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Dragon Ball Z was a hugely popular show in Japan, and it’s credited with introducing anime to a wider audience in the West (together with Pokémon). It is based on Dragon Ball, the world’s third best-selling manga series. 

The “Z” in the title was an anime innovation, and it was meant to distinguish between the older seasons and the latter seasons. When the anime was renamed Dragon Ball Z, the early episodes’ monsters and magic were replaced with aliens and technology. The mystical monk-like figures were dragged into a fight against an evil alien empire, the commander of whom was Frieza, one of the Z Fighters’ most powerful adversaries.

Powerful Freiza

Frieza was the evilest of all the adversaries in Dragon Ball Z. He subjected hundreds of planets to his evil dominion. He annihilated entire civilizations before selling the vacant worlds to the highest bidder. Even the gods themselves (such as King Kai) were terrified of him. 

He is frequently seen as Goku’s true adversary, and their combat on Namek is regarded as one of the series’ high moments. We’ve come to investigate the life of one of anime’s most infamous villains. From his position as the most powerful person in the universe to the truth about the end of his struggle with Goku, he reveals everything.

Frieza is the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. He commands his own imperialist army and wishes to conquer Universe 7. His ferocity and strength are feared throughout the universe. Chilled, King Cold’s second son, Cooler’s younger brother, and Kuriza’s father is his ancestor. Frieza is Goku’s most powerful antagonist and arch-nemesis. 

He has made numerous comebacks since his encounter with Goku on Namek, including multiple invasions of Earth. He was recently chosen to represent Universe 7 as the tenth member of Team Universe 7 at the Tournament of Power as a substitute for Good Buu.

As a result, he is the most frequent villain in the DragonBall series. He is resurrected following the events of the Tournament of Power and reclaims his self-proclaimed position of Emperor of Universe 7. His name is a play on the word “frozen.” When Akira Toriyama created him, he envisioned a fridge. Hence all of his subordinates are named after items found in a fridge.

Frieza’s design is a combination of what Akira Toriyama imagined monsters to look like as a child. Frieza was also inspired by Toriyama’s second editor, Y Kond, according to the Daizenshuu. According to Daizenshuu 2, Toriyama was also inspired to create Frieza by the events of the Japanese economic bubble that occurred at the time he was writing the Saiyan Saga, with Frieza being modeled primarily on real estate speculators, whom Toriyama described as “the worst sort of people.” 

Final Form Freiza

Frieza’s final form was purposely designed to be belittling and less threatening, according to an interview with Toriyama conducted by Shonen Jump: Toriyama intended to defy the belief that villains and monsters get larger and more menacing as they gain strength. Frieza has a wide variety of transformations, each of which is distinct from the others. 

The series implies that Frieza’s fourth, most powerful form is actually his original form, with the other three being forms that repress and conserve his vast power. Frieza subsequently verifies this while fighting Goku, the main character. His figures appear to be inspired by both Western and Japanese demon notions.

Frieza normally wears his army’s standard armor in his initial incarnation, which consists of a purple bodysuit with yellow shoulder guards. He also looks to be dressed in black shorts. He also wears a red scouter on occasion. Frieza wears his race’s ultimate Bio Suit, the Z Fighting Suit, in both his real natural and golden forms. 

His body is outfitted with a permanent Cosmic Suit when in Mecha form. He had a halo on his head due to being dead in the Universe Survival Saga, but this is removed after the tournament due to Whis regaining his life for “good behavior.”

Frieza’s Backstory


Frieza, the extraterrestrial overlord who was feared throughout the cosmos and ruled over many worlds until succumbing to Goku, is one of the Dragon Ball franchise’s most renowned villains. Frieza earned fresh popularity in Dragon Ball Super after being defeated in the original Dragon Ball manga, reappearing in the Resurrection of F movie before appearing in the manga as well.

The Japanese magazine V-Jump has now published a thorough history of Frieza and his frightening family. Frieza initially appeared in Dragon Ball chapter #247 and is the major adversary of the Namek Arc. He is the son of King Cold, a mutant of an unidentified race who was born with an extraordinarily high degree of power that he used to construct a galactic empire. 

Frieza, on the other hand, was born with even greater power, so when he grew up, Cold abdicated and handed over the empire to his son, who enormously enlarged it by conquering planets and reselling them at a high price. Frieza encountered the Saiyans, a fierce, powerful race of warriors whom he recruited into his army, during the course of this expansion.

Frieza, however, decided to kill the Saiyan planet Vegeta and all of its residents after hearing the legend of the Super Saiyan, afraid that someone greater than him might be born among them. Frieza was eventually brought into conflict with the few Saiyan survivors, including Goku, who destroyed Frieza on planet Namek after unlocking the strength of a Super Saiyan. 

Frieza proved to be a popular character, and he made multiple appearances after his confrontation with Goku on Namek. He was resurrected as part of the Dragon Ball Super franchise, which allowed him to elaborate on his past. Frost, a Frieza from another universe, was even presented in the Tournament of Power arc.


V-Jump, the magazine where the Dragon Ball Super manga (together with Boruto) is published, elaborated on these characters’ backgrounds in December 2021, offering a synopsis of Frieza, his father Cold, and their army’s past. The tribe where Frieza was born had always had good battle potential, but Cold was the first to be powerful enough to conquer other alien races, becoming the Frieza Army. At this point, he had recruited powerful underlings from the Namek arc, including Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginew Force. They also created cutting-edge technologies, such as the Scouter and regeneration vats.

When Frieza took control, the empire grew even farther, and even the galaxy’s most formidable forces of good, such as the Galactic Patrol and the North Kai, could not stop him. Finally, Frieza made the decision to eliminate the Saiyans, which proved to be his undoing. V-Jump also presents a recap of the Granolah Arc, which is now playing out in the manga, stating that Granolah’s planet was invaded by the Saiyans at Frieza’s request 40 years before the current events.

The Powers & Strength of Frieza

Frieza’s initial debut in Dragon Ball Z was beautifully staged. Everyone, including his own employees, was scared to say his name. King Kai practically begged Goku not to fight Frieza. Vegeta was afraid of the prospect of going up against Frieza (despite being an egomaniac).

Vegeta’s intention to become immortal by using the Namek Dragon Balls was only to give him a fighting chance against Frieza. Frieza was the most powerful being in the cosmos. Therefore his terror was justified. While greater opponents would come in later plot arcs, none were available to fight Frieza at the moment. The Androids and Cell had not yet been built, and Majin Buu was still imprisoned beneath the Earth.

Frieza was the apex of strength in the cosmos before Goku became a Super Saiyan. Other Dragon Ball Z editions later retconned this fact. Dragon Ball GT introduces a slew of new formidable aliens capable of defeating Frieza if he ever crossed them. Dragon Ball Super also featured various new Gods (such as Beerus and Whis) who could easily have annihilated Frieza if they so desired.

Frieza is a formidable warrior in Universe 7 and throughout the cosmos. He was born as a mutant with extremely high power compared to the rest of his kind. Even if the rest of his family is powerful, Frieza has always been in a different league. Even at his weakest, Frieza’s might can effortlessly obliterate entire planets. Beerus, the God of Destruction, was astounded to learn that Frieza had been defeated (by anyone besides himself). He is also regarded as a prodigy with such innate talent and natural growth that he rose to become the most powerful warrior in the universe despite having no formal training or combat technique.

frieza vs guko

Furthermore, his genetics and sheer talent allow him to increase significantly in strength and efficiency in far less time than any known mortal. After only four months of training for the first time in his life, he destroyed his prior limitations and swiftly adjusted to his newfound power, reaching god-like might, an incredible feat considering he did so with almost no assistance. 

Frieza trains for four months in Dragon Ball Super after being revived and organically rebuilt, unlocking much of his latent power. His strength grew drastically as Gohan publicly admitted that even his greatest strength could not fight First Form Frieza.

Frieza overcame Super Saiyan Gohan with ease and murdered Piccolo with a single shot. Simply transforming into Final Form annihilated nearly all of his 1,000 warriors. Frieza is strong enough to battle with Goku in this form. Krillin and Gohan observe that they are unable to view the movements of Goku or Frieza. 

Frieza evolves into Golden Frieza in the face of Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue, and while the two appear to be on equal footing at first, Frieza quickly proves to be the stronger. Frieza claims that at full capacity, he could certainly kill Super Saiyan Blue Goku in a moment. Frieza, on the other hand, quickly tires because he hasn’t adjusted to his new body, and his punches finally become ineffectual. Despite his tiredness, Frieza returned to his natural form and swiftly annihilated the Earth.

frieza and cell

Frieza and Cell are said to have powered up after years of training in Hell and to confidently attack Goku, even after witnessing him fight an opponent such as Kid Buu in the Super 17 Saga of Dragon Ball GT. It should also be mentioned that he and Cell were tasked with dealing with Goku, hinting that they are more powerful than the previous villains that occupied Hell but fled to Earth, including opponents like General Rilldo. Ultimately, Goku’s juvenile form’s fundamental power allows him to outmaneuver them.

What is The Personality & Aspiration of Frieza?

Freeza was a harsh, selfish, and tyrannical entity that left behind a trail of grief and suffering. His reign of terror finally kept his dominion in check, and his fame drew the attention (and ire) of the Hakaishin, Beerus, as well as Kai of the North. Freeza was immensely conceited, believing himself to be a superior lifeform in the same way that the rest of his clan did.

frieza destroys planet vegeta

He was also extremely xenophobic, especially against Saiyans, whom he referred to as “monkeys” and thought half-evolved. His hatred for Saiyans was so intense that he had no qualms about severely abusing a Saiyan youngster and felt no regret for their genocide. The despot was also prone to outbursts of wrath whenever his plans failed, or he was terrified. On many occasions, he would resort to destroying whatever planet he was on, especially if he felt backed into a corner. Above all, Freeza was capable of putting up a courteous front, as it was his usual personality attribute.

He utilized exceedingly polite speech patterns and the personal pronouns ‘Watashi’ and ‘watakushi,’ both of which are gender-neutral pronouns that accentuate his courteous disposition. However, when in a rage, Freeza would adopt the pronoun ‘ore,’ which is more masculine and arrogant. Interestingly, after transforming into his final form, the tyrant also employed ‘Boku,’ only reverting to ‘ore’ when sufficiently enraged, yet he resumed the use of ‘Boku’ when he arrived on Earth as a cyborg. Because he had never trained before his first death, Freeza was unaware of the significance of learning to control a new shape and power.

This would result in his death for the second time. During his second stay in Hell, Freeza realized his error and began to appreciate the need to regulate his strength. While retaining his egotism and arrogance, he demonstrates that he is a lot more composed than he used to be, capable of ingeniously sophisticated techniques that catch numerous parties off a surprise. His battle tactics have also altered, as he now examines an overpowering opponent, looking for weak places rather than charging forward as he used to. Freeza has also grown more patient, especially when it comes to his vengeance, allowing himself to wait longer and practicing subtlety in allegiance changes.

destroy planet

Regardless of how devoted his warriors were to him, Freeza exhibits little to no concern for them since he is readily capable of killing them if they fail him in some way. He did not warn them or show any concern for them moments before launching his Super Huge Energy Sphere to destroy Planet Vegeta, even though they implored him not to get them caught in the crossfire. Another instance is when Trunks kills the final soldier for displaying fear, just calling him a “coward” after killing practically all of his and Cold’s soldiers. 

He vaporizes his army after morphing into his last form in Super’s Resurrection ‘F’ Saga and shows no remorse for doing so. Following the Tournament of Power, Freeza’s selfishness has mellowed, and he has become more infantile rather than vicious. For example, he intended to use the Dragon Balls to grow five centimeters taller because he dislikes being short in his ultimate form, but he wanted to appear to be growing rather than seeking immortality. This originates from his experience in Hell when he couldn’t die but couldn’t get out of his cocoon either.

The Many Enemies, Fights & Conflicts of Frieza

The first half of the Namek arc is spent developing Frieza without actually involving him in action. He’s a foreground character who actively moves the plot forward despite seldom lifting a finger himself. With the Ginyu Force battling the Earthlings and Vegeta, Vegeta decides to pay a visit to Saichoro, only to be stopped by Nail.

Frieza unleashes his renowned 530,000 Battle Power for the first time in this battle, totally outnumbering everyone else’s figures up to this point. Frieza then beats up on Nail off-screen. Because of this, there isn’t much choreography, but the action is excellently done, and the fight itself is accompanied by a massive explosion. For what it’s worth, the struggle against Frieza in the anime gets off to a good start.

The first eight episodes are dedicated to everything before Goku appears, which actually has a fair amount of material to adapt – perhaps not eight episodes’ worth, but it’s not an unreasonable quantity when considering how much of an endurance contest the battle with Frieza is. However, problems arise when the arc is viewed in perspective.

Along with the first eight episodes, the climactic battle against Frieza in Dragon Ball Z lasts over 30 episodes. That’s more than six months of syndication for a single battle. It’s simply too much in the larger scheme of things. Nail, who has been beaten into submission, saves his own life by alerting Frieza that the Earthlings had already beaten him to the Dragon Balls. Nail was eventually gaining time, and Frieza flew out in a range. Piccolo later discovers Nail, who has been left for dead, and the two fuse, the latter gaining enormous strength. Piccolo’s presence in this arc could be said to be unwarranted, but think of him as a catalyst for Nail.

frieza vs piccolo

Piccolo has ritualistically inherited Namek’s pride from Nail as they prepare for this showdown. By fulfilling Nail’s goal to protect Namek at all costs, he is spiritually completing Nail’s arc. While Nail cannot accomplish it alone, it is through his Power that Piccolo is able to stand a chance against Frieza’s second form in a brilliantly staged encounter that showcases Piccolo at his best. Goku vs. Frieza, the longest fight in shonen anime history, was not adapted as neatly as it should have been in Dragon Ball Z. With Toei dangerously near to catching up with the manga, the animation had no alternative but to stretch out the tale for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, the only thing DBZ had to work with at the time was Goku’s fight against Frieza. As a result, the climactic battle is excruciatingly slow, with plot development moving at a snail’s pace. The manga had a significant beat happen in every volume of the fight, never overstaying its welcome, but Dragon Ball Z is forced to chew on every aspect of the conflict. 

The last few episodes of Goku as a Super Saiyan are unusually slow. Vegeta tricking Frieza into transforming is a good idea because it ensures the heroes’ stamina throughout the fight, but the second form of Frieza quickly proves too overwhelming for the core cast.

frieza vs goku

Vegeta is so overcome with terror that he refuses to fight. It is ultimately up to Gohan and Krillin to work together to defeat Frieza. And what a great fight it is! Gohan manages to land some devastating blows on Frieza, while Krillin employs his customary strategic thinking to avoid Frieza’s pursuit while simultaneously cutting off the tyrant’s tail. Frieza eventually overpowers the heroes, nearly killing Gohan before Piccolo arrives to save the day.

Although Goku and Frieza do not have a pre-existing relationship before they begin battling, each chapter of their conflict helps to fill out their dynamic. The two develop a morbid regard for each other, although one is tinged with hatred. Frieza appears to be alright with Goku at first, and Goku sees Frieza as a challenge. However, as the struggle progresses, emotions begin to build. 

Frieza is even stronger than Goku in battle (his underwater Kamehamehas are brilliant). Simultaneously, Frieza is losing patience as a Saiyan of all things gives him the battle of a lifetime. Frieza’s first fight with Goku in Dragon Ball Z at its best, with fantastic choreography, some of Toriyama’s best language, and an unforgettable conclusion.

Discover The Friends & Family of Frieza

Dragon Ball was a comic series that ran from 1984 to 1995 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Weekly Shonen Jump is the world’s best-selling manga magazine and has published series such as One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Death Note. The cost of this degree of accomplishment, however, is high, as generating about twenty pages of a comic book per week takes a heavy toll on the authors.

While mangaka earn significantly more money than their western counterparts, they also lead unhealthy lifestyles (owing to a lack of sleep) and have little time to spend with their families. As a result, most notable mangaka rarely create more than a few series throughout their lifetime. 

When Akira Toriyama concluded his work on Dragon Ball, he effectively retired. He primarily made one-shot comics in addition to character designs for the Dragon Quest series. From 1999 until 2005, Akira Toriyama published a few issues of Nekomajin, a Dragon Ball spoof. Kuriza, Frieza’s son, was one of Nekomajin’s villains.

Kuriza’s name is a play on the Japanese term for “chestnut,” which explains why Kuriza has a chestnut-shaped head. Kuriza’s appearance as a character is played for laughs, and he is not regarded as canon. He has, however, appeared as a playable character in a few Dragon Ball Z video games. 

While most fans still regard Frieza as a full-fledged villain, there are several instances in Dragon Ball Super where Frieza surprises fans by doing something for Goku rather than against him. Furthermore, their conversation in DBS has evolved into something more entertaining and enjoyable rather than confrontational and cringe-worthy.

frieza race

During the Tournament of Power, after Goku was exhausted from defeating Kefla, Frieza gave him an energy boost. If Frieza hadn’t given Goku this energy boost, he would never have recovered enough to face Jiren in the end. Jiren would have easily won the Tournament of Power without Goku, implying that Frieza genuinely saved the universe. 

The Frieza Clan is one of the most well-known families in the Dragon Ball franchise. The clan is mostly made up of powerful Frieza Race members that run the Frieza Force. The Frieza Clan has been dubbed the “Strongest Clan in Space/Wicked Bloodline” in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, the “Cold Dynasty” by King Cold in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, and the “Lineage of Evil” in Dragon Ball Legends.

All of the clan members are reported to be extremely powerful, but Frieza and Cold are more powerful than the others due to being mutant members of their species, with Frieza alone being a rare prodigy with incalculable dormant strength. Frieza and King Cold appear to be members of a hybrid species that arose as a consequence of an unintentional spontaneous mutation “around our grandfather’s time,” according to Akira Toriyama. Frieza and King Cold’s mutation is believed to have caused them to become evil in the Xenoverse series, while Cooler is said to be a mutant as well inside the Xenoverse series chronology.

Little is known about the race’s origins, except that the clan’s ancestor, Chilled, headed a band of space pirates that became the Frieza Force. In Broly, it is revealed that King Cold led the Cold Force that discovered the Saiyans and initiated the Occupation of Planet Vegeta before retiring and passing command of the Cold Force to Frieza, who renamed the Cold Force the Frieza Force. It also indicates, through their respective titles, that the current governing member of the force, and presumably the entire clan, was proclaimed Emperor, while those who are no longer in authority, such as due to retirement, take on the title of King.

king cold

Frieza also indicates that the clan spoke their own language in the English dub, with one line, “Aloevi vi vivial,” particularly meaning “let’s get down to business.” The Frieza Clan is shown to be business partners with the Heeters, a family of intelligence brokers, in Granolah the Survivor Saga. Due to the resurrected Frieza’s strength, the partnership is not equal, prompting the Heeters to devise a plan to usurp control of the Frieza Force by pitting the vengeful Cerealian survivor Granolah against Frieza and the surviving Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta, as the Saiyans (including Goku’s father Bardock) were responsible for the Cerealian genocide.

Frieza says to the Warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 that his family has a law that the strongest person owns all the power inside the Frieza Clan, and hence they must be the strongest family in the universe. Frost takes control of the majority of the Frieza Force members participating in the Tournament of Time by convincing them that he is a transformed Frieza and that the real 1st form Frieza is a fake. Frieza controls a small faction of Frieza Force members, most of whom are wiped out by Saiyan in Red, whom Frieza and his remaining men mistake for the amnesic Ancient Saiyan Shallot, with whom Frieza offers to form an alliance after his ally Bulma (Youth) is kidnapped by Frost’s ally Turles, who serves as his second-in-command.

Shallot, who is secretly a member of Team Beerus, is commanded by Beerus to join forces with Frieza’s side in order to save Bulma. Frieza and Shallot eventually discover that Frost is commanding the rogue side, with Frost stating that he did so to get revenge on his current counterpart for his betrayal during the Tournament of Power. Frost is able to empower himself and his forces thanks to Turles, who provides Fruit of the Tree of Might through his partner Dr. Gero. However, Frieza realizes that it is unwise to consume too much of the flawed fruit because Dr. Gero has yet to perfect artificially producing the fruit, with Turles hoarding all of the perfected fruit for himself.


Frost is beaten and killed as a result, with Frieza taking over both the Frieza Force and Frost’s alliance with Turles and Dr. Gero while betraying his old Saiyan comrades. However, his murder of Shallot’s mentor Vegeta drives Shallot to turn into a Super Saiyan, allowing him to ultimately kill the tyrant, resulting in the Frieza Force dispersing into numerous factions once more, one of which is led by Frieza and allied with the Mastermind’s party. In addition to Frieza and any of his analogs, both Chilled and Cooler take part in the tournament.

During the SuperCell Games created by New Cell (who possesses the genes of Frost in addition to those of Frieza and King Cold like his counterparts), the Cooler, allied with the Organization of Babidi, joins New Cell’s team along with Boujack, who was also allied with the Organization of Babidi which was secretly supplying aid to New Cell through Dabura as Dabura allied himself with the Bio-Android after assisting him in absorbing the Androids 17 & 18, due to the Cooler joins to revenge his family’s honor by battling Super Saiyan Shallot.

Shallot, on the other hand, receives assistance from Bardock, who decides to participate after a brief encounter with Frieza’s elder brother and his subordinate Thouser shortly before the SuperCell Games, foiling Cooler’s attempt to destroy the Earth with Supernova Cooler, causing New Cell to kill his fellow player for trying to end the games prematurely by destroying the planet. 

The combined force of Super Saiyan 2 Shallot and SSJ2 Gohan eventually kills New Cell. Furthermore, as demonstrated by the Super Dragon Ball Heroes, no counterpart of Frieza would oppose another incarnation of Frieza when Shallot suggests that one of his counterparts may be leading the rogue faction, as they would naturally work together to gain an advantage due to their narcissism.

Love Interest’s of Frieza

Because Frost and Frieza are universal counterparts, they have numerous similarities and are practically identical in many aspects. When they first met, they both grinned, with Frieza pleasantly thrilled to see another Emperor. Frieza wrote that the two Emperors conversed privately and probably got to know each other.

When Frieza asked Frost if he wanted to work with him, Frost stated he would be pleased. In actuality, Frieza was unconcerned about Frost. This was demonstrated when Frieza duped Frost by teaching him how to increase his power, only to blast him out of the stage at point-blank range. Frieza later admits that he thought of Frost as an amateur rather than a teammate. Despite betraying Frost in the Tournament of Power, Frieza eventually shows some respect for Frost, commending him for eliminating the troublesome Universe 9 combatants

Cell and Frieza may have never interacted in official canon aside from some Dragon Ball Z filler in Hell, but when they do, their bond is one of the best in the series. Frieza and Cell have one of the greatest love-hate relationships in Dragon Ball, both loving the fact that they each have it out for Goku and pretty much every other Saiyan on Earth, yet constantly at odds due to their losses. Fans eagerly anticipate the day they meet in canon material after being teased with this relationship in several pieces of non-canon literature.

Popular Fan Theories About Frieza

frieza smiling

Dragon Ball fans have become accustomed to Frieza and his family over the years. However, there is still a great deal we don’t know about his race. Because the despot is unusually tight-lipped about his people and their origins, followers have hypothesized endlessly about his ancestors. And now, a novel scientific theory has grabbed people’s interest. 

It all started with a recent Dragon Ball article on the series’ official website. Yudai Okuyama, a scientist and researcher at Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science, was interviewed there. It was there that the Dragon Ball fan discussed the anime extensively, and he provided his own bio-based theory regarding Frieza’s ancestors. When asked about Frieza’s ability to assume several forms, Okuyama was quick to point out the ability’s real-world origins. “From a biological standpoint, it’s probably some type of unusual hereditary property that arose from his forefathers,” he explained. “Frieza has horns in his early changes, correct? But by the time he reaches his ultimate shape, they’ve vanished, and he now has that smooth, shiny head.

I believe there is more to it than we have been told.” Okuyama went on to say that these types are descended from Frieza’s weaker ancestors. Frieza has horns to protect himself in the same way that juvenile or weak organisms do. The fighter is undoubtedly powerful in his base form, but his armor and spikes provide him with natural self-defense. Okuyama claims that this base form evolved over time for the race and that Frieza’s final form is their purest design.

frieza power

“Spikes are a critical defense mechanism for weak or susceptible species,” Okuyama concluded. “Think about it this way: Frieza’s ancestors were probably some kind of very feeble life form that relied on its spikes to protect themselves until they could metamorphize enough times to attain maturity.” Dragon Ball appears to follow real-world biology, for the most part. Thus, this evolutionary lesson makes perfect sense. Frieza’s forefathers were most likely not powerful enough to survive without the armor of his base form. However, as his type gains fresh power, they can revert to their original form from eons ago.

Trivia Time!!!

The age of a character is not openly stated in Dragon Ball. It was slightly crucial when Goku was a kid, and it became mildly relevant again when Gohan was going around fighting evil guys, but how old everyone else remains a mystery. 

frieza pushing

The question, therefore, becomes, how old is Frieza? He’s seen a lot of things and has a tremendous reputation throughout the world, but there’s no definitive explanation. Some believe he’s around 70 years old, while King Cold is nearly one hundred years old. It’s one of those things that can be debated, but in any event, Frieza has accomplished a lot in such a short period of time.

Key Takeaways!

In a GamePro article, Frieza was mentioned as one of the “most beloved characters.” The casting and direction of his English voices have been heavily criticized over the years, with IGN’s Ramsey Isler saying that the “old lady” voice, combined with the confusing physical attributes, led to some gender confusion among fans. 

“Beads of sweat develop on the brow of a figure named Vegeta, as he is nearly choked to death by a wicked antagonist named Frieza,” The Ledger reported on December 8, 1999. In another, Frieza impales a decent person named Krillin through the chest with his horns.” “Little Gohan is instantly in the chilly metallic grip of one of his arch-nemeses, Frieza, a silvery androgynous behemoth who looks like a cross between the monster in Alien and Batman’s Mr. Freeze,” the publication writes. Frieza’s participation in the original series was viewed by Comic Book Resources as the reason why his arc is one of the darkest ever in the franchise due to the violence in fights, deaths, and resolution of his war against Goku, giving it an improvement in retrospect.

Both Kotaku and Den of Geek considered Frieza as the series’ most engaging villain, prompting the staff to resurrect him several times in order to entice returning fans.

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