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The Rosy Life Riders are a kidnapping gang operating in Fish-Man Island and the Sabaody Archipelago region. Duval-one-piece is the head of the Rosy Life Riders, who were once known as the Flying Fish Riders.

In the beginning, he was an adversary of the Straw Hats; but he has since changed sides and is now on their side.

Duval One Piece

The Striking Appearance of Duval

Maskiron Duval is a nickname for a very large man wearing a mask with long red tufts. He’s 2.5 times as tall as the typical person while standing. He’s ripped everywhere except his arms and legs. He wears a fur cloak, black leggings, cowboy boots, and an open leather jacket. One-piece-Duval’s iron mask resembled Sanji’s wanted poster.

One-piece-Duval’s eyebrows curve downwards in the image, unlike Sanji’s. Because of his features, he had issues with Marines and bounty hunters and concealed his face. Master Duval’s back scar is horrible, he says. His parents thought he was an unsightly baby since he was born during the Golden Age of Pirates.

Duval-one-piece confronted Sanji for revenge, but Sanji’s kicks disfigured his face. After harsh treatment, she was transformed. Sanji’s kicks changed one-piece-Duval’s face, making him more handsome (his only leftover features are very tiny spirals still visible on the ends of his eyebrows).

He can’t resist its beneficial properties. Duval’s eyes don’t always blink in sync after his makeover. Sanji suggests that’s because he’s never winked. Duval-one-piece now calls himself “Handsome.”

Did Duval Have an Impressive Personality?

Brook Duval-one-piece hid his face with an iron mask when he feared bounty hunters and Marines would mistake him for Sanji. Captain-Duval-one-piece thought Sanji had done him a severe disservice since he was physically and emotionally traumatized by his pursuers and couldn’t step out in broad daylight unmasked.

He thought Sanji’s punch killed him. Since then, Duval has resented the Straw Hats and vowed revenge. Duval can’t stop talking about how much he hates Sanji and how he’ll get back with him till he’s calmed down. Because he’s so upset, it’s a spectacle. One-piece-Duval’s “accent” shows whenever Sanji is referenced, which is frequent.

His accent sounds rural in translation. Even his own soldiers and the Macro Pirates can tell he’s employing a new accent. Even as a baby, he had his distinguishing accent. He’s also slow since he never considered changing his appearance while holding animosity against Sanji (given a “why didn’t I think of that?” face and posture when Sanji pointed this out).

Before the chef’s kick, Duval disliked Sanji. One-piece-wiki-Duval was fascinated by Sanji’s art after waking from anesthesia. This new look ensured he wouldn’t be chased and was startlingly gorgeous. His unfavorable attitude about life changed, and his resentment was freed.

This face added to his ego and narcissism, unfortunately. At his most narcissistic, he’d exclaim, “Wait up, it’s me handsome” or “Hello, I’m stunning,” and have his team call him that. As a buddy of the Straw Hat pirates, he helps them anytime they need it, whether it’s recovering Camie or defending the Thousand Sunny from theft.

Duval One Piece

History of The Character of Duval

Who is Captain Duval in one piece? Who is Duval from one piece? Who is Duval in one piece? 

The answer to all these questions is here, Duval was an island mafioso. Duval’s situation worsened once the Straw Hat Pirates’ new bounties were revealed in Enies Lobby. Because his visage is almost identical to “Black Leg,” Sanji’s wanted poster, Sanji’s father sent people after him to catch him.

Famous bounty hunters and Marines from HQ all mistook Duval for Sanji. Motobaro, Duval’s stallion, rescued him from an iron prison. Duval couldn’t reason with his pursuers, so he wore an iron mask. Duval eventually moved to the Sabaody Archipelago, where he created the Flying Fish Riders kidnapping gang to defend himself and obtain vengeance on Sanji.

Duval’s reputation became dreaded across the archipelago as his gang climbed to prominence. Master Duval hid his face beneath a mask despite his gang’s notoriety. Duval and his men attacked pirate ship after pirate ship until they discovered Sanji.

• Summit War Saga

One-piece-Duval had Macro Pirates kidnap Hatchan to trap Camie, Pappag, Straw Hat Pirates, and Sanji. Luffy and his crew fought the Flying Fish Riders and Macros soldiers at Duval’s base, liberating Hatchan. Luffy’s attack removed Duval’s iron mask, exposing his face.

Poor Duval-one-piece cried because he resembled the Wanted poster. Camie’s rapid swimming saved Sanji from an iron net. As he sought to anchor the Thousand Sunny, the “Roar Cannon” destroyed most of his base. He tried to rush Motobaro at the Straw Hats, but Luffy stopped him with his Haoshoku Haki.

Sanji’s kicking skills made Duval as beautiful as Wanze. Duval (now “Handsome”) stopped assaulting the Straw Hats. Duval-one-piece saw the Straw Hats briefly to thank them and give them his Den Den Mushi number (so they may reach him if needed) before returning to his rural life. Sanji asked for assistance finding Camie. 

After Luffy hit Saint Charlos, they regrouped and found a way to escape while Luffy, Eustass Kid, and Trafalgar Law cleared the route of the Marines. Peterman stole Camie’s bag, but Duval won. Duval returned Camie’s bag and departed as the Straw Hat Pirates reached Grove 13. Bartholomew Kuma forced him to move the Straw Hats from the Thousand Sunny.

Post War Arc

• Post War Arc

Duval defended the Thousand Sunny from the Coffee Monkeys. Duval-one-piece arc declared in a high-pitched voice that no criminal would touch the Straw Hats’ ship, but he misspoke and said the same thing about a little girl. Duval attempted to wink at Camie but was ignored as usual. 

When Shakky said they needed to defend the Thousand Sunny, Duval said he and his men would do so, but one of them told him of Kuma’s presence. After a bear misunderstanding, Duval armed his harpoon rifle to battle the Warlord with his soldiers. The Thousand Sunny was Kuma’s quest. Kuma became the guardian when the Marines wounded one-piece Duval and Hatchan.

• Return to Sabaody Arc

Poor one-piece Duval was bandaged when Sanji returned to Shakky’s Rip-off Bar after two years. His recovery would take a year. Sanji congratulated him for safeguarding the ship but disregarded his heroics in finding Nami. Duval admired himself in a mirror.

Abilities and Powers That Duval from One Piece Has!

• Weapons

Duval-one-piece fights with harpoons. His weaponry includes a tiny rifle-like harpoon gun and a big hand-held multiple rocket launcher. The little harpoon cannon can store and fire four harpoons at once. The rocket launcher-shaped harpoon gun needs big magazines to be loaded but may fire all of them at once for a deadlier volley than the rifle-shaped one.

As the name indicates, One-piece-Duval’s harpoons are coated with scorpion venom. The harpoons’ poison may kill a victim in three minutes and is so corrosive that it can cause steam to rise from a ship made of Adam Tree wood. His harpoons are stored on his left hip.

One-piece-Duval's harpoons

• Physical Abilities

Duval can smash bundles of harpoons with one hand. Duval is a talented fighter who evaded Marines and bounty hunters. He quickly booted away three Coffee Monkeys when protecting the Thousand Sunny with a single kick. Together with the Rosy Life Riders, Hatchan, and Bartholomew Kuma, he protected the Thousand Sunny for two years. Sanji easily defeated One-piece-Duval in a one-on-one duel.

Key Takeaways!

Duval is incredibly skilled at abduction despite not wanting to do it, and he and his crew use coordinated assaults to subjugate big adversaries. As a slaver, he’s familiar with human auctioning in the Sabaody Archipelago. Duval rides Motobaro, a giant bison, while his soldiers ride Flying Fish.

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