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The main antagonist of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series is a character known by the alias Dabi and whose real name is Toya Todoroki.

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He is the eldest son of the Pro Hero Endeavor, and he became a villain in order to exact revenge on his father for his inattentive and self-centered behaviour, which drove him insane. He joined the League of Villains, was a previous member of the organization’s Vanguard Action Squad before it was destroyed, and eventually became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. In addition, he was a member of the Vanguard Action Squad.

In the Forest Training Camp Arc, the Pro Hero Arc, the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, and the Final War Arc, he plays a significant role as one of the primary antagonists, along with the other members of his team.

The Magnificent Appearance Of Dabi

Dabi is a young man who is characterised as being in his early twenties. He is described as being rather tall, pale, and of a slender, somewhat lanky form. He has white hair with a few red flecks at its top that spikes upward around his head and hangs low over his eyes, which are thin, the colour turquoise, and deeply lidded. His hair is white with red flecks at its crown. Before it was discovered who he really was, his hair was concealed with a dark covering.

The patches of gnarled, wrinkled, purple skin that cover much of his lower face and neck, all the way down past his collarbone, below his eyes, around his torso, and on his arms and legs are without a doubt the most distinctive characteristics of his appearance. This is the result of him losing control of his fire Quirk when he was 13 years old, which caused him to be engulfed in flames. These look like they are joined to the rest of his flesh by a series of crude surgical staples or hoop piercings. There are a lot of them.

He has a number of silver piercings in the cartilage of both of his ears, as well as a triple nostril piercing on the right side of his nose. When we look at him more closely, we notice that the earlobes on both sides of his ears do not appear to be present. His initial appearance sees him dressed in a dark blue jacket with a high collar that has been ripped and matching slacks that have been cut off above his ankles. 

On his feet, he wears a pair of dark dress shoes. In addition to that, he is wearing a basic light grey shirt with a scoop neck. Below the shirt, he is wearing a grey belt with a circular design that wraps around his waist. Attached to the rear of the belt is a leather bag.

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Toya had a big face when he was younger with unruly red hair that was spiked up in tufts around his head and fell down his forehead in irregular bangs. However, as he grew older, his hair began to turn white as a result of inheriting his mother’s genes, and it is now completely white. In addition to that, he sported a simple gakuran jacket. 

In most of the photographs taken of him, he had an unremarkable look, as can be seen in a handful of these pictures. Toya was born prematurely, which caused him to be shorter than his two younger siblings, Fuyumi and Natsuo. However, after he experienced a growth spurt, he eventually reached a height that was about equivalent to that of his siblings.

Toya had grown taller and his hair had become more spiked after he had lost control of his Quirk and woken up from a coma following a period of three years during which he had been in a coma. He now resembled more his appearance as an adult. Burn scars were already evident on Toya’s body at this time; however, they were not quite as bad as they are now, nor were they yet attached to his flesh by piercings.

After he joins the Vanguard Action Squad, he gets a new outfit, which consists of a larger dark blue coat with two large metal cuffs at the end of each elbow-length sleeve, and a white stitch design on each of his shoulders, with the hem, ripped and extending all the way down to his knees. Additionally, he gets white stitch designs on each of his shoulders. His shirt and belt remain the same, but he changes his slacks to some darker, larger ones and replaces his shoes with some black boots. His belt and shirt remain the same as well.

Dabi gets a new uniform around the time the Paranormal Liberation Front is being established to fulfill the requirements of his position as one of the nine lieutenants in the organization. Dabi is seen here donning a long coat that is dark blue with white cuffs, very similar to the one he wore previously. In addition, he wears a white shirt with a V-neck with white outlines on it. 

Not only does he have stitches on his shoulder pads, but he also has stitches on the kneecaps of his jeans. Only his silver belt, black boots, and dark-colored pants remain intact on him. Everything else has been lost. In addition, on each side of his coat, there is a button cluster with three buttons.


As a result of Dabi’s excessive use of his Quirk during the conflict he had with Endeavor and Shoto, the color of his hair has remained white since the end of the Paranormal Liberation War, and the burns on his hands and cheekbones have spread to cover the rest of his face. At the time of the Final War, Dabi is wearing an all-white outfit, including his new ragged overcoat, boots, and pants. He also has bracers on his sleeves and a belt around his waist. His new getup does not include a shirt for him to wear underneath it.

As Dabi keeps abusing his Quirk in an uncontrolled manner, his body is wasting away at an even faster rate. The flesh that was previously burned on the right side of his face is starting to disintegrate and fall off, leaving him severely deformed. The burns on his face are continuing to expand, exposing more of his jaw, teeth, muscles, and tendons. Additionally, the burns are continuing to extend around the perimeter of his face.

Dabi Has an Immaculate Personality!

Toya possessed a lot of vigour and boisterousness when he was younger, and he had a strong desire to pick up as much information as he could from his father. 

Toya got fixated on the objective of achieving that ambition, becoming just as obstinate as his father in his pursuit to become the next number one. This was caused by the fact that Toya’s father, Enji, had been telling him since he was a toddler that he would be the one to surpass All Might. 

This desire to outdo All Might was so strong that, despite Enji’s best efforts to convince him to give up on this objective and concentrate on anything else in life, he stubbornly persisted in his training despite the fact that he was slowly but surely destroying his body. 

Toya used the metaphor of his aim being a fire that his father had set within him that would not go out and that he could not bring himself to ignore in order to illustrate how his boyhood ideal developed into an unhealthy fixation as he got older. His mother, Rei, on the other hand, came to the conclusion that all he wanted was his father’s approval and to be shown that he wasn’t a failure in any way.


Toya’s obsession would go on to make him even more unstable. He would become indifferent to the damage that his Quirk training was doing to his own body, and he would also shrug off the concerns of his mother and sister. He did this because he had taken Enji’s words to heart, which said that his younger siblings lived in a different world than he did. This would lead to Toya becoming even more unstable. 

When Toya’s father refused to look at him, at one point Toya snapped and used his Quirk to attack both his mother and an infant Shoto. He did this because he was angry. In spite of this, he was not completely heartless toward his family. He demonstrated that he had a reasonably good relationship with Fuyumi and Natsuo when he was growing up, and he also expressed regret for trying to attack his youngest brother while admitting that he was wrong. Both of these things show that he was not completely callous toward his family.

Dabi is intolerant of the vast majority of people and can be quite scornful. He can also be fairly harsh and condescending to virtually everyone he engages in conversation with. When he first met Tomura Shigaraki, he insulted him, and he continues to insult both his allies and his foes on a regular basis, although he does not always intend to be impolite when he does so. 

Dabi has, for the most part, kept his distance from the other members of the League, even though they have gone on to cultivate a strong feeling of camaraderie. He has confessed that he has no affection for Tomura or the rest of the League, and that the value he places on them is primarily based on their capacity to make his goals a reality. Because of his extremely egocentric manner of thinking, Dabi is an extreme example of the sociopath.

The Abilities of Dabi are Quite Literally Out of This World

Dabi is one of the most formidable members of the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad and serves as its de facto leader. 

He received early training from his father, Endeavor, when he was a young child, and he also subjected himself to rigorous self-training. These experiences combined to make Dabi a powerful antagonist. Dabi has gained a reputation as a violent criminal and a mass murderer since he joined the League. He has been responsible for the deaths of over thirty people since joining the League. 

Dabi has a good handle on his potent yet dangerous Quirk, which not only grants him control over his self-generated blue flames that are stronger than normal flames as a result of his hatred for his father, but also grants him proficient wide-range capabilities. Dabi’s self-generated blue flames are stronger than normal flames because of his hatred for his father.

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The fact that he was able to escape being fully consumed by his own flames and being unconscious for a period of three years is a remarkable achievement. Even though he was only allowed one month to live with his burned and ruined body, Kyudai Garaki felt it incredible that Dabi was able to live into adulthood despite the fact that he was granted that amount of time. 

Dabi engages in combat largely at a distance, firing fireballs, creating flamethrower assaults, and releasing blasts of fire when they are in close proximity to their opponents. 

His primary method of attack is to overpower his foes with the overwhelming force provided by his Quirk. When it comes to defence, Dabi can produce gigantic fire walls that encircle his targets and burn away any strikes that are directed at them. Because of his expertise and might, he is able to completely destroy an entire opposing team in a matter of seconds. Dabi possesses the capacity and cunning necessary to engage in combat with a myriad of foes who are more numerous than he is.

Key Takeaways!

He joined the League of Villains, was a previous member of the organization’s Vanguard Action Squad before it was destroyed, and eventually became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. In addition, he was a member of the Vanguard Action Squad. 

In the Forest Training Camp Arc, the Pro Hero Arc, the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, and the Final War Arc, he plays a significant role as one of the primary antagonists, along with the other members of his team. Dabi is an exceptional character with a lot to teach viewers, any one who watches the show “My Hero Academia” ends up getting inspired and attached to the character Dabi!