All The Sanji Figures That Are A Must Have in Your Anime Figure Collection!

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The Top 3 Sanji Figures

Japan Anime GK HB. Sanji action figure for the collection

GK HB. Sanji action figure

Sanji is one of the Straw Hat Pirate crew’s most notable members due to his determination, kindness, and protective nature. Let’s buy this legend! 

This 40″ GK HB Sanji Action Figure has incredible articulation and stunning craftsmanship. Additionally, it has accessories, collectible packaging, and hands that can be switched out. If we talk about the depth and width, they are 30cm and 26cm.

As shown by Rejin’ato, the GK HB Sanji Action Figure is a young adult with tall stature and an athletic-muscular physique. His artistic eyebrows and bright smile with a cigarette in hand give the impression that he is incredibly stylish, powerful, and daring. His short, bright yellow hair has flame-like, sharp ends. 

Sanji is depicted as fashionable in a figure that is dressed in wide-leg black pants, a shirt, a blazer, and a crimson belt. Lastly, orange flames are seen bursting from the bottom up, giving the scene a more beautiful appearance than ever. 

Imagine getting an anime figure that, while being of excellent quality and price, has fashion sense too. Yes, you heard that right; this action figure of Sanji is a perfect gift for your enthusiastic fashion friends! 

One piece GK YU Sanji action figure for the collection

One piece GK YU Sanji action figure

For $600 – $900, this product may look expensive, but trust us, it’s worth it! 

Being extraordinarily unique and elegant, it will look more perfect than ever on your bookshelves, tables, and even on your dashboards in the car. 

Like Luffy and Zoro, we know that Sanji frequently makes a brave entry to save his crewmates from a battle they aren’t prepared to manage. For example, when Doflamingo threatened to kill Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Momonosuke, there wasn’t anything Trafalgar Law could do but watch in terror. 

At that moment, Sanji suddenly appeared and stopped Doflamingo from his nefarious attack. Sanji proved that he is one of the crew members who the others look to for protection by risking his life to save his friends.

Hence, this Sanji figurine depicts Sanji wrapped up in his powers and magic. Or perhaps it features a young, strong Sanji engaged in combat with a big bird-like head. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure; he is portrayed as fearless, exuding great hope, and wearing a stiff smile. His flame-like streaks in his short, black hair seem to be fighting the monster. 

The Sanji action figure is a must-have since it depicts bravery and the burning desire to be brave while sporting a lighter orange version of the One Piece anime. The aesthetics of the birds’ surroundings are also quite attractive.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this 59” tall action figure that is not only made of resin but also PU. PU is soft plastic used to sculpt the figures. Also, it is not 18 but 14+, making it a perfect gift for your younger siblings!

One piece GK LBS SHCC Vinsmoke Sanji action figure collection

One piece GK LBS SHCC Vinsmoke Sanji action figure

Ever wondered why anime figures are so expensive? It’s simple; the higher the quality, the higher the price tag.

Yes, there are usually less expensive options or businesses to purchase stuff from your favorite show, but the quality tends to decline sharply as the price decreases.

So ignore the price and get your hands on this stunning Sanji action figure today! When an anime figure like this has a high level of attention to detail, you need to pay for every detail. You need to pay for Sanji flying up in the air wearing a red robe looking braver than ever in yellow spiked hair.

If we talk about the character, although Sanji may not be a genius for some people, he is definitely the most intellectual One Piece character. He has made several unexpected appearances during the show and has an incredible IQ and unconventional techniques. 

For example, by applying these powerful techniques, he saved many crewmates in the battles. Do you remember the very first battle he fought as a Straw Hat that included fighting a Fishman in the water to keep the caption? Woah! 

For just $500 – $900, this PU and resin action figurine of Sanji is 70 centimeters in height, 54 centimeters in-depth, and 59 centimeters across at its widest point. Not only that, but it also comes in a beautiful color box, and that too only in no more than ten days. 

If you don’t, do not worry because their customer service is fantastic! They reply to your queries within 12 hours and try their best to be up to your expectations. 

Get Your Favourite Sanji Figure From Rejin'ato Today!

Although all Sanji figures sold here may be expensive, when you consider all the aspects of the production’s development and delivery, the high costs start to make more sense. 

In a nutshell, Sanji is an excellent character that possesses a great deal of wisdom to impart to his audience about life, and buying at least one Sanji action figure will be the same as making a significant investment.