All You Need to Know About Izuku Midoriya (Deku) – The Protagonist of the Manga Series My Hero Academia

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Deku, also known as Izuku Midoriya, is the main character in the My Hero Academia series. He was initially tormented and bullied for the entirety of his life due to the fact that he lacked a Quirk, primarily by his childhood friend-turned-bully Katsuki Bakugo and other individuals.

Still, after meeting with the No. 1 Hero, All Might, and impressing him with his bravery and skills, he acquired the One For All Quirk and became its ninth user, with his abilities at Class 1-A. He is a good friend of Ochaco Uraraka.

Izuku is voiced in the anime by Justin Briner and Lara Woodhull as a child in the English version and by Daiki Yamashita and Akeno Watanabe as a youngster in the Japanese version.

Diverse Love Interest of Deku

My Hero Academia Diverse Love Interest of Deku

There is little doubt that Midoriya Izuku, the protagonist of the novel, contributes greatly to its popularity. Fans adore Deku for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he is a male character that is honest and hardworking while also openly displaying his feelings and even shortcomings. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Deku is awkward and hopeless in love as well; he frequently stutters and becomes agitated around ladies he likes and finds attractive. Who are Deku’s main love interests, then? We’ll be looking at the top five Straight ships for Deku in this article!

1. Uraraka Ochaco

My Hero Academia Uraraka Ochaco

This should not come as a surprise to viewers of the series because this couple has affection for one another but is ignorant that the other person feels the same way. When the two first meet, Deku immediately blushes in response to Uchaco’s words and behavior. 

Throughout the entire series, it is made clear that Deku is drawn to her and even respects her. Uchaco, on the other hand, gradually feels affection for him and acknowledges that she is in love with him. 

She fights with these complicated emotions as well as the pursuit of her objectives, yet she never stops being Deku’s supporter. Although Deku’s affections for her are canon, it is still unclear whether they go beyond a simple crush. Probability-speaking, he likely harbors romantic affections for her but is too timid to act on them.

2. Tsuyu Asui

Another classmate of Deku’s that he respects and admires is Asui. Deku and Asui have a very tight relationship, and Asui is very supportive of him. They complement each other well since they both rely on cunning strategies and tactics to win. 

It is demonstrated that the two try to comprehend one other’s sentiments and listen to each other even when no one else does. Even if this relationship seems implausible, they are nevertheless interesting and not utterly absurd.

3. Mei Hatsume

Mei meets Deku at the Sports Festival, where she also makes a splash. This pair is also improbable, but it should not be a surprise that Deku deeply respects and admires Mei because he is seen to blush frequently when she is close to him.

Their chemistry is highly intriguing and special because she is a key supporter of Deku’s quest to become the greatest hero, and her innovations have frequently saved his life. She is shown to be quite helpful and inventive when it comes to coming up with insane ideas to solve his problems, even though doing so puts him in danger.

She always pulls through for him in the end, and their relationship is as hilarious as it is wonderful.

4. Melissa Shield

My Hero Academia Melissa Shield

When Melissa made an appearance in the first film, “Two Heroes,” she demonstrated how well-suited she would be to Deku. This pairing is extremely rare because her character is not canon to the manga, but it does exist for a legitimate reason.

In the film, Deku and Melissa quickly become good friends and have great chemistry. The two build a great deal of respect and admiration for one another, and by the conclusion, Melissa had certainly begun to feel something for Deku. 

Deku doesn’t express his affection for her overtly, aside from his customary blushing, but he is a great supporter of her. Melissa has a chance to win Deku’s heart if she is made canon because their relationship is already strong for a movie-only character.

5. Himiko Toga

Deku’s straight relationship with the crazy Himiko is arguably the strangest. A romantic relationship between a Hero and a Villain in MHA would be quite intriguing to watch.

As it stands, their relationship isn’t particularly healthy, either physically or figuratively, but may Toga change after getting together with Deku? Currently, Himiko is violent, bloodthirsty, sadistic, and persistent, but what makes this partnership so seductive is how the two opposites attract and complement one another. 

She obsesses over Deku and stalks him whenever she can. She “loves” him the most when he is bloodied and bruised, and Deku frequently finds himself in that situation.

Izuku Midoriya - The guy With the 7 Quirks

Izuku’s extensive understanding of the core abilities and strategies of heroes was his greatest strength before he acquired his Quirk. Izuku spent years studying Pro Heroes and is skilled at using what he learned in real-world circumstances.

He also developed the mindset to defend others because of his extraordinary bravery and desire to become a hero. He took on the Sludge Villain and saved Katsuki before receiving his Quirk from All Might because of his audacity and use of heroic abilities, which greatly astonished the No. 1 Hero.

My Hero Academia (2)

Izuku received One for All from All Might and the capacity to control a reservoir of potent energy after training with him. The physical consequences at the time precluded Izuku from being able to fight properly or compete with his contemporaries on an equitable playing field.

Despite the fact that he could move faster than the eye could see and knock down a gigantic villain bot with a single blow. Despite this, he still possessed remarkable physical toughness, and his motivation allowed him to overcome One For All’s disadvantages to a large extent.

Keen Intellect

One of the most intelligent characters in the My Hero Academia universe is Deku. He was born without any quirks, but he was intelligent and had a good head on his shoulders.

He had already recorded the advantages and disadvantages of the majority of the Heroes before becoming a student of Heroes, and he had used this information to his advantage. As he grew older, Izuku only exploited this intelligence to his advantage in the numerous conflicts he engaged in.

My Hero Academia Deku

Using his remarkable imagination, he was able to turn even the most hopeless circumstances around, demonstrating his tremendous prowess as a Hero. Deku’s intellect may be the most underappreciated ability of all.

Deku used it to pass his entrance exam and go into U.A., making it one of the most effective strategies as well. Since then, his already-impressive intelligence has further increased, making him one of the series’s sharpest characters at the moment.


En, the sixth One For All user, originally owned the emitter-type Quirk called smokescreen. Later, owing to Quirk Singularity, this power also awoke within Izuku Midoriya, and it has only gotten stronger ever since.

Midoriya may use the smokescreen’s ability to emit a large cloud of smoke from his body, blinding his adversaries and lulling them into a false sense of security. 

The smoke that is created can spread out over a large area and is typically enough to be an issue for everyone. However, too much smoke might also make it difficult to navigate from Deku. The secret to using it as effectively as possible is to maintain a perfect balance of its power.


My Hero Academia Daigoro Banjo Blackwhip

Blackwhip belonged to Daigoro Banjo, One For All’s sixth user. It was the first additional Quirk that Deku discovered in the current My Hero Academia timeline throughout the course of a training arc.

Midoriya’s blackwhip ability, which enables him to create energy cords from any area of his body, is highly helpful. The strength of this skill has increased throughout the years, and while it wasn’t as strong under Daigoro Banjo, it is now extremely strong under Midoriya.

In other words, the more intense the emotions, the stronger the blackwhip seems to become. It continues to be one of Izuku Midoriya’s strongest abilities to date and will only get stronger as he does.

One For All

The One For All is, without a doubt, Izuku Midoriya’s strongest quirk. Yoichi, the brother of All For One, was the original owner of this Quirk. There have been eight other people who have used these abilities after him.

Izuku Midoriya became the ninth and last user of One For All after All Might, the eighth user, passed it on to him. One For All is one of My Hero Academia’s strongest quirks, if not the strongest. It enables the superhero to store enormous amounts of power inside of themselves, which, when released, gives them a huge boost in power.

This Quirk easily ranks among the best to have ever existed because, when mastered, One For All becomes a power greater than All For One.

Back Story of Our Favorite Superhero - Deku

My Hero Academia Deku's Power

Izuku Midoriya was one of the few people in a world where the majority of people on the earth get abilities shortly after birth. Izuku had a childhood fantasy that when he discovered his ability, or “Quirk,” he would become a superhero like his idol, All Might.

He was, therefore, heartbroken to learn that he would never acquire a quirk. Izuku was frequently teased since he lacked a quirk, but he still wanted to be a hero and intended to enroll in the esteemed U.A. hero academy.Izuku first encountered All Might when he saved him from a villain ten months prior to the start of the U.A. entrance examinations.

Izuku questioned All Might about whether or not someone without a quirk could be a hero, to which he replied that he needed to have attainable goals. The previous villain returned shortly after and managed to escape, attacking an Izuku student. Izuku sought to help his classmate even though he lacked a quirk.

He didn’t stop the bad guy, but he did allow All Might enough time to take care of them on his own. After that, All Might came to the conclusion that Izuku had the ability to become a hero with his assistance. He made the decision to give Izuku his own Quirk in order to support him in achieving his goals.

Ten months of training later, All Might handed Izuku his quirk, One For All. Izuku eventually succeeded in passing the entrance exam, enrolled in U.A., and adopted the Hero name “Deku.” 

Enemies, Fights & Conflicts of the Protagonist

Another thrilling addition to the MHA universe is the blockbuster new My Hero Academia film Planet Heroes’ Mission, in which Class 1-A is expanding its battle against evil to the entire world.

The majority of Class 1-A students are in the middle of their work studies, which puts them in the forefront as the evil Humarise threatens everyone with a quirk everywhere in the world.

In the tiny nation of Otheon, Izuku Midoriya and his competitors, Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo, face the danger head-on, risking their lives to defeat Humarise’s three top fighters, including the boss, Flect Turn.

Izuku Vs Flect Turn Decides The Entire World Heroes' Mission War

Izuku Midoriya, the star of the My Hero Academia television series, participated in several battles throughout the World Heroes’ Mission. His ultimate test pitted him against Flect Turn, the evil boss of Humarise.

As his name implies, Flect Turn’s defensive quirk allows him to reflect and re-direct opposing quirks and energy, and his villainous attire features a variety of mirrors to that end. It was difficult for Izuku to defeat Flect Turn with all of One For All’s might, and it briefly seemed impossible.

My Hero Academia Izuku Vs Flect

Izuku became Plus Ultra after taking a terrible battering from his own power, soared over Flect’s Quirk, and destroyed the enemy with a brand-new move called United States of World Smash. This is merely a scaled-up version of what Izuku has done before.

Still, considering the stakes, Flect’s great power, and the significance of the name of this new move, Izuku’s spectacular battle with Flect Turn was the second-best of World Heroes’ missions.


The protagonist of My Hero Academia is Izuku Midoriya. In a world where 80% of people have special talents known as Quirks, he was born without superhuman skills, but that didn’t stop him from attempting to be a hero.

After succeeding All Might as the number one hero, who is his hero idol, he is later given a quirk. He sets out on a quest to become a strong hero and a symbol of peace after enrolling in a prominent superhero academy. It’s his “One For All” eccentricity.

All For One

My Hero Academia Class 1-A (1)

All For One is the leader of the League of Villains, the mentor and adoptive father of Tomura Shigaraki, and the archenemy of All Might. Along with Tomura’s triumph, he wants to see All Might suffer and perish.

Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki is a student at UA who intends to pursue a career as a professional hero. The Explosion is the name of his quirk. His quirk, or power, causes explosions by using the sweat on his hands. He has a lot of egos and thinks he can be history’s greatest hero. He also despises Izuku a lot.

Family & Friends of the Compassionate Deku

My Hero Academia quirks

Izuku’s mother, Inko, loves him dearly and apologizes profusely as if it were her fault when her son learns he is Quirkless and cannot be a hero. It is implied that she has put on weight as a result of blaming herself for his melancholy, but it is unclear whether this is the case.

Izuku’s new quirk, One For All, and admission to his ideal school, U.A. High School, cause her to be delighted with his newfound abilities while also feeling bad about her earlier convictions. Inko uses the costume design she had seen Izuku sketch as inspiration in an effort to make amends with him and demonstrate her support.

Her words and thanks her touch Izuku. She brings up her earlier behavior and apologizes for not thinking he could be a hero. She also assures Izuku that she will support him all the way on his journey to realize his ambition. 

Hisashi is his father, but neither he nor his wife has seen much of him because of the mystery surrounding his whereabouts and current situation. Given that Hisashi was absent for the majority of the period, it is questionable if Izuku and Hisashi had a healthy relationship. The only things that are known about him are that he accepted a job overseas and that his Quirk enables him to breathe fire.

Character Analysis of the Most Beloved Superhero: Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia, one of the most well-known anime shows ever, is only one example. The question is, why is it so well-liked? It seems to be just another shounen anime, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, but it is still distinctive. The characters, animation, and storyline are all distinct and compelling.

In particular, the characters. But who is the protagonist that everyone adores? Izuku Midoriya, the heroic non-quirk! I’m one of the many people that adore the My Hero Academia series. The fantastic characters are one of the reasons it’s one of my favorite animes. They appear straightforward but are still distinctive.

I’m primarily referring to Deku, also known as our protagonist Izuku Midoriya. I adore him. One of the anime characters I love the most is Deku! Therefore, I must conduct an investigation so that you can understand why I adore Deku so much. It’s ideal to accomplish this today as well. Why? Because Small Might here is celebrating a very significant day today.

The protagonist of My Hero Academia is Izuku Midoriya. Izuku is a very diligent worker who is also really shy. Deku is the kind of person who will put his life in danger for someone else. He aspires to help people by being a hero and is compassionate and helpful. He was born without a quirk, which made it incredibly difficult for him to achieve this aim.

This resulted in him being bullied as well. He eventually gets to meet All Might, his idol. All Might gives Izuku, One for All, his quirk. Izuku is admitted to his top choice of university, the U.A. He then embarks on his journey to becoming the greatest hero in history.

A Thematic Breakdown - Shounen Protagonists

Japanese anime culture

Most anime fans have already watched shounen anime. This subgenre produces some of the most well-known anime, My Hero Academia included. These anime are all similar to one another, and soon they become monotonous. Each shounen protagonist shares characteristics and storylines, particularly the characters.

The typical progression is as follows: despite a difficult upbringing, they maintain a desire, begin working toward it, persist in doing so, and eventually succeed. The fact that something keeps happening is not always a bad thing. Even though the plot has been done before, it depends on the anime and the characters to make it entertaining.

The personalities might, however, become monotonous and repetitious. I wanted to talk about this fact first because of this. Some individuals despise Izuku and My Hero Academia in general. They think Deku is a simplistic main character and that the story is too simple.

Even though some of that is accurate, I still adore Deku and the program. Although I can discuss how special the show is later, Let’s focus on Deku’s differences from other traditional shounen protagonists for the time being. I am aware that we will view Izuku similarly to how we view Naruto in the future. a protagonist from shounen.

Also important to remember are the other originals, like Saitama, Goku, and Luffy.  Izuku Midoriya, though, is unquestionably my favorite main character from a shounen. Why? He differs from the others. The primary similarity is Deku’s “A Hero that Never Gives Up” mindset.

He is determined to achieve his aim of being a fantastic hero. Most heroes have a similar objective. A poor upbringing, the loss of a loved one, or being bullied frequently are some common trends. Deku experienced frequent bullying, but this is where things changed. 

The majority of shounen protagonists are self-assured and don’t pay attention to advise from others, but this is what motivates them. Izuku began to think these things, though, and he began to feel useless. This response is considerably more typical and plausible. Although I can’t speak for you, as someone who is frequently bullied, I’d say it affects you mentally.

Deku experienced what happened. Not only that, but he is also extremely hesitant, at times even shy. He is the kind of person that makes being cruel physically impossible. Given that Bakugo and other opposite emotions are present, bullying is most likely to blame. The bully, confident, and narcissistic Bakugo was.

In one of these cases involving a bully as a child, this is also much more plausible. Deku is unique from the others in that he is intelligent. Let’s face it, the majority of shounen heroes are fairly dimwitted. They rely on their good fortune, abilities, and attitude to sustain them.

Deku lacks the kind of confidence that is often a strong quality, but his knowledge more than makes up for that. He can strategize and has studied all the other heroes to aid him in his quest to become a hero. I’ve never seen a shounen protagonist do this, though that could just be a result of my limited exposure to anime.

It’s also important to note that Deku is devoid of any special abilities. Deku didn’t have a specific “cheat” like most of these protagonists had. By chance, he obtained One for All, but it required an amazing amount of difficult effort before he could even attempt to use it. Deku was encouraging and relatable because of this.

My Hero Academia Kota and deku

As a typical person, Deku occasionally displayed timidness and pessimism. Deku, though, accomplished a lot after he found hope. Before he could employ One for All, he labored as hard as he could. Later on, he continued to labor. Deku is someone we should look up to since he worked hard to attain his goals, just like we can. 

Overall, Deku is one of my favorite MCs because of how distinctive he is. One of the few shounen protagonists you can relate to is Izuku. There are a lot of motivational figures out there, but Izuku is undoubtedly unique. He gives the impression of being a real person who might live in the present. Deku is, in my opinion, a fantastic and distinctive main character.

Personality & Aspirations of the Cute My Hero Academia Main Character

I also adore Deku’s personality, another essential aspect of him. They figuratively define a person, which is why they are called personalities. Deku is a shy and nice boy, as evidenced by his personality. He is also incredibly kind, strong-willed, and polite. He can be dramatic at times, and he frequently shouts during combat.

This is due to one of his objectives being successful so he can emerge as the greatest hero. All of these qualities contributed to his success in achieving his ambition to be the best hero. Deku was naturally reserved and compassionate, but it’s possible that being bullied and being born without a quirk made him even more so.

My Hero Academia Deku (1)

This might have encouraged him to keep going and put up the effort necessary to become a hero, though. Deku is really inspirational because, as I’ve already said, he never gave up. In order to succeed, he made an effort to work harder than anybody else. His benevolence is another quality that has an impact on him.

Deku is incredibly friendly and eager to assist anyone. This is what endeared him to people once he joined U.A. He attracted many friends because he was considerate, helpful, and upbeat. He was able to advance thanks to these friends. Together, they underwent peril and had adventures as they rose to the rank of heroes.

They were able to cooperate and have fun together while assisting one another on their trip as a group. If Deku hadn’t been so generous, this wouldn’t have happened to him. His strong-willed attitude is another element that affected him. He never quit trying. Not only did this motivate him, but it also served as an example for other characters.

Deku seems like someone you’d want to be around for yet another reason, according to this. He has gotten to where he is today thanks to his general personality and attitude. He will continue to be propelled forward until he becomes the greatest hero. 

I can’t fail to mention Izuku’s heroic qualities while we’re talking about heroes. He originally arrived in U.A. due to his courageous nature. Deku aspires to emulate his hero, All Might, by becoming a peace symbol. His desire to save people and become a hero is already an excellent attitude.

My Hero Academia Deku (2)

Deku experienced what is described in the anime as “a hero is someone whose body moves on their own.” Deku is a hero because of this, and this is the basis of the anime. Izuku is followed along his journey to becoming the greatest hero, which is made possible by his independent nature. Deku has a fantastic personality, in my opinion, and it fits the anime’s storyline perfectly.

Character Development and Design of Izuku

Character design and development are two of the most crucial elements of a character; I believe you can all agree. Since Izuku is the major character, character growth is clearly necessary. I believe he received a lot. His character design is also, in my opinion, quite spot on. 

We all know that Deku was initially a very shy and frail young man. He aspired to be a hero, but his lack of a quirk caused him to constantly doubt his abilities. Deku was among the few to understand that people aren’t really born equally, which makes me feel horrible for him.

Although this comment is accurate, Izuku interpreted it negatively. Izuku, though, eventually began to see it as inspiration. This is how much our Deku has developed—to the point that his perspective has completely transformed. This is the growth of a character.

My Hero Academia Deku (3)

He not only became more self-assured after having a quirk, but he also developed more self-control. Izuku persevered despite the fact that it was very difficult for him at first, and he was rewarded in the end. We are confident that he will develop into the best hero because he is still striving.

Deku’s situation demonstrates that perseverance pays off. Izuku underwent an absurd amount of realistic labor, which was critical to the success of the entire series. especially the growth of his character. Deku not only developed mentally, but he also developed physically. Izuku is still putting a lot of effort into building up his strength to use 100% One for All.

He has improved significantly; the first time he used One for All, Deku broke his arm. He repeatedly broke several body parts. He has now mastered the ability to command 5% of One for All without breaking a body part. Oh, how our beloved Deku has developed. I also need to discuss the design of his character.

Izuku’s character development and design are interconnected. When you stop to think about it, Deku appears like the stereotypical main character, yet his appearance also wonderfully captures his attitude. He comes out as extremely hesitant at first, and his plan is sound.

His manner changes, and you can sense he’s more self-assured and powerful when he trains and gets One for All. Overall, Deku has excellent character growth and a fantastic character design.

The Past of Our Beloved Character - Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia Deku

Deku actually had a somewhat normal past, in contrast to most MCs who had dramatic and terrible ones. Deku, who lives with his mother, has always had idols as role models.

Particularly All Might Izuku had a heroic fantasy as a child, but when he realized he lacked a quirk, the tragic truth hit him. Deku spent a significant portion of his life feeling depressed since he lacked a quirk. He was demotivated and felt useless. This made it very difficult for him to become a hero.

I want to talk about how he was bullied because he didn’t have a quirk. Deku has endured brutal bullying since he was a little child, especially from Bakugo. This increased Midoriya’s relatability for me. particularly the way he handled it. Deku, in reality, did nothing. He did defend others, but he never did so for himself.

The harsh remarks eventually got to him, but fortunately, the slime monster and All Might intervened just as he was about to give up on his ambition of being a hero. For the main character, Izuku’s first bullying strategy and subsequent luck are noteworthy. But the many responses were what I found fascinating.

Sometimes he sobbed uncontrollably and gave up on life, but other times he took advantage of the harsh comments. Deku, as he mentioned, has to work harder than everyone else to be the best. Although it’s only a notion, I think bullying made this objective more feasible.

People who have been bullied typically wish to get retribution, sometimes positively or negatively. Deku might wish to get retribution by outdoing everyone and proving them all incorrect. In all honesty, this is fantastic because it might inspire him to accomplish this. Deku did a great job of sealing the deal with the bullies, even if he was unaware of it.

My Hero Academia deku

He inspires me for yet another reason, which is this. Bullying, in my opinion, had a significant and largely positive impact on Deku. Bullying is frequently unlikely to serve as an incentive, but this only serves to enhance Izuku’s already excellent character. He is much more believable and relatable because of his past.

These two qualities are, in my opinion, crucial for a character. Izuku is a fantastic character with an interesting past; however, many people may disagree.


  • Izuku came in first place in the initial Popularity Poll. 
  • In the second, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh Popularity Polls, Izuku came in second. 
  • According to the fourth Popularity Poll, Izuku came in third. 
  • Rapt Tokage and Mirio Togata also share the same birthday. 
  • Shoto and Izuku’s later costumes were created by the same designer. 
  • Nemuri Kayama and Mika Jiro are also voiced by Akeno Watanabe, Izuku’s childhood Japanese voice actor. 
  • Izuku, who has seven quirks, is one of three characters (together with Nine and Gigantomachia) with the third-highest number of quirks. 
  • Izuku’s right arm has been permanently scarred as a result of recurrent harm from his careless use of One for All, to the point where he must wear a compression sleeve on his upper arm.

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Key Takeaways!

Deku is, in my opinion, a distinctive character with excellent design after doing analysis. Deku is my favorite character from the anime series MHA, which is one of my and everyone else’s favorites. He is not like the typical shounen MC in that he has a distinctive personality.

He is bright and cautious, two qualities I rarely encounter in people. Deku has a relatable past and is also likable. I haven’t mentioned it before, but I had a childhood friend who was precisely like Bakugo. Izuku becomes even more relatable as a result, which is crucial for a character.

He works arduously for a very long time in order to become a hero. He is inspirational and motivating since he started out as just another regular person and eventually accomplished a lot. Other characters inspired him in the programme, and he encouraged us to be inspired by Deku’s travels. In addition, he is an entertaining character. Deku is my favorite boy, and I think he is a fantastic character.