How To Display Your Anime Figures To Get The Most From Them!

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Ideas for Displaying your Anime Figures

Often, the outcome is a messy and junky shelf full of action figures or a room full of crates that feels more like a warehouse. Dude, you guys worked so hard to collect these items; you should incorporate them into your decor and show them off! Here are a few (hopefully) inspiring ideas.

Consider getting some much-needed rest in your own personal Anime haven. We’re not simply talking about a few neon accents and painted walls; we’re talking about something more immersive. Imagine a Kawaii bedroom that makes you feel like you’re in another world. 

There are two possibilities: you want to get Anime bedroom ideas for yourself or for a loved one. Regardless of the reason, starting with any of these anime gift ideas would be a fantastic place to start.

Before we go into the list, it’s important to think about your favorite anime and how it might shape your environment while curating your own area. 

Art is a type of self-expression that isn’t restricted to the suggestions in this article. Feel free to put your own twist on these ideas. Let’s get into the anime bedroom ideas without further ado!


When it comes to shelving, you must take a somewhat different strategy. The cabinet we recommend is entirely made of glass and could be placed in almost any room. 

Bookcase shelving is more tailored to the space you have available. The specifics are determined by the amount of available space and whether or not it complements the appearance of your home or flat. 

Also, you must consider whether you want something that simply performs the job or something that is of the highest quality. The Pulaski Martin Bookcase is a higher-end option. 

You’ll get high-quality craftsmanship and simple assembly. It’s well-made and long-lasting. It also, of course, looks fantastic.

The Homelegance bookcase shelves are a more affordable option. It’s less expensive and has a nicer appearance. Lighting is crucial, much like the glass case, and it’s not difficult to put some inexpensive lights on. 

The lighting dramatically improves the appearance of your display. It’s certainly worth the money and time it takes to incorporate it. Your best friend is a set of glass shelves, especially if you can locate some with illumination.

Glass Cases

Bedrooms with an anime theme can be generic or focused. General is a bedroom containing design elements and posters from numerous anime, whereas Focused is a bedroom with decor components and posters from a single anime. 

Having a collection of collectible dolls is all the rage among die-hard anime fans. The purchasing of some of these dolls may necessitate a high-end budget. Regardless of price, collectors know they make fantastic decor items and have a high resale value if sold to the right people.

And if you have enough room, they look fantastic next to each other. To keep your collectibles brightly illuminated, add puck lights or LED strips down the bottom of the glass shelves. 

The importance of lighting in a spectacular display cannot be overstated. LED strips can be installed in a custom manner without too much difficulty. My LED strip installation tutorial will bring you through the process step-by-step. It will offer you a complete rundown on all of the electrical wiring’s ins and outs, as well as how to set it up.

View your valuables from any angle with this glass curios cabinet. Because of its size and form, it can be used in almost any room. Large collectibles can be stored within thanks to the removable shelves. 

It shields your belongings and keeps dust at bay. Lighting at the bottom of the shelves is simple to install. Anyone starting a collection and wanting to keep their figurines safe inside a glass case should consider this. 

And for those of you who are just starting to collect action figures, this is my favorite way to display them. It’s a fantastic price for a museum-quality exhibit.

It looks beautiful, and the price is reasonable for what you’re receiving. Anything else that looks this good is going to be a lot more expensive. 

Another advantage of having a case is that it will keep most of the dust out while also protecting your antiques. You’ll have less work to do because dusting isn’t particularly enjoyable.

Display Cases for Individuals

We can easily recommend one case if you’re seeking a display case to store individual figures. 

This is what you’re looking for if you want to know how to display collectibles individually, not just figurines! It’s a high-end figure case that can hold figurines up to 16 inches tall. It also has its own built-in display lighting. 

This isn’t a feature you’ll see very often. The casing is well-sealed, so you won’t have to worry about dust. A collector who has no dust is a happy collector.

This is a high-end display enclosure that looks excellent. To display your collectibles, high-quality lighting has already been installed. For goods up to 12 inches tall, this is the best option. 

This is the case if you have a unique item you want to show off! Keeps dust at bay. One of the most creative ways to display action figures. If you have a valuable possession, you’ll want to store it in one of these cases. 

I really like the concept of putting a figurine in one of these containers and then putting a lovely poster behind it. This is a fantastic idea for a small shrine to your favorite characters.

The Character's Quarters

When you have wallpaper, toys to exhibit, and a creative mind, what do you do? So, certainly, you’ll receive a bedroom as cool as this one, along with some fantastic Anime and Manga memorabilia. 

You might easily wind up with a super-themed Anime bedroom if you decide to acquire a few decorations of your own over a few months. All it takes is a little patience, some creativity, and free time.

Display on The Wall

If you want to customize your space, floating shelves are a terrific option. If you want to organize your own show but aren’t quite an expert craftsman, we believe this is the finest solution. 

You have complete control over how your display is set up. There are numerous alternatives available, most of which depend on your specific setup and preferred method of operation. It’s an entertaining method to save space. 

If you don’t have room for another bookcase in your life, this display approach works well because it can be installed anywhere, including above other furniture. They also make a bold statement in the room, and the figures can be swapped around to keep things interesting. Characters with wings are really cool!

It’s a set of floating LED bar shelves. You may alter the colors and have them fade in and out to create a variety of effects. It comes with a plethora of possibilities. Your collection will undoubtedly get noticed as a result of this. 

They appear to be quite cool! That’s a really nice LED shelf! It can be adjusted to a variety of colors. For even greater personalization, you can link the shelves together. This is a unique way to showcase toys.

Some Tips for Extra Jazz

With Your Cosplay, You May Show Off Your Figures

Display your favorite cosplay alongside your anime figures in this incredibly imaginative home design! What better way to show off your otaku collection than all at once? If you have the cosplay and figure for the same character, you’ll get bonus points.

Make a Display of Your Collection on The Wall

What if your collection was turned into art? That’s right–the time it’s to put your prized possessions on display with the help of some inventive display methods. 

As a shelf, one technique is to use unfinished wooden boxes. These compact wall niches may accommodate jars and vases loaded with artifacts, such as shelves, and are ideal for groupings of modest items. Convert wine crates to display cases with the help of a DIY tutorial for a more upscale take on the wall shelf idea.

What if you took a break from shelving and surprised everyone? Collectibles can be hung straight on the wall. Paint-friendly mounting choices are a reality with a range of adhesives to select from, including poster tape and strips. In addition, putting tiny items on the wall is a nice change of pace.

Take a Chance on The Unexpected!

When walls and shelves aren’t cutting it, a dash of the unexpected might be in order! In reality, a playful effect can be achieved with a ceiling-mounted display. 

Buying a true conversation piece to keep your collectibles is another surprise display technique. Mixing your collections is another great presentation method. What if, instead of object type, the collection was based on a theme or character?

Display Your Anime Figures with Perfection!

When there are a lot of figures on display, it’s possible that you won’t be able to see the ones at the back. This is when the display steps come into play. As a result, you’ll be able to layer your figures in the back. LED display stairs are available in the same way as floating shelves are. They appear to be fantastic!

Don’t be hesitant to take ideas from businesses when it comes to presenting a favorite collection. After all, they’re in the business of putting on a show. Take note of how items are presented and organized in your favorite gift shop. 

Is there a way to make any of these strategies work in your home? After seeing the ideas above, we hope you’ll agree that the art of collecting is sometimes matched by the art of display.

Now that you’ve seen some fantastic anime bedroom ideas, it’s time to start gathering items to put on display in your own room. The sky’s the limit; try your hand at one of these fascinating ideas or come up with your own. 

The most important thing is that you enjoy your surroundings. Have fun curating and creating! That pretty much sums up the best collection of display concepts. I hope you’ve gotten some excellent ideas from this. Good luck with your collection, and Happy decorating!

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