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If you’re an Anime freak and collecting anime figures is your hobby, then you’re at the right place! 

Being anime obsessed, you might have watched My Hero Academy yet, right? It’s one of those anime shows with multiple seasons and a compelling tale. I mean, fans all around the world are obsessed with the show, its unique story, and the characters that are always there to make your life worthwhile.

Himiko Toga Figure

These characters are filled with meaningful moments of high emotional intensity; when they suffer, you feel it as much as you do when they are happy. For example,  let’s talk about Himiki Toga, a major antagonist in the show. She belongs to the League of Villains and is a part of the Vanguard Action Squad of that group.

She is a wanted suspect in connection with blood-draining serial killings, and some people love her because of her this dark personality! 

If you’re one of those fans, do you want a Himiki Toga action figure? Keep reading; we’ve got you!

Himiki Toga Anime Figures

My Hero Academia : Boku no Hero Academia Himiko Toga Anime PVC Figure Toy Cross my body Himiko My hero Academia

Himiko Toga Figure

Himiki Toga is one of the most prominent characters in the show, and Himiki Toga’s figures are pretty famous too. If you also want one for yourself, get one of these action figures from Rejinato right now.

It is a 19” tall action figure made of PVC. Do you know what the best part is? It’s really a unique design. Himiko is one of the little, fair-skinned girls in the show who often gets compliments on her attractive face. She has bright yellow eyes with small slits that slant slightly inward and a wide mouth that is reminiscent of a cat. 

Her hair is a pale, dirty ash-blonde color and is styled into two messy buns with countless wild strands jutting out at all angles from the sides. Well, guess what? This figure represents these features of Himiki Toga perfectly! 

She’s wearing her casual outfit consisting of a plain seifuku with a Kansai collar, a skirt in black, and an oversized beige cardigan paired with a red scarf that she ties loosely below. The cardigan consists of a long hem and cuffs and pockets on either side, the right one shown to hold a number of trinkets on either a keychain or a cellphone strap.

She is dressed in dark brown dress shoes with substantial heels that are similar to the outdoor uniform shoes that students in Japanese schools typically wear. Oh, and not to forget, she is also wearing knee-length black socks. What a perfect blend of fashion and anime figures; we’re in love already!

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this Himiki Toga action figure asap. It is Eco-friendly and perfect for all ages. Do you know what the best part is? It can help Himiki Toga to get ingrained in our thoughts and remain there forever!

My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Action Figure Anime MHA Collection Statue Birthday Gift 5.9 Inch

Himiko Toga Figure

Himiki Toga is a fan’s favorite because of her gleeful, vibrant, charismatic personality. She is often seen with a smile and has an extremely beautiful and joyous expression.

So why not get one for yourself to keep you smiling and motivated through all the depressing times of life? This action figure made in Japan shows Himiki Toga and her ash-blonde hair tied into two buns with unruly strands of hair poking out of each most adorably. Her eyes are yellow with thin black pupils that resemble a cat’s.

She’s wearing her most common attire of the show, which is a seifuku school uniform coupled with a red scarf as well as a dark blue skirt. Her socks are knee-length, and she has a pair of shoes that are commonly worn as a part of a school uniform. Oh, and also the ever-famous red scarf. Woah, the details are to die for!

This anime figure can be a visual clue, just like any memorabilia. For example, by just simply looking at the figure, one can immediately think of numerous scenes involving Himiki Toga.

Also, since it is produced in small quantities, who would want to miss Himiki and her smiling face 24/7? She is depicted as a young adult with a joyful personality and a face beaming with happiness. Last but not least, her tongue out of her mouth is the most adorable thing ever. So simple, minimally aesthetic, and cute! 

Anime figures are maybe something your siblings or friends owned when they were little. So buy it out of nostalgia! Many people appreciate returning or discovering a toy that they once loved or played with as a child. And now, happy childhood memories will flood back every time they see this figure. 

Moreover, for just a few dollars, this action figure of Himiki Toga comes in different packaging according to your wishes; from a poly bag and bubble bag to a customized beautiful gift box, they have it all!

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Get Your Favourite Himiki Toga Figure From Rejinato Today!

In a nutshell, Himiko is a very cheerful girl. She is always smiling, even after having presumably killed someone. Oops! So why not be happy like her in life? Also, she is an excellent character with great wisdom to impart to his audience about life.

Buying at least one action figure of Himiki Toga if she’s your favorite character of the show. It will be the same as making a significant investment. Add her to your mesmerizing anime collection asap!