10 Animes With The Most Ambitious Animation – Ranked

There is much competition for anime content in the entertainment industry. Various anime had been dubbed and translated into other languages, which resulted in trending in the mainstream.
June 20, 2022
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The anime has reached an audience beyond Japan now. It is popular due to its unique style and catchy plot lines. There is much competition for anime content in the entertainment industry. Various anime had been dubbed and translated into other languages, which resulted in trending in the mainstream.

Shōnen Road will briefly discuss the top-ranked anime based on fans ranking, viewership, and reviews.

1. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

The cowboy bebop was advertised with a statement of “new genre unto itself.” Every episode of this anime is a short film that is quite exaggerated, as the director admitted. 

Also, each episode consists of catchy and attractive cinematic effects, which enhance the episode quality.

The story is fantasy based, which demonstrates the future, in 2071, western settings. It has two main characters Jet and Spike who chase criminals and travel the solar system to earn money. 

Along with the plot, the unique and attractive soundtrack has grabbed the attention of a massive audience making it a big success. 

2. Attack On Titan

Eren Yeager – the main character, struggles to protect the people and town within the walls of Titanic. Here Titanic refers to a gigantic man-eating creature that caused the destruction of Eren’s city and caused the death of his mother. 

This anime is based on misery and thriller, which keeps viewers interested in each episode and scene. The fighting scenes are uniquely presented like never before. The director gained popularity due to the style and content. 

3. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

This particular story is about a boy who went on a journey to find his father, who left him when he was young to become a hunter. 

Halsoer became a hunter to figure out what specialty and passion led his father to leave him. The plots and presentation of this anime make it stand out and attractive. 

It is considered the finest writing to date due to its storyline, powerful dialogues, and the strong impression it has left on the audience. Additionally, people think it is on the list of best animation ever made due to its impeccable display. 

4. One Punch

One Man Punch

The beginning of webcomic ending up becoming the most catchy and exciting anime audience can not get tired of praising. 

The new anime viewers enjoy and appreciate this series for its cinematic fighting scenes and perplexing humor. At the same time, the hardcore fans and audiences of anime will be fascinated by its display and delivery of sequences.

It is considered the most expensive anime, costing $70 to $80 thousand in one episode. It stayed long in the list of most hit anime cartoons and is still not coming down.

5. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is appreciated and applauded on an international platform, it would not be wrong to say that generations have grown up watching it. 

It is one of the causes of addiction in anime cartoon fans. It is the most influential anime which has affected the styles of western animation methods.

It is a storyline consisting of Dragon Balls as these characters defend the earth planet from external enemies. 

Again, it is a fantasy-based animation that has made a place in its audience, particularly in children’s hearts. 

6. Haikyu


Anime Haikyu is considered at the top in the sports genre to date. It is a story of an underdog who spent his life struggling to be the best footballer, an emotional storyline to watch.

7. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

It has been named the best action movie of all time. It is a story of ghouls – creatures that look like humans but eat human flesh to survive – living among the people secretly.

8. Death Note

Death note falls into the category of most-watched anime and famous contemporary anime category. The idea behind the storyline is that whosoever name is written on the paper will be killed by the use of the supernatural ability

9. Naruto


A uniquely presented successor series introduced itself as “Hero’s come back” and left the audience surprised by illustrating Naruto’s stakes from the original story.

10. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

A fascination with superheroes, in which students are trained to become heroes, grabbed the immense attention of the audience and ended up becoming the most popular shōnen anime to date.

Key Takeaways!

The top-mentioned anime has gained popularity in Japan as well as internationally. Shōnen Road has said the most rated ones; share your favorite anime. 

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