and regards her as an elder sister, which makes their connection unique because Nezuko normally regards female humans as either surrogate mothers or young sisters. 

Several panels have Nezuko in a nearly-chibi state, playing with and being poked by the older female Hashira. Tanjiro even styles Nezuko’s hair to look like Misturi’s distinctive thick braids in one of the manga’s sketches.

After Her Transformation, Nezuko's Eyes Changed Color

nezuko eyes

Nezuko’s eyes were red and typical for a human at the start of the series. Her eyes turned pink after she was converted into a demon as a result of her family’s attack. Normally, we would assume the opposite, but her pink eyes just reflect her wicked essence.

Her kimono is likewise pink, which goes well with her eyes. There might or might not be a link there, but her eyes match her outfit, revealing her innocence beneath her demon form. It also serves as a reminder that beneath the monster Nezuko has become, there is still a human aspect to her.

Nezuko's Human Qualities Haven't Changed

Nezuko was a kind and caring girl before she turned into a demon. She, like her brother Tanjiro, would prioritize others before herself in order to care for her family. She nearly forgot all of her memories as a human after her metamorphosis, but she kept the ones regarding her family.

In her demon form, she retained her protective and compassionate characteristics. Nezuko has been protecting people she considers her family, prompting her to assist her brother in the fight against all demons in order to take revenge on those they love. So not all was lost when Nezuko was transformed into a monster.

Now You Know Everything About Nezuko Kamado!

The initial reaction to Nezuko was positive. According to Anime News Network’s Rebecca Silverman, Nezuko kept her humanity despite becoming a demon because of how she defends her elder brother, which leads Giyu to agree with the siblings embarking on a goal to find a remedy for her condition. 

According to James Beckett of the same website, Nezuko’s change into a demon was the strongest aspect of the pilot, and based on Tanjiro’s reaction and Giyu’s actions, the narrative is shockingly unorthodox. Manga. Tokyo also complimented Nezuko’s deeds since she managed to reawaken as a caring demon to Tanjiro after two years, making their embrace heartfelt. While Nezuko is a cursed character, she is nonetheless lively and appealing to see, owing to the way she obtains magical strength to utilize in combat. 

UK Anime News regarded Nezuko to be the most intriguing character in the series’ opening episodes because of her depth, and, like Comic Book Bin, she is surprisingly useful to Tanjiro when it comes to fighting. “The most likable male and female leads of the decade,” according to Comic Book Resources. The two siblings are also compared to the villains in a relevant way, according to UK Anime News. “Tanjiro and Nezuko make a terrific team and are two delightful characters,” according to Anime Inferno, “with the narrative at its best when the two siblings work together.”

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