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Nami in East Blue Saga

Orange Town Arc

Nami Orange Town Arc
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She managed to steal a Grand Line map from Buggy while working for Arlong.

She then went adrift at sea with an empty chest, which she exploited to mislead some pirates into giving her their boat and their loot. She was evading three of Buggy’s goons in Orange Town when Monkey D. Luffy dropped from the sky.

Unharmed, Luffy emerged from the cloud, wondering who had fired the shot. As soon as Nami had an idea, she called Luffy “boss” and asked him to deal with the pirates. When the pirates surrounded Luffy, one of them struck him in the head, causing his straw hat to fall off.

Luffy was enraged by this and destroyed the trio with ease. His skills impressed Nami, who was watching, who identified herself as a burglar who specialized in robbing pirates. When Nami learned that Luffy was a pirate, she initially sought to work together but instead turned him into Buggy and pretended he was her previous boss. She bound Luffy and delivered him to Buggy, who then caged him.

Syrup Village Arc

The gang arrived on an enigmatic island home to odd critters.

After passing the forest’s “exam,” the company came across Gaimon, a pirate who had been marooned by his crew and was trapped within a treasure box. As their relationship developed, Luffy consented to assist Gaimon in obtaining the riches he had been guarding atop the rock. 

Syrup Village Arc
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Gaimon discovered that the empty treasure boxes on the island were identical to the ones on the rock when Luffy refused to throw the containers down. Luffy offered to take Gaimon off the island when he saw his dismay, but Gaimon made the decision to stay and guard the unusual animals the island’s inhabitants had become friends with. Gaimon and the pirates parted ways after that, and they went about their journey

Baratie Arc

Zoro’s former bounty hunters Yosaku and Johnny were introduced to the crew.

Yosaku, however, had a condition that caused previous wounds to resurface and start bleeding. He had scurvy, which Nami was able to recognize and treat. They understood they would need a capable chef to make it through the Grand Line. When they arrived at the Baratie restaurant, Luffy started working as a chore boy to make up for the harm he had caused to the Baratie. He was working on paying off his debt when Nami, Zoro, and Usopp visited him. Sanji first met Nami and immediately professed his love for her.

He then gave her upscale meals, which she got him to provide to her gratis. Johnny and Yosaku threw a stack of wanted posters back on the Going Merry; Nami picked one up and carefully examined the poster of Arlong. She ordered Johnny and Yosaku to turn aside while she changed her top while they watched over the boat. She then expelled them from the Going Merry and sailed away on her own while claiming to be a thief who had stolen from pirates.

Arlong Park Arc

In the Merry, Nami arrives at Arlong Park on the Conomi Islands.

A young man approached her and attempted to blame Arlong for the demise of his father. Nami gave him a smack and some Belly to get him to go. Later, Zoro was taken to Arlong Park, where he learned Nami had pledged her loyalty to Arlong. Arlong tried to test Nami’s loyalty by joking that she was the kind of person who would betray even her own family for the sake of money. 

Arlong Park Arc
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Zoro dove into the water to put Nami to the test after she became obviously upset by this. To reassure Arlong, she beat Zoro while saving him. Nami cut Zoro’s prison chains so he could escape. When Nami eventually arrived in Cocoyasi Village after Arlong’s visit, the people treated her rudely and all save Nojiko and Genzo left. 

Nami admitted to Nojiko that, despite just being a temporary member of the crew, she had loved it. Later, the three went to see Bell-grave, mère’s where Nami confessed that she was almost done paying Arlong’s price to purchase back Cocoyasi.

Loguetown Arc

The group landed in Loguetown, the last significant town before the Grand Line’s entrance.

This is the location of Gold Roger’s birth and execution. They gathered supplies in advance. Soon after, Buggy and Alvida attacked Luffy as he went to visit the platform where Gold Roger was executed. They were found by the Marines.

The group hurried out of Loguetown after being miraculously saved from certain death by an odd green gust and a lightning bolt to Buggy. When Nami and Usopp got to the ship, they discovered that Buggy’s crewmate Mohji was preparing to set the ship on fire. They had no trouble defeating him, but then some Marines showed up. When they came, Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy boarded.

Arabasta Saga

Reverse Mountain Arc

Reverse Mountain Arc
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The Straws Hats fled Loguetown and made their way through the storm to Reverse Mountain.

Despite some close calls, they managed to reach the entrance of Reverse Mountain and ascend its steep rapids thanks to Nami’s navigation despite almost being blown off course and into the Calm Belt. They heard a noise as they descended and saw that something was in their way.

They discovered the obstruction to be a massive whale that was posing a threat to the Going Merry. Although Luffy was able to prevent the ship from colliding with it, seeing the bow snapped off infuriated him, and he fought the whale. The Going Merry and her crew were all consumed by the whale, but Luffy was able to escape by climbing atop the whale’s back.

Whisky Peak Arc

She was able to out-drink at least 15 other party guests by the time the group reached Whisky Peak.

She pretended to fall asleep and then woke up, trying in vain to locate the treasure that the bounty hunters had taken from other pirates as Zoro battled the bounty hunters. Igaram later pleaded with Zoro to look after the princess and send her to Arabasta in exchange for a large sum of money once Vivi’s status as the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom was made known. Igaram was compelled to accept Nami’s offer to perform the task for $1 billion. Igaram then gave Nami a description of Baroque Works as Zoro proceeded to save the princess.

Little Garden Arc

Little Garden Arc
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Nami and Usopp decided it would be a good opportunity to return to their ship to plan their escape from the island as waiting a year for the Log Pose to reset would take too much time when Brogy and Dorry left to engage in war.

They started to flee the local creatures on their way back. Usopp started to sprint in front of Nami out of fear. Nami, meantime, recognized Luffy and rushed over to ask for assistance. But when she got closer, she saw that it was a statue, motionless. Along with Nami, Zoro fell for Mr. 3’s wax creations and was captured.

The Mr. 5 team personally apprehended Vivi in the meantime. Nami, Vivi, and Zoro were held captive by Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek in a trap that progressively converted them into wax figures. In order to save their buddies, Luffy, Usopp, and Karoo had to engage in combat with the Mr. 3 and Mr. 5 forces. 

Nami assisted Vivi in eliminating Miss Valentine when Usopp’s strategy freed her from her wax prison. Sanji suddenly appeared before the group and said that he had acquired an Eternal Pose for Arabasta from the Unluckies. They left the ship and started traveling.

A prehistoric insect bit Nami when her navel was exposed, causing Nami to contract a fatal sickness.

Drum Island Arc

Drum Island Arc
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A herd of Lapahns attacked them as they ascended the mountain.

In order to defend them and keep Nami safe, Sanji gave Luffy the order to refrain from combat. Sanji sustained injuries from an avalanche. Luffy started his ascent when he was given the task of transporting Nami and Sanji to the doctor. In order to give Luffy enough time to climb to the castle where Dr. Kureha dwelt, the Lapahn assisted him in escaping Wapol.

The recuperating Nami encountered an odd being. Chopper refused Nami’s request to join the crew after learning about him. Nami was informed about some of Chopper’s history by Kureha. The doctor described Chopper’s life and the care that he received from the charlatan Hiriluk.

The fate of Dr. Hiriluk and Wapol’s cruelties as king was among the further details of Chopper’s background that were disclosed. Wapol attacked Sanji, Luffy, and Chopper because he was determined to destroy Hiriluk’s flag. Chopper informed Dr. Kureha of his plans after finally being persuaded to join the gang, and the latter did not react kindly. Kureha made the decision to offer the entire crew a send-off present when Chopper, Luffy, Sanji, and Nami made their escape from the castle.

Arabasta Arc

Nami eventually begged Usopp to make her a weapon so she could participate in the battle since she wanted to defend Vivi and not be a coward.

Arabasta Arc
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As they approached Arabasta, the team spotted a Sea Cat. They attempted to capture it since they were starving, but Vivi forbade them because it was a revered animal. Luffy and Usopp were fishing when they walked into some vapor from an undersea volcano and captured an okama.

He amused them with his Devil Fruit talent, the Mane Mane no Mi, to imitate other people’s appearances as they waited for his team to catch up, one of which was Vivi’s father.

The Straw Hats discovered that the man was Mr. 2 Bon Kurei of Baroque Works as soon as he joined his crew. They marked an “X” on their right arms with bandages because they were aware of his skills and could tell when he would be impersonating one of them.

Beloved Friends and Family of Nami

Roronoa Zoro

Nami relies on Zoro’s fighting abilities frequently and respects them, yet she is easily irritated by his slothful behaviors, such as his excessive naps.

Like the rest of the crew, Zoro has complete faith in Nami’s ability to navigate and always obeys her orders. But as seen in the Loguetown arc, where Nami insisted on charging Zoro three times the interest despite the fact that he returned the money to her in the same amount of time, Nami’s shrewd demeanor allowed her to exploit the laid-back Zoro and keep him perpetually in debt.

Roronoa Zoro
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She is also quite successful in enslaving Zoro by using his honor at Whisky Peak to manipulate him into doing her bidding by stating, “You can’t even fulfill a single vow, can you?”The two are frequently seen fighting, with Sanji stepping in to support her. Additionally, the two are known to be the Straw Hats’ biggest drinkers as evidenced in the Whisky Peak arc, where Nami and Zoro were both fully alert while the rest of the Straw Hats had become intoxicated.


Usopp and Nami have a fascinating friendship.

She quickly detected his lies when they initially met.

She didn’t begin to like the sharpshooter until she realized Usopp would fight for his village. Usopp thought it was rude to receive preferential treatment at the Baratie and felt betrayed when she learned Nami was a member of Arlong’s crew.

However, Nami intervened in Arlong Park to save Usopp from being killed by the fish-men pirates. Usopp was saved by Nami by pretending he had died after being seemingly stabbed and put into the water. Usopp was startled to discover that Nami had actually stabbed her own hand, which showed him how resolute she was.


Sanji’s unwavering loyalty to Nami is frequently used against him when she commands him to carry out her instructions.

Although she doesn’t hesitate to beat him up when she becomes annoyed by his womanizing conduct in critical situations. When Sanji left Nami a note before he boarded the Puffing Tom at Water 7, she was displeased that the first half of the note was an unnecessary love letter before Sanji revealed the more important things last. This is an example of this.

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She was astounded by Sanji’s refusal to fight women at the Enies Lobby after Kalifa had defeated him, and she made the decision to repay Kalifa for what she had done, demonstrating her admiration for Sanji and his beliefs.

Nami frequently hides behind Sanji when an enemy is present because she has a lot of faith in his strength. Every time Sanji loses a battle, Nami is always astonished and upset, and in certain encounters, she is even ready to run to his assistance.

Tony Tony Chopper

The first member of the crew to identify Chopper as a doctor is Nami, who has a special affection for him.

She values his medical expertise and is just as concerned for his safety as she is for her own. Chopper admires her navigational skills as well, despite his tendency to be terrified of her compulsive love for money and aggressive behavior toward the crew’s “idiots.” The two have a close bond akin to that of an older sister and younger brother since Nami will calm him down when he’s angry, such as when Doctor Hogback Chopper’s idol was betrayed. When things become threatening (or chilly), Nami will cuddle up to Chopper like a bear.

Nami, despite the fact that Chopper is a guy, allows him to see her naked in the bath and even invites him to join her because of his innocence and lack of interest in human ladies. She was particularly protective of Chopper because Nami had previously promised to murder Franky if he ever suggested killing Chopper, who at the time was out of control after consuming too many Rumble Balls (this was before Franky came up with a better plan to help save Chopper)

Nico Robin

Although she was initially the one who mistrusted Robin the most, Nami gets along with Robin the best.

Nico Robin
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However, after seeing Robin’s jewels in Nami’s handbag, Nami soon changed her mind. She frequently seeks reassurance from Robin since she is “the only one she can rely on” after being discouraged by the ignorance of the other crew members. Robin is the only one that she does not try to manipulate or deceive. 

She regards Robin as being somewhat older than her; in fact, when Robin was taken hostage by CP9 during the Enies Lobby Arc, Nami appeared to be among, if not the most, upset crew members about her imprisonment.

She appreciates Robin’s company a lot, and she frequently has a happy Robin with her when she goes shopping. Due to the fact that both Nami and Robin lost their moms when they were young, they were connected, which could account for Nami and Robin’s maternal behavior toward Chopper and Momonosuke.


Nami periodically loses patience with Franky, especially because he frequently plays silly games with the crew’s younger members, such as Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper, and frequently acts in ways that Nami finds to be risky or foolish.

For instance, when Franky saves Robin upon entering Fish-Man Island, he expresses his relief at Nami’s survival, to which she answers indignantly, alleging that he scared her nearly to death. Franky frequently refers to Nami as his younger sister, which is amusing given how much more immature he is than she is. She gets along with Franky in most settings and frequently respects and appreciates his skills as a shipwright, as the other crew members do, aside from his regular childish antics.



When Nami initially saw the skeleton, she was afraid of Brook and hid behind Sanji, but as she got to know him, they developed a comedic bond.

Soon after their first encounter, when Brook demanded to see Nami’s underwear, her fear was transformed into comedic rage.


Despite the fact that Jinbe feels fully accountable for Arlong and his acts in East Blue, Nami has no ill will against Jinbe because of what happened to her when she was a child while living under Arlong’s reign of terror.

Jinbe sobbed and said he is indebted to Nami after she assured him she had no concerns about him or the entire Fish-Man race. Then, Nami is shocked by how much remorse has been consuming him. Since Nami now addresses him as Jinbe-chan, it appears that they have gotten to know one another. 

She also seems to care about his welfare because she forewarned him about Wadatsumi’s impending attack during the Battle at Gyoncorde Plaza. Nami was grinning with the rest of the crew to show her support for Jinbe joining at some point after he accomplished some unfinished business when he indicated he would join the team.

Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi

Additionally, Nami and Vivi had a deep bond that was akin to a sisterly one.

Vivi is a lot more composed and cool-headed than Nami, who has a short fuse. When something terrible occurs, their personalities change; (i.e. Nami is the one to calm down while Vivi panics, such as when Igaram was seemingly killed). The two quickly become close and pair off in most circumstances. She was devastated by her departure, just like the rest of the staff was.

Here’s to Our Favourite One Piece Character- Nami

All three Shonen Jump character popularity polls placed Nami in the Top 10.

Jarred Pine, a writer for Mania Entertainment, felt her past to be a “touching story” that “unfolds with a lot of emotion.” Pine added that Nami was his favorite character in the program and that he liked the way the manga depicted her past.

Nami is one of the best characters in the series, according to Activeanime, who said of her, “She’s got guts, smarts, and can sling a wicked punch when needed,” in a review of the ninth DVD from Viz Media.

Active anime concurred with Pined in praising Nami’s background and remarked that his “tiny bitty heart went out to her. “In a 2002 poll by Newtype Japan asking people to rate their favorite anime heroines, Nami came in at number 28. Nami was a finalist for “Best Female Character” at the SPJA in 2008. Nami is one of the most beloved and well-received characters from One piece

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