Anime Conventions Noted To Be a Wonderful Place To Build Confidence & Explore Oneself

If you’ve been photographing people for a while, you’ve probably encountered a time when you were hesitant to picture them. You’ve discovered that with time and practice, you’ve been able to get more comfortable and are now able to approach themes with a bit more ease.
July 1, 2022

Perhaps you’ve been affected by this situation. When you observe a captivating subject doing something truly unique, you pause and, in most cases, miss the shot entirely. 

Your pulse rushes, your palms sweat, and a tremble in your voice can be heard in your voice as you hesitantly ask whether you can snap someone’s picture. Does this ring a bell? If you lose the chance or the shot, it might be demoralizing.

Cosplayer Anime Convention

If you’ve been photographing people for a while, you’ve probably encountered a time when you were hesitant to picture them. 

You’ve discovered that with time and practice, you’ve been able to get more comfortable and are now able to approach themes with a bit more ease. 

However, for rookie photographers who aren’t used to chatting with people or are simply shy, this could be crushing.

On the market, there are various debates on introverts becoming photographers and how to overcome shyness. 

Sure, it’s doable, but developing the skills and bravery to approach people and converse with them while capturing their images takes time and practice. For some people, confidence does not come naturally. Thus it takes practice.

By explanation, hesitation is a “delay caused by mental uncertainty or anxiety.” To pause is to begin questioning your actions. 

Cosplayer Photographer

This can be both beneficial and detrimental. You can pause before doing something that could harm others or yourself. Therefore it’s actually a smart idea to second-guess your actions or words in this situation.

However, because the feeling is linked to things like fear, lack of confidence, and overthinking, hesitation is frequently associated with undesirable outcomes. 

These have a negative impact on you, and reluctance is one of them. If you’re a photographer, specifically, hesitation can have a significant impact on your abilities. 

A great way to capture a variety of cosplay

If you’ve never attended a comic book or anime convention before, it’s a great way to capture a variety of cosplay (costume play) characters. Cosplayers can devote hours, if not months, to designing their costumes. 

Some of them are passionate about their work, and the results could be stunning. What you get are some stunning images of people dressed up in colorful and creative outfits. 

Cosplayer Outfit

You’ll be able to watch characters from comic books, films, and video games come to life. The benefit to those cosplayers is that almost all of them are well-versed in their characters and know how to strike a pose that is evocative of them. 

It’s likely that you’ll need to provide a short path, but for the most part, you’re ready to go. Furthermore, cosplayers must have their photos taken. 

It’s a fantastic way to approach people without being rejected. Anyone dressed up is looking forward to it.

Some cosplayers are shy and introverted, which is surprising. However, this should not deter you from approaching them and requesting to photograph them. They usually have a couple of positions ready for you.

An extra benefit of these conventions is the opportunity to test your gear or a certain photography fashion or lighting. It is preferable not to bring a range of gear because you will frequently decide what you want to use that day. 

Because most conventions last a few days, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out new things.

Cosplayer Photoshoot

We could ask a few cosplayers earlier in the day if they’d be interested in having a photoshoot later that night and set up a location and time. 

We frequently explain that we’re trying out a new light configuration or inquire if they have something specific they want to try. 

It’s critical to provide kids the opportunity to direct their own poses as well. Give it a shot if they make a proposal throughout your shoot.

Cosplayers are passionate about their craft and enjoy demonstrating it

Some cosplayers are passionate about their craft and enjoy demonstrating it by recreating a motion shot of their character. 

At their request, be able to check out new issues. It’s fine to express that you’re not sure if the shot will work, but you’re eager to give it a shot. If you are humble, you will be more respected as a photographer.

Female Cosplayer Photoshoot

If the shot is successful, you may find yourself playing the role of the hero. As you experiment with various styles, you’ll grow better at approaching people and asking if you can shoot them. 

It’s amazing how at ease and confident you become after working with just a few cosplayers. Respect everyone, including photographers and cosplayers. 

Don’t be that one photographer who thinks they own the photo shoot and gets irritated when other photographers take pictures. 

Also, be considerate of the cosplayers’ time. Unless you pre-arrange a photo shoot with the cosplayer, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to acquire a few good poses. 

If you’re doing a scheduled shoot, make sure you know how much time you’ll need and when they’ll be available.

Inquire if you are permitted to photograph them. A simple “pardon me, may I take your picture?” will go a long way. You might be able to obtain some great shots from a distance with a zoom lens or by piggybacking on someone else’s shot, but it’s unlikely to be what you need, and you’ll likely miss eye contact, which can make or break a shot.

Cosplayer Costume Details

Concentrate on a few specifics. Several of the costumes can have some exquisite details. After you’ve taken a few photos of their positions, ask if you may get a closer look at some of the details of their outfit.

Prepare to give your contact information. Whether you use Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or a website, you should be able to discuss how people will see your work and contact you. 


As I previously stated, most cosplayers expect to receive a copy of your images in exchange for nothing. It doesn’t have to be a whole choice, but it should be something suitable for social media, such as 1400px.

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