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Are you also one of those anime fanatics? If yes, there is a 1000% chance you’ve watched the ever famous anime show ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and are obsessed with it. 

However, if you haven’t and are seeking an anime show with multiple seasons and a compelling tale, look no further because Dragon Ball Z is here with its unique story and characters to help you spend your summer to its fullest!  The show is hugely popular in Japan and is based on Dragon Ball, the world’s third best-selling manga series. The “Z” in the title was an anime innovation, and it was meant to distinguish between the older seasons and the later seasons. 

Also, it is filled with meaningful moments of high emotional intensity; when characters in the show suffer, you feel it as much as you do when they celebrate. This article is all about the show’s fan-favorite character – Goku. Basically, the whole show revolves around him as it follows the exploits of Goku, who, with the help of the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against the forces of evil. It is entertaining to watch the action adventures, which also reinforce the concept of good versus evil. 

The show and this character, Goku, in particular, instill essential character virtues such as teamwork, loyalty, and dependability in its viewers. Continue reading and get ready to fall in love with Goku! 

Son Goku, often known as Kakarot, is a Saiyan raised on Earth and is the series’ main protagonist. Kakarot was sent to destroy Earth as a baby, where he was adopted by Grandpa Gohan and given the name Son Goku. Goku’s memory is altered as a result of a childhood head injury, allowing him to overcome his destructive nature and grow up to become one of Earth’s most vigorous defenders. He is always striving to be the best fighter he can be, and he has saved the Earth and the universe numerous times from annihilation. 

Goku & His Four Different Looks

As a child, as an adult, as a Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3, Goku has different looks throughout the show. In the beginning, Goku resembled his father in appearance, with the same spiky black haircut, dark-colored eyes, and facial features. On the other hand, his mother gave him softer eyes, a loving personality, and lighter-pale skin color.

Although, his hair could be his most distinguishing physical feature. He has three bangs on the right side of his forehead and two on the left. His hair likewise features four spikes in the front and three hits in the back (later in the anime, he has five ends in the front and four in the back). Goku was born with the Universe 7 Saiyans’ distinctive tail, which was long, prehensile, and covered in brown fur. It was removed and regrown multiple times in his early childhood, but in his late teens, Goku’s tail was permanently removed by Kami to prevent his Great Ape transformation.

​​At the age of 12, Goku was relatively short and appeared even younger than he was, under the age of ten. His straightforward demeanor also made him appear as youthful as he seemed. Besides his muscles getting more prominent over the next few years, Goku did not undergo any physical modifications. At the age of 15, he began to grow in height noticeably. 

kid and adult goku

He had a significant growth spurt by 18, rising taller than most of his peers and sporting a well-built physique. Several women, notably Bulma and Heles, have complimented him on his good looks. His bodily modifications made him nearly unrecognizable from before, and his typical nave personality and “trademark” hairdo were all that remained. Later, Goku experienced another growth spurt, becoming almost the same height as his taller human companions and much more muscular.

Recently, he is most often seen wearing a Gi because he enjoys training. Goku wore an open blue gi with a white bow-tied obi over his waist, scarlet wristbands, dark blue kung fu shoes, and a tank top when he first appeared. Goku wore the basic Turtle School Uniform after studying with Master Roshi, which consisted of a closed red gi (later orange) held by a black knot-tied obi over his waist, blue wristbands, and blue kung fu shoes, with Roshi’s kanji on the back and front-left side of his shirt. 

goku 4 forms

Goku wore this gi with a black short-sleeved undershirt (later dark blue), dark blue boots with a yellow border, and red laces after training with Kami and Mr. Popo. Goku wore King Kai’s kanji on the back of his gi shirt after practicing with him. Goku wore his kanji on both sides of his gi shirt during the Battle of Planet Namek. Goku wore a planer version of this gi throughout the Android and Majin Buu conflicts, which lacked any kanji and sported a blue sash-style obi over his waist, as well as the same dark blue undershirt, wristbands, and boots as his previous gi, but with a red border and yellow/tan laces. He later retains this outfit throughout most of Dragon Ball Super as he regains his kanji on both sides of his gi shirt.

The Woman Who Has Stuck By Goku Throughout The Dragon Ball Z Series

Goku loves to meet new people and learn about/from them! Despite his genuine sympathy for others, his ignorance comes out as a lack of feeling familial bonds since he sees his family as little more than acquaintances. He is rarely seen romantically or intimately with Chi-Chi, and he primarily married her because he promised, even though he later learned that marriage entails living with someone forever.

dbz chichi

He openly enjoyed the notion with Chi-Chi. He even praised her tenacity and enthusiasm as qualities that drew him in. He will frequently abandon his family for extended periods. While this is usually for noble reasons, such as conserving his power for the world’s safety, Goku is unaware of the harmful impact on his family and friends. Despite this, he frequently shows his gratitude for his family, as he chooses to spend the remaining time with his family rather than continue his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to face Cell. Goku wants his children to be fighters like him, but he generally understands their lifestyle choices as long as they are happy and healthy.

Overall, his love for his family has been a consistent source of inspiration for his combat performance. Also, Goku was ecstatic to find he was going to be a grandfather, and he later relished the opportunity to care for his young granddaughter Pan, whom he worried about when she vanished. Against Goku Black, when learning that the rogue god murdered his family despite their initial encounter, despite it only happening in the original timeline, Goku’s righteous wrath let him simultaneously pummel Black and Future Zamasu. Goku has no sense of modesty and is unconcerned with public nudity (though he later came to have a better appreciation for it).

goku and chichi

His basic personality rarely expresses lusty feelings; thus, he is uninterested in women (except his wife). As a result, he is unaffected by seduction techniques. Despite Beerus’ warnings about the potential implications of meeting with the amoral supreme rulers, he occasionally makes decisions without adequately considering them, such as when he went to negotiate the Tournament of Power with the Omni-Kings despite Beerus’ warnings.

While Goku is technically considerate and never intentionally rude, he has a habit of not treating people in positions of high authority with respect; the most notable example is his casual interactions with the Omni-Kings and the Grand Minister (even though they don’t mind), much to the surprise and disgust of many Gods and Kais. Goku can sometimes be insensitive, as evidenced by his readiness to promise Old Kai naked images of Bulma without regard for Bulma or her spouse Vegeta (albeit he justified it by enlisting Old Kai’s help for the sake of Earth’s survival).

All About Goku’s Personality - It is One in a Million!

When he was younger, Goku was a shy little Saiyan, constantly crying for attention. Goku was then programmed to carry out his purpose of destroying all intelligent life on Earth with extreme hatred. After Grandpa Gohan discovered him, he was rebellious, ferocious, and aggressive, wanting nothing to do with the older.

young goku

However, this was just when he was worked up, as when Gohan first discovered him, he instantly warmed up to him. Goku became well-known for the active, kind hearted, pure heart, and loving personality attributes he received from his mother Gine after a head injury caused him to lose his instinctive anger. Grandpa Gohan instilled in him the importance of treating others with respect. He is unfazed by most events and rarely gets riled up; he rapidly recovers after losing his tail each time. 

He is, however, not fearless. Goku is shown to be submissive to domineering ladies like Bulma and Chi-Chi, to which Master Roshi jokes that he is scared of his wife despite his universal-class prowess. He also has aichmophobia in the anime, paralyzing fear of needles. He is not immune to sadness, as evidenced by the death of his grandfather. He is not without shame, as he regrets his lack of maturity as a person, despite all of the teachers who have assisted him, and he also wishes to make his loved ones proud of him. He also expresses genuine concern for individuals who are close to him. Goku hurried to Master Roshi’s rescue after appearing to have died against Ganos, determined to save his mentor, and sobbed tears of joy when he could resurrect him.

Even by Saiyan standards, he is well-known for his love of any cuisine, which can sometimes be amusing. Bulma told Goku dinner was ready when mesmerized while facing “Jackie Chun,” instantly waking him up. Goku, like most Saiyans, enjoys fighting and taking on formidable foes. As a result, Goku is rarely scared or afraid when fighting. While Goku is not cocky in his skills (particularly when compared to Vegeta), he is excessively comfortable and carelessly challenges anyone he considers powerful in a fight.

happy goku

Despite his fighting zeal, he is a pacifist since he frequently spares his foes, attempting to avoid injuring or even killing people if possible, and never using more force than required. He also thinks that individuals can change for the better, as seen by the fact that he spared Piccolo and Vegeta in their bouts, despite the former wishing to kill him and the latter killing most of Goku’s comrades. It, paired with his innate gentleness, can cause him to relax his guard.

Another issue of Goku’s lack of schooling was his lack of awareness of adult duties. As a result, he spent most of his marriage jobless, rather than being supported by his prize money from World Martial Arts Tournaments and the wealth of the Ox-King. His failure in the written test for the Tournament of Destroyers revealed his lack of knowledge. Overall, both of his children have a superior awareness of general topics, thanks to Chi-efforts Chi’s to ensure that Gohan and Goten are well-educated. While Chi-Chi later forced Goku to take up a career as a farmer, Goku is frequently seen as uninterested in it, often looking for ways to avoid working and instead train.

5 Times Goku Proved To Be Insanely Mature!

goku power

Goku’s strength knows no bounds, and he’s continuously looking for new ways to gain more. However, there are some locations where the Saiyan has progressed significantly. Goku considers his sheer power to be his most valuable asset, however, there are several notable times in the series where Goku’s maturity proves to be his most valuable asset.

All Yours, Marry Chi-Chi!

Fans of Dragon Ball may see Goku grow up before their eyes, from a curious child to a proud parent. Goku’s unassuming relationship with Chi-Chi serves as the catalyst for this. Goku appears to be going through the motions at first, oblivious to the gravity of the situation he’s about to enter with Chi-Chi.

Even though a bride and a family aren’t high on Goku’s priority list right now, the youthful hero keeps the agreement. Although there are ongoing growing pains between Goku and Chi-Chi later in life, Goku’s refusal to back out of this circumstance demonstrates maturity on his part.

Assassinates His Own Self?

Many of the series’ characters are enthralled by the events of Dragon Ball Super, especially after the strongest individuals from throughout the multiverse threaten the safety of Universe 7. The multiversal Tournament of Power forces the Dragon Ball heroes to work harder than ever before, or their universe may be erased.

One of Goku’s unusual methods for pushing himself above his limits is to hire Hit, the famed assassin from Universe 6, to kill him. Hit is a top-notch mercenary, and the extra challenge Goku sets for himself pulls out the best in him. On another occasion, former rivals Goku and Piccolo are forced to team up against Raditz, who is substantially stronger. Goku decides that the only way to ensure victory is for Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon to connect with Raditz while simultaneously sacrificing himself. It’s Goku’s first death, and it marks a significant turning point in his life.

Agrees To A Permanent Potara Fusion To Defeat Buu

Dragon Ball presents a variety of techniques for increasing one’s strength and performing new and stunning transformations. However, there are times when a character’s strength is insufficient. Fusion is a temperamental process that combines the strength and abilities of two warriors into a single entity.

potara fusion

The Potara Earrings provide a permanent version of the fusion, unlike the fusion dance, which is just transitory. When it appears that nothing else would work against Majin Buu, Goku chooses to fuse with Gohan first, and then with Vegeta. He does so unconcernedly about himself.

Fools The Villains

In Dragon Ball, there are various characters who prefer to fire first and ask questions afterward. Instead of needlessly causing more casualties, Goku constantly tries to get to the source of his villains’ problems. Goku’s attempts to have heart-to-heart talks with adversaries are frequently mistaken, allowing the enemy to launch a final attack.

That Goku continues to try to talk evil out of people’s hearts, as he did with Moro and Granolah, is a testament to the character’s development. Other than eliminating the opponent, he recognizes that there are other ways to “win.”

Puts Everything Above His Own Happiness

Goku owes a large part of his success to the different mentors who have guided him throughout his life. When Goku meets Uub, a young human who is thought to be the reincarnation of the kindness that once resided within Kid Buu, he kindly returns the favor. Goku understands that he won’t be able to protect the planet indefinitely, so he chooses to teach Uub so that he can defend Earth and surpass Goku. Goku abandons his family and friends in order to further the growth of Uub.

Apart from this, Goku is often seen using his dragon ball wishes on other people. In several instances, Goku assembles the Dragon Balls and summons Shenron, yet he prefers to use these tremendous wishes to aid others rather than himself. Because there is so much selfishness in the world, Goku’s employment of the Dragon Balls to improve the lives of others demonstrates his maturity to a large degree!

The Many Many MANY Friends & Family of Goku

dragon ball z

Goku has a pure heart and has no negative emotions or ideas. He is devoted to his friends and family and willing to put himself in harm’s way to save them, as he did against Raditz and Cell. He is a firm believer in paying back debts, as evidenced by his gift of a Senzu Bean to the then-evil Vegeta for saving Gohan and Krillin from the Ginyu Force.

He is a man of his word, determined to honor his word no matter what. Two good instances are the resurrection of Bora and providing the Omni-King with a companion that is even more entertaining than he is. His aims are straightforward; he merely wants new adventures and challenges, such as testing his limitations as a fighter. He has a convenient and carefree outlook on life, and his goals are straightforward.

He has little interest in luxury or high-ranking posts, having turned down Kami’s offer to be Earth’s Guardian and Whis’ offer to be Universe 7th’s God of Destruction, albeit the latter was primarily due to his morality deeming him ineligible for the role. At the same time, he has an unshakeable determination to succeed, never giving up in the face of hardship.

goku family

Goku has been said to have a remarkable effect on humans. His genuine concern for others and love of life in its purest form has the power to inspire people to change for the better, even turning some of his foes into allies. He persuaded Beerus, the amoral and self-absorbed God of Destruction, that Earth was worth saving. He made the quiet assassin Hit smile with genuine joy as if he saw Goku as a peer. Due to his youthful, innocent attitude, he aroused interest and became a friend of Grand Zeno, the most powerful being in the cosmos. He persuaded Jiren, who was notorious for his independence, to embrace Goku’s perspective of companionship and seek to learn from Goku’s example.

Despite his long-standing hate of the Saiyan following their brief alliance, he even managed to make the spiteful and sadistically selfish Frieza appreciate Goku. Merus, a Guiding Angel, was so moved by his desire to aid humanity that he willfully broke Angel Law and engaged in direct combat against evil with his actual divine powers, despite the consequences.

How Goku Evolved Over Time in The Dragon Ball Z Series

akira with dragonball back

A moving chronology allows characters to grow older and evolve with age, which is one of the reasons Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball has remained an evergreen staple of the industry. Although the ongoing Dragon Ball tale begins with Goku’s youthful exploits, the shonen hero has grown more confident in the face of danger. 

As the series’ scope increases and more powerful adversaries are fought, Dragon Ball has undergone numerous alterations. However, Goku’s character development is linked to some of the most rewarding shifts in the series. When the Saiyan transforms or unleashes a new energy technique, it’s simple to notice his increased strength, but Goku’s personal progress frequently leaves an even bigger effect on the audience.

Goku’s Married!

Some of Goku’s broader character development and maturity is internal and not immediately apparent, but he also participates in simple life milestones that demonstrate how much he’s matured since the beginning of the original Dragon Ball.

The first Dragon Ball ends with Goku’s complete transformation from child to adult, which is cemented by his marriage to Chi-Chi. When Dragon Ball Z begins, Gohan, Goku’s kid, is only a few years old, but it’s only the beginning of Goku’s expanded family and his position as a parent.

Earth’s Good > My Death

Death is never easy for anime characters to face, but because of the restorative properties of the magical orbs, it hurts a little less in Dragon Ball. Even Goku, one of the universe’s most powerful fighters, has died in battle. When Goku’s family and friends try to resuscitate him using the Dragon Balls, he makes one of the most mature decisions he’s ever made.

goku with dragon ball

Goku turns down their offer, claiming that his presence on Earth will only draw more perils in the future. He wishes to return, but he recognizes that Earth would be a safer place without him. In addition to this, people evolve in a variety of ways, and for many, understanding the ephemeral nature of life and how delicate it may be is a crucial life lesson. 

When Dragon Ball begins, Goku is immensely innocent, a quality that he hasn’t totally lost, but he has had to face death and learn the harsh implications of warfare. Goku’s limited lifespan has aided his maturation, but he has also had to watch the deaths of numerous friends and family members, frequently directly in front of his eyes. Goku is even able to properly grieve for Grandpa Gohan’s death and find closure there.

The Best Mentor Ever!

In a series like Dragon Ball, it’s crucial to remember that there’s always more to learn. Goku learned most of his greatest techniques from legendary martial arts masters such as Master Roshi, King Kai, and Whis. Goku continues to learn from more powerful characters, and his work in this area is never completed.

goku and beerus

However, as he willingly shares his skills with aspiring fighters, he has progressed from student to guide. After he wants to get his groove back for the Tournament of Power, Goku works as a mentor to Uub, Universe 6’s Saiyans, and even Krillin.

Reconciles With Alien Origins

Goku has a tail that allows him to transform into a massive and deadly Great Ape in the original Dragon Ball, but it isn’t revealed until Dragon Ball Z that he is a member of the Saiyan warrior race. Goku meets a lot of Saiyans, but he has a special role to play because his naturally violent instincts were suppressed when he was younger.

Goku may reject his Saiyan ancestors entirely, or he could reject his haphazard human ancestors as well. Goku, impressively, embraces the best of both worlds and recognizes that he is a product of both planets, not just one.

No Spotlight & Fame, Please!

In Dragon Ball, power is frequently its own reward, and Goku is pleased to know that he is the strongest or to have his limitations tested by a worthy opponent. Dragon Ball, on the other hand, has a slew of competitions where the winners can gain fame and money.

Goku is unconcerned about the publicity, even allowing Hercule Satan to gain acclaim for defeating Cell. Mr. Satan accepts the title of World Martial Arts Tournament victor, while Goku’s family receives the monetary reward, as Goku continues this tradition with Hercule.

What Goku’s Fans Can Learn From Him Today

Goku is far from flawless, but his imperfections only serve to make him a more well-rounded character, which is why he’s considered one of anime’s most popular heroes. Here are a few things that we all can learn from Goku!

Never Fear Challenges!

saiyan god

There is a plethora of action and shonen series that place a premium on intense fights between great warriors. 

These deadly clashes can shatter some heroes or force them to retreat, but Goku is one of the few heroes who is excited rather than terrified by the possibility of a new foe. Nothing makes Goku happier than finding a new opponent who can compete with him. Goku’s zeal for battle and never-ending quest for greater strength is one of his most lovable characteristics. Every time he meets someone fresh and strong, he acts like a child. Hence, be a warrior, be like Goku!

Forgive & Forget

In Dragon Ball, forgiveness is a tough emotion to express. There have been numerous instances where a second opportunity has helped villains turn a new leaf and switch sides to the good side, yet there are certain villains who are beyond redemption. 

goku and moro

It’s understandably aggravating when Goku gives tyrants like Cell or Moro a Senzu Bean, especially when the voice is plainly a lost one. However, Goku’s tendency to see the best in everyone, even when it isn’t present, is still endearing. It takes a certain amount of pressure for a villain to understand their own humility.

Your Innocence Can Do Wonders

As Goku and his friends explore more of the cosmos, Dragon Ball has introduced some highly important characters. Zeno, the ultimate ruler over all twelve universes, is established in Dragon Ball Super as a creature capable of erasing billions of people in the blink of an eye.

Everyone is understandably nervous around Zeno, fearful of offending him in some manner. Goku doesn’t alter his conduct in the least, but his humorous demeanor wins Zeno over and makes Goku a key scapegoat anytime the universe is threatened.

Help Everyone; Even Your Haters!

dragon ball characters

A great leader recognizes that everyone is entitled to fairness and assistance. In Dragon Ball, there are some characters who can absolutely protect themselves, but they don’t go out of their way to show it or to help random individuals in danger. 

Goku is such a pure hero because he believes that no one is unworthy of his assistance, even if he is unaware of who they are. Goku’s natural instinct is to spread happiness, and it is because of this that the Yardratians like him. Goku’s insatiable desire to help others, even when it isn’t required of him, has resulted in a slew of new allies and skills.

5 Best Goku Quotes

Goku is a never-ending source of amusing and motivational phrases for fans of the blockbuster anime series Dragon Ball Z. The character is larger than life, as is his outgoing personality. This collection of quotes will appeal to fans of this self-assured, gluttonous, and astute Saiyan.

They range in difficulty from embossing to bone-chilling. In this list, he threatens his foes, brags about his people, and learns the wonders of the female form. Prepare yourself for a trip down memory lane with Goku. Here are some of Goku’s most memorable quotes!

“Why do women have butts on their chest”

dragon ball girls

If you’re a doctor, you’re going to find this so much fun! Kids say the most bizarre things. Goku isn’t known for being particularly knowledgeable about female anatomy, especially when he was younger. It’s easy to see a typical street youngster posing a similar embarrassing inquiry.

It’s especially cuter coming from Goku, for some reason. Fans who have watched the entire metaseries get to see Goku become only marginally less dense. He retains much of his endearing obliviousness, although a rudimentary anatomy education might be in order.

“I think I know how to get that smirk off your ugly mug. I’m going to renovate your face”

There’s nothing like a subtle and delicate turn of phrase. A good metaphor is a valuable tool. Goku is as obnoxious as a chainsaw. He has the delicacy and pinpoint accuracy of a shotgun. His threat makes up for its lack of nuance with pure bravado. It takes a lot of confidence to threaten to change someone’s face. Is Goku a licensed contractor at all? Is he capable of making these changes?

”Maybe you’ll come back someday as…as a better person, I hope. I’d like that. Perhaps we’ll have a little one-on-one.”

Even the most ardent Goku fan would know that he is far too quick to forgive. Goku is a man with a great heart.He’s a kind and compassionate person. He protects his foes, but at what cost? He attempted to be the bigger man all the time, only to be attacked the instant he turned away. Goku’s drive to believe in the best in everyone may be seen in this phrase. He aspires to see everyone attain their full potential.

”I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.”

Goku is extremely passionate! He wears his heart on his non-existent sleeve throughout his life. To the orange-clad hero, a life without this desire is nothing. Goku understands what is truly important in life. When you look back on your life, it will be the things and people you cared about that will matter the most.

He’d rather fight heroically for the beliefs and ideals he holds dear than have a brilliant mind. What would Goku be like if he didn’t have his fiery heart and rigid standards? If he was a cold, logical being, his character would be half as compelling.

”Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself. You haven’t beaten us yet.”

goku and monkey

Goku is the type of person who is generous and kind to his opponents. Before facing his strength, he gently warns his foes to keep their confidence in check. He doesn’t brag directly, but his statements have a sense of confidence about them. This comment exemplifies how charming and arrogant Goku can be. This simple statement effectively conveys his message. He’s very certain he’ll win, and he even wants to avoid causing any shame to the people he’ll be defeating.

Start Watching Dragon Ball Z & Get Obsessed Like The Rest of Us!

Reading this article about Dragon Ball Z and Goku will surely bring back the golden memories of your childhood days. Who even forgets those thirty glorious minutes of pure Dragon Ball Z fun and getting lost in the world of Goku and the Z warriors? Goku is an exceptional character and has a lot to teach his viewers about life, so if you haven’t already started watching the show, give it a watch now, you’ll love it! 

In fact, the popularity of Dragon Ball Z is reflected in a variety of data from online interactions, which demonstrate the popularity of the media. 4.7 million hits per day were recorded on the official Dragon Ball Z website in 2001, with more than 500,000 registered fans, according to reports at the time. The show follows the exploits of Goku, who, with the assistance of the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against the evil forces. Viewers will find it entertaining to follow along with the action adventures, which also serve to reinforce the concept of good versus evil. 

Hence, Goku from Dragonball Z is a fantastic example of an anime role model. Some people dismiss the idea of a fictitious figure serving as a role model, however fictional characters often serve as better role models than athletes. It makes no difference if the character is fictional. In fact, a fictitious character is even more influential because our brains help build the character. The audience is involved in animation, writing, and graphic novels. They allow us to participate in the story in ways that live-action and traditional role models cannot. The persona is built deep within the mind via imagination. As a result, fictional role models like Goku have a lot of clout. They get ingrained in our thoughts and remain there forever!

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