Shonen Road is the ideal anime magazine, giving the latest news on your hit anime series, information about your favorite anime episodes and characters, as well as popular trends associated with anime collectibles and the overall world of anime.

The Journey of Shonen Road

What began as a side project out of pure enthusiasm has grown into a platform that attracts more than 50,000 unique visitors each month.

Dave Kambiani established Shonen Road in 2015. At the time of its inception, he and his close circle of friends were infatuated with anime, Japanese culture, and the wider world of anime. They attended several conventions, role-acted as their favorite characters, and even went to public places like parks and gatherings dressed in character. Mr. Kambiani was utterly enthralled by the world of anime, particularly the way in which each character possessed their very own narrative, world, and path through life.

Even the artwork, music, and plots of popular anime episodes like Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z piqued his interest. When this occurred, the founder made the decision to launch a blog that would focus on reviews of various anime, comments on the plots, fan pieces, critiques, and other forms of writing appropriate for the niche of anime-related content. Shonen Road, your one-stop resource for all the latest news, trends, information, and more pertaining to anime, came into being after a number of years had passed and a number of roadblocks had been encountered.

Today we stand to be the ultimate anime magazine where you can get the latest anime news, trending stories, and information on your favorite anime collectibles.

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