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Luffy in East Blue Saga

Romance Dawn Arc

The East Blue Saga of the well-known Japanese manga and anime series One Piece begins with the Romance Dawn Arc, often known as the Captain Morgan Arc.

Luffy Romance Dawn Arc

Three storylines are combined into one in this arc. The first recounts Monkey D. Luffy’s journey toward becoming a pirate and how he acquired his Devil Fruit skills. In the second tale, he meets Koby, a young kid, and aids in his escape from Alvida, a female pirate. In the conclusion, Luffy faces off against Marine Captain Axe-Hand Morgan while attempting to convince the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro to join his crew.

The primary plot of the series is launched when Monkey D. Luffy sets out on his adventure as a pirate. This story arc explains how Luffy came into possession of his prized straw hat.

Luffy consumes the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which serves as his primary source of piratical skills but also prevents him from swimming. How the Gomu Gomu no Mi came to be in the Red Hair Pirates’ possession initially will be made clear in the Wano Country Arc before Luffy consumed it. The Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit, which is the first overall Zoan-type Devil Fruit to emerge in the series, would also disclose its actual identity.

Shanks, who serves as Luffy’s primary role model and plays a significant role in the overall story, is introduced in this arc.

The Straw Hat Pirates are founded when Roronoa Zoro is the first person to join Luffy as a crewmate. It is revealed that his goal was to surpass all other swordsmen in the world.

First presented are The Marines, a significant antagonistic force throughout the entire series.

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Koby, Luffy’s sidekick, is able to realize his desire of joining the Marines as a result of Luffy becoming engaged with the Shells Town Marine base in his attempt to enlist Zoro.

Helmeppo joins Koby as an enlisted soldier after his father Morgan loses control of the base, as seen later. The two steadily advance through the ranks and run into Luffy several times in the future, with the first encounter being in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc.

After Luffy defeats Alvida, she subsequently joins forces with Buggy, the antagonist from the Orange Town Arc, to get revenge on him in the Loguetown Arc.

The first sort of Haki to be seen in the series is Haoshoku Haki, which Shanks use to frighten the Lord of the Coast away. It is then completely detailed in the Post-War Arc, which is at the end of the first half after it is seen being used in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc.

It is revealed that Luffy’s encounter with the Red Hair Pirates in this arc led his grandfather Monkey D. Garp to send him to live in the mountains because he disapproved of Luffy mingling with pirates in the Post-War Arc when more of his youth is depicted. Luffy first meets Portgas D. Ace and Sabo while growing up in the highlands, which causes them to swear brotherhood.

Orange Town Arc

The Orange Town Arc is the second narrative arc in the One Piece manga’s East Blue Saga.

Orange Town Arc
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In the story’s storyline, the pirate clown Buggy and his crew unintentionally come into contact with Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro and cause them to clash. Nami, the future navigator for the Straw Hat team, makes her debut in this arc.

When Boodle finally had enough of Buggy’s oppression and went to confront him, Buggy used a Buggy Ball to destroy many of the nearby structures. Zoro survived the devastation unscathed, and Luffy meant to assist Boodle. 

Nami consented to collaborate with him even though she insisted on not being a pirate. When Luffy arrived at the pub, he untangled Boodle’s neck from Buggy’s ghostly hand. Luffy punched out Boodle for getting in their way after he objected to the pirates supporting him. 

When Buggy was insulted once more by Luffy, the pirate fired a Buggy Ball at him. The tavern was destroyed when Luffy inflated himself with Gomu Gomu no Fusen and sent the Buggy Ball hurtling back. Luffy quickly knocked Buggy aside after he emerged from the rubble and tossed Mohji in his direction. Then, when Nami went to a shack to grab Buggy’s loot, Luffy watched as Zoro fought Cabaji and stamped on Buggy’s hand to stop him from interfering with Zoro’s fight, enabling Zoro to defeat Cabaji.

Then, upon facing Buggy, Luffy used his disembodied hands and legs to deflect the clown’s long-range knife blows. Buggy managed to graze Luffy’s face and damage his straw hat with a knife before stabbing the straw hat once more while splitting off pieces of his body to avoid Luffy’s strikes. 

Because he had previously served on the same ship as Shanks, Buggy was able to identify Luffy’s anger at seeing him damage his hat. Buggy was given a stomach blow by Luffy who warned him not to ever compare himself to Shanks. Luffy stopped Buggy by kicking him in the groyne as he was about to attack Nami after separating his torso.

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To stop Luffy from attacking him, Buggy dispersed into numerous bits and flew around, but Luffy saw his feet were on the ground and tickled them. Nami tried to attack Buggy with a bag of treasure when he was unaware, but he snatched it instead. Buggy’s chart of the Grand Line, however, fell to the ground when Luffy charged up and kicked him in the face. 

Buggy then tried to reassemble his body, but because Nami had tied up his other parts, he could only get his hands and feet back. Then, after hitting Buggy with the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, Luffy launched him off the island.

Syrup Village Arc

Luffy’s straw hat was mended by Nami, and Zoro and Luffy pondered their next move.

Despite Nami’s objections, they promptly rowed in the direction of a nearby island. Zoro was left behind as Luffy and Nami disembarked on the island that appeared to be empty. When a man who identified himself as the island’s guardian shouted out to Luffy and Nami from a distance and instructed them to leave, they encountered several unusual animal hybrids. He was neglected by Luffy and Nami, which led him to shoot Luffy. The guardian, a man by the name of Gaimon, was later discovered by them trapped inside a treasure chest.

Gaimon was informed of Luffy and Nami’s journey and their conversation after which he forewarned them that they would probably perish while attempting to cross the Grand Line. Then Gaimon revealed that he had been a pirate in the past and had made an effort to obtain wealth on this island by climbing a rock. He was abandoned by his crewmates on the island after falling over the cliff and being caught in a chest; he was unable to even approach the treasure again.

Luffy hauled himself up the rock wall and promised to go fetch the treasure for Gaimon with the help of Nami. Once he arrived at the prize, he remained silent, and Gaimon realized the chests were empty. Gaimon declined Luffy’s invitation to join his team and search for the One Piece with them in favor of staying on the island to continue caring for the animals. After saying goodbye to Gaimon, the Straw Hats sailed away from the island.

Baratie Arc

Baratie Arc
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The Baratie Arc is the fourth narrative arc in the One Piece manga and anime’s East Blue Saga.

The Straw Hats first encounter Johnny and Yosaku, who then point them in the direction of the restaurant ship Baratie, a type of “floating paradise” in the midst of the ocean, where they meet Sanji. However, the Baratie soon finds itself under siege when a pirate admiral by the name of Don Krieg decides to use it as a replacement for his destroyed fleet.

The newly-added Usopp, along with Luffy, Zoro, and Nami, of the Straw Hat Pirates, examined their new pirate ship, the Going Merry, and created a Jolly Roger for it.

Luffy and Usopp used one of the ship’s cannons to fire at a formation of rocks to test the ship’s capabilities. Unbeknownst to them, two pirate hunters were present on the rock, and one of them retaliated by attacking the ship. Despite Zoro pointing out that he was one of his friends, Luffy fought him. It was Johnny and Yosaku who were the two bounty hunters. 

Before they could travel to the Grand Line, the crew discovered they would need a cook for the ship to maintain the wholesome quality of their food supplies after the Straw Hats apologised and Nami healed Yosaku of his scurvy.In return for their assistance, Johnny and Yosaku gave the crew of the Baratie, a floating restaurant in the middle of the ocean, information about where they might be able to find a cook.

When they arrived, a Marine Lieutenant by the name of Fullbody caused problems for the group. During the altercation between the two, Luffy unintentionally shot Baratie’s roof with a cannonball. Luffy attempted to strike a bargain with the ship’s owner, Zeff, the captain, and the head chef to cover the cost of the roof damage. Sanji, the assistant chef, ran into Fullbody in the meantime and nearly killed him for disparaging the Baratie’s cuisine.

Baratie Cuisine
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While Don Krieg’s armada was being held captive by Fullbody, a pirate named Gin boarded the ship and demanded food. Sanji covertly provided the man a delectable lunch despite him being denied food, physically assaulted, and expelled from the establishment by the staff, rescuing Gin from hunger. 

Despite this act of generosity, Gin notified Don Krieg about the Baratie when he departed and returned to his ship. Don Krieg learned about the ship and decided that acquiring the Baratie was an important first step in reviving his fleet.

At some point, Krieg pretended to be hungry and entered the restaurant under the pretext that he wouldn’t harm anyone. Naturally, Krieg attacked the crew’s chefs after he finished his meal and claimed the Baratie as his own because his old ship and his entire fleet had been sunk seven days into the Grand Line by an enigmatic individual. 

The fact that his team was in danger of famine was also crucial. Unexpectedly, Zeff offered Krieg a sack of food and informed his chefs about the impending combat. As the Krieg Pirates and the cooks started to fight, the Baratie raised its fighting fins, which guard the restaurant area of the Baratie.

Arlong Park Arc

The fifth narrative arc in the One Piece manga and anime’s East Blue Saga is called the Arlong Park Arc, often known as the Arlong Arc.

Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, and subsequently Monkey D. Luffy and Sanji (together with Johnny and Yosaku) go after Nami after she steals the Going Merry, and they end up in Cocoyasi Village, where Nami was raised under the oppressive authority of the fish-man Arlong. Here, Nami’s past and true motivations are revealed.

Arlong Park Arc

Instead of just stumbling into fights with the Don Krieg Pirates and the Marines, the heroes in the Arlong Park Arc actively seek out a clash with the Arlong Pirates. This gives the story much of its weight and power. As he learns of Nami’s situation and the conditions of the Conomi Islands, Luffy’s persistent conviction that Nami is the only navigator for his crew causes him to become even more intense. 

As they put aside their differences to save a crewmate from a fearsome opponent and her doubts, the Straw Hats all shine during the Arlong Park Arc. Luffy’s Straw Hat gang demonstrates their sense of family through care and selflessness.

Luffy and His Beloved Friends and Family

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro appears to have the greatest regard for Luffy, and he has frequently shown this admiration. 

For instance, he was unapologetically willing to sacrifice his goals and aspirations for Luffy’s when Kuma showed up at Thriller Bark. When “Hawk-Eyes” Mihawk’s injury at the Baratie nearly killed him, he emotionally promised Luffy that he would never lose again and enquired as to whether it was okay with him as Pirate King. 

He even went so far as to echo Luffy’s earlier statement that if Zoro would not develop into the strongest swordsman, it would put him in a “serious predicament” in his capacity as Pirate King.


The second person to join Luffy’s crew is Nami, who was formerly a member of the Arlong Pirates.

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She and Luffy are among the Straw Hats’ closest friends, and their reliance on one another is mutual. Luffy relies on Nami as his navigator and for daily work, and Nami looks to Luffy for support during tense and dangerous situations. 

Due to Nami becoming irritated by Luffy’s pranks and foolishness and Luffy becoming irritated with Nami for being overbearing and ruining his pleasure, the two are frequently seen arguing. Despite this, Luffy and Nami have a strong bond and complement one another well. Luffy is the warrior, and Nami is the thinker.


Usopp, the former commander of the “Usopp Pirates,” joined Luffy’s crew as the third person. 

They behave like best buddies and have a strong brotherly closeness. Usopp is weak and cowardly, yet Luffy regards him as a crew member and does not criticize him for either. Luffy was upset when he had to expel Usopp and ecstatic when he came back.

They frequently act foolishly on board the ship, and the two are known as the crew’s dimwits. Usopp is deeply concerned about Luffy’s desire for perilous escapades, same as Nami and Chopper. Usopp has a great deal of admiration for Luffy and frequently fabricates stories about himself to look like him, taking credit for some of his accomplishments. 

Although some of it still persists, Luffy has had such a deep effect on him that he has largely lost his cowardly nature and grown more at ease and skilled in combat and adventure.



Sanji, the fourth person to join the Straw Hats, was formerly the Baratie’s cook.

He is perhaps Luffy’s favorite crew member due to his amazing cooking abilities, which satisfy Luffy’s gluttonous disposition. He has a stronger dislike for Luffy than most people do because of his recklessness and stupidity, yet he nevertheless holds him in high regard and values him as both his captain and a friend. He was thrilled to be back with the crew, as was Luffy, who was looking forward to him cooking once more. He had been in tears from having to fight Luffy after he had left the team.

In addition to serving as the cook, he is one of Luffy’s best fighters and easily one of the four strongest Straw Hats, having taken home the third-highest reward of the crew, totaling 330,000,000. He has battled some of the toughest foes, including Kuroobi, Bon Clay, Jabra, Absalom, Vergo, Donquixote Doflamingo, Charlotte Daifuku, X Drake, and Queen, and has proven to be of great use to Luffy.

Tony Tony Chopper

A physician from Drum Island named Tony Tony Chopper was a pupil of the late Dr. Hiriluk and previously worked for Dr. Kureha.

He is the fifth person to join the Straw Hats, the crew’s doctor, and the first person to consume Devil Fruit. He is very impressionable of Luffy because he is the crew’s youngest member, and despite his innocence, he participates in his ridiculous actions. He admires Luffy as his commander and they have a great deal of respect for one another. He only questions Luffy when he is in danger of hurting himself or when he disobeys medical advice. He admires Luffy because he accepts him for who he is when almost everyone else views him as a monster.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin, a former Baroque Works agent, and Crocodile’s right-hand lady, joined Luffy’s group as the sixth person and the second Devil Fruit user.

Nico Robin
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He has a completely healthy relationship with Robin out of all the members of his team because the two get along so well and have never been seen fighting. She re-joined the Straw Hats after the Enies Lobby Arc, and since then, she has been Luffy’s dependable and loyal companion. She interprets the Poneglyphs for the Straw Hats as their archaeologist.


The sixth member of the Straw Hats and previous head of the Franky Family, Franky is the crew’s shipwright.

He is in charge of constructing the Thousand Sunny, their new spacecraft. He and Luffy get along incredibly well and have a strong relationship. Franky enjoys amusing his commander with his many inventions and robotic body, acting as a sort of older brother to him. He puts a great deal of faith in Luffy’s skills, respects him as the captain, and is quite fond of him. Franky’s cybernetic physique frequently astounds Luffy, who also finds him to be very fun. He has entire faith in his abilities as a combatant and a shipwright.


The Rumbar Pirates’ previous musician and the acting captain are Brook.

He is the third Devil Fruit user, the eighth person to join the Straw Hats, and the oldest person on the team. He is one of Luffy’s crew who is most dependable. Due to their comparable peppy and zany dispositions, the two get along incredibly well. Their similar childishness defines their friendship. Like his captain, Brook constantly exudes excitement, is exuberant, and finds joy in most circumstances. Brook is beloved by Luffy for his comedy, singing, and skeleton appearance. For Luffy and the group, Brook will frequently play tunes on the piano, violin, or guitar.



The ninth member of the Straw Hats and its helmsman is Jinbe, a former Sun Pirates commander, a former Warlord of the Sea, and a former ally of the Big Mom Pirates.

Luffy and Jinbe have the utmost respect for one another and a respectful relationship; Jinbe serves as one of Luffy’s most important advisors, and Luffy values his experience. Jinbe is astounded by Luffy’s fortitude, power, and goodness, and Luffy is astounded by Jinbe’s skills as a warrior and helmsman. But ever since he joined, Luffy has grown impatient with not always having him in his crew.

Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi is a Straw Hat Pirate, a former covert Baroque Works agent, and a princess of the Arabasta Kingdom.

Despite the fact that they were once adversaries, she and Luffy are good friends and consider one another to be family. She absolutely trusts him despite her frequent astonishment at his naivety, carefree attitude, and recklessness and finds it amazing how strong he is. Vivi is someone

Luffy admires her kindness and wants to assist. He also views her as naive, so at one point he hesitated to continue assisting her until she understood his position. Nevertheless, he adores her and was heartbroken when she declined to join his crew.

All time Favourite One Piece Character- Luffy

In the One Piece Characters Official Popularity Poll, Luffy came in first place overall.

Luffy and Gintoki Sakata are the only main characters to have placed first in each of their corresponding popularity polls. Luffy came in first place with a total of 1,637,921 votes in The 1st Global One Piece Characters Popularity Poll, the most recent official popularity poll for One Piece in which more than 12 million people voted from across the world.

Customers of NTT ranked Luffy as their second-favorite anime character with black hair. According to a Japanese study of the most popular manga and anime maneuvers, the Gum-Gum Gatling method came out on top among men. In fact, Luffy was a nominee for the 2008 Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation Awards in the category of Best Male Character.

On Chris Mackenzie’s IGN list of the top 25 anime characters of all time, he came in at number 22. Luffy was chosen as the 8th “strongest hero” of the Showa Era and the 4th of the Heisei Era in a Japanese TV special from August 2017. This goes to show how well adored this character was.

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