A Season by Season Guide of Naruto – What Happens in Each Season, Who Killed Who, & So Much More!

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Who doesn’t like animated shows? We’ve all grown up watching them, and many of us still do. Animations are a universal language. They are unrestricted, and the possibilities are endless. Is it true that animations make life better? Yes, with ANIME, it does get better! Anime is a type of Japanese animation that has recently earned a lot of well-deserved attention and appreciation. 

Nine Tails Naruto

What many people don’t know is Pokémon Go which is a highly popular series and is also an anime. Yes, you read that correctly. If you were a fan of Pokémon Go, you’d automatically fall in love with the anime itself!


Anime is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, and while it isn’t new, it has gained in popularity in the United States over the last 20 years. Children, in particular, are drawn to it and make up a sizable portion of the audience. As a result, anime culture has spread to include television, films, social media, fan writing, memes, and much more.  

Anime is a term used to describe a particular type of cartoon created or inspired by Japanese animation. Consider this: all anime shows are animated cartoons, but not all animated cartoons are anime. The art style connected with anime is distinct and easily identifiable. Large eyes, wild hair, lengthy arms and limbs, and other features are certainly known to you. 

This exaggerated design allows the characters to convey their emotions more freely, which is plentiful in anime. Technical animation methods like dramatic closeups and zooms, vivid lighting, and brilliant colors all contribute to the anime’s emotional mood. Anime has endeared itself to viewers due to its nuanced characters and interesting plotlines, in addition to its unusual visual appearance.

Naruto is a popular Japanese manga series that is popular on Netflix’s OTT platform. It’s a popular animated series with a global following. The show has been on the air since 2001. Hayato Date directed the series, which was written and drawn by Katsuyuki Sumisawa and Junki Takegami. 

The show aired on television from October 2002 to February 2007. The plot of Naruto is separated into two sections, the first depicting the protagonists’ pre-teen years and the second depicting their teen years. Naruto is the fourth best-selling anime series of all time, with over 250 million copies sold in 46 countries. 

Critics and fans alike have praised manga’s character development, superb storyline, and well-executed action scenes. The series follows the maturation of a young man and incorporates cultural aspects from Japanese mythology and Confucianism.

The Awaken Naruto

Naruto is a narrative about a young boy from the Hidden Leaf Town who has observed pain since birth and aspires to gain distinction in his own village by swearing to become the village leader. He has a nice relationship with another boy named Sasuke, who, unlike him, is a genius who wants to avenge his clan’s loss by killing his elder brother. 

Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character created by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is a young ninja who is teased by the villagers as a result of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s attack on Konohagakure. Naruto aspires to be the village’s chief. He is easygoing, cheerful, and loud, which aids him in making friends with Konohagakure ninja and other ninjas from nearby villages.


This article is going to consist of a season-by-season play. Continue reading at your own risk because there will be spoilers!!!!!

Season 1 - Enter The Fun, Energetic, and Goofy Naruto Uzumaki!

Hayato Date directed the first season of the Naruto anime series, which was produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo. The season features Naruto Uzumaki, who lives in the Hidden Leaf Village and is determined to become the next Hokage and gain the people’s respect. It is based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series.

The first season aired on TV Tokyo from October 3, 2002, to November 5, 2003. A deadly beast called the Nine-tailed Demon Fox assaulted the ninja hamlet Konoha twelve years before the start of the series, killing many people. As a result, Konoha’s commander, the Fourth Hokage, gave his life to lock the monster within the infant Naruto Uzumaki. 

However, Konoha treated Naruto as if he were the demon fox himself, mistreating him throughout most of his childhood. Naruto Uzumaki is a twelve-year-old ninja who lives in Hidden Leaf Village, where he is mocked by the villagers for defacing a monument devoted to the four Hokage leaders in order to get recognition.

Iruka Umino, Naruto’s teacher, chastises him for spraying graffiti on each of the face statues but later hears Naruto’s ambitions to become Hokage and gain respect from the villagers. Naruto is deceived by an academy teacher named Mizuki into taking a scroll carrying the secret ninjutsu from the Third Hokage  Hiruzen Sarutobi that night, after being denied graduation from the Ninja Academy due to a botched Clone Jutsu. 

As Mizuki is about to kill the youngster and flee the town with the stolen scroll, Iruka intercepts Naruto. Mizuki then tells Naruto that residents were told not to mention him as a host to the Nine-Tails, a demon fox that destroyed their town twelve years ago. This is why Naruto is loathed, according to Mizuki, who also mentions that Iruka’s parents were slaughtered by the Nine-Tails.

Enter the Shadow Clone Jutsu!

After a contrite, Iruka saves Naruto and tells him they have a lot in common. Naruto decides to utilize the Shadow Clone Jutsu he acquired from the scroll to overpower Mizuki. Soon later, Iruka exploits Naruto’s ability to create shadow clones to justify his Ninja Academy graduation.

Haku was an orphaned child who became a devoted follower of Zabuza Momochi, who embraced him and taught him to be a powerful Shinobi. Because of his Kekkei Genkai, which allowed him to manipulate water and make ice spikes, Haku was abandoned by his father and the townsfolk. In Season 1, Episode 18, during Zabuza’s second bout with Kakashi, Haku sacrificed himself by acting as a human shield against Kakashi’s Lightning Cutter. Despite the fact that Haku was gravely damaged after his fight with Naruto, he chose to give his life for Zabuza out of loyalty and love.

Gato was a dishonest businessman who also sold drugs, and he was one of the key antagonists of the Land of the Waves narrative. Gato had hired Zabuza and Haku to assassinate Tazuna, the Land of Waves’ master bridge builder. After Zabuto was defeated by Kakashi for the first time, Gato warned Zabuza that if he committed the same mistake again, he would be tossed out. 

Gato arrived with his men to assassinate Zabuza after he was seriously injured after battling Kakashi for the second time, so he wouldn’t have to pay him for his services. When Gato stomped on Haku’s lifeless body, Zabuza became infuriated, and Zabuza ended up killing Gato with a kunai.

You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

He was a dishonest businessman who also sold drugs, and he was one of the key antagonists of the Land of the Waves narrative. Gato had hired Zabuza and Haku to assassinate Tazuna, the Land of Waves’ master bridge builder. After Zabuto was defeated by Kakashi for the first time.

Gato warned Zabuza that if he committed the same mistake again, he would be tossed out. Gato arrived with his men to assassinate Zabuza after he was seriously injured after battling Kakashi for the second time, so he wouldn’t have to pay him for his services. When Gato stomped on Haku’s lifeless body, Zabuza became infuriated, and Zabuza ended up killing Gato with a kunai. 

However, Zabuza was severely damaged during his second combat with Kakashi but was once again saved by Haku, who gave himself to Kakashi’s Lightning Cutter. Zabuza passed out near Haku’s body after killing Gato, hoping to be reunited with him in the afterlife.

Shiore was a Kusagakure genin who took part in the Chunin exams at Konohagakure with his squad. He looked like Orochimaru when he originally arrived for the examinations, except he didn’t have any bandages around his calves and ankles. Although Shiore was killed by Orochimaru before the exams, his death was discovered afterward when Izumo Kamizuki, Kotetsu Hagane, and Mozuku discovered his body. Orochimaru had assumed Shiore’s identity in order to take part in the Chunin Exams, which were used to analyze Sasuke’s abilities and weaknesses. 

zabuza fighting

Rasa, the fourth Kazekage, was the father of Gaara, a Sunagakure shinobi. Rasa concentrated on improving the caliber of his village’s ninjas in order to save them from extinction. As a result, he locked Shukaku within his youngest son, Gaara, resulting in his wife’s death during childbirth. Rasa was assassinated by Orochimaru just before the Chunin examinations’ finals. Rasa had joined up with Orochimaru to invade Konoha in order to replenish his village’s resources. Orochimaru, on the other hand, murdered Rasa and pretended to be the Kazekage.

An Evil That Has To Be Conquered

Dosu, a devoted follower of Orochimaru, took part in the Chunin examinations to assist Orochimaru in achieving his objectives. Dosu, on the other hand, was portrayed as a logical and intelligent ninja, and he quickly deduced that Orochimaru wanted to control Sasuke and that Dosu and his crew were only pawns in the game.

Dosu pledged to murder Sasuke during the Chunin exams. Gaara kills Dosu when he challenges him to assure Sasuke’s survival till the end of the battle. Dosu intended to keep Sasuke alive until the end so that he could challenge and kill him, but Gaara murdered Dosu before he could do so. In the first season of the Naruto anime series, Hayate was introduced as one of the proctors during the Chunin tests’ final rounds. Hayate was a powerful ninja who was even ordered to investigate Kabuto Yakushi and Orochimaru agent, despite his bad condition.


After overhearing Kabuto and Baki discussing Sungakure and Otogakure’s plan to invade Konoha, Hayate was slain by Baki. Hayate employed his Dance of the Crescent Moon method during the duel with Baki, but it turned out to be too shallow. Baki finally killed Hayate with his Blade of Wind technique. During the Chunin exams, Kin and Zaku were introduced as members of Team Dosu. Kin and Zaku were sent to the exams by Orochimaru to test Sasuke’s abilities so that Orochimaru could evaluate Sasuke’s power. 

Kin and Zaku both did well in the Chunin tests, but they were quickly defeated by other ninjas in individual encounters. Despite the fact that Kin and Zaku were Orochimaru’s devout followers, they were sacrificed by him in order for him to call the souls of the First and Second Hokage during the invasion of Konoha village.

Hiruzen, the Third Hokage of Konohagakure, was a formidable ninja and a previous instructor of Orochimaru, one of the Naruto series’ primary antagonists. Hiruzen, who was known for his gentle and caring demeanor, led the village in a tranquil manner, and his passing was a source of grief for many. 

Hiruzen ran into Orochimaru, one of his old students, during the invasion of Konoha. Hiruzen was slain while attempting to seal Orochimaru’s arms in order to prevent him from destroying the village. Hiruzen’s feelings for Orochimaru were still visible after he died since he hoped to see him again in the next world.

orochimaru with knife

Jirobo was first revealed as a member of Orochimaru’s bodyguards, the Sound Four. Jirobo was compelled to guard Orochimaru and carry out his ordeals when he was imprisoned by him. Jirobo was a powerful ninja who was both cool and arrogant. He was a part of Shiore’s team during the Fourth Kazekage’s assassination. Jirobo faced Naruto, and the crew was tasked to rescue and bring Sasuke to Konoha during the Sasuke Recovery Mission. While Jirobo appeared to be assured of victory, Choji channeled all of his chakras and defeated Jirobo, killing him in the process.

Keep reading to find out what happens in season 2. Who dies and who kills!

Season 2 - Who Will Kill and Who Will be Killed?

Hayato Date directed the second season of the Naruto anime series, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. The season follows Naruto Uzumaki after he passes the Chunin Exams, only to discover the invasion of the Leaf Village, which is based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series.

From November 12, 2003, to September 8, 2004, the second season aired on TV Tokyo. Kakashi is in a hospital in Konoha, while Sakura tells Tsunade about the information that the dying Akatsuki member, Sasori, provided her: he was meant to meet with one of his spies from Orochimaru’s ranks in ten days near the Tenchi Bridge. After four days, Naruto understands the need for another teammate and begins scouring Konoha for a willing recruit. He runs into Team 8, but they can’t help him because they’re on their own assignment. Later, just as Choji agrees to assist Naruto, Sai attacks the two of them, as well as Shikamaru.

team 7

Naruto, Choji, and Shikamaru attempt to apprehend Sai after failing to identify him, but Sai flees. The village elders confront Tsunade, fearful that Akatsuki will soon arrive in Konoha in search of the Nine-Tailed Fox. They suggest to Tsunade that Naruto stay in Konoha and not be sent on any missions outside of the village. Tsunade refuses, promising to protect Konoha with her life if Naruto is apprehended. 

However, she is forced to make a deal with Danzo by adding Sai to Team Kakashi. Tsunade temporarily replaces Kakashi with ANBU member Yamato and urges him to keep a watch on Sai while Kakashi is in the hospital. Naruto and Sakura later meet their new teammates, and Naruto is immediately enraged when Sai appears.

The Battle Begins…

Yamato takes over as Team Kakashi’s captain, while Sai, who lacks any human emotions or feelings, taunts both Naruto and Sakura. While getting ready to leave, Sai receives an envelope from an ANBU Root shinobi with Danzo’s secret orders.

Jiraiya later meets with Tsunade and Yamato in Kakashi’s hospital room to brief Yamato on the Nine-Tailed Fox trapped within Naruto, describing the “demon fox’s coat” and exhibiting a large scar on his chest that he received from Naruto when the latter climbed to a Four-Tailed form. Finally, the new Team Kakashi embarks on their new mission, which is to capture and intercept the spy hiding among Orochimaru’s subordinates, as well as acquire information on Sasuke.

nine tail power

The Tenchi Bridge is the destination for Team Kakashi. Sakura and Naruto lash out at Sai for making light of Sasuke, their former teammate. Yamato notices the team’s tension and thinks they need to improve their collaboration. He uses the Wood Style Jutsu to construct a wooden cage and threatens to lock the trio within unless they behave. 

Sakura is taken aback when she sees Yamato employing the hidden methods that were previously only known to the First Hokage. When Yamato gives the squad the option of being locked up or spending the night at a hot spring, the team picks the hot springs to promote team camaraderie. Despite this, Naruto continues to loathe Sai.

Sakura notices Sai drawing beside a river and realizes he has the artistic ability, but he has never given any of his drawing titles. Naruto and Sakura begin to understand why Sai has such a horrible demeanor. Following their visit to the hot springs, the group travels to the Tenchi Bridge to meet with Sasori’s spy. 

Yamato, who is wary about traps, advises the crew to take a different route through the woods. Yamato uses his Wood Style Jutsu to build a two-story house while camping for the night. Inside the residence, the team devises a strategy for apprehending the spy.

The Plan is Afoot

naruto yamato

Yamato plans to hold a fake test for his staff to assess how well they work together. Despite his protests, Naruto is paired with Sai, while Sakura is assigned to support Yamato. Yamato acts as “the spy” in a simulation of the meeting to assess Naruto and Sai’s abilities and collaboration.

Sai immobilizes Naruto when he makes a mistake and leaves him alone. Naruto is furious with Sai for not acting like a comrade, but he vows to work with him to reclaim Sasuke. As part of his ANBU Root training, Sai discloses to Sakura that he has no emotions and limited comprehension of them. 

The best moment of season 2 was when Naruto defeated Neji by using a shadow clone as a decoy after an explosive battle between the two. Naruto is crowned the winner after instructing Neji to quit putting so much confidence in fate. It’s debatable if the reunion was the best part of the season.

Sai’s true goal, according to Yamato, is to assassinate Sasuke, who is a threat to Konoha, according to his teacher Danzo. Sai walks into Sasuke’s room and awakens him. Rather than carrying out his orders and killing Sasuke, Sai says that he wishes to keep Naruto and Sasuke together. 

Sasuke retaliates by making a massive explosion in his chamber, drawing the attention of Sakura, Naruto, and Yamato. Sai says that he is revoking his mission instructions and will now assist Naruto in bringing Sasuke back to Konoha as Naruto and Sakura meet with their former friend.

naruto and yamato

The season ends just as Sasuke is ready to finish the squad with a strong jutsu when Orochimaru and Kabuto enter and stop him. Orochimaru and Kabuto persuade Sasuke to accompany them, and they vanish, leaving a grieving Naruto, who admits his inability to return Sasuke to Konoha, but Sakura reassures him, promising that they will soon reunite Sasuke. 

Back in Konoha, Yamato’s team informs Tsunade of the mission’s outcomes, and Tsunade is enraged at Danzo’s betrayal in leaking secret Konoha ANBU information to Orochimaru. In the ANBU Root base, Sai begs Danzo to let him stay with Team Kakashi for longer and preserve his name. Danzo agrees but grudgingly. Later, Sai embarks on a mission with his crew, whom he has come to regard as friends.

Season 3 - The Stakes Are Getting Higher, Higher & Higher!!!

Because of its more mature, emotional tale with higher stakes, Season 3 is considered the strongest season of the first Naruto series. Hayato Date directs the third season of the Naruto anime series, which is titled “3rd Stage” in Japan and is produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo.

The season follows Sasuke Uchiha teaming forces with Orochimaru when Tsunade becomes the Fifth Hokage and is based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series. The season aired on TV Tokyo from September 15, 2004, through June 29, 2005. Naruto persuades Sasuke and Sakura Haruno to assist him in examining Kakashi’s face beneath his mask. 

Each of their schemes, such as purchasing him ramen in order to force him to remove his mask while eating, fails hilariously. At the same time, they unwittingly prevent three ninjas’ attempts to kill Kakashi for ridiculous reasons. Finally, Kakashi agrees to remove his mask, exposing another mask beneath it that is significantly paler.


Without Kakashi, Team 7 is tasked with protecting a young man named Idate during a foot race against a rival clan that will end their conflict. Idate, on the other hand, despises ninjas. He sprints off in the wrong way at the start of the race, confounding everyone. Due to the winds and current, Team 7 follows Idate to another port, which provides a better starting location for the boating portion of the race. They are assaulted by Rain ninja from the Chunin exam, who have been hired by the opposite clan, while on their way. Team 7 shields Idate and instructs him to swim to the shore while they follow behind. He does so but is met with opposition.

A Sudden Ambush

Idate is taunted by Aoi, who strikes him. Team 7, which is still swimming for the island, is ambushed by the Rain ninja underwater. Using the first level of training for the Rasengan, Naruto generates a gigantic whirlpool that saves them. They then attempt to save Idate but are defeated by Aoi, who poisons them and flees.

Sakura gives them all of the medicine Tsunade had given her, and they go to a cave for safety. Idate recounts that he was formerly a Leaf ninja but was misled by Aoi into betraying the community after failing the Chunin Exam. Sasuke is recovering in the hospital following the injuries he sustained in the Land of Tea, as Shikamaru is promoted to Chunin and Lee agrees to the operation. When he and Sakura come to visit, he challenges Naruto to a fight, angered and resentful that Naruto has become stronger, but he has yet to defeat Itachi.

sakura fight

Naruto agrees, and the two walk up to the roof together. Naruto makes a Rasengan while Sasuke prepares his Chidori after exchanging many hits. Sakura screams for them to stop as they rush toward one another. Let’s take a look at each of the story’s key arcs and narratives. First and foremost, in the first episodes of this season, Sasuke’s past is finally revealed, and it is truly incredible. 

That episode is still the most realistic, intellectual, somber, and even artistically animated episode in the entire series. What happened to Sasuke was terrible, and it revealed so much about his character that I’ve come to admire him even more. Itachi is a wonderful and powerful villain. Yes, he only appears for a few moments, but he’s a badass who offers a genuine threat to our heroes.


Introducing Tsunade

The season then begins to slow down when we meet Tsunade, who is by far the only truly excellent female character on this program. Despite the fact that her sexual objectification is debatable, she is a fantastic healer, an especially badass in combat, and physically quite strong.

Her emotional past, as well as her growing motherly relationship with Naruto, were both highlights for me. And, of course, the confrontation with Orochimaru is fantastic, as are the clashes between him and Kabuto and the protagonists. The hospital scenes are noteworthy, and Sakura’s part, while embarrassing for her and she is actually stupidly pushed aside in this season, is still a great sequence because of Sasuke, as we see how much he loves her caring for him during his stay. His quarrel with Naruto was also noteworthy. However, I was irritated by all of the other characters’ haste to save Sasuke and keep him from joining Orochimaru.

Tsunade with coffee

That’s a beautiful narrative, and it would have been even better if Naruto was pursuing him alone, but all of the other teams were unneeded, and their characters are still underdeveloped and unnecessary. Shikamaru is still a distant memory for me, and only Gaara and Rock Lee had a truly unforgettable, epic battle. 

I just didn’t buy it when they said they wanted to save Sasuke. That didn’t ring true to me. However, this is a small drawback in an otherwise excellent season. Although Sasuke’s backstory is the best part of this season and the best flashback of all time, there is no disputing the force of Naruto and Sasuke’s battle.

This is where the entire show comes to a close, and the series closes, assuming you ignore the filler episodes. And this review is for the third and fourth seasons, including four episodes towards the end of the third season. But, certainly, Naruto developed tremendously and became far stronger than he had been previously, and their fight was truly incredible to witness. 

It featured an excessive number of flashbacks at the beginning, but the struggle between the two characters is well-established, and their connection is beautifully developed and serves as the series’ heart and soul. These episodes were both heartfelt and enthralling.

The End of an Awesome Season

friends of naruto

So, in the end, this season has too many characters, which detracts from the tale a little, but the season’s beginning is unprecedentedly dark and magnificent, while the finale is moving, complex, and strong. There’s no disputing that the action is fantastic, but the backstories and character relationships remain the highlights.

Season 4 - The Endless Search Comes To An End…

Tsunade dispatches the Niju Shotai, twenty squads of four ninjas each, to deal with and destroy the Akatsuki members in their territory while Naruto begins the second level of his wind chakra nature training. Ino and Choji go with Raido and Aoba, whereas Shikamaru departs with Asuma, Izumo, and Kotetsu.

Asuma’s squad arrives at the Fire Temple and laments the death of Chiriku. The Akatsuki must be attempting to claim the bounty on Izumo’s head, Izumo realizes. Hidan and Kakuzu, meantime, continue on their way to the bounty exchange location, bantering about their different ideologies. Kakashi tells Naruto at Ichiraku that he has something surprising up his sleeve for him. Back at the training grounds, Kakashi explains to Naruto that the ultimate goal of his last training regimen is to finish the Rasengan.

The Search for a New Hokage Begins

all hokage

n the original Naruto anime, the Search For Tsunade Arc spanned episodes 81 to 100. Following the death of the Third Hokage, the search for a new Hokage to replace the previous one’s shoes began. This was also the first time the Akatsuki appeared, revealing that Itachi Uchiha—brother Sasuke who slaughtered his whole clan—was a member of it.

Naruto and Jiraiya embarked on a journey together, where he first learned to master the Rasengan, and Orochimaru and Jiraiya competed to recruit her. Asuma and Shikamaru must think quickly as they face the Akatsuki duo of Hidan and Kakuzu mind-boggling Jutsu. The Akatsuki are summoned at the last minute, but not before dealing a death blow to a revered Leaf shinobi. The bereaved ninjas left behind are only thinking about vengeance, but Tsunade is opposed to the plan until an unexpected offer of assistance arrives. Season 4 is ranked the fifth-best in the series. Hence, I believe it is safe to say that it is a must-watch. Don’t just read about it or take my word for it. See it for yourselves!

Catch a Glimpse of Naruto Over The Weekend!

Both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden are set on a dramatized Earth where humans are born with elemental chakra skills. In its current state, the world is divided into five global powers and a few smaller countries. The primary elemental attribute of the people who reside there is used to identify and organize these countries.

The names of the five great powers, for example, are the Kingdom of Earth, the World of Wind, the Realm of Lightning, the Valley of Water, and the Field of Fire. Monarchs rule the countries, which are defended by a warrior class of elemental ninjas. These armies are kept alive by training promising young people in hidden settlements that also serve as academies. The young ninjas are regularly called upon to conduct jobs that require their abilities, allowing them to help the town while also gaining experience and earning money. 

Naruto’s parents were both very skilled fighters for the Land of Fire, and his mother, Kushina, possessed abilities that even the most adept ninjas lacked. Because of her vast chakra reserves, she was a rare carrier of the Nine-Tailed Fox demon spirit. These monsters were imprisoned inside individuals who could control them, bestowing upon them extraordinary abilities while also making them accountable for the monster’s containment. When Naruto’s mother was most vulnerable: after the birth of her son, she was attacked by the leader of a rogue ninja group. The attacker successfully unlocked Kushina’s beast, and the resulting rampage entirely destroyed the Uzumakis’ home hamlet. Naruto’s parents were both slain in the battle, with his father sacrificing himself to save the world from the beast. He locked a piece of the beast inside his infant kid in the process.

Even though the village watched for Naruto’s well-being, the orphaned Naruto possessed this strength at such a young age, and that power came from a beast that destroyed his village. Naruto is brash and unsocialized, and he creates a nuisance of himself just to grab people’s attention. For a change of pace from the usual wide berth that people who know his origin give him, he plays pranks on the local villages and frequently offends his elders. When he leaves, the village is mostly relieved. The season considers the development of friendships. The cast grows to include a slew of young ninjas after they arrive at the Academy. We find that they are all striving to be the finest fighter in the Academy, despite their very varied objectives. Naruto aspires to be admired for his fighting abilities as a result of the abuse he has received for the majority of his life.

He forms a bond with Sakura Haruno, a student, and a rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha, who is preternaturally gifted. Despite Naruto’s frustrations with Sasuke’s talent and how it prevents him from being regarded in high esteem by his masters and classmates, the two eventually become great friends. We learn about Sasuke’s tragic origin tale as a result of their blossoming friendship. His entire clan was assassinated by his older brother, Itachi, a member of the secret group of renegade shinobi that assassinated Naruto’s parents. Sasuke aspires to become a skilled fighter so that he can track down and kill his brother. The series consists of a rollercoaster of emotions, and with Naruto’s oh so many seasons, you are in for a treat. So what are you waiting for? Go get your anime ON!

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