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As Son Goku and his friends protect the Earth from villains, including aliens (Vegeta, Frieza), androids (Cell), and mystical creatures, Dragon Ball Z continues Son Goku’s adult-life adventures (Majin Buu). The plot also follows the growth of Piccolo and Vegeta, his adversaries, and the life of his son Gohan.

Viz Media initially published the manga chapters that make up the anime’s story under the Dragon Ball Z moniker due to the anime’s popularity in the United States. Due to the popularity of the anime, various media and items have emerged and have come to make up the majority of the Dragon Ball franchise’s material. 

Goku Figures Collection

Despite multiple adaptations and re-releases, including a remastered broadcast dubbed Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Z has managed to maintain its status as a cultural classic.

Following are some of the action figures from this epic anime!

Goku SSJ4 Anime Figure

Dragon Ball fans typically have a favorite Super Saiyan form, and the fourth one has gained more and more support over time. While Dragon Ball GT may have let down most fans, several of its storylines had high spots. Super Saiyan 4’s debut was one of these highlights, but do you know how the major transformation first occurred?

Well, it appears that the Dragon Ball GT main character designer does. Fans now know the origins of Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru’s inspiration for Super Saiyan 4, thanks to a translation by Herms98. You’ll want to brush up on your knowledge of historical dances because it turns out that a traditional Japanese art form inspires the design.

The translation claims that Nakatsuru based the Super Saiyan 4 hair on the stage wigs worn by Kabuki actors. The wigs were explicitly used for the Renjishi dance, a story sequence in which actors mimic a lion’s mane. The form’s eyeliner style was modeled from a particular style of Kabuki stage makeup known as Kumadori.

Goku SSJ4 Anime Figure

It is evident that Super Saiyan 4 is deeply based on Japanese culture, and given the nature of the form, this aesthetic makes sense. The power gain is exceptional because it draws on the Saiyan race’s history. The might of the Saiyan’s inner ape is made more apparent in Super Saiyan 4.

The controlled version of the Golden Great Ape form first emerged in Dragon Ball GT is known as Super Saiyan 4. This form resembles the Super Saiyan God form, enabling the user to block energy strikes. In contrast to Super Saiyan God, the Super Saiyan 4 form does not deplete the user’s power when absorbing energy attacks. This is demonstrated when Goku transforms a 10x Kamehameha by absorbing the Great Ape Baby’s Revenge Death Ball Final.

The Saiyan Power ability of the user is further enhanced by Super Saiyan 4 in what appears to be real-time, as Goku needed Nuova Shenron’s assistance to escape after being rendered immobile by the Shadow Dragon during his battle with Eis Shenron.

This form doesn’t need as much energy to maintain as Super Saiyan 3, meaning the user may hold the state for much longer.

Shenron Goku Figure Anime Statue

Shenron, like the majority of wish-granting Eternal Dragons, is a neutral being who grants any request that is within his power, regardless of the nature of the summoner or the nature of the wish itself, including wicked entities like King Piccolo (who later killed him), Garlic Jr., and others. 

Shenron advises against requests he deems impracticable and offers alternatives unless the summoner is adamantly insistent. He also tries his best to grant a wish in a way that will bring the summoner maximum happiness. However, as evidenced by the unintentional interpretation of the Pilaf Gang’s want for “youth,” which led to their becoming children, the precise language of a wish is still significant.

Shenron Goku Figure Anime Statue

Super Shenron can fly for an extended period of time. Super Shenron has the power to grant one wish as an Eternal Dragon. It can do magic materialization, a magical creation of physical substance out of thin air. It can resurrect a deceased person, but occasionally, the individual who performed the act of reviving someone would also pass away.

Moreover, it has the power to restore entire universes that have been destroyed. It can also change a body by switching the souls of two different beings. It can provide Immortality Granting, the idea of continuing to exist in bodily or spiritual form without dying for all eternity. 

When called to grant a desire, Super Shenron can send someone inside of himself to the location of his core. Lastly, it has the power to either grow back to his regular size or shrink down to various degrees.

Son Goku Resin Figure

What is most important to Goku is – training, training, training and that is exactly what this figure represents! 

Train: Always push himself above his boundaries, and continue to get stronger with time. As Kaboom suggested, he should continue to improve himself.

Fight: Engage in combat with powerful adversaries, including those significantly more powerful than he is because this compels him to look for ways to improve his abilities.

Eat: He enjoys eating just as much as we can always see that he enjoys fighting.

He is concerned about Earth, but the primary reason is that the planet is his home and most of his loved ones and friends reside there.

Goku’s superhuman power as a Saiyan surpasses any human or extraterrestrial. He can quickly destroy Earthling-made materials or weaponry, travel in a higher gravity, and lift a suit that can drown a planet. His strength may hurt 100% Final Form Frieza (who can survive a planet explosion while weakened). 

Goku can move/react as rapidly as Beerus, who can cover large distances in short periods and fly at supersonic speeds. Goku’s body is superhumanly resilient, invulnerable to Earthling-made weapons. His durability can withstand worldwide force. While naturally resilient due to his Saiyan physiology, he does have limits since even powerful beings can damage and potentially kill him if he does not defend himself appropriately. 

He can think and react quickly, effortlessly dodging or catching projectiles or keeping up with his opponents’ combat speeds. As a Saiyan, Goku has enhanced senses of smell, taste, and sight, which increase his combat senses and instincts. Thanks to his physiology and willpower, Goku can exert himself even if fatigued or wounded, as shown when he defeated Piccolo when he was younger with broken limbs.

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