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One Piece – Backstory

Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who is formed of rubber and serves as the series’ main protagonist, is the protagonist of this series. Monkey D. Luffy makes the decision to set sail from the East Blue Sea after being influenced by the powerful pirate Red-Haired Shanks, who was his childhood hero. 

Monkey D. Luffy wants to find the legendary treasure known as the One Piece and establish himself as the king of the pirates. Red-Haired Shanks was his hero when he was a child. Roronoa Zoro, a pirate hunter and swordsman was about to die when Luffy came along and saved his life. As a result of this, the two of them became friends. 

Monkey D Luffy

After that, the three of them set off together in search of the treasure that shares the same name as Luffy’s own crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. On their journey, they are accompanied by Nami, a money-obsessed thief and navigator; Usopp, a sniper and compulsive liar; and Sanji, a strange but chivalrous cook. 

Nami is a money-obsessed thief and navigator. Usopp is a compulsive liar. The thief and navigator known as Nami has a fixation on monetary gain. Usopp is someone who lies incessantly.Sanji is a pervert, but after buying a ship named the Going Merry, they wind up getting into fights with some of the most notorious pirates in East Blue. 

These confrontations take place in East Blue. Others such as Tony Tony Chopper, an anthropomorphic reindeer doctor; Nico Robin, an archaeologist and former assassin for Baroque Works; Franky, a cyborg shipwright; Brook, a skeleton musician, and swordsman; and Jimbei, a fish-man helmsman and former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, join the crew later on in the series. 

While Monkey D. Luffy and his crew set sail on their journey, others later in the Franky will begin building the Thousand Sunny for the Straw Hat Pirates. This will take place after the Going Merry has been severely damaged beyond the point where it can be restored. As they sail across the seven seas in search of their dreams, they come across a wide variety of foes and friends along the way. 

These people include other pirates, bounty hunters, criminal organizations, revolutionaries, secret agents, and soldiers of the corrupt World Government, in addition to a wide variety of other friends and foes.

In the universe of One Piece, there are humans as well as numerous other races, such as fish-men and merfolk, which are two species of fish/human hybrids; dwarfs; minks, which are a race of humanoids with animal traits; giants; and so on. 


In addition to humans, there are also a variety of other species, such as fish-men and merfolk. It is the only continent in the world, and it is distinguishable from the other planets by a massive mountain range called the Red Line, which runs along the boundary between it and the two immense oceans on either side of it. 

They are further segmented into four seas by the Grand Line, which is a sea that is perpendicular to the Red Line and goes across the middle of the continent. These four oceanic regions have been given the names North Blue, East Blue, West Blue, and South Blue, respectively. 

The Grand Line is bordered on all sides by two regions known as the Calm Belts. These regions, which are comparable to horse latitudes and have almost no wind and almost no ocean currents, are situated around the Grand Line. These areas are critical for the reproduction of massive marine creatures known as sea monarchs and are located in the ocean.

As a result of this, the quiet belts serve a very useful purpose in terms of their effectiveness as barriers for persons who are attempting to enter the Grand Line. However, naval vessels that are part of an international organization known as the World Government are able to use a sea-prism stone to conceal their presence from the sea kings. 

This enables these ships to easily navigate through the tranquil belts without being affected by the sea kings’ presence. At the point where the Grand Line and the Red Line meet, also known as Reverse Mountain, all other ships are forced to navigate a path that is fraught with increased peril. This occurs at the intersection of the Grand Line and the Red Line. In order to take this route, they will have to go through a mountain. 

Before continuing its voyage down a fifth canal and into the first half of the Grand Line, the ocean water from each of the four seas rushes up that mountain and joins at the peak. Because of the ways in which it is distinct from the remainder of the Grand Line, this section of the Grand Line is commonly referred to as Paradise. 


The portion of the Grand Line that begins immediately following the Grand Line’s second intersection with the Red Line and extends all the way to the terminus of the line is referred to as “The New World.”

In contrast to the environment in the vicinity of the islands, which is rather stable, the open ocean and its currents along the Grand Line are characterized by a high degree of unpredictability both in terms of their weather and their flow. Because of the presence of magnetic fields along the Grand Line, normal compasses are unable to function properly. This makes navigation, which is already a difficult task, even more difficult. 

As a result, one must make use of a specialized instrument known as a Log Pose in order to navigate the Grand Line successfully. To activate the Log Pose, you must first ensure that you have a link to the magnetic field of one island and then ensure that you have a connection to the magnetic field of another island. 

It varies from island to island in terms of the precise moment that it will go down. It is possible to avoid having to go through this process altogether if one is able to achieve an Eternal Pose, which is a variation of the Log Pose that is eternally fixed to a certain island and never moves.

In the world of One Piece, there exist creatures that can take on the guise of machines to complete their tasks. Transponder Snails are animals that have the appearance of snails and behave in a manner that is analogous to fax machines, rotary phones, and cameras. 

Dials, which are the exoskeletons of certain flying animals, can be utilized in a number of different ways due to their unique shells. In addition to storing kinetic energy, dials can also be used to store other forms of data such as wind, sound, images, and even heat.

The Best One Piece The Anime Figures

Japan Anime G.K. Warhead Gear fourth Luffy action figure for collection

GK Warhead Gear forth luffy

All of you who are fans of One Piece will find this to be the ideal action figure toy for your collection. This Luffy action figure is constructed of resin and measures 31 centimeters in height and 16 centimeters across the base. 

Monkey D. Luffy, commonly known as “Straw Hat Luffy” and simply as “Straw Hat,” is the primary protagonist of the manga and anime series “One Piece.” He is also known by the aliases “Straw Hat” and “Monkey D. Luffy.” 

Straw Hat and Straw Hat Luffy are both aliases that are used to refer to this particular figure. In addition to being one of the most capable fighters in the organization, he is also the founder, captain, and leader of the group known as the “Straw Hat Pirates,” which is gaining notoriety and strength at an alarming rate.

One piece G.K. Warhead Luffy wcf action figure for collection

This is the perfect action figure toy for all One Piece fans out there. It is a Luffy action figure made of resin and P.U. and is 15cm in height. Finding the famous treasure that was left behind by Gol D. Roger is Luffy’s lifelong aim, as he wants to live out his childhood ideal of becoming the Pirate King and do so by finding the treasure.

He is under the assumption that because he has the title of Pirate King, he is entitled to the maximum degree of personal autonomy that is perhaps conceivably possible. Luffy, who was born in Foosha Village, ingested the Gomu Gomu no Mi when he was seven years old without realizing what he was doing, which is what caused his body to morph into rubber. 

Warhead Luffy WCF Action

He came across a man with red hair who went by the name “Red-Haired” Shanks, and it was this man who gave Luffy the straw hat that would eventually become his signature look.

Shanks presented the hat to Luffy as a gift and also made the vow that they would meet each other again in the future before handing it over to Luffy. Luffy is the son of the Revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon, the grandson of the Marine hero Monkey D. Garp, the sworn brother of the late “Fire Fist” Portgas D. Ace and Revolutionary Chief-of-Staff Sabo, and the foster son of Curly Dadan. 

In addition, Luffy is the grandson of the Marine hero Monkey D. Garp. In addition to this, Luffy is the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, a legendary Marine hero. He is just one of a very small handful of people around the world who has a copy of the Will of D. in their possession.

Japan Anime GK Liufeng Luffy action figure for collection

This Luffy action figure is made of resin and measures 58 centimeters in height, 57 centimeters in-depth, and 43 centimeters across at its widest point. 

Luffy has faced off against a large number of global powers, beginning with the most powerful pirates in the East Blue and moving on to battles against the Marines, Seven Warlords of the Sea, Cipher Pol, World Nobles, and even the Four Emperors of the Grand Line. In total, Luffy has faced off against a multitude of global powers. 

Liufeng Luffy

He has emerged victorious from the vast majority of his battles. Luffy has emerged victorious from the vast majority of these encounters. He assaulted Enies Lobby, which led to the settlement’s indirect destruction; he eluded capture at the difficult Impel Down, and he was an essential figure in the Summit War of Marineford. 

During the period of time leading up to the disintegration of the organization, he was successful in removing or allying himself with seven of the eleven known former or current Warlords, and he also invaded the territories of two Emperors. 

This was all done while simultaneously bringing about the disintegration of the organization. As a result of his accomplishments and family history, which led to him being labeled as a “Dangerous Future Element,” Luffy has earned the wrath of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, the Marine Headquarters, and even the World Government. 

This is due to the fact that he has been designated as a “Dangerous Future Element.” In addition, as a consequence of the activities that he has taken, Luffy has garnered the reputation of being “reckless” and, in some instances, “crazy,” both of which have led to his being referred to in these manners.

One piece G.K. T.H. Luffy wcf action figure for collection

GK TH Luffy wcf

This action figurine is made of resin and P.U., and it stands 15 centimeters tall, has a depth of 14 centimeters, and a width of 14 centimeters. Luffy also had a talent for attracting fans, which led to him being unintentionally named the head of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet despite the fact that he had no intention of accepting the position. 

This fleet is made up of seven different pirate gangs that have all sworn an oath to him to support him whenever he asks for it. As a result of the dissemination of this information and his wins over the Big Mom Pirates, the media has dubbed him the “Fifth Emperor of the Sea.” Despite the fact that many powerful people feel this to be an exaggeration, the media has given him this moniker. 

Luffy was one of eleven pirates known as “Super Rookies” that simultaneously crossed the Red Line with bounties of more than Beli 100,000,000 shortly prior to the Summit War. Luffy was one of these “Super Rookies” who crossed the line. Luffy was one of the most wanted criminals in the world at the time he arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago since he had a bounty of Beli 300,000,000 placed on his head. 

This was before he traveled to the Sabaody Archipelago. When people look back on him, the other eleven Super Rookies and Marshall D. Teach in the future will collectively be referred to as the “Worst Generation.” In the end, his victories and his reputation wind up contributing to the total of Beli 1,500,000.00 in bounty money that he currently holds.

Japan Anime GK GIN Monkey D Luffy 1:6 action figure for collection

GK GIN Monkey D Luffy 16

This action figurine is constructed out of resin and polystone, and its dimensions are 40 centimeters in height, 28 centimeters in-depth, and 32 centimeters across. 

Luffy, in his capacity as captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, possesses the greatest control over an ever-more-powerful and diverse crew that is composed of a number of infamous individuals, the majority of whom are extremely powerful in their own right. This crew is composed of a variety of Straw Hat Pirates, each of whom has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. 

Even though Luffy routinely participates in dangerous activities, and in some cases even as a direct result of the fact that he participates in such risky behavior, the other members of his crew trust him with their lives. This is because Luffy has such a high level of authority over his crew.

In addition to this, he is one of the twelve pirates who are included in the group that has been referred to as the “Worst Generation.” 

This is a collection of people that have made a name for themselves due to the brazen acts and huge confrontations that they have conducted against the World Government. Every single one of these people is wanted for bounties that are more than Beli 100,000,000. Indirectly, he also has a claim to the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which is a vast fleet with a total population of 5600 people and seven powerful New World crews between them. 

GK GIN Monkey D Luffy 16

These individuals have all taken an oath to serve under him of their own free will and have come to be at his disposal whenever he may require their assistance. His claim extends to the entirety of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. 

The World Government and the press consider the scope of Luffy’s authority to be nearly on par with that of the Four Emperors, who are the four most powerful and influential pirates in the world, the press has taken to referring to Luffy as the “Fifth Emperor.” 

This is a direct consequence of the fact that the World Government and the press consider Luffy’s authority to be nearly on par with that of the Four Emperors. As a result of this, Luffy is sometimes referred to as “the Fifth Emperor,” but this title is unofficial.

One piece G.K. H.B. Monkey D Luffy action figure for collection

GK HB Monkey D Luffy

This action figurine is constructed out of resin and polystone, and its dimensions are 41 centimeters in height, 27 centimeters in-depth, and 25 centimeters across. The fact that this is one of the reasons why the World Government views Luffy as an exceedingly dangerous criminal is one of those reasons. 

He currently has a bounty of 1,500,000,000, which is only exceeded by a known handful of individuals, both alive and dead. These individuals all belong to the current Four Emperors of the Sea, Whitebeard, and Gol D. Roger themselves, so it is safe to say that he is the most wanted pirate in the world. Another reason why the World Government views Luffy as an exceptionally dangerous criminal is due to the fact that he has a history of stealing from the government. Luffy has been known to steal from the government in the past. 

Luffy has most prominently shown his threat by invading all three of the World Government’s main strongholds in Paradise: he defeated at least a thousand Marines on Enies Lobby by himself and took out two CP9 agents, with the invasion ultimately resulting in the destruction of Enies Lobby via Buster Call; he infiltrated the great prison Impel Down and orchestrated the only mass breakout in its history, and he invaded Marineford during the Summit War of Marine.

GK HB Monkey D Luffy

Luffy has also significantly threatened the equilibrium of the Three Great Powers by defeating three members of the Seven Warlords of the Sea—Crocodile, Gecko Moria, and Donquixote Doflamingo—and allying with two others, which caused Jinbe to defect from his position, and Trafalgar Law to lose his. This caused Trafalgar Law to lose his position, and it caused Jinbe to lose his position. This resulted in Trafalgar Law losing his post, and it also resulted in Jinbe losing his position. 

Another reason why the World Government views Luffy as an extremely dangerous adversary is due to the fact that he is the son of Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army. Luffy’s opponents, due to his appearance and demeanor, continue to repeatedly underestimate his fighting capability, despite the fact that his list of triumphs in battle is continually rising in length. Despite this, Luffy’s list of victories in combat continues to grow. This gives him the option to follow pathways that his opponents would not predict, which has provided him with an advantage on multiple occasions and will ultimately result in an advantage for him overall. 

After suffering two losses at the hands of Crocodile, Luffy persevered through the entirety of their third and final match to emerge triumphant. Both times, Crocodile gave the appearance of having abandoned Luffy to his death.

Japan Anime GK MRJ. Luffy wano kuni battle action figure for pre-order

GK MRJ. luffy wanokuni battle

This action figurine is constructed of resin and is 58 centimeters in width, 46 centimeters in-depth, and 60 centimeters in height. 

Luffy is a lean man who has developed a muscular figure and has hair that is dark and unkempt. In addition, his eyes are completely dark and round. When he was a young man, it was provided to him as a loan by the infamous pirate captain “Red-Haired” Shanks, who had originally obtained it from Gol D. Roger. This is how he got the nickname “Straw Hat Luffy” in the first place. 

Because of the distinctive straw hat that he always wears, he is commonly referred to by that moniker. Sandals, a sleeveless red sweater, and short blue slacks with cuffs make up his laid-back attire, which he accessories with a red beanie. In addition to that, there is a scar with two sutures directly underneath Luffy’s left eye. 

This mark was left on his face as a result of an incident in which he stabbed himself in the eye with a knife in order to show Shanks that he was courageous and could bear the pain of an unpleasant experience. During the Summit War of Marineford, he was severely hurt by Akainu, and as a result, he had a large scar on his chest in the shape of an X. This scar was the result of his injuries. In the Corrida Colosseum, Donquixote Doflamingo made an attempt to corner Luffy, fully anticipating that Luffy would end up being a victim there. 

GK MRJ. luffy wanokuni battle

Luffy, on the other hand, was able to escape his captors and win the support of the other gladiators who were competing there. Even though Luffy has only been at sea for a little over a year (not including the two years he spent training on Rusukaina), he has already devised strategies that have allowed him to prevail against progressively formidable adversaries as they have appeared in his path.

All of this is due to his ever-developing skill in battle in conjunction with his nearly indestructible determination. In the course of his time spent in the New World, he engaged in combat with the most formidable commanders that belonged to the Four Emperors. Up to this point, he has been successful, as he has defeated the Big Mom Pirates as well as the Sweet Commanders Charlotte Cracker and Charlotte Katakuri. 

In addition to the Marine Admirals, he is currently aiming his attention squarely on the Four Emperors themselves. Luffy’s recently increased knowledge of advanced Busoshoku and Haoshoku Haki allowed him to meet Kaidou, one of the Four Emperors, during the attack on Onigashima on approximately equal footing. 

This was made possible by Luffy’s ability to use Haoshoku and Busoshoku Haki. However, in order for Luffy to unleash the entire potential of the power that his Devil Fruit possessed, he needed to suffer a second defeat at the hands of a fatal blow first. Only then was he able to use his Devil Fruit to its full capacity.

Japan Anime OP GK BT. Luffy action figure for pre-order

OP GK BT. Luffy

This action figurine measures 17 centimeters in height and is made of resin. Despite the fact that he is physically smaller than the majority of the world’s most powerful fighters, Luffy has built up an enormous amount of physical strength that is on par with that of the majority of the most powerful fighters in the world. 

His grandfather Garp put him through intense and unorthodox training in the hopes of making him stronger. These training tactics consisted of things like dumping him in the jungle when he was a young child, forcing him to fight monkeys, tying him to balloons so that he would float away, or throwing him into a hole that had no bottom. 

In addition to this, his grandfather Garp put him through several years of further training that was incredibly strenuous and took place in the exceedingly harsh climate of Mount Colubo and Rusukaina. Dressrosa’s strength was put to the test in a significant way when he was able to deflect a stomp delivered by Donquixote Doflamingo, a man who was nearly twice his height and possessed enormous physical power of his own. 

Dressrosa was able to do this without the use of leverage, which demonstrated the significance of his strength. This was accomplished by Dressrosa by merely using his foot. He had easily won the fight earlier that day against the gigantic gladiator Spartan by turning over and defeating him. 

OP GK BT. luffy action figure

Despite having a big golden ball molded around his hand during his combat with Enel in Skypiea, he was able to walk around the arena and engage in the fight freely. He even succeeded in doing so while holding the ball in his hand while climbing a gigantic beanstalk. In Water 7, when he found himself imprisoned between two large brick constructions, he eventually managed to free himself by forcing the buildings apart in order to get out from between them. 

After his devastating combat at Marineford, Luffy was in a critically debilitated state. His condition was as follows: Despite this, he was still able to lead Amazon to suffer widespread devastation. Lily and her helpers were able to move a boulder that was several times larger than him and hoist it with enough force to smash a nearby rock formation. Both of these accomplishments were achieved by Luffy while he was in the process of recuperating from the injuries he sustained.

One piece G.K. G5. Liu Ying Luffy action figure for collection

GK G5. Liu Ying Luffy

This polystone and P.U. the action figure measures 11 centimeters in height and 6 centimeters across at its widest point. 

By utilizing his Devil Fruit Gears, which have resulted in a huge improvement in Luffy’s physical power, Luffy has been able to fight formidable foes such as Blueno, Rob Lucci, and Donquixote Doflamingo. This was made possible by Luffy’s ability to employ his Devil Fruit Gears. In the same way that he had done two years before, when he knocked out a member of the Marines’ Giant Squad with a single Gear 3 punch, he defeated the powerful giant Hajrudin with a single Gear 2 punch to the face, which he did two years later. 

On Fish-Man Island, the Sea Kings were under the assumption that if they hadn’t stepped in, he would have wrecked the massive ship, Noah, before it could have reached the island’s shores. This was their belief since they believed that he would have done so if they hadn’t intervened. He was restrained by Seastone handcuffs while he was incarcerated in Wano Country, which drastically reduced his strength and prohibited him from making use of his Devil Fruit abilities. 

He was able to lift and carry hundreds of blocks that were several times his size because he utilized his time in prison as a new technique of training to get stronger despite the fact that he was already in a weaker position as a result of his time in prison.

Through his studies in psychology, Luffy may enhance both his physical strength and his mental fortitude, making him a more resilient person overall. After Luffy was accidentally mesmerized by Jango, who was attempting to make him stronger by doing so, Luffy went on a violent spree against the Black Cat Pirates. During the process, he ripped off the stem of their ship as well as the figurehead. In the midst of his duel against Foxy in the Davy Back Fight, Luffy gave himself an afro in an effort to hone his fighting skills. Foxy was not in the least bit impressed.

Japan Anime G.K. G5 Nika Luffy action figure for collection

GK G5 Nika Luffy

This action figurine is manufactured of resin, and its dimensions are 9 centimeters in height and 8 centimeters across. 

Luffy possesses incredible agility, dexterity, and reflexes, thanks to his genetic make-up. Luffy was able to keep up with Blueno and Rob Lucci’s extremely swift Soru movements when they were battling on Enies Lobby despite the fact that he was not using the huge speed increase that his Gear 2 form gives. This was because Luffy was not using his Gear 2 form at the time. This was due to the fact that Luffy was in Gear 2 at the time. 

During their duel in the Summit War of Marineford, he was able to evade the blows delivered by the greatest swordsman in the history of the planet, Dracule Mihawk. At one point, he was even successful in ducking under a blow that completely hacked its way through a glacier that was situated a considerable distance away.

As a result of the training he has received over the past two years, he is able to avoid being hit while utilizing Gear 3 at this very moment. In the arena of the Corrida Colosseum, he was able to avoid being attacked by Cavendish by avoiding the pirate’s sword swings and getting hold of the weapon with both of his hands. 

GK G5 Nika Luffy

This allowed him to avoid being attacked by Cavendish. In his battle against Charlotte Katakuri, he demonstrated the ability to avoid the majority of the Sweet Commander’s blows as well as all of Charlotte Katakuri’s attacks with his trident Mogura (with the exception of the one in which Luffy was rendered unable to fight by Flampe’s dart), despite the fact that Charlotte Katakuri was able to anticipate his movements. 

In addition, he was able to defend himself against all of Charlotte Katakuri’s attacks with his. In addition to this, he was able to use his trident to successfully avoid all of Charlotte Katakuri’s assaults. Luffy’s ability to see into the future, made possible by his Kenbunshoku Haki, gives him a significant advantage in his ability to avoid being hit by assaults. 

For instance, when Luffy was engaged in combat with Kaidou on Onigashima, he was able to partially dodge Kaidou’s Raimei Hakke strike. This was possible despite the fact that the Emperor is capable of traveling at a speed that is nearly indistinguishable from blinding light. Earlier, Luffy was unable to avoid the hit despite his best efforts.

One Piece GK YUEBAN Luffy 1:5 action figure for collection

GK YUEBAN Luffy 15

This PU and polystone action figurine is 42.5 centimeters in height, 26 centimeters in-depth, and 32.5 centimeters across at its widest point. Luffy has proven that he is able to endure extreme amounts of physical agony while keeping his consciousness and ability to engage in battle intact. 

When Luffy was a child, Porchemy tried to extract information from him by hitting him hard with his spiked gloves. Despite this, Luffy was able to withstand the abuse and did not provide any information in return. In the Kingdom of Arabasta, the poison hook of the Crocodile was successful in poisoning him, but he was able to keep his consciousness long enough to battle the Warlord. He took a number of blows from Foxy’s spiked gloves, yet he never dropped to the ground during the course of the fight. 

Luffy’s battle with Charlotte Katakuri in the Mirror World lasted for more than nine hours, and he was on the receiving end of a disproportionately higher number of punches than he delivered. Even after being gruesomely wounded in the side by Mogura, Katakuri’s trident, he was able to stay upright until Katakuri was defeated. This is the most impressive example of Luffy’s remarkable resilience that we have seen thus far. 

GK YUEBAN Luffy 15

In contrast to their first encounter, in which the Emperor’s power was so great that he could knock out Luffy with a single strike of his mace, after training in the Prisoner Mine and facing Kaidou again, Luffy was able to emerge conscious and unharmed despite being partially struck by the same attack; this was in contrast to their first encounter, in which the Emperor was able to knock out Luffy with a single strike of his mace; however, after their second encounter, Luffy was He eventually reaches the point where he can resist Kaido’s strikes without passing out or becoming unconscious as time goes on.

As a result of surviving Magellan’s poisoning, Luffy has developed an immunity to most types of toxins. Because he possessed this immunity, he was able to avoid being wounded when Caesar Clown tried to poison him by attacking him with poisonous fumes. In spite of this, he did eventually pass away as a result of the poison he ingested after eating the skin of the armored stonefish. Luffy’s immunity allowed him to avoid the rapid death that is normally caused by the skin; as a result, he fell into a coma instead. 

In spite of the fact that he was poisoned, it seems as though he takes a great deal of pride in his resiliency. Following his observation of Queen’s Excite Bullets, he declared that he would not be impacted by them in the same manner as other people are. On the other hand, Chopper was going to be responsible for his medical care in the future.

One Piece G.K. D.T. Luffy final battle 1:5 action figure for collection

GK DT. luffy final battle 15

This action figurine is manufactured of resin, and its dimensions are 38 centimeters in height, 28 centimeters in-depth, and 19 centimeters across. Hancock and Luffy’s friendship was tense at the start of the Amazon Lily Arc because of the struggle that they had with one another. 

After becoming aware of his virtuous and selfless nature, as well as the fact that he did not treat her differently as a result of the fact that she had been a slave in the past, she gradually comes to have intense romantic feelings for him. Because of this, she is convinced that he is the right person for her. The change in her personality is mostly attributable to the time she has spent with Luffy. The fact that she behaves timidly towards Luffy is an indication that she has feelings for him due to her behavior toward him. 

She has trouble looking Luffy in the eye, she has a propensity to flush when she is in his presence, and she is constantly daydreaming about him. She is obsessed with him. Her intense feelings for Luffy were the primary motivating factor behind her many betrayals of the World Government and their cause.

During the Battle of Marineford, she makes the declaration that every man, regardless of whether they are marines or pirates, is her adversary. In her statement, she takes into account both of these groups. When Stilly Luffy finally makes an appearance, she immediately redirects her attention to the task of protecting him as her first priority. 

GK DT. luffy final battle 15

She defends him against Smoker and the other members of the Pacifistas, and she lashes out and yells at anyone who attempts to hurt him. In addition, she defends him from the other members of the Pacifistas. After the battle, she offers her assistance to Amazon Lily in hiding a wounded Luffy until he recovers, and it is at this time that she expresses her wish to be the one to take on all of Luffy’s suffering on her own behalf in his place. 

She is so worried about Luffy that when she first arrived back at Amazon Lily, she scarcely ate anything until she knew for sure that Luffy was going to be okay, thanks to the protection that Hancock is providing for Luffy from Smoker.

Hancock is incredibly loyal to Luffy despite the fact that he does not share the same sentiments as Luffy and that he does not support her intention to get married. He also does not approve of her goal to have a child. Luffy, in turn, protected Hancock by saying that he would not tell Magellan how he broke into Impel Down even if it cost him his life. This statement was Luffy’s way of shielding Hancock from danger. 

This was Luffy’s contribution to the defense of Hancock, and it was an important one. At Marineford, he showed her his gratitude by giving her a bear hug and remarking that she had saved him twice: the first time, she helped him break into Impel Down, and the second time, she gave him the key to the sea stone handcuffs that his brother Ace had worn. He thanked her for both of these acts of heroism. It was Ace who had provided him with the key in the first place.

Japan Anime OP GK E.play Luffy action figure for pre-order

OP GK E.play Luffy

This action figurine is manufactured of resin, and its dimensions are 49 centimeters in height, 40 centimeters in-depth, and 45 centimeters across. Dracule Mihawk believes that Luffy’s ability to make buddies wherever he goes is the most dangerous ability in the world because it allows him to gain support wherever he goes. 

Luffy possesses this extraordinary power, which enables him to bring allies to his cause regardless of where he is or what he is doing. For Luffy to consider a person a friend, they typically require very little effort on their part. One example of this is Rebecca, who won Luffy’s friendship simply by providing for his dietary needs. 

Luffy is able to make friends rapidly, and in most cases, people need to accomplish very little for Luffy to consider them a friend. The fact that Luffy is willing to go to any lengths to save his friends has earned him the respect of those in his immediate environment. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Whitebeard Pirates were pleased by his determination to save Ace on Marineford. Despite the fact that Luffy does not consider himself a hero, he has earned the respect of those in his immediate environment. 

This fearlessness is another one of Luffy’s qualities that helps him attract allies. It displays that he is not afraid to engage in risky behavior in order to support himself and his comrades, which is one of the qualities that helps Luffy win allies.

One piece G.K. Warhead Luffy wcf action figure for collection

GK Warhead Luffy wcf

This action figurine is 15 centimeters tall and is constructed out of resin, and P.U. Luffy’s parents, Monkey D. Dragon, and an unnamed woman gave birth to him in the village of Foosha. Luffy was placed in the care of his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp after Dragon abandoned him. 

Luffy’s grandfather subjected him to numerous perilous experiences in order to fortify him, such as hurling him down a steep ravine, abandoning him in the wilderness by himself, and tying him to a balloon. Shanks and the other members of the Red Hair Pirates established a base in Foosha Village when Luffy was six years old. During the time that they were there, their sniper Yasopp frequently informed Luffy that he had a son named Usopp, who was approximately the same age as him. 

Luffy was determined to become a member of the Red Hair Pirates, so after they had been in the village for almost an entire year, he stabbed himself on the left side of his face in order to demonstrate that he was physically capable of being a pirate.

GK Warhead Luffy wcf

The Red Hair Pirates followed Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to the Party’s Bar, where Luffy continued his futile attempts to convince Shanks to let him join them. He ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi without knowing what it was since he discovered it in a chest and ate it with his lunch. 

While he was doing this, Higuma and his gang of mountain bandits entered the bar and demanded sake. Makino, the bartender, informed them that the Red Hair Pirates had finished off all of the remaining sake, and when Shanks brought Higuma the last bottle, he smashed it against his skull. Makino also informed them that the Red Hair Pirates had eaten all of the available sake. 

Shanks’ only response was to clean up the mess, and Higuma continued to be abusive to him before finally walking away. Luffy was incensed that Shanks did not retaliate, and as he tried to leave, Shanks grabbed his arm and pulled him back, forcing the muscle in his arm to stretch. After the Red Hair Pirates came to the horrifying realization that Luffy had consumed the Devil Fruit that they had stolen, they broke the news to him that he would never be able to swim again in his entire life.

One Piece G.K. D.T. Luffy final battle 1:5 action figure for collection

GK DT. luffy final battle 15

This action figurine is manufactured of resin, and its dimensions are 38 centimeters in height, 28 centimeters in-depth, and 19 centimeters across. A whirlpool was the first thing that Luffy encountered on his journey, and it was this vortex that drew his ship into itself. 

Luffy was able to stay alive by taking cover inside a barrel that eventually made its way to Goat Island. Cabin boy Koby of the Alvida Pirates rolled the barrel to a warehouse, where some of his crewmates attempted to unlock it. This resulted in Luffy accidentally emerging from the building and knocking out his crewmates as he did so. 

Koby responded to Luffy’s request for a ship by handing him a vessel that he had constructed specifically for the purpose of fleeing the Alvida Pirates. This action revealed that Koby was being forced to serve the Alvida Pirates against his will but was too terrified to attempt to flee. 

Luffy dismissed Koby’s lack of determination as unimportant and informed the cabin boy that he planned to rise to the position of Pirate King. The next thing that happened was that Koby’s captain Alvida came and sank the ship, but as she confronted Koby, the cabin boy found the strength to fight back against her. 

Luffy, who thought very highly of Koby, thwarted Alvida’s attempt to attack Koby with her mace by blocking her path. Luffy was unaffected by the mace, and with just one hit, he was able to knock Alvida unconscious. After that, Luffy ordered the Alvida Pirates to find him and Koby a boat, and the Alvida Pirates did as he requested. As they sailed, Koby was anxious about what would happen to Luffy on the Grand Line, sometimes known as the “pirate’s graveyard.” 

GK DT. luffy final battle 15

He was worried that Luffy would be killed. Luffy responded by saying that he was going to put together a formidable team, beginning with the formidable bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro. They were able to reach Shells Town thanks to Koby’s expertise in navigating, where Captain Morgan and his Marines had Zoro in captivity. 

Luffy and Koby made their final preparations at the Marine base after finishing their meal at a restaurant. Luffy peered over the wall and saw Zoro being restrained; Zoro then spoke up and offered to assist Luffy if he were to be set free. After that, Luffy and Koby stood there as they watched a young girl by the name of Rika scale the wall in order to give Zoro some rice balls.

Nevertheless, Helmeppo, Morgan’s son, arrived at that time and put a stop to her behavior by ordering his Marine guards to hurl her over the wall. After catching Rika, Luffy hopped over the wall to have a conversation with Zoro as Helmeppo’s crew was leaving. 

Zoro stated that Helmeppo had offered to let him go free if he could go without nutrition for a month and turned down the offer to join Luffy’s crew as a result. On the other hand, he requested that Luffy give him some of Rika’s rice balls that Helmeppo had smashed into the ground and instructed Luffy to convey to Rika that the rice balls were very tasty.

One piece G.K. H.B. Monkey D Luffy action figure for collection

GK HB Monkey D Luffy

This action figurine is constructed out of resin and polystone, and its dimensions are 41 centimeters in height, 27 centimeters in-depth, and 25 centimeters across. The characteristics that stand out the most about Luffy are his seeming lack of common sense, his complete lack of fear, and his unflinching faith in himself. 

In general, he does things his own way and is unwilling to approach anything in a delicate or nuanced manner. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Having said that, Luffy has a knack for being able to see through to the core of the issue. 

He is frequently able to accurately point out someone’s personal weaknesses, such as Koby’s tendency to be a coward or Kuro’s inability to be an effective pirate. He constantly asserts that he will rise to the position of Pirate King and directs every fiber of his body toward achieving that goal. He is extremely ambitious.

The personality of Luffy can be likened to that of a child in the sense that he has a propensity for acting in an exaggerated manner. Either he is highly greedy, especially when it comes to food, who is on his crew, and adventure, or he is exceedingly selfless, going so far as to virtually sacrifice himself for revenge or protect his friends, crew, and family. Either way, he may be either extremely selfish or extremely greedy. 

This juvenile mentality does not prevent him from frequently getting to the root of the problem, which in turn enables him to find out the simplest approach to solve it. However, this does not prevent him from acting childishly.

GK HB Monkey D Luffy

Before meeting Shanks, Luffy exhibited traits such as arrogance, impatience, and great pride. Shanks has had a significant impact on these aspects of Luffy’s personality. The young boy’s anger was fueled by the idea of Shanks being embarrassed by Higuma, and as a result, he made reckless attempts to exact revenge on Higuma. Luffy gradually grows up to become more like Shanks as a result of meeting him and being motivated to become the Pirate King by him. 

He chooses to become more calm, patient and avoid letting things get to him. Early on in the series, he had a habit of paraphrasing parts of Shanks’ comments whenever he interacted with other characters, such as when he first met Usopp. Having said that, Luffy is unquestionably his own unique individual and is, in general, quite distinct from Shanks. Even though he has much improved in this regard after the time jump, there are still instances in which he loses his temper and becomes upset.

Above all else, Luffy has a strong aversion to those who are weak, though not necessarily in a literal sense. Because of Koby’s timid personality and the frequency with which he uses the term “it’s impossible,” he has publicly admitted to Koby that he “hates people like him.” The reason for this is that he “hates people like him.” In contrast, he admires those who, despite the challenges they face, make the effort to improve themselves. 

As a result of witnessing Koby risk his life, he has grown to respect Koby as a result of this. He criticizes Kuro for whining about having to live the life of a pirate, focusing less on the wrongdoings he has committed and more on his aspiration to lead a life different from that of a pirate.

One piece G.K. T.H. Luffy wcf action figure for collection

GK TH Luffy wcf

This action figurine is 15 centimeters tall, 14 centimeters wide, and 14 centimeters deep. It is made of resin and polyurethane. Luffy has a tendency to be mystified by the most commonplace of occurrences, such as hermit crabs, and is sometimes perplexed by more complex ideas, such as the possibility that by digging a hole right next to another one, he may inadvertently be filling the other one. 

In addition to that, whenever he gives a lengthy and intricate explanation of something, he refers to it as magic right away. He has a soft spot for strange beasts and frequently recruits them for his band (as seen in the Thriller Bark Arc, asking a talking tree to join his crew). When Nami was sick with a high fever, he advised her to eat cold food, and later, after Nami and Roronoa Zoro had fought Bartholomew Kuma, he tried to help Roronoa Zoro feel better by pouring sake on him because Zoro likes drinking sake. He possesses a shocking lack of expertise in medicine. 

It is observed that he is exerting himself and that he is going to feel sick as a result of too much thinking when he is attempting to think of a plan to get off on Amazon Lily. Although he was successful in making some logical sense of where to look, he was also spotted straining himself. Because he has been a fighter his whole life, he is not easily shaken by acts of brutality and bloodshed. 

Even the most difficult battlefields don’t bother him very much unless it’s someone he knows or someone he’s related to, like in the case of Ace. Luffy has a propensity for remaining silent throughout most situations, despite the fact that he tends to be reckless and full of energy. He appears to be unfazed by the most horrible scenes, such as pirates dying in front of him, men left headless following Law’s attacks or the excessive brutality from various people who consume devil fruit.

There are a few rare occasions in which he loses his cool with regular folks, but for the most part, this does not happen. Luffy is easily annoyed by individuals who do not have the same food preferences as he does, and he abhors it when other people attempt to gaze at his “privates.” In addition to this, he doesn’t appear to enjoy it when people fiddle and stretch with his rubber body while he’s eating, but other than that, he doesn’t seem to mind it too much. 

GK TH Luffy wcf

On a more serious note, he gets actively irritated at individuals who tell him things are “impossible,” and he will even strike people (men or women) who push the subject too far. This is because he believes that anything is possible with enough effort. 

Regardless of how despicable their allies may be, he has an abject loathing for anyone who willfully breaks the trust placed in them. His annoyance can extend to his crewmates as well, notably when they complain about the perilous situations he often puts them in or when they take things too far, like when he got into a fight with Usopp.

When Luffy discovers a creature with a mixed appearance, he refers to it by the name of the creature that is its secondary (or non-dominant) component. On Gaimon’s island, the dog/chicken was called a “chicken” despite the fact that it was primarily a dog, the snake/rabbit was called a “rabbit” despite the fact that it was primarily a snake, and the pig/lion was called a “lion” despite the fact that it was primarily a pig. 

This will eventually become a recurring gag: when he finally encounters Bananawani, he will refer to them as “bananas with crocodiles hooked to them.” Also, even after he saw Pierre change into a bird, he continued to refer to him as a “horse,” even though he should have known better. 

In a running gag that is similar to this one, when they were on the island of Long Ring Long Land, he named every animal after what he believed they looked like rather than the kind that they actually were.

Japan Anime OP GK E.play Luffy action figure

OP GK E.play Luffy

This resin action figure stands 49 centimeters tall, has a depth of 40 centimeters, and is 45 centimeters wide. Luffy finds everything about the pirate life to be fascinating. 

When the Straw Hats obtained their first ship, he was overjoyed beyond measure, and he was beyond excited at the prospect of shooting cannon rounds at different rock formations. As a matter of habit, Luffy will perch himself atop the prow of the ship, whether it be the head of the Going Merry or the Thousand Sunny, the nose of Rocketman, the head of the right Yuda of the Kuja Pirates’ ship, or even the front gun of a Marines’ ship that has been taken.

Luffy has shown that he admires heroic figures, despite the fact that he has stated unequivocally that he does not want to be one. His primary hangup is that heroes are fundamentally entirely selfless, and Luffy doesn’t really identify with that trait. 

However, Luffy has shown that he admires heroic figures. Ironically, the vast majority of Luffy’s activities are extremely unselfish, with the most of his selfishness focusing on his gluttony and his quest for new experiences. Because of this quality, everyone he comes into contact with is led to believe that he is a hero in some capacity, despite the fact that this was not intentional on his part. In the end, Jinbe manages to convince him that being a hero for Fish-Man Island in exchange for receiving a large quantity of meat is in his best interest.

One piece G.K. G5 G2 Luffy normal version action figure for collection

GK G5 G2 Luffy normal version

This resin and P.U. the action figure measures 11 centimeters in height and 5 centimeters across its breadth. Luffy has a reputation for being a very deep sleeper. 

Even after repeatedly slapping him and roaring into his ears, Jinbe was unable to rouse him asleep so that they could carry out their plan to disrupt the wedding ceremony that Sanji and Pudding were planning to have. It wasn’t until someone brought him beef, which was his absolute favorite dish, that he finally came to his senses. When everyone was back at Water 7, Luffy’s grandfather Garp awakened him by hitting him over the head with his “Fist of Love.”

Because of Luffy’s history of irresponsibility and, at times, even lunacy, he has a well-deserved reputation as an extremely risky individual. However, unlike other pirates who have a reputation for being psychotic (such as the Killer of the Marines Caribou or Bellamy) due to their unjust violence against civilians or authorities, Luffy gained his reputation for helping his friends and innocents in the face of unjust or evil figures, typically going above and beyond to save them. This is in contrast to other pirates who have a reputation for being psychotic because of their unjust violence against civilians or authorities. 

GK G5 G2 Luffy normal version

Due to this, he is frequently pitted against large organizations as well as pirates that wield enormous influence and strength.

The emotional toll of having to see his adoptive older brother, Ace, pass away while he held him in his arms at the time of his death at Marineford drove him to enter a catatonic state. After coming up from this state, Luffy immediately went into a frenzy and went on a destructive rampage to release his grief and anger in a manner that was extremely unusual for his regular personality. He destroyed a lot of things. Luffy eventually came to the realization that he had been too naive, that he was weak, and that he was undeserving of being Pirate King, and as a result, he fell into a state of sadness and self-pity. 

Luffy gained the fresh strength to continue following his dream after receiving some words of support from Jinbe and Rayleigh. Additionally, Luffy came to the realization that even though he had lost Ace, he still had his invaluable crew. After the lapse in time, he regains the self-assurance necessary to pursue his goal of becoming the Pirate King and shares this news with Rayleigh.

Key Takeaways!

Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the series and the man who wishes to be the king of pirates, is a complex character. His name literally means “monkey who wants to be king.” 

Keeping a close eye on him is going to be really beneficial for us. One of them is to take a stand against wrongdoing and fight against it at all times, no matter what the circumstances are. Luffy will not get engaged in a fight unless he believes someone or something is being treated unfairly. 

If he does get involved, it will be with Zoro. We are able to see that he fought against Arlong because Arlong was using Nami’s skill against Nami’s will in order to acquire wealth and increase power. This is something that we are able to observe. This is something that comes to our attention now and then.

Crocodile is engaged in unlawfully gaining a kingdom. Therefore, he engages in conflict with him as a result. Crocodile is his opponent. In addition to that, he imparts knowledge to his audience regarding the significance of maintaining their concentration on their objectives. Luffy is intent on realizing his ambition of becoming the most powerful pirate in the world in order to fulfill his destiny. 

This one choice serves as the cornerstone upon which the remainder of the narrative of one of the pieces is built. If you have the desire to make your dreams come true, the entire world will do everything it can to help you make them a reality. If you have the drive, the universe will help you make your dreams come true.

In a nutshell, Luffy is an excellent character that possesses a great deal of wisdom to impart to his audience about life, and buying at least one Luffy action figure will be the same as making an important investment.