Frieza Anime Figures That Are a Must Have in Your Dragon Ball Z Anime Figures Collection

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The primary antagonist of the Dragon Ball series is Frieza. He rules over a portion of Universe 7 and commands his imperialist army. Because of his brutality and strength, he is feared throughout the universe. He is the grandson of Chilled, King Cold’s second son, Cooler’s younger brother, and the father of Kuriza.

Goku’s arch-nemesis and the greatest adversary is Frieza. Since his battle with Goku on Namek, he has made several comebacks, including numerous invasions of Earth. He was just selected as Good Buu’s successor to represent Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power as the tenth member of Team Universe 7. 

As a result, he is the Dragon Ball series’ villain who appears the most frequently. He is restored following the Tournament of Power events and reclaims his position as Emperor of Universe 7.

Japan Anime DB GK LK. Frieza action figure for collection

Japan Anime DB GK LK. Frieza action figure

This item is designed in the form of a cartoon toy. It stands at the height of 29cm and is constructed out of polyurethane resin. 

The finished piece depicts Freiza in one of his last forms, holding a fan in one hand and a rifle in the other. He is standing on a platform. He is wholly concealed, from head to toe, wearing a garment that is maroon, golden, and purple. In addition, he is armed with two swords and wearing a helmet on his head. Frieza grins as he stands on the wooden plank, and his tail emerges from behind him.

Frieza is physically strong enough to compete with Goku, easily breaking plateaus with kicks and punches that send shockwaves across the earth. He created shockwaves that could shatter cliffs while punching at cloud level, shockwaves that caused the ground to crack and split apart a larger crater, and multiple extremely powerful shockwaves that ruptured the clouds after his four months of training.

Frieza survived the planetary extinction even without ki, while being cut in two and half of his face blown off. After some practice, he could resist the explosion of his Death Ball next to him and a powerful Kamehameha. He has been brutalized by opponents who are stronger than him and recovered quickly. 

For example, he withstood a powerful Kamehameha from God-like Saiyan Goku in the manga, Energy of Destruction, and then a brutal assault by Destroyer Form Top in the anime. He also withstood numerous attacks from Jiren in both media, and he lasted an hour in battle against Super Saiyan Broly in the movie without suffering much damage. 

He had also demonstrated the ability to survive surprise attacks, which typically cause severe injuries to those who are attacked, as demonstrated in the manga when he effortlessly withstood Super Saiyan Caulifla’s Burst of Energy.

Japan Anime DB GK XBD Frieza action figure for collection

Japan Anime DB GK XBD Frieza action figure

A cartoon toy-like design was used when creating this product. Polyurethane resin is used in its construction and has a height of 24cm. 

The completed work shows Freiza in his initial form putting on armored gear so that he might defend himself against potentially lethal assaults. He has a power counter implanted in his left eye, which displays the power level of the individual standing in front of it. 

He appears currently seated in his capsule, with dragon ball Z engraved at the bottom. In addition, there is a dragon ball with three stars and a dragon ball with five stars that are both lying close to the capsule.

The word “freezer” is rephrased in his name. However, when Akira Toriyama created him, he had a fridge in mind; as a result, all of his subordinates have names indicative of things you might find in a fridge.

Akira Toriyama claims that Frieza’s appearance combines what he imagined monsters to look like as a child. The Daizenshuu claims that Y. Kond, Toriyama’s second editor, also influenced Frieza. 

The events of the Japanese economic bubble that had taken place at the time that Toriyama was writing the Saiyan Saga are also said to have influenced Toriyama to create Frieza, with Frieza specifically being modeled; on real estate speculators, who Toriyama felt were “the worst sort of people.”

Japan Anime DB GK G5 Frieza wcf action figure for collection

This item depicts Frieza in his final form after his transformation. It is 11cm in height and is constructed out of polyurethane resin. 

Those who enjoy anime could receive it as a present if they so choose. In the product, Frieza may be seen attacking with a disc move that he possesses. There is a combination of red and purple in the background, and at the very bottom, there are rocks. It can be observed that Frieza’s tail has been severed, which is something that occurred during their battle with Goku.

Although superhuman speed isn’t quite like Instant Transmission, Frieza can move so quickly that it seems like he’s teleporting, even to characters like Goku, Vegeta, and even King Kai, who can move faster than light vehicles in the anime. In one scene, Frieza even runs on water and generates several sonic booms. 

He was easily faster than Gohan after training because a Super Saiyan could follow in his first form and keep up with Goku in his fourth form. In the anime, he was able to match Dyspo’s speed in his final form without going all out and easily follow his motions. In his golden form, he could easily outpace those speeds.

Even without ki, Frieza appears to have superhuman senses. Even though he is in the arena during the Tournament of Power, he hears about Ultra-instinct from the spectators, something that only Kefla (whose senses are doubled through fusion), Pirina, and Saonel (both Namekian thus have an incredible hearing) seem to be able to do without being close to the spectators. 

He also demonstrated superior vision during the Namek saga when he saw Dende treat Piccolo from a distance. Dyspo’s movements, which even Vados hardly noticed, were visible to him.

Key Takeaways!

According to an interview Toriyama gave to Shonen Road, Frieza’s final form was designed to be little and less threatening. Toriyama intended to defy the notion that bad guys and monsters get bigger and meaner looking as they get stronger.