5 Anime Shows That Should Go On For At Least The Next Few Months

However, countless gorgeous and popular shows were canceled or only received one season. This can happen if the adaptation keeps up with the original manga too quickly or if the show lacks studio support for additional seasons.
July 22, 2022
Anime Shows

Since the 1980s, the cult popularity of the anime genre has continuously increased. Numerous seasons and spin-off series were produced for fan favorites, including One Piece and Gundam Wing. 

However, countless gorgeous and popular shows were canceled or only received one season. This can happen if the adaptation keeps up with the original manga too quickly or if the show lacks studio support for additional seasons. Although these are not brand-new issues with adaptations, they can nonetheless leave fans disappointed with story holes and unresolved cliffhangers. Five anime series that should be continued are listed here.

Monster Musume​​​​ (2015)

Monster Mosume

Monster Musume is a 2015 comedy/mystery show. When a snake-monster girl is sent to live with a boy as part of the government’s “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program,” the boy’s life is turned upside down. The monster friends he has made want to defend him and figure out why he is receiving notes threatening his life.

One of the list’s odder anime series is this one. It’s a mystery-tinged romantic comedy but also has a lot of perverse, sexual humour. Although it must be in good taste, it is pretty funny. The life-threatening mystery is brought about after all the characters have been established and the audience has developed a connection with their witty personalities.

The first season closes with unanswered questions just as the show starts to build up steam. Fans only want a resolution if the investigation into the mystery continues. Not knowing what happens to characters once fans develop a connection with them is agonizing.

Ouran HighSchool Host Club (2006)

Ouran HighSchoo

A 2006 anime classic, Ouran HighSchool Host Club, is beloved by anime fans. When Haruhi breaks a pricey vase, she is forced to hide her gender from paying off her debt with the infamous Host Club, a group of young males who provide entertainment for the school’s female students. She wasn’t prepared for the lessons she learned or the friends she gained along the road.

Only 8 of the manga’s 18 volumes were covered by the anime series, which had the same name. There is sufficient material to produce a second season, possibly even a third, of the touching romantic comedy. Numerous reports have reported that a second season is in the works, but the most recent update stated that Covid-19 had forced a halt to production and would resume in 2021. Fans are still waiting, however, without many developments.

No Game No Life (2014)

No Game No Life

No Game No Life is a 2014 television series based on the talented gamer twins Sora and Shiro. The reclusive pair is sent to a world where video games are in charge after growing weary of everything life offers. With their strategic prowess, the invaders bring the human realm to triumph over the game god.

This was a strategy-driven series with a significant emphasis on outwitting the opposition. The thorough and accurate breakdown of strategies might compete with a chess instructor. The outstanding aesthetics introduced a vibrant color scheme of pink and blue, creating an exciting, amusing backdrop for the high-stakes activities. 

The offbeat sitcom was well-liked by viewers, who yearned for a second season. There was a rumor that a sequel was being produced, but in 2017 there was a prequel film instead of a legitimate sequel. Fans still want to see the season one tale resolved, even though they loved the fresh look at the planet.

Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Deadman Wonderland

One year after its debut in Japan, Deadman Wonderland debuted in the US in May 2012. It takes place ten years after a massive earthquake strikes Japan and submerges nearly all of Tokyo. Ganta, a survivor of the earthquake, is transported to the for-profit jail Deadman Wonderland after being wrongfully accused of murdering his high school class. 

With a collar around their necks to keep an eye on everything around them, the prison keeps the inmates under control. They are also fed a poison through a collar, the antidote to which can only be obtained by engaging in activities inside the prison. Ganta attempts to survive a gladiator-style deathmatch staged to amuse wealthy, paying spectators while he is on death row.

The post-apocalyptic setting of this gory television series attracted viewers. It features a look that is a cross between Death Race and The Hunger Games. The series’ cancellation was brought on by the adaptation’s departure from the manga it was based on. It was tough to continue into a second season because of the stark disparities between the stories. 

The central tale and mystery were resolved in 13 volumes of the source material; however, the anime was shortened without going into the gory details. The fans may benefit more from a reboot of the show than a regular second season, similar to what Fruits Basket accomplished in 2019.

Plunderer (2020)


The first season of Plunderer aired in January 2020. Everybody has a “count” that is located on their body, and if it drops to zero, that individual will be sucked into the “abyss” in a world where a form of point system rules. 

Each person’s count increases in a unique method that enables them to support a way of life. The series follows Hina as she sets out to discover a famous warrior and aid him in his mission when her mother’s count falls to zero. 

When she discovers the legend, she is shocked to learn that Licht Bach is degenerate with a low count and is not who she had envisioned. Licht needs a group of companions to assist him in his quest to battle the Royal Military and free the civilians who live under their oppression.

Anime viewers were curious to learn more about the kind of life in this intriguing tale universe. Because their “counts” are integral to who they are, the characters are incredibly relatable. The amount of women who accept or reject the perverted hero’s overtures is represented by a count. 

Every kilometer walked is tracked by the determined traveler. The mystery surrounding the “abyss” and what it might be used for captivates the viewers. The breathtaking environment brings a brand-new fantasy to life, and the music fits the mood perfectly.

The fact that the season ended on a cliffhanger gave the impression that the second one would move along swiftly. However, even after two years, the studio has not confirmed or rejected a second season, leaving fans of the show tremendously dissatisfied. 

The same-named manga did end in April 2022, but there is enough content to add a second season and, who knows, maybe even wrap up the tale with a real resolution, giving fans a satisfying conclusion.

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