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Dragon Ball Z follows the exploits of Goku, who, with the help of the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against the forces of evil. It is entertaining to watch the action adventures, which also reinforce the concept of good versus evil. Dragon Ball Z instills important character virtues such as teamwork, loyalty, and dependability in its viewers.

Reading or hearing about Dragon Ball Z brings back the golden memories of my childhood days. Don’t we all remember coming back after a long, fun-filled but exhausting day at school, instantly running towards the television and changing the channel to “Cartoon Network”? 

Where we would enjoy thirty glorious minutes of pure Dragon Ball Z fun. During those thirty minutes, we would be lost in the world of Goku and the Z warriors. It was an almost impossible task for our parents to get us to do anything else besides being fixated on the television screen. 

So, for all you Dragon Ball Z fans, this article will make you relive those golden days and bring back all the nostalgic memories; grab your popcorn and be prepared to binge-watch this extremely popular anime show after reading this article!

Dragon Ball Z & The Dragon World!

dragon ball z

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series created by Toei Animation and broadcast on Fuji TV. It is the sequel to the 1986 Dragon Ball anime series and adapts the final 325 chapters of the original Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama, which ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1988 to 1995.

It is a part of the Dragon Ball media franchise. Originally broadcast on Fuji TV from April 1989 to January 1996, the series was dubbed and broadcast in at least 81 countries around the world after it was dubbed in Japan. As Son Goku grows into an adult, the adventures of Dragon Ball Z continue as he and his companions defend the Earth against villains such as aliens (Vegeta and Frieza), androids (Cell), and magical creatures (Gohan) (Majin Buu).

While at the same time paralleling his own life, the story also follows the development of his son Gohan, as well as the development of his rivals Piccolo and Vegeta. Because of the popularity of the anime series in the United States, the manga chapters that make up the story were first published by Viz Media under the title Dragon Ball Z, which was later changed to Dragon Ball Super. With the popularity of the anime series has come the proliferation of media and merchandise, which has come to represent the majority of the content available within the Dragon Ball franchise.

DragonBall Z

Dragon Ball Z has maintained its status as a cultural icon through a slew of adaptations and re-releases, most recently a remastered broadcast of the series titled Dragon Ball Z Kai. There have since been two sequel series, including Dragon Ball GT (1996–1997) and Dragon Ball Super (2015–2018), which have followed the success of Dragon Ball Z. 

It follows the exploits of Goku, who, with the assistance of the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against the evil forces. Viewers will find it entertaining to follow along with the action adventures, which also serve to reinforce the concept of good versus evil. Dragon Ball Z instills in its viewers’ important character virtues such as teamwork, loyalty, and dependability through the portrayal of various characters.

The Most Epic Episodic Adventure…

Episodes from Goku and the Z Warriors’ epic episodic adventure in which they must defend the Earth and the Universe against super-powered fighters and monsters. A continuation of the original Dragon Ball series, the series focuses on the Z Warriors’ multi-episode battles with their adversaries rather than the original series’ action sequences.

Approximately halfway through the series, the focus shifts from Goku to his son, Gohan, as 30 years elapse between the first battle with Goku’s brother, Radditz, and the final match between Goku and Uub. In the United States, the show was broadcast on Cartoon Network as part of the popular Toonami block. When Dragon Ball first hit the shelves, readers flocked to it, and critics praised the series for its intricate plots. As a result, Toei Animation was quick to secure the animation rights to the series, which premiered in February 1986 with an anime adaptation.

Spirit Bomb Goku

Dragon Ball covers the first 159 chapters of the manga in a total of 153 episodes, which is an impressive feat. Despite the fact that the series lasted more than three years, it only ended when Akira’s story was divided into two distinct eras. Dragon Ball Z: The Original Series followed the adventures of Son Goku as a child as he searched for the seven wish-granting items known as Dragon Balls. Goku, who has been trained in martial arts, embarks on a journey around the world in search of mystical objects, encountering a slew of villains along the way.

The Overall Plot of Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga

Following up on the events of Dragon Ball Z, which takes place five years after the conclusion of the Dragon Ball anime, Goku is now a young adult and the father of his son, Gohan. An alien named Raditz arrives on Earth in a spacecraft and tracks down Goku, revealing to him that he is his long-lost older brother and that they are both members of a nearly extinct alien warrior race known as the Saiyans.

In order to conquer the planet for them, the Saiyans had sent Goku (originally named “Kakarot”) to Earth as an infant. However, he suffered a severe blow to the head shortly after arriving, and he was unable to recall anything about his mission or his blood-thirsty Saiyan nature after the incident. Raditz, along with two elite Saiyan warriors, Vegeta and Nappa, is the only remaining Saiyan warrior, and as a result, Raditz seeks Goku’s assistance in the conquest of frontier worlds.

saiyan saga

When Goku refuses to join them, Raditz dispatches Goku and Krillin in a single blow, kidnaps Gohan, and threatens to murder him if Goku does not kill 100 humans within 24 hours. Raditz then kidnaps Gohan and threatens to murder him if Goku does not kill 100 humans within 24 hours. The decision is made by Goku to team up with his arch-enemy Piccolo, who was also defeated by Raditz in a previous encounter, in order to defeat Raditz and save his son, who is in danger. 

At one point during the battle, Gohan’s rage allows him to temporarily outmatch Piccolo and Goku as he attacks Raditz in order to protect his father. At the conclusion of the battle, Goku restrains Raditz in order for Piccolo to hit them with a lethal move known as Special Beam Cannon, which mortally wounds them both and kills them after a short time. The other two Saiyans are much stronger than Raditz, and they will attack Piccolo and the Dragon Balls in one year, which Raditz reveals to Piccolo before succumbing to his wounds.

Going into the wilderness to train for the upcoming battle against the Saiyan Elites after witnessing Gohan’s latent potential, Piccolo encourages him to pursue his dreams. Goku travels the million-kilometer Snake Way in the afterlife in order to train under King Kai, the ruler of the North Galaxy, in order to become a better fighter. King Kai instructs him in the use of the Kaio-ken and the Spirit Bomb techniques. 

Piccolo grows fond of Gohan as he watches over him as he learns to fend for himself, despite his stern demeanor at the time. This results in the formation of an unlikely emotional bond between the two. After a year, Goku is resurrected with the help of the Dragon Balls, but King Kai becomes alarmed when he realizes that Goku will have to travel back through Snake Way and will not arrive until hours after the Saiyans have arrived.

saiyan saga

Goku’s allies band together to fight until Goku returns, but they prove to be no match for Nappa and Vegeta, who is known as the “Prince of All Saiyans.” During the battle, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo all perish, with Piccolo’s death causing both Kami and the Dragon Balls to vanish from existence as a result of his death. By the time Goku finally arrives on the battlefield, he has already begun avenging his fallen friends by easily defeating Nappa and then crippling him by severing his spine in half. Nappa is then executed by Vegeta, who is enraged by his failure to kill Goku. 

Despite the fact that Goku uses several grades of the Kaio-ken to win the first battle with Vegeta, which culminates in a climactic ki beam struggle, his body suffers a significant amount as a result. Vegeta returns and uses an artificial moon to transform into a Great Ape, which he then uses to torture Goku and the other characters.

In response to their perception that Goku is in trouble, Krillin and Gohan return for a group battle against the now-seemingly unstoppable Vegeta. When they need it most, they can rely on Yajirobe to help them out by cutting Vegeta’s tail and restoring him to his normal state. When Goku hands over a Spirit Bomb that he made to Krillin, Krillin uses it to inflict severe damage on Vegeta. 

Ultimately, Vegeta is defeated when he is crushed by Gohan’s Great Ape form, and he flees to his spaceship as Krillin closes in on him to complete the defeat. Goku persuades Krillin to spare Vegeta’s life and allow him to flee Earth, with Vegeta vowing to return and destroy the planet in retaliation for his humiliation at Goku’s hands. Vegeta vows to return and destroy the planet in retaliation for his humiliation at Goku’s hands.

Frieza Saga

frieza saga

A major plot arc in Dragon Ball Z is the Frieza Saga, which is the second major plot arc. “The Wrath of Freeza,” “Goku vs. Freeza,” and “The Super Saiyan” are the three manga volumes that make up the series. The planet Namek serves as the setting for nearly the entire Frieza Saga.

It is the long-awaited battle between Goku and Frieza that serves as the main plot, with Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta being the first to take on the tyrant with little success. Due to the importance of the information that Dende has to share with Krillin and Gohan regarding the summoning of Porunga, the Namekian Dragon, Grand Elder Guru dispatches the young Namekian Dende to deliver it to them. As Dende finally reaches Krillin with the important message, the two of them steal the Dragon Balls from a sleeping Vegeta and flee Frieza’s spaceship, which they later destroy.

Dende summons Porunga by speaking the Namekian language to him, and Porunga appears. Meanwhile, back on Frieza’s ship, Vegeta awakens, having suddenly sensed Frieza’s approaching power level and realizing that the Dragon has already been summoned by the evil master. Gohan, Krillin, and Dende set out to fulfill their wish, which is to bring back Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo from the dead. 

As a result, the Dragon informs them that he can only wish one person back at a time. Piccolo, with the assistance of King Kai, communicates telepathically with Gohan, pleading with him to restore his life. In his reasoning, the resurrection of Kami will result in the return of the Earth’s Dragon Balls, thereby allowing the other characters to be revived as well, as long as they make the same wish. After receiving the second wish, Piccolo requests to be teleported to Namek, where he intends to exact vengeance on Frieza for killing his people, despite King Kai’s objections.


Gohan, Krillin, and Dende are all in agreement with this, and they express their wishes. After the second wish is granted, Vegeta arrives on the scene to help. Because the first two wishes had already been used to bring Piccolo back to life and then to Namek, Vegeta wishes to keep the final wish for eternal life for himself, rather than using it on anyone else. Guru dies, and the Dragon Balls turn to stone just as Dende is about to ask the Dragon a question. 

Although Vegeta’s wish is not granted, the situation is made worse by the arrival of Frieza, who is extremely enraged that the Dragon Balls have already been used. Fighting his former boss, Vegeta boasts about his transformation into a Super Saiyan. When Frieza realizes they are somewhat evenly matched, Vegeta tells him to transform and reveal his true strength, which Frieza does. Frieza inquires as to how Vegeta is aware of this, and Vegeta responds that Zarbon previously revealed it to him.

The Transformation of Frieza

Frieza transforms into his second form, which is even more powerful than the first, claiming that his power level has increased by more than a million times. Frieza informs them that, while most people transform in order to increase their battle power, he transforms in order to decrease his power because his power is so enormous that he finds it difficult to control himself.

Vegeta is taken aback when he realizes that he had underestimated Frieza’s strength. Meanwhile, Piccolo, who had only recently been teleported to Namek by a wish, senses the fighting and rushes to the scene of the action. Along the way, he comes across the dying Nail, who informs him of the events that have taken place. He also requests that Piccolo fuse with him so that they can pose a greater threat to Frieza. The decision to fuse comes after Nail assures Piccolo that his personality will not be altered as a result of the process. Piccolo decides to accept, greatly increasing his strength and speed.

frieza transformation

Frieza’s new power level, according to him, is more than one million, and he is back on the battlefield. He also informs Vegeta of the destruction of the planet Vegeta, as well as the death of his father. Rather than taking offense, Vegeta snorts and claims that he was already better than his father when they were children. Dende is thrown into the sea after he impales Krillin with his horns, who is attempting to protect Dende after he has completed his transformation. 

Gohan attempts to save him, but when Frieza intervenes, an enraged Gohan easily beats him down and pummels him with numerous ki blasts, causing him to collapse. Despite Vegeta’s startled reaction, the attack is insufficient, and Frieza is able to recover with only minor damage done. Fortunately, Dende was able to pull Krillin from the water and inform Gohan that he was still alive.

Frieza then easily pounds Gohan, causing him to suffer a severe injury as a result of the attack, which he blames on Gohan. When Frieza’s back is turned, Vegeta tries to attack, but his attack is completely ineffective, and Gohan is left almost dead as a result. Gohan is saved when Krillin launches a Destructo Disc at Frieza, causing him to lose his tail and fall to the ground. Dende then takes advantage of the opportunity to heal Gohan while Vegeta looks on. 

It was revealed that Dende was the one who rescued Krillin from the sea and brought him back to health. Krillin continues to divert Frieza’s attention by employing a variety of evasive maneuvers, such as Solar Flare. Soon after, Gohan is fully recovered and, thanks to his Saiyan genes, is now stronger than ever. Piccolo appears at this point, claiming that he is capable of defeating Frieza. In response, Piccolo scoffs and claims that reviving him was a waste of a wish on his part.

dragon ball frieza

Vegeta, on the other hand, is taken aback by the fact that the Namekian, who had been easily killed by Nappa, has now grown in strength to the point of being able to challenge Frieza. Piccolo enters the fight with the belief that he will be able to bring Frieza to the ground. With the help of Nail, he has increased his power to a level that is slightly higher than that of Frieza. Piccolo has the upper hand for the majority of the battle, but Frieza transforms once more into his third stage, granting him yet another power boost. 

Piccolo, still confident in his ability to outrun Frieza’s speed, is quickly proven wrong when Frieza outstrips him in both power and speed and subsequently launches finger blasts at him that are too fast for him to avoid because he is unable to see the blasts coming at him. Piccolo is soon severely wounded and rendered helpless in the face of Frieza. In a fit of rage, Gohan reveals his hidden powers as he battles Frieza once more. He is enraged by Piccolo’s torture and explodes in a fit of rage. A Wild Rush Blaster is then launched by Gohan, which Frieza must deflect back into the air, which proves to be quite difficult for him.

Piccolo, on the other hand, comes to Gohan’s rescue just in time with a blast. Upon discovering that Gohan is a Saiyan, Frieza recognizes the fact that he and Vegeta are continually growing in strength. When he has reached his final and most powerful form, he decides to return to his original being. Vegeta comes up with the brilliant idea of having Krillin blast him nearly to death and then having Dende heal him, thereby increasing his power to the point where he can become a Super Saiyan. Vegeta is pierced through the stomach by Krillin, despite the fact that he is initially adamant about not doing so. Vegeta’s strength increases significantly after he recovers from a near-death experience as a result of his Saiyan ancestry.

Frieza king

Dende heals Piccolo while Frieza transforms, and he reluctantly heals Vegeta while Frieza transforms. Vegeta gains confidence in his ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. In response to seeing how everyone was defying death by relying on Dende’s healing, Frieza goes after the source of the problem. After transforming, he dispatches Dende with a Death Beam, effectively ending the fighters’ chances of being healed for good. He tries to blast Gohan as well, but Vegeta intervenes and saves him from harm. 

An upbeat Vegeta makes the decision to engage in combat with Frieza and his newly discovered power. He discovers to his horror that no matter what Vegeta does he is powerless against Frieza, who maintains an advantage throughout the entire battle. When Vegeta realizes that the situation is hopeless, he actually sheds a tear of frustration. Frieza mercilessly batters him to the point of death because he has surrendered all of his defenses out of desperation.

Will Goku Awaken From his Coma?

When Goku awakens from his coma while still in the Medical Machine, he immediately realizes what is happening and rushes off to save his comrades. In the midst of Goku’s arrival, Vegeta swallows his pride and informs Frieza that Goku is the legendary Super Saiyan who will destroy him. Frieza becomes enraged and blasts a hole through Vegeta’s heart with his Death Beam, causing him to die. 

His final words to Goku, with tears in his eyes, are the truth about Planet Vegeta’s destruction, including how every Saiyan was forced to serve Frieza before the majority of them were killed, how Frieza kidnapped Vegeta from his father and threatened to kill him unless he followed orders, and how Frieza killed the king along with Goku’s parents and the Saiyan Race despite their threats. Vegeta begs Goku to exact vengeance on all Saiyans in his final breath, and Goku obliges, burying Vegeta in the process.

goku recovery

Goku, filled with rage as a result of Vegeta’s death, complies with Vegeta’s request to exact vengeance on Planet Vegeta and the entire Saiyan race by engaging in combat with Frieza. The final showdown between Frieza and Goku is about to begin. For a brief moment, they appear to be completely comparable in terms of strength and speed. Throughout the match, Goku appears to have more ingenious ideas about how to fight, and he manages to fool Frieza on a number of occasions. 

Goku took advantage of the fact that Frieza is unable to feel the energy of his opponents because he requires visual confirmation. The Kamehameha wave served as torpedoes for Goku during one of his attacks, which took place while he was submerged in water. Following this revelation, Frieza revealed that he was only using a fraction of his power and that he would increase his power up to 50 percent, thereby turning the tables in Frieza’s favor.

The tenth level of Kaio-ken was where Goku was brutally beaten. Frieza claimed that he gave Goku the impression that he had a chance and that he even offered Goku the opportunity to replace Ginyu as his bodyguard. Although Goku refused, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and even King Kai began to see the situation as hopeless after one grueling attack after another. Goku attempts to raise his power by using the Kaio-ken x20 and fires a Kaio-ken Kamehameha at Frieza, but the attack only burns Frieza’s hands, leaving Goku completely drained from the attack. 

Goku prepares the Spirit Bomb out of desperation because he has no other option. In order to keep Frieza at bay while Goku gathers his energy for the attack, Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin step in to assist. When the Spirit Bomb is finally completed and unleashed upon Frieza, it causes significant damage to him, leading the Z Warriors to believe that Frieza has been defeated.

goku vs freiza

Goku and Piccolo are escorted away from the danger by Krillin and Gohan. When Krillin noticed Frieza furiously standing on the ledge of a cliff, what had been a brief moment of joy quickly turned into a horrifying spectacle. Frieza becomes enraged and surprised that Goku possesses such abilities for a Saiyan, and he unleashes his rage on the other warriors. He makes the decision to kill Goku first. The exhausted Saiyan is about to be struck by a Death Beam, but Piccolo leaps in front of the blast and saves him from death (however, in the manga, Frieza simply blasts at Piccolo with a Death Beam). Piccolo is severely injured, though he does not die as a result of the attack, and he falls to the ground unconscious, causing Goku to become enraged.

Frieza then executes Krillin by causing his entire body to erupt into the atmosphere. Goku explodes with even more rage after learning that his best friend has been killed. The enraged Goku unleashes the most intense emotions he has ever experienced in a single display of accumulating energy. His hair becomes spikier and more golden, and his eyes become a dark green color. He has now been promoted to the rank of Super Saiyan, a legendary class of Saiyan, and his power has been greatly increased. He instructs Gohan to take Piccolo and Bulma to the ship that he traveled in and use it to return to Earth as soon as possible, as well as to get as far away from Namek as possible.

The Greatest Battle of All Time


The battle between Super Saiyan Goku and the evil Frieza begins, and Goku begins to tease him and treat him as though he were a rag doll. Because he has no other choice, Frieza decides that if he is unable to defeat Goku, he will instead destroy the planet Namek. He directs a ball of energy toward the planet’s core in the hopes of destroying the planet completely.

Frieza, on the other hand, realizes that he has held back far too much power, and the planet only begins to crumble from there. When Frieza arrives, he claims that it will explode in a matter of minutes and reveals that he has the ability to breathe in space. As the battle continues, Frieza makes the decision to unleash all of his full power on the battlefield. The damage he sustained in the previous levels causes him to lose a significant amount of power after a short period of time, despite the fact that this significantly increases his power level and allows Frieza to gain the upper hand on Goku for a short period of time.

Going into battle against the mighty tyrant, Goku recognizes this and exploits it to his advantage. The Z fighters at King Kai’s place are overjoyed that Piccolo is still alive because it means that Kami and Mr. Popo have managed to gather all of the Dragon Balls. With the assistance of King Kai and his advisors, they devise a plan to bring back everyone who was killed by Frieza and his army. 

King Kai telepathically requests that the wish may bring back Guru, who had been killed by the grief caused by Frieza’s killings, and that he also wishes all of those on Namek, with the exception of Frieza, back to Earth with Porunga, who still has one wish left. The telepathic communication between King Kai and Guru is intercepted by Goku, who requests that he be left behind on Namek as well to ensure that Frieza is completely destroyed. King Kai and Guru reluctantly agree.

baby gohan

After noticing that Super Saiyan Goku is no longer the Goku they are familiar with, King Kai concludes that Goku is now only acting on blind Saiyan instincts. Vegeta, who was also resurrected as a result of the wish, is taken aback when he discovers that Goku has transformed into a Super Saiyan just before he is teleported away from Namek. With the exception of Goku and Frieza, the entire planet is deserted, so they move the battle around the crumbling planet. Soon after, Goku notices that Frieza’s stamina is dwindling to the point where he is no longer a match for him. He then calls a halt to the fight and begins to walk away, telling Frieza to train and return for a second match. Frieza becomes enraged and decides to unleash a Death Saucer, which he can then direct at Goku to attack him.

This attack is easily maneuverable by Goku. Frieza realizes that one Death Disc is insufficient and releases another in an attempt to outsmart Goku and his allies. Goku makes a last-minute maneuver, blasting into the ground and causing a blinding blanket of dust to cover the entire area. Frieza is unable to detect energy unless he physically sees it, so one makes its way to Frieza’s side in order to cut him in half. Goku tries to warn him, but the disc cuts him into four pieces before he can say anything. 

As he is dying, Frieza begs Goku not to abandon him in this state of affairs. He cannot bear the thought of seeing another person’s life suffer in such a traumatic and humiliating manner, even one as evil as Frieza’s. At some point, Goku feels sorry for the pathetic tyrant and decides to lend him some of his energy. Frieza then explains that Goku will not be able to survive because the planet is about to explode, and his ship is in a non-operational state.

As Goku prepares to leave, Frieza makes one final attempt to kill him, this time employing the energy that was given to him to launch a wave of energy at him from behind. Goku deflects Frieza’s energy blast with his own and then takes off in a flying arc. Having realized he will not be able to reach his own ship in time, Goku searches for Frieza’s, which he discovers hidden in a crater. As he watches the wreckage of Namek plummet into a lava-filled chasm, Goku realizes that he will not be able to make it off the planet. He is frustrated and desperate. 

Within seconds, the planet Namek is destroyed in a massive, blinding explosion, and Goku screams in agony and rage as it disappears from the Universe. Dende arrives on Earth and discovers that he has become one with Nail after healing Piccolo. The Namekian Dragon Balls follow Guru to Earth, where they manage to avoid being destroyed by the explosion.

dragonball revivaloff

As Guru is dying yet again, he transfers his position as Senior Elder to Moori, a trusted Namekian village leader, in order to ensure that the Dragon Balls do not perish with him. This results in a tearful and emotional farewell. As a bonus, Dende informs Gohan that the Namekian Dragon Balls have the ability to raise the dead multiple times. This is excellent news because it means that they will be able to resurrect Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Goku, all of whom were previously killed. 

When King Kai reminds them that Krillin and Goku can’t be resurrected because the planet they died on (Namek) was destroyed, they are overjoyed. However, if they were to be wished back, they would only appear in empty space and die immediately due to a lack of oxygen. The only reason why Vegeta suggests that they use a wish to transport their remains to Earth first is because he wants Goku to show him how to become a Super Saiyan, which is something he doesn’t want to happen.

Using the Namekian Dragon Balls for the second time is possible 130 days later (after one Namek year). First and foremost, they are employed in the transport of Goku and Krillin’s remains back to Earth. To Goku’s surprise, Porunga reveals that he will be unable to transport his remains because Goku is not actually dead, as previously believed. Following the use of the second wish to bring back Krillin, the final wish is made to bring Goku to Earth, but Porunga informs them that Goku has refused to return and will return on his own later. 

Goku is afraid of seeing Chi-Chi again, and Chi-Chi responds by pulling out a sword, making Master Roshi feel uncomfortable. Our heroes are perplexed by this, but they eventually come to the conclusion that Goku will return home regardless of the circumstances, and they accept his absence. All, that is, with the exception of Vegeta, who embarks on a space voyage in search of Goku and the key to becoming a Super Saiyan.

frieza vs goku

Yamcha is resurrected with the help of the final wish that has been granted. The Namekian Dragon Balls are ready to be used once more, 130 days after they were last used. Resurrecting Tien and Chiaotzu are the first two wishes, with the final wish being to transport the Nameks to a New Namek that would have living conditions similar to those on their home planet, Namek. As the Nameks depart for their new home, Gohan and Dende share a tearful farewell. Gohan returns to his studies under the supervision of his mother, and Piccolo promises to assist Gohan in times of need, and life on Earth returns to normalcy, at least for the time being. The narrator concludes the saga by stating that Goku’s family and friends spend each night gazing at the stars in anticipation of Goku’s arrival.

Other than that, during the battle, Krillin overhears Vegeta mention the original set of Dragon Balls from Piccolo’s homeworld, Namek, which he believes to be the source of the reference. While Goku is recuperating from his injuries, Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma, Goku’s oldest friend, set out for Namek in order to use the Dragon Balls to bring their fallen friends back to life. When Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma arrive on Namek, they discover that Vegeta and his superior, the galactic tyrant Frieza, have already arrived, each seeking to use the Dragon Balls to achieve immortality. 

Seeing as how Saiyans grow stronger when they recover from the brink of death, Vegeta decides to rebel against Frieza while he is still at his peak strength. It then becomes a triangular game of cat and mouse, with Frieza, Vegeta, and Gohan/Krillin each controlling one or more of the Dragon Balls, with no one being able to control all seven at the same time.

goku and frieza war

Vegeta is successful in isolating and killing each of Frieza’s lieutenants one by one. As soon as Frieza realizes that Vegeta is posing an unacceptable threat, he summons the Ginyu Force, an elite mercenary unit under the command of Captain Ginyu, who has the ability to switch bodies with his adversaries. Despite his reluctance, Vegeta joins forces with Gohan and Krillin to fight them, knowing that they are too powerful for him to handle on his own. Goku arrives at the scene and defeats the Ginyu Force alone, saving Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin from certain death at the hands of the Ginyu. Vegeta believes that Goku may have evolved into the legendary warrior of the Saiyans, the Super Saiyan, as a result of this transformation.

Meanwhile, as Goku recovers from a brutal battle with Captain Ginyu, Krillin, Dendo, and Gohan secretly use the Dragon Balls behind Vegeta’s back to wish for Piccolo’s resurrection and teleport him to Namek while Vegeta is away. However, the Grand Elder dies, and the Dragon Balls become inert before Vegeta can wish for immortality with the Dragon Balls. Vegeta discovers them using the Dragon Balls without him. 

The four of them are about to be killed by Frieza, who arrives just as they are about to be killed by him for denying him his wish for immortality. Piccolo arrives on Namek, but he is mistakenly separated from the others as a result of a poorly phrased wish on his part. He tracks down the most powerful Namekian warrior, Nail, who had been defeated by Frieza and fused with him in order to increase his power and strength greatly.

finish by frieza

However, despite the advancements made by Piccolo and Vegeta in terms of power, they are vastly outclassed by Frieza, who goes through several transformations before reaching his final form, which he then uses to kill Dende. Following his recovery from his injuries, Goku returns to the Saiyan homeworld, where Vegeta informs him that Frieza was the one who destroyed it and massacred the Saiyan race out of fear that he would one day be overthrown by a Super Saiyan. Frieza then kills Vegeta in front of Goku, which is a shocking moment. Despite the fact that Goku’s power surpasses Vegeta’s, he is no match for Frieza. Goku uses his last resort, a massive Spirit Bomb powered by the energy of Namek and the surrounding worlds, to defeat the tyrant, and it appears to be successful. Frieza, on the other hand, manages to survive and unleashes his wrath on the group, mortally wounding Piccolo and killing Krillin in the process.

Goku’s rage finally erupts, and he undergoes a strange transformation that causes his hair to turn blond, his eyes to turn green. A golden aura emanates from his body as a result of the transformation. Goku has finally achieved the status of Super Saiyan. Meanwhile, the resurrected Kami uses Earth’s Dragon Balls to resurrect everyone on Namek who had been killed by Frieza and his henchmen, allowing the Grand Elder to be resurrected for a brief period of time and the Namekian Dragon to make a triumphant return to battle. The final wish is used by Dende to teleport everyone on Namek to Earth, with the exception of Goku and Frieza. Goku defeats Frieza, even when he has 100% of his power, and the evil tyrant is destroyed in a massive explosion, which allows Goku to flee Namek and escape the planet.

Garlic Jr. Saga

garlic jr and friends

The Garlic Jr. Saga is the sixth saga in the Dragon Ball Z series. Akira Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga does not contain any of the material contained in this saga, which was written entirely as filler by Katsuyuki Sumisawa. It takes place in the time period between the Frieza Saga and the Trunks Saga.

The events of Garlic Jr.’s story are based on those depicted in the film Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. The character of Garlic Jr. is defeated in the Dead Zone by Goku’s four-year-old son Gohan, demonstrating Gohan’s incredible fighting ability. The story revolves around Garlic Jr. ‘s return and his desire for vengeance, and with Goku and Vegeta absent, it is up to the Z-Fighters to take on Garlic Jr. alone in order to defeat him. A demonic star drifts into Earth’s orbit. It opens a rift in space, allowing the malevolent immortal Garlic Jr.

to break free from his imprisonment within the Dead Zone, where Goku’s friends and family have been waiting for word on his return since the battle with Frieza. After being defeated by Goku and Piccolo in the past, Garlic Jr. sets out to avenge himself on them by trapping Kami and Mr. Popo inside a bottle and unleashing his Black Water Mist on the entire planet transforming them into bloodthirsty, vampire-like beings. 

They are the only ones who have not been affected by the virus, and they set out to stop Garlic Jr. and restore the Earth and its inhabitants. They are joined by Krillin, Piccolo, Krillin’s then-girlfriend Maron, Gohan’s pet dragon Icarus, and Krillin’s former girlfriend, Maron. This proves to be more difficult said than done, however, because Garlic Jr. possesses complete immortality, making him virtually impossible to defeat.

garlic jr

The good news is that Gohan’s hidden potential provides him with the advantage he needs to eliminate Garlic Jr.’s forces and send him back into the Dead Zone. He also destroys the star, ensuring that Garlic Jr. will be trapped in the Dead Zone for the rest of time and all eternity. Garlic Jr. was trapped in the Dead Zone between the events of Dead Zone and the Garlic Jr. Saga was able to escape thanks to the power of his planet.

The Makyo Star drawing close to Earth, an event that occurs once every 5,000 years, and the power of the Makyo Star. Garlic Jr. returns to Earth in order to exact vengeance on Goku and his friends for sending him to the Dead Zone in the previous episode. A powerful mist that brainwashes all life on Earth into acting like vampires, he gathers the Spice Boys, who are members of the Demon Clan, from the Makyo Star.

He also discovers the Black Water Mist, which is a powerful mist that brainwashes everyone on Earth into acting like vampires (in the Japanese version, it is stated that all people and animals exposed to it become demons). Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys travel to the Lookout, where they capture Kami, Garlic Jr.’s mortal enemy, and his servant Mr. Popo in a bottle, which they use to escape. They then unleash the Black Water Mist on the unsuspecting masses of humanity below. 

Meanwhile, on Earth, life was returning to normal following the battle between Frieza and Goku on Namek, though Goku had not yet returned to the planet. Frieza and Goku had fought on Namek, and Goku had won. While fishing with Gohan, he happened to run into Krillin, who had recently found himself a new love interest in the form of Maron. Gohan accepts Krillin’s invitation to a party at Kame House, claiming he’ll ask his mother about it later. However, when she is later asked, she refuses, and Gohan sneaks out riding Icarus during the evening.

garlic jr army

Within a short period of time, the Black Water Mist reaches Kame House, infecting Chi-Chi and her friends Yamcha and Puar, and Oolong as they fall prey to Garlic Jr.’s evil plan and transform into something else. There is a battle between those who have been transformed and those who have managed to escape the mist. Maron, Krillin, and Gohan are severely outnumbered, and the situation appears to be bleak. 

Piccolo is bitten by Yamcha and appears to be harmed by the mist that surrounds him. The fact that he arrives buys time for Krillin and Gohan to free Maron and flee, and they all head to the Lookout to retrieve the Sacred Water, where they discover that he and Mr. Popo were captured by Garlic Jr. and imprisoned. The two of them are forced to face off against the Spice Boys because they have no other option.

After being confronted by Mustard and Salt, Krillin loses his battle against them, and Gohan becomes enraged at the sight of an injured Krillin, prompting Gohan to kill the two members of the Spice Boys with a single Masenko shot each. On the other hand, a Piccolo, who has been infected and has been brought to The Lookout as well, is released and immediately begins attacking Gohan, who is reluctant to fight back. 

Despite being at a disadvantage, the tide turns when Piccolo arrives and frees both Kami and Mr. Popo by pretending to be infected by the mist when in fact, his Namekian biology makes him immune to the infection. Kami and Mr. Popo travel deep inside The Lookout, where they discover the Former Guardians of Earth have taken up residence after their deaths. While Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo are engaged in battle with the Spice Boys and Garlic Jr.,


The only antidote to the Black Water Mist is the Sacred Water, which must be released through an exit at the bottom of The Lookout, where the air currents of the world are located, in order for it to spread over the entire planet before sunset, after which the Black Water Mist’s effects become permanent. After a brief period in which the Z-Fighters appear to have gained an advantage, things quickly turn the other way when the Makyo Star gets even closer to Earth and provides the remaining Makyan’s, Garlic Jr., Spice, and Vinegar with a massive boost in power, which they combine with Gigantification to become even more powerful. The heroes are outmatched, but after witnessing Krillin being knocked off of The Lookout, Gohan succumbs to his rage once more and kills Spice and Vinegar with a Double Masenko attack.

Meanwhile, Piccolo transforms into his Great Namekian form, which provides him with the increased strength he requires to defeat Garlic Jr. Still, his strength quickly diminishes as Kami struggles to remain alive after being confronted by the former Guardians of the Galaxy. Gohan also makes an attempt to fight Garlic Jr., but due to his immortality, he is unable to prevail. After a battle of wills with the former Guardians, Kami is granted permission to use the air currents, which she uses to cure the entire population of Earth. 

In a fit of rage, Garlic Jr. makes the same mistake as he did the previous time and opens the Dead Zone once more. With Krillin and Piccolo severely injured, it is up to Gohan to throw them into a force field, which he must hold up by his own strength. Despite Garlic Jr. ‘s plans to wipe out all of humanity with the Dead Zone, Gohan is able to destroy the Makyo Star, which immediately drains his energy and renders him ineffective.

gohan vs garlic jr

With his previous power gone, he finds himself trapped in his own prison once more, this time for all eternity, due to the destruction of the Makyo Star. Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys have been defeated once more, but this time without the assistance of Goku’s heroic abilities and wit. The normalcy of life on Earth has been restored. Immediately following his ordeal with Garlic Jr., Krillin announces that he and his girlfriend Maron are on the verge of getting engaged. In order to make her happy, he decides to obtain a Mermaid’s Tear from the ocean (a pearl). However, upon sighting the pearl, Krillin changes his mind and decides to leave the pearl in the care of the kind fish who are guarding the pearl.

Upon seeing a handsome hunk in a sports car, Maron (who is always quick to flirt with others) jumps in his car and drives off with him. Krillin is devastated, but he convinces himself that everything worked out for the best in the end. Meanwhile, Vegeta travels through space in a spaceship owned by the Capsule Corporation in search of Goku so that he can learn how to become a Super Saiyan and defeat him. Asteroid blocks his vision at one point, but not before he spots Goku from a distance on a nearby planet and proceeds to approach him. Upon detonating the asteroid, he realizes that Goku has vanished, but he vows to train to become a Super Saiyan in his place.


Akira Toriyama - The Brains Behind Dragon Ball Z

Akira Toriyama

Akira Toriyama is a shy and reserved individual who does not enjoy being interviewed in front of a camera. Toriyama’s manga, which includes all 42 volumes of Dragon Ball, contains cover flap images that are a reference to Toriyama’s real life. It is primarily through these autobiographical elements that one can gain an understanding of his life experiences.

The majority of the images feature drawings of an animated Toriyama, who is either busy creating new manga ideas or frustrated with his current work situation. A few of the cover flap images are actual photographs of him and his family, including his pets and children. Akira Toriyama prefers girls with short hair, according to his friends. In 1982, he married the shojo manga artist Nachi Mikami (referred to as “Yoshimi” in the final volume of Dr. Slump), with whom he has two children: a son named Sasuke, who was born in April 1987, and a daughter named Kikka, who was born late in 1990.

Toriyama produced more than 40 manga series over the course of his career. Akira Toriyama has always been extremely concerned with the quality of his work, and he will not hesitate to redraw the same illustration over and over again if he does not believe it is perfect the first time. As a result, he has worked through many sleepless nights and frequently complains about a lack of free time. 

He, on the other hand, despises spending too much time on an illustration, preferring to complete it in a single drawing as quickly as possible so that he can assess the outcome quickly. Akira Toriyama was raised by his parents in Kiyosu, Aichi Prefecture, and also has an older sister, who is the mother of at least two children. Toriyama is a member of the Aichi Prefectural Assembly. The majority of his childhood and formative years were spent in Kiyosu, which was then a largely rural area just outside of the city of Nagoya.

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A lifelong artist, he was inspired by the productions of the day (including Disney movies and Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy) and developed a style that is still in use today. After his primary school years, however, his interest in comic books and cartoons began to wane, and he began to gravitate toward live-action movies such as Westerns, war films, and science fiction films instead. 

For his high school studies, Toriyama enrolled at the Nagoya Technical High School of Design, where he could concentrate on his drawing skills. Contrary to his parent’s wishes, Toriyama decided not to continue his studies at university after his final high school year and instead began his professional career in the field. He started his first job at the age of 20 as an in-house graphic designer for a small advertising firm in Nagoya. He has worked in the advertising industry ever since.

He resigned from his position two and a half years later, primarily due to his dissatisfaction with the daily grind. Toriyama was looking for work when he came across the Monthly Young Jump Award, a contest sponsored by Shueisha, the largest manga publishing company in Japan, at the time of his discovery. 

He entered the contest twice, once with Awawa World in 1977 and again with Mysterious Rain Jack in 1978, but he did not win either time (the latter work was outright disqualified due to its Star Wars parody elements). However, following the release of Mysterious Rain Jack, Toriyama received a phone call from Kazuhiko Torishima, an editor for Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, who encouraged him not to give up and to work even harder.

akira with dragonball back

Dragon Ball was one of the linchpins of what has come to be known as the “Golden Age of Jump,” which began in the 1970s. Akira Toriyama was encouraged by the success of Dragon Ball to continue working on the series from 1984 to 1995, which he did. The author produced 519 chapters over the course of 11 years, which were collected into 42 Tankobon volumes. 

Each volume contains an average of 200 pages, resulting in a total of nearly 9,000 pages for the entire Dragon Ball storyline. For his manga series, Toriyama worked with three different editors: Kazuhiko Torishima, who worked with Toriyama on his first manga series.

Dr. Slump, as well as the first half of the Dragon Ball manga; Y Konda, who was involved with Dragon Ball during its most popular period; and Fuyuto Takeda, who took over as editor during the Perfect Cell Saga and also served as Toriyama’s editor for post-Dragon Ball works. 

Akira Toriyama worked with only two assistants throughout his career: Hisashi Tanaka, who worked on the first half of Dr. Slump, and Takashi Matsuyama, who worked on the second half of Dr. Slump, the entire Dragon Ball manga, and post-Dragon Ball works. Hisashi Tanaka worked on the first half of Dr. Slump, and Takashi Matsuyama worked on the second half of Dr. Slump, the entire Dragon Ball manga, and post-Dragon Ball works.

The Catchy Soundtrack of Dragon Ball Z

Numerous soundtracks for anime, films and video games have been made available. Shunsuke Kikuchi composed the music for the first two Dragon Ball anime series and their respective films. In contrast, the music for GT was composed by Akihito Tokunaga, and the music for Kai was composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Norihito Sumitomo.

Shunsuke Kikuchi also composed the music for the first two Dragon Ball anime series and their respective films. The first anime soundtracks were Dragon Ball: Music Collection in 1985 and Dragon Ball: Complete Song Collection in 1991, both of which were reissued in 2007 and 2003, respectively, to coincide with the release of the first anime.

The Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection Series was released as the soundtrack series for the second anime installment. Columbia Records of Japan produced and released the album from July 21, 1989, to March 20, 1996, which corresponded to the show’s entire run of episodes. On September 20, 2006, Columbia Records re-released the Hit Song Collection on their Animex 1300 series, which had previously been discontinued. Collections, video games, and film soundtracks, as well as music from the English versions, are among the other CDs that have been released.

Other Media Adaptations for Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Video Game Adaptations

dragon ball DS game

Even if you thought the number of Dragon Ball films was a lot, just wait until you hear about the number of Dragon Ball video games that are associated with the franchise. Since 1986, a slew of video games and arcade titles featuring Goku and his band of Z Fighters have been released on consoles and in arcades.

Now, in 2016, there are well over 80 video games that fall under the acclaimed franchise umbrella of acclaimed franchises. Since licensing issues were an issue in Japan, many Dragon Ball video games were kept in foreign countries for decades. The first game, released in September 1986 for the Super Cassette Vision, was the first game ever released on a video game console before the advent of consoles like the PlayStation. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the most recent game in the series, and it recently launched in North America for current-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And thus far, the game’s reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Numerous video games based on the Dragon Ball franchise have been released in various genres and on numerous platforms. Earlier games in the series featured a card-battling system and were released for the Famicom after the events of the series’ storyline. The majority of the games on the Super Famicom and Mega Drive, beginning with the Super Famicom and Mega Drive, were in the fighting genre or RPG (Role Playing Game) genre, such as the Super Butoden series. Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout for the PlayStation was the first Dragon Ball game to be released in the United States, and it was launched in 1997. 

Characters were redesigned in 3D cel-shaded graphics for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions of the games. The Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series and the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series were among the games in this category. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit was the first game in the Dragon Ball Z franchise to be created on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

goku x saiyan

It was released in 2011. Dragon Ball Xenoverse was the first game in the Dragon Ball franchise to be produced on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. It was released in 2015. Dragon Ball Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, was available in Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan until the servers were shut down in 2013. The game was based on the popular manga and anime series Dragon Ball. After a few years, people began duplicating the game on their own computers. Today, “Dragon Ball Online Global” is a new, European version of Dragon Ball Online that is in the process of being developed while an open beta server is still operational and available.

As of 2021, the mobile game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle (2015) had received more than 350 million downloads worldwide, according to the publisher. Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018), a fighting game developed by Arc System Works, is one of the most prominent recent releases. The game gained widespread fan and critical acclaim for its fast-paced, intense 3v3 bouts and stunning visuals, earning it the title of Best Fighting Game of 2018 at The Game Accolades, as well as numerous other awards and nominations throughout the year. Also, it has a significant presence in the eSports arena, where it is one of the most popular fighting games available. It also performed exceptionally well in terms of sales, with 4 million units sold across all platforms.

Dragon Ball Z Film Spin-Offs

Dragon Ball Z Series

When an anime series becomes popular, it is expected that the series will be expanded into a film or two to satisfy the growing number of fans. When you consider how popular Dragon Ball has become, it isn’t surprising to learn that the franchise has spawned a total of 19 films.

The Legend of Shenlong, the first Dragon Ball film, was released in Japanese theaters in December 1986, marking the 30th anniversary of the franchise’s debut. The most recent film, Resurrection of F, was released in theaters earlier this year. These films are frequently collected together with a number of feature-length television specials that the franchise has produced over the years. Anime fans all over the world were thrilled when a one-hour crossover special featuring characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Toriko aired in 2013.

In Japan, a total of twenty animated theatrical films based on the Dragon Ball franchise have been released. Among the most recent films to be released in Japan are Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013), Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015), and Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018), which were all produced as full-length feature films and released as stand-alone theatrical releases in their respective countries (as well as limited theatrical releases in the U.S.). Akira Toriyama, the original creator of the Dragon Ball series, was heavily involved in the production of Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’. 

The first and second arcs of the Dragon Ball Super anime, which told the same stories as the two films but in greater detail, were based on the films. As a full-length theatrical release with an 80-minute running time, Dragon Ball: The Path to Power was released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the anime series and served as a re-imagining of the series’ first few arcs. Dragon Ball: The Path to Power was also a re-imagining of the series’ first few arcs.

dragonballz movies

As a result of being originally shown in back-to-back presentations alongside other Toei film productions, all previous films were mostly feature-length (ranging from 45–60 minutes each), making them only slightly longer than one or two episodes of the TV series. Aside from that, these films are mostly alternate retellings of certain story arcs (such as The Path to Power) or extra side-stories that do not relate to or contradict the continuity of the series’ overall narrative. 

These three films, as well as The Path to Power, are based on the original Dragon Ball anime series, which was released in 1997. The remaining thirteen older films are also based on the Dragon Ball Z manga and anime series. Initially, the first five films were shown at the Toei Manga Festival, and then the sixth through seventeenth films were screened at the Toei Anime Fair, and so on.

The Dragon Ball franchise was the subject of a live-action film produced by 20th Century Fox after the studio acquired the feature film rights to the series in March 2002. The film was titled Dragonball Evolution. Two unofficial live-action films were made decades before the release of the film, which served as a prequel. The first was a Taiwanese film titled Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, which was also dubbed in English, and the second was a Korean film titled Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, which was dubbed in English as “Dragon Ball: Son Goku, you must fight! Son Goku has triumphed!” Director James Wong and producer Stephen Chow worked together to create the film, which premiered on April 10, 2009, in the United States. 

Originally intended to be a prelude to sequels, which were ultimately scrapped after the film bombed at the box office and became widely regarded as one of the worst film adaptations of all time, with fans accusing the filmmakers of being unfaithful to the source material.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the film, claiming that he was completely excluded from the creative process despite having offered his own assistance. Toriyama went so far as to say that the end result was “a movie that I couldn’t even call Dragon Ball.” Years after the film’s release, Ben Ramsey, the film’s writer, issued a public apology in which he admitted that he had written the film “chasing a payday” rather than “as a fan of the franchise.” 

With the announcement that 20th Century Fox is selling itself, the assets of the company, which include the film rights to the Dragon Ball franchise, will be transferred to its purchaser, The Walt Disney Company. Jackie Chan had previously expressed an interest in bringing the series to the big screen in a live-action film adaptation.

The Cultural Impacts & Legacy of Dragon Ball Z

IGN’s “Top 100 Animated Series” ranked Dragon Ball Z as the 78th best-animated show, and Wizard magazine’s “Top 100 Greatest Animated Shows” ranked it as the 50th best-animated show of all time. On Wizard’s Anime Magazine’s list of the “Top 50 Anime released in North America,” the series was ranked as the sixth most popular.

The popularity of Dragon Ball Z is reflected in a variety of data from online interactions, which demonstrate the popularity of the media. 4.7 million hits per day were recorded on the official Dragon Ball Z website in 2001, with more than 500,000 registered fans, according to reports at the time.

Using the Lycos web search engine, the term “Dragonball Z” was ranked fourth in 1999 and second in 2000. For the year 2001, “Dragonball” was the most popular search term on Lycos, and “Dragonball Z” was the fifth most popular search term on Yahoo! As a media historian, Hal Erickson put it in 2005, “Dragon Ball may be the closest thing on American television to an animated soap opera — despite the fact that this particular genre is an old, established, and venerated one in Japan, where the series’ country of origin is.” A key characteristic that distinguished Dragon Ball Z (and later other anime shows) from American television shows of the same era was the use of a serialization format.

A continuous story arc is spread across multiple episodes or seasons of the show. When compared to traditional American television, which had an episodic format, with each episode typically consisting of a self-contained story, Dragon Ball Z and later anime shows had a serialization format, where continuous story arcs stretched over multiple episodes or seasons. In contrast, traditional American television had an episodic format. Serialization has since become a common characteristic of American streaming television shows during the “Peak TV” era, and it is expected to continue to become so. In 2015, Ford Motor Company released two commercials featuring characters from the series, the first promoting the Ford Fusion and the second promoting the Ford Focus, both of which were released to promote the Ford Fusion.

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